Franco Parente Talks Churchill's Pub Documentary, Little Haiti Rock City

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Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Churchill's the Movie is currently in production, and there's a Kickstarter campaign raising funds to help complete Little Haiti Rock City.

The dude responsible is Franco Parente, a freelance filmmaker born and raised in Miami. He has won numerous film festival awards. He has a French television series development deal. And he has directed commercials for corporations like Burger King.

He and co-producer Angel Markoulis recently quit their jobs to devote all their energy to the Churchill's Pub project. Here's what Franco has to say about Marilyn Manson, Peter Buck, and U2.

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Crazy Stories at Churchill's Pub: A Video Interview

Blood. Shit. Spilled beer. "And a girl," as Churchill's Pub enforcer Nicky Bowe recalls, "pissing into a saucepan."

Only a few examples of the weird, wild, and occasionally disgusting stuff that can happen in the course of a trip to Our Beloved Shithole at 5501 NE Second Avenue on any given night of any given week.

Just check out today's vid on the crazy stories at Churchill's Pub.

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Jason Cardinal Releases Original Music Before Moving to Boston

Categories: Local Music

Jason Cardinal
A band of one.

Jason Cardinal got our attention last October when he took over the America's Got Talent audition room in Miami with his one man band spectacle. Gigging constantly throughout Palm Beach County, Cardinal's live performance has grown into a complete show. With spot-on impersonations and unexpected smashups, Cardinal has perfected the art of showmanship. So what's next? The creative bug is hard to shake, and he finally started writing and recording original music with the help of local musician and producer Greg Hansen.

First up is the new single "Love All Over the World" that Cardinal wrote while traveling and performing last summer. Eventually, the song grew and took on a larger message focused on a greater sense of good globally with a pop beat that's easy to love. More songs are in the works, but pretty soon we won't be able to call Cardinal a local boy. He is in the process of moving the one man band to Boston in hopes of taking over a new territory and growing his fan base. Before he makes the big leap, we chatted with Cardinal about his music inspirations, what happened with America's Got Talent and what he will miss most about South Florida.

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Favorite Bands at Churchill's Pub: A Video Interview

It's been said that Churchill's Pub just might hold the world's record for having the most live acts in a single venue.

But while the massive mission (and accompanying pint-drinking campaign) to complete that count rages on, we here at County Grind can say it's no doubt been the home to some of Miami's best and favorite bands over the last three decades.

From Charlie Pickett and the Holy Terrors to Jacuzzi Boys ... Check out today's vid on the bands at Churchill's Pub.

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History of Churchill's Pub: A Video Interview

It is Miami's embassy of punk, rock, metal, noise, and pints.

After 35 years under the ownership of beloved founder Dave Daniels, the cultural landmark otherwise known as Churchill's Pub has been sold.

Some are worried about drastic changes. Others expect the place to see another million mosh pits. In either case, an era has come to an end.

That's why we here at County Grind are celebrating the 305's best rock club ever with a cover story entitled "Bangers & Mosh" and a series of video interviews with Mr. Daniels, local music legend Rat Bastard, and pub enforcer Nicky Bowe.

Check out today's vid on the history of Churchill's Pub.

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Broward-Palm Beach Counties' 11 Best Punk Bands of All Time

Categories: Local Music, list

Jimmy Johnson

Over the past few weeks, we took a look at some of the best punk bands to come out of Miami. While the general consensus was that the 305 did not invent or expand on the subculture back in the day, it will forever be noted that due to its geographical isolation, it certainly developed its own brand of punk rock.

But the 305 was not alone then, since the 954 and 561 were also active with bands and venues!

Maybe not as tropical in execution as their southern neighbors, the other two counties of the tri-county corridor were not short on creativeness and humor, which is what usually sets South Florida's punk rock scene apart from other regions in the USA.

Here are Broward and Palm Beach counties' eleven best punk bands of all time.

