Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Alex Markow

Our little corner of the world often gets high praise for all of the attractive people who congregate here. It's hot, we wear less, and thus we gym often. At Tortuga Music Festival, things were no different from your average beach day. We spent it ogling above-average sunbathers.

To the sounds of Ziggy Marley and Eric Church, sundresses dropped, muscle shirts were tossed aside, and the beachside became supersexy. Though the sand was swarming with toned bods, what follows are just ten of the hottest concertgoers who caught our eye.

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Charlie Pickett's Twin Tone Records Reunion in Minneapolis with the Sonics

Ian Witlen
"Chaz" Pickett rocking, FL style.

Our friends in Minneapolis have come unstuck in time and put forth a veritable punk rock powerhouse gig this weekend. It both respects their own roots and nods to the Pacific Northwest as the cradle of raunch 'n' roll. Also, it makes us question why we, as proud South Floridians, have not done the same, and reminds us of our former music editor, Reed Fischer who is now at the helm of Gimme Noise at our Minneapolis sister paper City Pages.

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Circle, a New Alternative Night Run by Fetish Factory, Premieres in Fort Lauderdale


Black Fridays may be gone and Roxanne's is a thing of the past, but the Fetish Factory hopes to keep dark alternative culture in Fort Lauderdale thriving with its newest night, Circle. Tonight is Circle's kick-off party and although it's brought to you by the folks over at the den of latex (Fetish Factory) Circle is not a fetish-themed dress code shindig per se.
Circle is attempt to bring cohesion to Fort Lauderdale's alt scene generally. Tonight's the free premier from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and features DJ KAOS -- currently behind the decks at former Fort Lauderdale and current Miami darkwave night Black Fridays. Additionally, local favorites such as Val Vampyre and Matt Havoc will also be handling the ones and twos.

Next week, look for DJ Alex Dalliance (current host of Dominion). Although tonight's a free event, in order to keep the evening up and running and pay off entertainment, Fetish Factory tells us that in the future, they will be charging a small fee of $5 pre-sale tickets available at the Fetish Factory showroom or $10 at the door.

They are hosting these series of events at Club BAM, which is the old Torpedo Nightclub on Broward Blvd. We caught up with Danny, Fetish Factory's general manager and Circle event organizer, to get the full scoop on the new night.

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Steven Tyler's Daughter Chelsea Plays Fort Lauderdale with Band Badbad


Nepotism or rightly earned respect? Thus is the universal debate that arises anytime we see the son or daughter of a celebrated celebrity try to branch out on their own. It's only a natural cynicism. Let's face it, when daddy is Bob Dylan, doors seem to open easier than if pop is an electrician or mom is a mail courier. Makes us question if Robin Thicke or any of Will Smith's kids have any real talent, and if those annoying "I'm in Miami, Bitch," T-shirts would even exist if LMFAO's Redfoo wasn't the son of Motown mogul Berry Gordy.

We can't blame any of these celebrity kids, what else are you going to do if ma and pop are big shots in the biz? You certainly can't go be a waiter at Denny's. There have been some that have earned the respect of fans and critics in their own right, look at jazz pop vocalist Norah Jones (daughter of sitar guru Ravi Shankar) and Jeff Buckley (son to folk singer Tim Buckley) for example.

So, it's perfectly fine to be a little skeptical about Chelsea Tyler's new duo Badbad. The youngest daughter of Aerosmith's iconic frontman Steven Tyler's, this gorgeous chanteuse, who shares dad's amble, voluminous, there-has-to-be-silicone-in-there-but-there-isn't lips, began her career as a model, and in the past few years made the transition to musician.

See also: Green Room Is Now Called Stache, Offers a "Better Experience for Everybody"

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Ten Best 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival Fashion Moments


"It finally feels like summer," says a sandal-clad girl to her friend this past weekend at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago's Union Park. The friend nods in agreement and sips from his dewy 312 beer, a local favorite.

As a scorching heat wave blanketed most of the country, festival-goers descended upon the tree-shaded venue for the annual event that brings together a near-perfect mix of independent artists, super-cool local and national vendors, and red-cheeked, smiling-faced fans.

Over the three days of the festival, attendees could be spotted roving the modest-sized park with water bottles, melty coconut popsicles, and packages of fresh blueberries in hand. They lounged in the shade, browsed the Chirp Record and Flatstock poster fairs, and danced and cheered at the festival's three stages.

Here in South Florida, our few remaining outdoor music festivals seem to bring out massive unmanageable crowds filled with blank-staring, drugged-out adolescents donning neon and tutus. But at Pitchfork, the mid-sized crowd was eclectic, engaged, and uniformly friendly, despite pressing heat. And, as one might expect from a festival put on by the biggest indie webzine, there was no shortage of funky, edgy, and inspired attire.

