Ten Guys Who Make Their Guitars Talk

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"How does he make that guitar talk?" listeners often wonder when they hear Peter Frampton noodle around.

It's not the drugs or drink you imbibed that's making you think his guitar is vocalizing. Rather, it's an intended effect achieved through technology. The English rock legend uses an effects unit called a talk box, which allows him to control the modification of the guitar's sound by changing the shape of his mouth.

As Peter Frampton makes his way to Hard Rock Live this Sunday night, let's celebrate ten other practitioners of the talk box.

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Top 12 Albums Turning 30 This Year

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Photo by Joey Gannon via Wikipedia Commons
Believe it or not, but 1984 -- be it Orwellian dystopia, a lousy time for hair products and fashion, or a year forever linked with Van Halen -- was 30 years ago. It was also a busy year for music. There were hundreds of albums released as were a hefty sum of music-related films like the classic mockumentary This is Spinal Tap, Prince's Purple Rain, and that greatly adaptable punchline, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

It was a great and turbulent year. Going back over the charts and jogging my preteen memory has uncovered the amazing staying power of some artists like Ted Nugent and Bob Dylan (Penetrator and Real Live respectively) and some who went the wayside like General Public (All the Rage) and Play Dead (From the Promised Land).

Here are 12 albums, month by month, that turn(ed) 30 this year that are worthy of your reconsideration.

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Ten Most Underrated Prog Rock Albums

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Hans Morgenstern

Broward County is about to receive a wave of live shows by some classic progressive rock bands or their tribute spawn. The Musical Box, a Canadian outfit that reproduces Peter Gabriel-era Genesis stage shows, with costumes and all, kicks off the surge this Friday. It will re-create the band's set list from its 1973 Selling England by the Pound tour in a show at the Parker Playhouse. Not long after, on August 1, Yes will perform two of its iconic early '70s albums, Fragile and Close to the Edge, on the Hollywood Hard Rock Live stage. Deep Purple (more a failed prog band that turned to heavier rock for success) will close out the month.

Though further down the road and farther south, a special mention should be granted to the Australian Pink Floyd, which will bring "Set Their Controls" show to the Fillmore Miami Beach in October. Like the Musical Box, it is a tribute band with extreme production values. A few years ago, it reproduced Pink Floyd's The Wall as the original group would have performed it in 1979 -- giant wall and all -- at the same venue. Its next appearance at the Fillmore will feature selections from Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon, The Division Bell, and The Wall.

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The 15 Most #Selfie Obsessed Musicians

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Photo by Josue Rivas
The Chainsmokers summed it up pretty perfectly with their hit "#Selfie." The egocentric craze of snapping shots of yourself to share on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or wherever you choose to upload your photo diary is upon us and doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon. Everyone from tweens to your cat are into taking selfies.

Here's a list of the 15 most selfie obsessed musicians on the web. These famous folks love to snap shots of their well-known mugs on any given occasion. Whether they're working out a gym, just got a new tattoo, or are just making breakfast, their multitude of followers eat these shots up like candy. Yum, yum.

In no particular order, here are the guys and gals who made the cut.

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Katy Perry and Juicy J Are the "Dark Horse" Collaboration Pop Deserves

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Who would have known Katy Perry and Juicy J would make such a great pair? By now, we're all too familiar with their guilty-pleasure hit of the year. We think that just maybe, their match-made-in-heaven shtick could extend well beyond the trap hook of "Dark Horse."

Juicy J is the only feature on the entire Prism album, and Perry asked for him by name. People who don't even like Katy Perry love this song. It was a number-one hit on the Billboard charts -- Juicy J's first, but it shouldn't be his last.

Both are performing separately in Broward County this week, but if these two stay teamed up, they may be able to take over the world. And we believe there are some really good reasons this just might be the collabo pop music aficionados have been waiting for with bated breath.

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11 Weird and Somewhat Stupid Band Names


It stands to reason that to brand itself effectively, a band must have a name that's also subversive and memorable. During the initial flush of the British Invasion, parents were forced to ponder the meaning of band handles like the Beatles, Pretty Things, Zombies, the Kinks, and the Who (as to the what and why). Those names seem innocent enough now, compared to many acts today whose titles are geared toward implying idiocy, irony, or insult. We've compiled a list of weird and suggestive band names; they defy the norm and inspire a second glance. Add your favorite horrible band name in the comments.

