Heady & Sullen Debut EP Is a Testament to Their Undying Love


Ariel Vega is no stranger to our New Times readership. As the drummer for the Honeysticks in the '90s, he helped pave the way for the alternative sounds of South Florida today. An eternally busy musician with live tried-and-true chops and a penchant for creation within the studio and session setting, his latest musical endeavor involves his wife Tammy Fons, an accomplished and classically trained pianist.

Under the name of Heady & Sullen they're releasing a debut four-song EP replete with atmosphere and melody. Formed by their different backgrounds but catapulted into creation by a symbiotic link, their music is lofty and baroque and full of love without the aegis of cliché.

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Askultura Hits the Road in a School Bus Filled with Beer and Dried Apricots

Categories: Local Music

JT Turret
The traveling circus.

How does a 10-piece ska band celebrate St. Patrick's day? The old fashioned way: by cramming into a school bus and tripping on a road to Chicago. Askultura knows that to build a following, you have to tour and the bigger the tour, the more room you have to grow. Coasting up to Chicago is a big step for the band, one too big to cram into your basic touring van.

That's why they are riding in style in the Cool Bus. The refurbished school bus is a massive spectacle, announcing to each new city that Askultura has arrived. Along with Jay Tea from the Arrogant Sons of Bitches and Ska Goes Solo tour, Askultura is blazing a trail to Chicago for two big St. Patrick's day shows. The night before they took off for tour, we chatted with singer And Mazzatoro who gave us the scoop on everything from what they eat on the road to how they acquired the beautiful touring automobile. Do the cool kids still sit in the back of the bus? It's a difficult question when every kid is cool enough to be in Askultura.

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Marco Argiro With Love: "I Had a Handful of Tunes Up My Sleeve"


Broward native Marco Argiro has come a long way from his days fronting the beloved local punk rock trio the Outrights. In a time when preteen was still preteen and the "tween" nonsense had not entered the lexicon, Argiro and his mates had the chops to turn heads and become an integral part of that mid- to late '90s punk rock scene. Relocating to Tallahassee after high school and eventually to New York postgraduation, Argiro's been a busy, busy man with bands like Le Mood and the Killing Floor.

He's recently released a solo venture titled Love on his own Outright Rock Records, and while there's still that power chord love buried within the compositions, his travels and experiences and ever-expanding influences come through in an effort that is sublime shoegaze, psych-tinged, and mellow postrock ambiance.

We recently had a chance to catch up with him and discuss his transformation from preteen local rocker to transatlantic crooner. And, we're, one, impressed by the sheer amount of work he's put in, and, two, happy to report on one of our own, getting out there and making it in the music world.

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Ed Matus' Solo Electronic Project Is "Organic, Noisy, Futuristic, and Serene"

Not a Portlandian.

Ed Matus might be blaming fatherhood on his recent lackadaisical attitudes towards shaving, but we all know that's some straight up bunkum. The truth is that we don't know what Dickensian fortitude has inspired such facial growth, but we do know that it isn't for any hipster-like leanings. Ed Matus is no hipster. Even at his hippest, he's still not that hip.

What Ed Matus is, is an institution of South Florida's music scene. His trail blazed through the '90s in the forms of Subliminal Criminal, Cavity, H.A.L.O. Vessel, and into the 2000s with the Waterford Landing. That's not even counting the hundreds of side-projects and assists that he has lent to other musicians down here.

Shit, he even gave Juan Montoya a reason to raise a racket in the guise of a struggle. Matus recently released his latest solo effort, an EP of provocative and informed IDM/future sounds on the local darling Schematic Records. We had a chance to catch up with our hairy homeboy and this is how it went.

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Palm Beach Rapper Croosh: "I Really Don't Like Corny, White Voices in Hip-Hop"

Jamaal Clark

The Notorious B.I.G. first went by Biggie Smalls. Jazzy turned into Jay-Z, which then turned into Jay Z. Nas stepped up his hygiene regime and dropped Nasty.

As artists evolve and mature professionally and personally, their aliases sometimes become a symbol of that change. Or sometimes someone has the same or a similar name, as was the case with 23-year-old Palm Beach rapper Croosh.

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Deep City: Birth of the Miami Sound Screens at MIFF


South Florida owes a debt of gratitude to former Florida A&M Marching bandmates, schoolteachers, and music aficionados Willie Clarke and Johnny Pearsall. Without their gamble on the short-lived Deep City Records, there would've never been such a culturally identifiable thing as the "Miami sound." While some of the Deep City Records' artists went on to much more with TK Records or into the vaults of obscurity, the slabs that were cut remain some of the best R&B and proto-Motown/funk known to man.