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Primitive Violence's Jean Saiz Packages Pocketknives in Cassette Releases


Jean Saiz is without a doubt, one of South Florida's leading ladies of rock. Her band Shroud Eater has steadily gained an envious momentum in the short time that they've been shredding faces and melting hearts. A talented and accomplished artist, Saiz has added yet another area of expertise into her CV with her fledgling Primitive Violence Records and Visual imprint; which like all her projects, she tenderly dotes over with a caring hand.

Borne out of necessity for Shroud Eater's early recorded products, Saiz has continued to forge on beyond her band with the label. Hers is a boutique approach that harkens back to the incredibly detailed and intimate (read: limited edition) releases of the '90s noise and power violence scenes. Its latest release is Forest of Tygers' album, Bruises. We had a chance to discuss the label with her as well as the legalities of including a knife in the release.

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Minimal Celebrate Ten Years of Indie-Latin Goodness at the Garret Tonight

Courtesy Alejo Angee
¡Feliz cumpleaños, Minimal!

Ten years ago, nearly 90 million viewers were exposed to Janet Jackson's nipple during her Super Bowl XXVIII "wardrobe malfunction" with JT, Brittney Spears eloped twice in 12 months, her first marriage lasting a mere 55 hours, and the driver of the Dave Matthews Band tour bus made it rain 800-pounds of feces onto the Chicago River.

Yeah, 2004 was a questionable year for pop music. But in the midst of all the head shakes and face palms the fourth year of the new millennium brought upon us, one of the best indie, electropop Latin bands to hit South Florida's music scene was born: Minimal.

Tonight, the eclectic foursome will be throwing A Beautiful Chaos at the Garret at Grand Central in downtown Miami in celebration of their ten year anniversary.

County Grind hit up drummer Alejo Angee on the eve of Minimal's birthday bash and spoke to him about the band's evolution throughout the years, the state of SoFla's local music scene, and lead singer Gabriel Ayala's alter ego.

Happy Birthday, Minimal! Here's to ten more.

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Lake Worth Long Shots: "I Don't Ever Want to Do an Acoustic Show Again"

Categories: Local Music

Kristin Schimbeno
Bringing the Lake Worth back to Lake Worth

The Lake Worth Long Shots are a 3-piece reggae band based out of Orlando. We know, that sounds confusing. But the guys grew up down here, and even though they moved to Orlando years ago, South Florida is still home.

Founding friends Bradley Christopher and Michael Castro wrote acoustic songs together for years before finally meeting the perfect drummer and turning the band into a trio. In the meantime, they created enough acoustic jams to put out a full length album, Wood Rich, which is helping the band stay actively on the minds of South Florida reggaeheads. Next up, they want to tour Florida and are already itching to get back in the studio. But first, they will open up day one of Propaganda's Summer Daze. Before continuing on their Florida musical tear, we chatted with the Lake Worth Long Shots about how they came up with the name, if they want to stay acoustic, and how hip-hop influences their sound.

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RIP, Crazy Fingers' Corey Dwyer: Joined the Righteous Jam in the Sky


Crazy Fingers officially got its start at Ultimate Farms on Halloween of 1990. Founded by the rhythm section of drummer Peter Lavezzoli and bassist Bubba Newton, it wouldn't be until 1993 that the band would find its strongest and longest lineup with the addition of guitarist Rich Friedman and multi-instrumentalist Corey Dwyer. Establishing themselves as the premier Grateful Dead tribute band in Florida, Crazy Fingers built a devout following with a pretty serious work ethic that could be likened only to their musical heroes.

Performing three to four times a week, Crazy Fingers also released two albums of original material, the sold-out Come On and Dance and Strange Life. Heavy on the hippie jam, these albums have helped make the band stand out in a saturated sea of Grateful Dead wannabes with their diverse inclusions of Latin and blues sounds. Another key factor in helping the band was Corey Dwyer.

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