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Ten Signs Jason Mraz Is a Real Hippie

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Jason Mraz first appeared on the coffeehouse scene 14 years ago with sweet vocals and an acoustic guitar. Now he's a two-time Grammy winner who's gone multiplatinum in more than 20 countries. His latest album, YES!, came out on June 15, and his international tour kicked off Saturday.

But even with his star having risen and fallen a bit, this Cali boy doesn't seem to be budging from his laid-back, socially conscious hippie roots. Though his Instagram looks pretty hipster-crisp, it's the content that counts. This guy still likes to get dirty at his organic avocado ranch when he's not catching waves at the beach or sucking down homemade smoothies with chia seeds.

Here are ten signs Mraz is a crunchy, West Coast hippie.

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Ten Tunes to Welcome Hurricane Season

Jim Morrison: One stormy personality

Anyone who whines about the fact that South Florida has no change of season ought to bear one thing in mind: We do have at least two seasons -- and sometimes, even three. The first extends six months, from June 1 to November 30 -- an ungodly long portion of the year if you ask us -- and is dubbed Hurricane Season, marked not by the changing of the leaves or a shift in temperature but rather by the intense interest in any little blob forming off the coast of Africa and its subsequent progress on a potentially deadly collision course with that spit of sitting-duck-type terrain otherwise known as Florida.

There's the three months preceding Hurricane Season, generally referred to as "Get ready to panic and prepare for ultimate devastation as predicted by forecasters as far away as Colorado and agreed upon by local officials, media, and meteorologists." We celebrate by conceding that it's not a matter of if but rather when we're going to be wiped off the map.

The third season is an option, but judging by the dire predictions that accompany the second, it's almost a certainty. It's called "Clean up all the shit caused by the storm" season, whereby we go through the devastation of our homes, our lives, our neighborhoods, and then welcome the National Guard and the prospects of living life without electricity for three months.

Ah, what better way to celebrate the passing of the seasons! Given that we're apparently stuck with this rather unfortunate scenario and a ton of rain already since June 1, we here at New Times have come up with a way to mark these circumstances with some musical merriment, namely, top ten songs well-suited for the stormy season.

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Six Recording Studios to Check Out in Broward County

Some people are OK cutting their band's first demo on a beat-up four-track in their buddy's garage on a TDK D90 IEC1/Type I audio cassette. Unfortunately, there are far more people these days who'll require a Rosetta Stone for deciphering the last sentence as well as the author's cheeky attempt at humor with items from his personal collection in the photograph above. Those in that category and a band will probably benefit from the technological advancements of today's professional recording studio and professionals.

Most musical acts can't pull together the monies to reserve adequate time for a rehearsal space and even less for recording studio with a trained professional at the board who'll assess the right paths for them to take while honing their sound.

There has been a resurgence of studios popping up all over Broward County as of late, and while most places deal with postproduction and assorted supplementary work, there are a few out there offering space for young and established musicians to come and get that professional sound that'll set them apart. Here are six studios that have caught our eye for their relative newness and affordability for various stages of recording-ready outfits.

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Ten FĂștbol Songs to Get You Pumped for the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Soccer or, rather, football is the greatest sport in the world. Those who know me know that the beautiful game is all that plagues my mind. I am an avid follower of numerous leagues and players across the world. And thanks to the internet, I am able to watch my favorite pastime year-round. The World Cup happens every four years, and it's long been my custom to spend the month of its duration in a semicomatose alcoholic blissful state of hooliganism and camaraderie with my ne'er-do-well pals.

FIFA used to be a glorious institution that managed, with some discretion, to police itself and stay out of the limelight of scandal. That hasn't been the case recently, with allegations of bribery concerning Qatar's 2022 World Cup bid. And if that weren't enough, I have always found their misuse of music by commissioning and selecting "World Cup" songs to be a crime against nature.

I'm sorry, but when I'm full on the pist, screaming my head off, praying to all known deities that my team wins, and wanting to set the bleachers and perhaps some opposing fans on fire, the last thing I want is some fucking half-assed Ricky Martin or Shakira tune piping in through the sound system.

Hell no.

These ten songs are not about the Cup but are about the sport and as such were written by lovers of the game.

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