Ice Cream Releases New EP Safe and Happy From NYC

Just before the new year, the guys in psych outfit Ice Cream packed their gear and boarded jet planes for New York City. They had just released their first EP, Good, and, having grown a bit too big for their Miami britches, these five guys sadly parted with South Florida. Well, they were psyched; we were sad. 

Guitarist Tomas Kennedy spoke with us about the move in December, announcing plans to put out a 20-song album sometime after March. Just yesterday, the EP Safe and Happy popped up on the web, a four-track teaser that Kennedy says is "just a preview of outtakes for our second LP." He continues: "We recorded it in Miami and put the final touches on it here" -- "here" being NYC, where, presumably, they're feeling safe and happy. 

"It's been fun," Kennedy says of their time in the Big Apple. "The guys were living in an abandoned building for a little, but we cleaned up our act and got our own place." He laughs, "Finally paying rent." A move is never easy, but Kennedy says that with a couple of them in relationships, they have "strength in numbers."

They're working on adding another 13 songs to these four and releasing a 12-inch this fall. But until then, taste that Ice Cream here. It doesn't even need sprinkles or fudge. It's just scrumptious all on its own. 

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Literary Devices for Indie Nerves: The Faulkner Detective's The Modern Handshake


There's something relatively soothing about Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet The Faulkner Detectives. It's something slightly primal and askew and somewhat not at ease with itself that I find comfortably calming. South Florida expat Alex Segura (guitar/vocals) has done well for himself in various mediums (journalism and comics mostly) and now turns his creative juices to stripped-down indie gems.

Like any man's dreams, he's surrounded himself with women and where he's gruff and unrepentant about his southern bend towards literature, the girls soften it up whilst adding the aforementioned edge of unease. This is not sweet play on play of boy and girl, this is more like awkward first dates and coming into terms with feelings.

And like the opening twangs of "A Matter of Time," it's pretty and promising.

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South Florida According to Brooklyn: 2009 in Review

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First off let me start off by saying that last year sucked really bad, and I am definitely not sad to see it go. We gained some friends, but lost a few too. Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong. But that's the beauty of the beginning of the year, a clean slate. So goodbye 2009, hello 2010.

My personal three favorite records that came out in 2009 are Converge's Axe to Fall, Baroness' The Blue Album, and last, but definitely not least, Every Time I Die's New Junk Aesthetic. They were so good, the second I heard any of them, I wanted to go out to the local record store and buy them instead of ordering online like I usually do. The new Converge made me want to knock on my neighbor's door and murder him. The new Baroness is very laid back but brutal -- heavy as hell, but at the same time, it makes you want to sit back and just kind of take it in. And as for Every Time I Die, holy shit -- it's clear those guys are a good time and they know how to party. The record makes me want to go crazy, throw windmills, and dance my ass off.

Otherwise, everyone out there have a safe and happy new year. Remember all we have is today, just live every moment to its fullest and enjoy all life has to offer.

South Florida According to Brooklyn: Stop Illegally Downloading, and Also, DJs Aren't Musicians

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This week I would like to talk about the bleak future of music. The state of things is pretty shitty, and every band gets ripped off by the common man. As the old cliche goes, trends and styles go in circles. 
I remember when everyone thought Vanilla Ice was the best thing ever, and everyone ran out and bought his tape. (That's right, kids, I said "tape" -- yes, I am that old.) Then I remember when everyone suddenly was like, "Wow, this guy fucking sucks really bad." Now it's almost 2010, and New Times just had Vanilla Ice on the cover, and it seems somehow retro cool to admit to liking him back then.

After Ice's reign of course the same thing started happening. There was Nirvana, which signaled a change in music and fashion, and also the indirect resurfacing of punk into the mainstream. Eventually even my beloved hardcore became cool when bands like Hatebreed and Poison the Well signed to major labels.

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South Florida According to Brooklyn: A Recap of Furious Dudes and Mad Martigan at the Poorhouse

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This past Sunday I put together a show at the Poorhouse with two of the best rock and roll bands in South Florida, the Furious Dudes and Mad Martigan, both from Miami. They are both underrated but awesome, and needless to say the show was amazing, just a good time to be had by all. Mad Martigan started off the show, and that night they sounded like a sludgier version of Black Sabbath. Later on though they sped things up with a Dead Boys cover, which was super impressive -- they pulled it off amazingly.

Next up were Furious Dudes, who are amazing guys and always provide a good time. They are exactly what rock and roll needs at this point -- just dudes going crazy, having a good time, playing with and for their friends. If you've never heard them before, they sound (and act) a lot like Turbonegro. For their entire set they jumped around the stage and repeatedly toasted each other, and you could see in their faces that they were psyched just to be onstage, playing for an appreciative crowd.