Had it not been for the disagreement between Clarke and Pearsall trying to push Betty Wright and Helene Smith respectively, the latter being Pearsall's wife; the musical landscape of South Florida might just be slightly different nowadays, for surely the caliber of their stars, had they remained under the same stable, would've vaulted this sliver of America into the same rooms Motown would eventually come to occupy. Oh, well.

This year's Miami International Film Festival will feature Deep City: Birth of the Miami Sound as part of their roster of fine films. For info on the movie and the team behind it, click here. Hopefully this piece of Floridiana will not go unnoticed by the locals and let's hope local filmmakers are detracted from pulling Ai Weiwei-styled protesting. What follows is a Miami sound playlist for your listening pleasure.

See also: Deep City Records Documentary: A Behind the Scenes Look

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Raggy Monster Is Calling It Quits After Kickstarter Project

Categories: Local Music

Jason Myers
The beginning of the end for Raggy Monster

In a time where everyone from your youngest cousin to Zach Braff releases their dreams to the world via Kickstarter, what makes one project more back-worthy than the next? Local band Raggy Monster sure hopes the gentle click of your mouse can be swayed in their direction before the time on their Kickstarter clock runs out in 10 days. The female-fronted Palm Beach County band is raising funds for their sophomore album and while simply playing a real part in your local music scene should be incentive enough to donate, the gang is dishing out all sorts of goodies to their fans willing to drop a dime.

While Raggy Monster's second effort is sure to be their most audacious, the reason behind it might be unexpected considering the band's recent success and growing following. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but the rumors are true. Raggy Monster is disbanding after recording this current project, what will go down as their final album. There is still time to be a part of local music history and goal-achieving gratitude, and the good news is there is plenty to go around.

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Charlie Pickett's Twin Tone Records Reunion in Minneapolis with the Sonics

Ian Witlen
"Chaz" Pickett rocking, FL style.

Our friends in Minneapolis have come unstuck in time and put forth a veritable punk rock powerhouse gig this weekend. It both respects their own roots and nods to the Pacific Northwest as the cradle of raunch 'n' roll. Also, it makes us question why we, as proud South Floridians, have not done the same, and reminds us of our former music editor, Reed Fischer who is now at the helm of Gimme Noise at our Minneapolis sister paper City Pages.

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Sunny Devilles Make Hip-Hop Influenced by Bob Dylan

Robert Garcia
It's always sunny.

How do you hip-hop? If you are Tanner Kauffman and James Bauer, you experiment. Together they make up the Sunny DeVilles, the Boca-based hip-hop act who's spanking new album In Search Of... is just the beginning of their journey. The record is laced with heavy lyrics and saxophone grooves, quite the opposite of today's mainstream rap chart-toppers.

Tanner and James operate on their own level, uninfluenced by the sometimes limited hip-hop scene surrounding them. Recently, the Sunny Devilles released their album into the world with a CD release party at UNIT 1 in Lake Worth. The artsy conditions, constantly running video projector, and lack of a stage meant their performance was straight up in your face. An experimental experience, their stage presence perfectly compliments the In Search Of... vibes. The record is a winner, but what about the guys behind it? We took the time to chat with Tanner and James about how they met, what they listen to, and why you should care enough to give a listen.

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Circle, a New Alternative Night Run by Fetish Factory, Premieres in Fort Lauderdale


Black Fridays may be gone and Roxanne's is a thing of the past, but the Fetish Factory hopes to keep dark alternative culture in Fort Lauderdale thriving with its newest night, Circle. Tonight is Circle's kick-off party and although it's brought to you by the folks over at the den of latex (Fetish Factory) Circle is not a fetish-themed dress code shindig per se.
Circle is attempt to bring cohesion to Fort Lauderdale's alt scene generally. Tonight's the free premier from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. and features DJ KAOS -- currently behind the decks at former Fort Lauderdale and current Miami darkwave night Black Fridays. Additionally, local favorites such as Val Vampyre and Matt Havoc will also be handling the ones and twos.

Next week, look for DJ Alex Dalliance (current host of Dominion). Although tonight's a free event, in order to keep the evening up and running and pay off entertainment, Fetish Factory tells us that in the future, they will be charging a small fee of $5 pre-sale tickets available at the Fetish Factory showroom or $10 at the door.

They are hosting these series of events at Club BAM, which is the old Torpedo Nightclub on Broward Blvd. We caught up with Danny, Fetish Factory's general manager and Circle event organizer, to get the full scoop on the new night.

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