Amy Fiddler, Former Indie Record Label Entrepreneur Publishes Debut Novel About "the Ultimate Music Fan"

Emily Shur, compliments of the author

Amy Fleisher Madden, better known to South Florida's punk scene as Amy Fiddler, began a strange journey into self-publication and independent record label operating at the tender age of 16. Her fanzine, Fiddler Jones was indicative of the pop punk '90s with a Cometbus-styled bend that balanced band interviews, reviews, and personal musings with humorous anecdotes about the scene strewn about for good measure.

From the fledgling upstart, undoubtedly fabricated during the heydays of the Office Depot "honor system," Fleisher went on to found Fiddler Records in 1996 that released records by local favorites the Vacant Andys, Milkshed, and the Agency as well as national heavy-hitters like New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, and Juliette Lewis & the Licks.

It's been many years since her hectic teenage years as an entrepreneur and Fleisher has reinvented herself first into the world of advertising and more recently back into the world of publication -- armed with her first novel A Million Miles. We had a chance to discuss her past and the book. And while she might no longer be a local resident, this local girl done good, is proud of her South Florida roots.

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Marco With Love Returns to Broward with Radio-Active Records and Poorhouse Shows


The late '90s in South Florida were a fun time to be part of the punk rock scene. There was a sense of camaraderie and community. Sure there were some meatheads who ruined it every-now-and-again, but overall, everybody got along and a lot of those friendships have continued to this day. One of the better examples of the fun this scene nurtured was Florida's version of England's Eater, the Outrights.

Years later, their singer/guitarist and Broward native Marco Argiro has continued to pursue the muse and has had one of the more varied and geographical careers we can think of. Relocating to Tallahassee after high school and eventually to New York post-graduation, Argiro's been a busy, busy man garnering acclaim with bands like Le Mood and the Killing Floor.

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Agalloch's Aesop Dekker: "People Tend to Either Downplay or Overexaggerate the Role of the Drummer"

Agalloch official Facebook page

Aesop Dekker currently drums for the incredible and long-running metal outfit Agalloch, as well as VHÖL and Worm Ouroboros. Whereas I would love to spend the next three sentences exhausting my word count hailing his skills and making crap statements like "powerhouse dynamo" and/or "a whirling dervish of the skins" -- I will abstain, because he's been very vocal in his dislike of the ephemera of such language concerning drummers.

South Florida might remember this current West Coaster as a drummer and co-conspirator of seminal Florida punk-rock band the Fuckboyz back in the late '80s/early '90s. As a music journalist, in the past, I have failed time and time again to sing the praises of this band. For that I am sorry. Its entire catalog is flawless.

Dekker may no longer embody the spirit and chutzpah of a young punk rocker; truth be told, we're not entirely sure "smiling" is something that occurs naturally to him, but this roguish, rough-around-the-edges, thoroughly tattooed musician is one of maybe five people in the universe whose knowledge, understanding, and just sheer erudition of music is one I respect and believe in blindly.

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Alex Segura of the Faulkner Detectives on Writing First Novel Silent City and Working With Kiss

Robert Kidd

We first met Miami native Alex Segura when reviewing his band the Faulkner Detectives's EP (Livid Records) The Modern Handshake back in 2012. Since then, his career in journalism and comics publishing has kept him bouncing between South Florida and New York City. His most recent, nonmusical musical endeavor: He penned the script for a surreal issue of Archie Comics in which the gang from Riverdale meets Kiss.

With that in tow, Segura just published his debut novel, Silent City, a gritty crime noir steeped in the decadence of a bygone era of hard-drinking journalists with mild poetic inclinations who can manage a little pearl in the swine before giving in to the personal demons. A speedy read and a solid first novel, Silent City is imbued with enough music to have you humming along and visualizing all those places in Miami you'd rather not set foot in.

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Marco Argiro With Love: "I Had a Handful of Tunes Up My Sleeve"


Broward native Marco Argiro has come a long way from his days fronting the beloved local punk rock trio the Outrights. In a time when preteen was still preteen and the "tween" nonsense had not entered the lexicon, Argiro and his mates had the chops to turn heads and become an integral part of that mid- to late '90s punk rock scene. Relocating to Tallahassee after high school and eventually to New York postgraduation, Argiro's been a busy, busy man with bands like Le Mood and the Killing Floor.