Both bands are amazing live. They're both playing at Churchill's this Friday, so if you're in Miami, it's worth stopping by to check them out.

Five Albums I'm Listening To This Week: 1) The Bronx, the Bronx 2, 2) Cave In, Until Your Heart Stops, 3) Damage, Final, 4) Day of Contempt, From the Inside, 5) Drowningman, How They Light Cigarettes in Prison

Quote of the Week: Follow your heart. It will never steer you wrong.

South Florida According to Brooklyn: '90s Hardcore is Coming Back

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​What I would like to talk about this week is the resurgence of '90s hardcore. I think it's awesome, and frankly, maybe I'm just thinking this because I'm excited that Converge is coming to the Pompano Beach Amphitheater on Sunday, November 8. (They're playing with High on Fire, Mastodon, and Dethklok). But there's been more and more evidence lately of increased interest in some of the bands. In the past few months we have seen reunions from seminal '90s hardcore bands like Coalesce and Turmoil, and just a few months ago in California, Unbroken.

But it's not just that bands from the era that are doing shows again and putting out records again, but new bands are re-examining the sound as well. Take, for example, this wide grab bag of current, very popular acts: Coliseum, Thick as Blood, and Life Long Tragedy. Granted, these are all three very different bands who play very different types of hardcore. It's awesome to see the younger generation walking the hardcore walk and talking the talk.
I know, though, that styles and trends go in cycles, and this revival is just a part of it -- it's the honest truth that the older guys like me have to accept. But it's about time it happened, since it's a reaction to all the pop-punk crap that has come around recently. Now, thankfully, people think that's not cool any more, so we're moving on to the next phase.

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South Florida According to Brooklyn: More Bike Rally Talk

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Fort Lauderdale had its own alley cat bike race this last weekend, the River Rat race put on by Justin Brunetti, who does the South Florida Fixed blog. It was sponsored by the Bike Spot, Atlantic Bikes, and Keirin Cycles of Miami, and they all also donated their time by working at the race's check points. This was an awesome weekend, an awesome race and an all-around great time.

If you're unfamiliar with an alley cat race, it goes like this. First you're given a manifest (map) of the check points -- in this race, there were 15. There are volunteers at each check point, and at each one you have to get your manifest stamped before you move on to the next one. There is no specific order in which they have to be completed; it's up to you to figure out the fastest route to get between them all. Once you get the last stamp, you haul ass to the finish line.

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South Florida According to Brooklyn: The Bubble is One of South Florida's Best New Venues

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While this blog has covered events there several times already, this week I want to talk about the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale. This place is what this town needs to bring back the D.I.Y. fist-raising of the late '80s and early '90s, when putting on a music or independent art show really meant something. This place is amazing because it combines both -- not only do local bands play there regularly, but it regularly features work from local artists like Rhee Polhamus, Matthew Barteluce, and Erick Arenas.

I first discovered the place recently when I went to go see the band Murderous Rampage play there. The band is fronted by Tommy Newman, the back bartender at the Poorhouse. It was an awesome show -- loud, fast, and evil, all the things you need for a good time, as far as I'm concerned.

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South Florida According to Brooklyn: I'm Still Not Down With Animal Cruelty

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A few months ago I wrote about the new anti-tether law that Joe Sanchez got approved in Miami-Dade County this past March. That was a step in the right direction to protect who can't speak for themselves. That was real progress. Which is why I'm even more pissed off, in contrast, at the return of Michael Vick.

Can someone please explain to me how a man convicted of over 15 deaths of harmless animals is free so soon? And how and the hell is he playing in the NFL again? The board of directors for NFL should be embarrassed of themselves. Vick has been brought to court and convicted
by a jury of his peers, and he doesn't deserve to play pro football again. In fact, he should still be behind bars -- if those were human deaths, he'd be on death row.
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South Florida According to Brooklyn: Why Didn't Anyone Watch Bad Religion at Warped Tour?

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I attended the local stop of the Warped Tour, on Saturday, July 25 at the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, and was disappointed that no one really watched Bad Religion. I don't get it! These guys are pioneers of punk rock. If it wasn't for them, these young kids wouldn't have bands like the Devil Wears Prada, or the other crap like that, to listen to. (Well, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing, but still.)

It bums me out that a lot of the kids there that day didn't seem to have any sense of that history. Bad Religion's first album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, came out in 1982 -- some bands playing the Warped Tour today weren't even sucking their mom's teat yet!

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