Churchill's Pub Owner Dave Daniels: Thank You for Everything

George Martinez

There is a way of speaking and writing that maintains an air of dignity and reverence about that subject that toes the line between eulogia and the elegiac. Thankfully, I as an orator and man of letters have failed with thunderous aplomb in all three scenarios. Don't let me sing your praises. Don't let me speak at your funeral. And, for the love of God, don't let me pretend like I'm keeping a neutral tone. Now that we are all on the same page, know a little bit more. On this site, last week, my editor here, Liz Tracy, announced the potential sale of our beloved Churchill's Pub.

I'm not one to lend himself to the whimsical fancies of attachment with brick and mortar locales. Does it make me sad to see a place go? Yes, but I triage my feelings. Losing Books & Books would be a blow to our literate community, but when the death knell finally takes the few remaining Barnes & Noble stores that are strewn throughout the tri-county area, c'est la vie to those unperson-able behemoths.

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Stop the Presses Breaks Out of the State

Categories: Local Music


One theory on South Florida's thriving local music scene is that once you're down here, it's kind of hard to get out. Lots of bands end up keeping their tours within Florida's borders. That's why it's so ska-tastic that Hialeah's Stop the Presses is determined to break out of this steamy shell.

Crossing the Georgia line and far, far beyond, Stop the Presses is looking to spread its RV's wings all the way to California in support of its glowing EP, Eskalando. But before hitting the road, the gang couldn't be more excited to open up for the Slackers. It just might be the most romantic Valentine's Day ska gig of all time. Before Stop the Presses takes off for the great unknown, we talked to guitarist Danny Portilla and lead vocalist and keyboard player Ali Culotta to check in about their local recording process, why they tour so big, and how you can help them celebrate it all on Valentine's Day.

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Rob Elba Calls Greg McLaughlin's Work "Something Special"

Categories: Local Music


It's a night to relish in local music folklore at the Youth Nations Project for the Arts this Saturday. This upstart Fort Lauderdale gallery has local musical legend Gregory McLaughlin unveiling his artwork for the very first time. McLaughlin is known as the lead vocalist for heralded '80s punk/new wave outfit the Front, but the public hasn't witnessed what McLaughlin has been up to the past few years. This weekend, that's all going to change as his works on canvas will be on display for all to see. Turns out, this talented, self-taught artist may have stepped away from the sonic spotlight but his creativity was never impeded.

McLaughlin has been painting since 1998, and describes taking a punk approach to his art. His bio notes that he likes to create things "out of thin air." McLaughlin's art has an art brut appeal, with ironic undercurrents. On display at the opening will be his series of "Alien Jesus" works, paintings which are sure to raise a lot of eyebrows. Imagine the "Last Supper," and "The Raising of Lazarus," where J.C. is substituted with green otherworldly individuals who have bulbous eyes and large foreheads

County Grind spoke to event host, Rob Elba, of Holy Terrors fame -- yet another local icon. Elba tells us McLaughlin was a "hero," to him back in the early '80s and played a "big influence" on him as far as songwriting and entertaining goes.

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Astrea Corp on Embracing Chaos

Categories: Local Music

Ian Witlen

Astrea Corporation has long been lauded by New Times' music writers. And you'll get why this is once you've heard their songs and seen them live. Their fresh electronic feel is unforgettable. Layer Carly Astrea's smooth vocals over Michael Bachman's and Sander Davidson's beats, and you've got some pretty sick tunes, brotha. After taking a quick break from playing locally, Astrea Corporation will be playing tomorrow at Dada with sound engineer and music producer Shark Anthony.

When asked what they have been doing since the last time we chatted with them, siren Carly Astrea said, "We've been focused on continuing the sonics we've developed as a group. We never had the need to jump around chasing fads. Stay in the lane you've carved." Good advice. These guys always stay true to their trip-hop roots.

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Sammy Gonzalez Keeps Classical Guitar Alive

Categories: Local Music, Video


Sammy Gonzalez might be best-known to the rock 'n' roll crowd as Jacobs Ladder's bass player, to the classical jet set as the first chair of Miami Beach's Classical Guitar Quintet, and to bald guys everywhere as the enviable owner of an unruly curly top.