From nautical and tropical-inspired threads, to color explosions and asymmetrical 'dos, the people of Pitchfork brought their style A-game. Check out the notes on some of our favorite festival fashion moments.

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Beach Day and Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers to Take Over Hollyweird

Categories: Looking Good

Album release shows are generally the best kind of shows, because they bring out the finest in the bands. That vibe usually permeates through the crowd, and great energy prevails.

However, when the show celebrates the birth of two records, you'd better believe it's going to be proper party. Hollyweird's favored sonic exports, Beach Day and Mr. Entertainment and the Pookiesmackers, will be welcoming their respective fresh sounds to the world with a joint blowout at Hollywood Beach's seaside bandshell.

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New Indie Night at American Rock Bar Features Boxwood and Casey Hopkins Duo

Ian Witlen
The musical void between Delray Beach's Dada and Fort Lauderdale's Green Room is being filled by a new indie night at Deerfield Beach's American Rock Bar and Grill. Northern Broward music fans, rest assured. You can now avoid traveling on I-95, at least for one night, and still catch a show with worthy, original local acts.

Aleks Violet Holubowic -- the former promotions director and current DJ on FIU's student-run radio station WRGP Radiate FM (95.3 FM at the Modesto Madique Campus, and 96.9 FM at the Biscayne Bay Campus) -- is heading up the booking for this new event. It's clear, listening to her radio show, Local Radiation, that this dedicated music devotee has a knack for picking out capable bands from South Florida.

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Magic 102.7's DJ Rick Shaw Transformed into a Drag Queen with the Help of Wilton Manors' Lips

Categories: Looking Good
Dude will soon look like a lady. 
At 77-years-old, former Majic 102.7 DJ Rick Shaw still has the voice and personality for radio. President of the Majic Children's Fund and involved with Neighbors 4 Neighbors, he devotes himself to the same causes he did when he was still on the air. 

Of N4N, Shaw says, "They do wonderful things for the community that if they didn't do, they just wouldn't get done." The nonprofit into being after Hurricane Andrew ravaged South Florida, leaving legions without homes.

His latest fundraising stunt for the charity though might take Shaw slightly outside of his masculine comfort zone. For this one, he'll be wearing high heels, a wig make up, a dress, and he'll be going by the name Miss Roxy Roll. 

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Ten Things You Should Probably Wear or Bring to a Jacuzzi Boys Show

Monica McGivern
Just this past Saturday night, we threw quite a nice gathering for music lovers, County Grind lovers, and just plain lovers. It was great fun, if we do say so ourselves The acts we chose to feature, Hollywood garage rockers the Gun Hoes, Miami's psych outfit Lil Daggers, and party heroes and local favorites the Jacuzzi Boys, all made County Grind Live a fantastic representation of this blog. Read the rundown, and check out pictures from the night

In between taking shots, moshing, and acting a fool, there was a little time to sit back and observe all of the things going on at the show and all of the people who'd come out. Now this certainly wasn't our first JB show, but there were some people there who hadn't seen them live before. This got us thinking, maybe JB virgins need some guidance on what to wear or bring to their shows. So, in the spirit of giving, here's a lil list of stuff to think about gettin' together before heading out again to see Gabriel, Diego, and Danny perform.

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Limited Fanfare Records' Charity Auction Benefits Music Saves Lives

Limited Fanfare's upcoming releases will involve Paper with Dashboard Confessional's Mike Marsh.  
Brian Kurtz is a busy guy. He has a day job; he runs his own local record label, Limited Fanfare; he sends really awesome care packages; and he's setting up an online auction to provide funds for Music Saves Lives. The organization educates people on blood disorders and the importance of donating marrow and blood. It works with the entertainment community to raise awareness and lets fans give in a way that is easy and musically rewarding.

"I chose to work with Music Saves Lives because of their passion for using music as a catalyst to get people involved -- either donating blood to save lives or just to make people aware of the impact that they can have as an individual," Kurtz says. "Plus they give really great benefits to people for doing so." This includes stuff like Free Warped Tour tickets. 

The Limited Fanfare Music Saves Lives Charity Auction eBay site won't go live until June 19 -- it lasts through June 25 -- but you can start plotting your wins here. Get ready to dig your claws into rare and signed items from an impressive list of bands that include Mastodon, Sleigh Bells, Black Lips, Dinosaur Jr., Battles, MonstrO + William DuVall of Alice in Chains, Ladytron, Obituary, and Sebadoh.

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