He's recently released a solo venture titled Love on his own Outright Rock Records, and while there's still that power chord love buried within the compositions, his travels and experiences and ever-expanding influences come through in an effort that is sublime shoegaze, psych-tinged, and mellow postrock ambiance.

We recently had a chance to catch up with him and discuss his transformation from preteen local rocker to transatlantic crooner. And, we're, one, impressed by the sheer amount of work he's put in, and, two, happy to report on one of our own, getting out there and making it in the music world.

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Charlie Pickett's Twin Tone Records Reunion in Minneapolis with the Sonics

Ian Witlen
"Chaz" Pickett rocking, FL style.

Our friends in Minneapolis have come unstuck in time and put forth a veritable punk rock powerhouse gig this weekend. It both respects their own roots and nods to the Pacific Northwest as the cradle of raunch 'n' roll. Also, it makes us question why we, as proud South Floridians, have not done the same, and reminds us of our former music editor, Reed Fischer who is now at the helm of Gimme Noise at our Minneapolis sister paper City Pages.

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Round Up's Manager Rates Ke$ha's Performance on Mechanical Bull


Following in the steps of Avicii's "Wake Me Up," Ke$ha and hometown boy Pitbull have gone country. The two performed their newest duet "Timber" at the American Music Awards this past weekend, and now released a video for the thing. And whaddya know? It was filmed in Davie, at Round Up Contry Western Nightclub and Restaurant.

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Dean Swinford's Death Metal Epic I: The Inverted Katabasis Is an Exploration of Personal Growth

English professor and Miami native, Dean Swinford has embarked on the first serious literary treatise concerning death metal with Death Metal Epic I: The Inverted Katabasis. The young novella is picking up endorsements and accolades from both literary and musical circles. Reared in Florida with a solid education in '80s metal in particular, it is no coincidence that the book is set in the Sunshine State during the1980s metal boom.

Tackling this subject matter could easily deviate into the realm of "fanboy cheesiness," but Swinford presents a meditative angle of personal growth and evolution through the protagonist David Fosberg who, not unlike many in the same position, finds himself in a dead-end job, filled with musical acumen and lured by the promise of riches in the guise of a Eurotour, because in Europe, he says, "everyone loves metal."

We spoke with Dean about his first book (of a proposed metal trilogy), academia, and the evolution of the genre. He's a passionate and articulate gentleman who'll impress with his background in medieval and modern literature and with his knowledge of metal album liner notes. And the Miami-Dade Mayor has the audacity to declare the age of the book dead. Oh well, Florida, right?

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Christopher Moll of the Postmarks Returns with Soulful the Lovers Key (VIDEO)

Picture Marvin Gaye, Morrissey, and Amy Winehouse all rolled up in one," a big name mélange, which accomplished Coral Springs musician Christopher Moll uses to describe the R&B-infected vocals of Maco Monthervil, Moll's newest musical discovery. Moll is the gifted multi-instrumentalist behind the saccharine chamber-pop sounds of the Postmarks. Monthervil is a criminally unknown vocalist with a serious set of soulful pipes. 

Together, the two of them have teamed up to form the Lovers Key, a retro-pop project brimming with potential. The Lovers Key represents Moll's next journey in music. Moll experienced a nibble of stardom with the Postmarks. The trio toured the US and Europe, played CMJ, SXSW, and Lollapalooza, released two solid original full-length albums, their eponymous debut receiving a respectable 7.9 rating on Pitchfork. After some extensive touring in 2010, the Postmarks' troupe decided to take a break, Moll going on a self-imposed leave of absence from the music business.

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Marco Rubio on Lil Wayne's Tupac Claims: "There's Only One Tupac" (VIDEO)

When we were busy making fun of Sen. Marco Rubio's totally lame Spotify list, we didn't realize he was such a big fan of the Thug Life. 

TMZ accosted a friendly and chatty Rubio at Reagan National Airport and asked him about the whole Lil Wayne-Miami dis debacle. Specifically, they addressed whether Tunechi is the new Tupac, as he claimed at Birdman's birthday party last week. And he got deep on the subject. "There's only one Tupac," he said, adding that rappers like Lil Wayne are just entertainers, but 'Pac? "I think Tupac was more someone that was trying to inform us what was going on, and he did it through entertainment." 

This is good stuff. Click on for the video and full interview and Wu-Tang talk. 

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