While he might not be appearing anytime soon endorsing Paul Mitchell products, Gonzalez has come a long way preaching the gospel of classical guitar to South Florida, and his reverence for the craft is inspiring, infectious, and philanthropic.

Sammy's upcoming release is a double disc of nine classical compositions on the first and a DVD of studio mixes with dancers and assorted media elements in the second. He's setting us up for a flamenco music album that should be entering the final stages of production by the time you read this.

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Help Spred the Dub Reach 10k Facebook Likes So It Can Go to Jamaica

Categories: Local Music

Dana Drolet
Spred the Word!

What's in a like? Showing a stamp of approval for your favorite brand of toothpaste really does nothing for the human race except maybe save you 50 cents on your next Target run. Giving the "thumbs up" normally means news-feed clogs and unwanted event invites. But for one local band, your "like" could be the ticket to their dream vacation.

The fine, upstanding gentleman of Palm Beach County's beloved Spred the Dub are on a mission to return to the roots of reggae music. The six-piece band has hatched a plan to fly to Jamaica to record its new album, but only on one condition: They reach 10,000 Facebook likes by February 14. Why celebrate Valentine's Day with just one guy when you can make six happy with the click of a mouse?

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Pool Party's Creep Guirdo Does Not "Give a Hell"

Ms. Chambers

It is no secret that Pool Party is one of our favorite part-time South Florida resident bands. It is also no secret that I am not funny. Two ex-wives and three State of Florida judges will attest to that; but not unlike my Corsican mother, County Grind oils its wheels on perseverance and patience.

It's 2014 and another backyard BBQ falls upon us, so we turn to the fellest beast of the fell beasts in Pool Party for some answers... Will answers be revealed? Probably not. Will Walter Mercado prepare you breakfast tomorrow? Not unless Telemundo owes you some scratch. Will Roman sandals clear the Fashion Poet's berm? Well, that's up to Pizza Hut, isn't it? We chatted with the singer Creep Guirdo last night after his band's Churchill's show.

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Serum, Oz ARC Raider, and Stijn Beat's "Rumor of Omens" Featuring Chris Black, LMS, and Manifesto


South Florida's most prolific emcee, Serum continues his APB assault promoting his latest work with Virginia's Oz ARC Raider and Dutchman Stijn Beats: Megatropolis and this, their latest video in support of the effort features locals Manifesto, LMS, and Chris Black. County Grind has mentioned it plenty of times, but we'll reiterate the obvious again, these cats give most of their music away for free and you can download this album here.

So don't sleep on that. Who knows when they'll come to their senses and stop giving it away or start shying away from local stages where they have been performing some of the best and most honest hip-hop in the nation. Stop listening to whack-ass emcees who rely on a bevvy of self-serving sycophants to satisfy some record label's idea of what hip-hop is.

That shit is right here. In your backyard and vibrant through your community. And better than anything else in the contiguous United States. Fact.

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Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band Asks: "Who Doesn't Love a Big Booty?"

Categories: Local Music


Tonight, brace yourselves: funk will be in total abundance in South Florida. You just might not know how to handle it.

Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band will be playing at one of Boca's funkiest venues, Mizner Park's Funky Biscuit. To get the lowdown on their newest album, big booties and, of course, funk, we sat down with Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band for a chat.

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UNIT 1 Sessions Debut With Live Raggy Monster Video

Categories: Local Music

Lights, camera, Raggy

Opened just this past summer, Lake Worth's UNIT 1 is already getting tons of local love. Like the kid who just moved to a new high school from a different country, everyone is clamoring to learn more about it and sit at the same lunch table as founder Jacques de Beaufort. Beaufort describes it as "an experimental exhibition space," and as the community grows surrounding UNIT 1, so do its endeavors.

The space has already been home to six events, including the aptly titled "Reasonably affordable unframed works on paper by some very talented yet unpretentious artists scheduled for sale to coincide with the holiday buying season so that you may purchase them for display in your home, office, or boat!" The space promotes local artists of all kinds but in a new type of venue; Beaufort isn't concerned about pleasing others as much as he cares about titillating eyes and ears, saying, "I fully expect that as many 'blockbuster' shows we have, some will leave people scratching their heads in bemusement," a big statement for the new kid in town.

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