Bury December's Guitarist Was Raised "Strictly" on Metallica

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Bury December was first conceived in Fort Lauderdale back in 2011 when founders guitarist Antonio Ramos and bassist Claudio Kucelin met in high school. Once they teamed up with vocalist Kevin Saballos, guitarist Keegan Hughes, and drummer Brandon Brace, the band with a name inspired from a misheard song lyric was fully formed.

A few years later and the metalcore act is now working on its debut EP Summit at Dreamscape Studios owned by a good friend of the group, Allan Rivas (formerly of Manchester and Tonight I'm Burning). Once the recording process is complete, the guys plan on showcasing the album this fall with some local live shows within the 954 area code. To quote Ramos on the upcoming 20-minute, five song EP, "We're really stoked to release it!" And so he should be. Here's what else the guitarist had to say about growing up making heavy music in South Florida.

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Kingdoms and Crowns on New Album Leave a Light On: "It's a Dream Come True"

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Kingdoms and Crowns, an alt blues-rock band from Boca Raton is putting out a new album, Leave a Light On, this fall. The band released their first EP Casey last year in May of 2013 and have graduated to recording full length albums, something rare for bands at a local level.

But as frontman Stratis Washburn (yes that's his real name and we got into that in the interview) explained, the band wanted to take full advantage of the time they had in the recording studio with engineer Andre Scheidt and this time an EP wasn't going to cut it.

Veterans of the local music scene in Broward and regulars at places like Dada in Delray, the band plans to showcase their new album with a buttload of local shows to start and then hit the road hard to get their music out there as much as possible.

We talked with Washburn about the new album, his name, the idea of being signed and his passion for photography.

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Riverside Market to Host Fundraiser for Musicians on Call Tonight

The Riverside Market is hosting a fundraiser tonight to benefit Musicians on Call, a nonprofit charity that brings local musicians to hospitals so they can give in-room performances to patients. The event will be sponsored by Florida Beer Co., and there will be a $10 cover at the door, which includes one draft beer and goes directly to Musicians on Call.

The event will be headlined by its organizer, leader of the South Florida branch of the org, and all-around busy dude Phil Barnes. Barnes has been -- to say the least -- active in the recent South Florida music scene.

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Forge Is Inspired by Amanda Palmer's Business Model: "Pay Whatever It's Worth to You"

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Photographer John Healy

South Florida's Forge is a new band composed of Colin Healy, Chris Aiello, Alex Kozma, and Marcos Pizarro. Healy and Pizarro formerly of the Republik, joined together with an old friend and a new talent to form this progressive-pop band whose inspirations range from Tool to Taking Back Sunday.

The guys have released their first EP, appropriately titled The First EP, which the group is giving away on its website. Soon to follow is a full-length album that the band also plans to give away gratis, although it wouldn't mind a little financial appreciation once it hits iTunes. So if you're feeling generous or just want to show the guys how much you love their music, keep that in mind.

We had a chat with Healy about the band, the new EP, and why the band gives its music away like free candy to anyone who wants it.

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Lex One and Mike Beatz's One-Two Punch for their Upcoming Album No Prisoners


There's something to be said about a little hard work and how it never hurt anybody. Quite frankly, we think a little hard work can get you everywhere and anything.

Jamaican-American rapper Mike Beatz has created a notable production resume in his 25 years that includes T-Pain and Trina as well as releasing some thoroughly enjoyable mixtapes.

Lex One's blog Get That Paper Son (GTPS) is an ethos that transcends the clichéd ideology that hip-hop has unfortunately fallen into. It's not about the bling and the almost mandatory falling into the foils of the nouveau riche, it's about truly understanding and representing the culture.

In four short years, these guys, along with Pusher FM, managed to carve a niche in the rap world with their danceable and conscious racket as Wizard Sleeve.

Well, the sleeves are pulled and here's the next round of wizardry from these two in anticipation of their upcoming album No Prisoners.

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Jupiter, Florida's Seagrape Souljahs: "We Have Soul in Our Music"

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Chaing A Dream Photography

How irie are your vibes? We bet not as peaceful as Jupiter's Seagrape Souljahs. A crew of five of the chillest guys in an already chill scene, Seagrape Souljahs is steadily on a path to spread its positive message. Big on the hyper-local scene in Jupiter, this reggae band has paid its dues and is more than ready to bring this energy to the rest of South Florida.

Playing day three of Lake Worth's annual block party at Propaganda, Summer Daze, isn't just a gig for Seagrape, it's an affirming testament to the all work it's been putting in. The band started out playing cover songs by Tribal Seeds and now they'll on the same bill as them. It's a major step for a local band, and the Seagrape Souljahs approach it like the dudes do everything else, with a laid back mindset and music-first attitude.

Before the final day of Summer Daze, we talked with Seagrape Souljahs about some positive vibes (man!) and Legend, of course.

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Ten Signs South Florida's Music Scene Is Thriving

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Ian Witlen
Record Store Day brings us all together.

A month ago, two of the most prolific musical brothers in the state, Audio Junkie's Greg and Eddy Alvarez, wrapped up a wild, packed weekend of musical Independence Day fun at Gramps in Miami. Drinks were poured; songs were shared. It got us thinking about our South Florida music scene and how it's blossoming more and more each day.

Why do people keep saying we don't have a strong music scene even though events like that one so obviously prove otherwise? We thought it was about time to point out everything that makes watching and creating and performing music in South Florida so great.

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West Palm Beach Electronic Teen Duo Jude Is Taking Over the Internet

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Erica Paul
Hey, Jude. (Sorry... we had to.)

Local bands meet, create music, and start playing shows to establish themselves. Then down the line, they hope to get into the studio and walk away with a shiny new record full of their original jams. But a new generation of music-makers is taking a staunchly different approach.

Meet Jude. The stage name for West Palm-raised Kevin Neal and Sydney Morris, this electronic duo has been making waves on the blogosphere without ever playing a show. Their approach to creating music is to use the internet as their main vehicle, and it's working. The success of this flip-flopped method might have a little something to do with their age. Morris is only 17, Neal is 18, and no, neither one of them went to Dreyfoos School of the Arts.

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Fsik Huvnx or David Brieske: the Visual Side of Musicians


Sometimes it's hard to explain to outsiders just how rich and deep culture truly runs in South Florida. Blame it on Miami Vice or the excesses of ruinous Fort Lauderdale Spring Break youth behavior. It's just not easy to break the stereotypes. At least we locals can take some comfort in knowing that we know what's up.

There is a large contingent of musicians down here who are also visual artists. In this series, the Visual Side of Musicians, we will showcase their dual natures and help promote across creative outlets the communal fabric that makes our tip of the U.S. a unique and fun place, regardless of others' perception.

David Brieske is a local painter and collage artist who has for the last five plus years operated as Fsik Huvnx. His is an ambient/experimental project that has involved the improvisational use of digital applications with the organic ruminations of found objects and tweaked instrumentation.

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Mandy Moon Could Be Your Future Yogi

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Local gal Mandy Wright lives a normal life. She grew up in Boca Raton, attended Florida Atlantic University, she even worked a stint at Starbucks in Mizner Park. But when she started out as a singer-songwriter, she took on the cosmic moniker, Mandy Moon. In 2011, she formed a band, a close knit team that jams out a fusion of blues, indie rock, and soul.

Mandy Moon and co. are planning to show off some fresh tunes and a very new addition, a brand new bassist, at Dada on Friday night. "We're writing a lot more material, a lot more blues," Moon explains. "We're pretty excited with the new stuff we're coming out with." She feels like this will be the band's breakout album. The previous one was released with a little help from friends and fans via their Kickstarter.

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