New Year's Eve J Street Block Party at Propaganda Lake Worth

Pictures by Dana Krangel
Everymen in their zone

Another year of local music has come to a close. And while many slices of the South Florida scene did their part to support the finest musicians in our glorious neck of the woods, it's safe to say that some did it better than others.

In particular, Lake Worth shined this year, coming into its own and creating an artsy underground refuge where local music has thrived. Some of the most exciting bands to be booked on any bill this year played their hearts out at places like Propaganda. So what better way to kick off another 365 days of headbanging and booty-shaking than by bringing them all together again.

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Basel 2013: Fool's Gold Day Off With Trick Daddy, A-Trak, and Danny Brown

Photo by Marco Torres

Fool's Gold Day Off
With Trick Daddy, A-Trak, Danny Brown, and others
Mana Wynwood, Miami
Sunday, December 8, 2013

They called it a Day Off, but that shit was lasted from early in the afternoon till way after dark.

The insta-midnight feel inside Mana Wynwood's warehouse setting helped dancers forget the sun was beating down on sad souls outside. And thus, we raged harder than any regular day party ever could.

As is the current trend, there was more hip-hop vibes than longtime Fool's Gold fans may have expected, but we here at Crossfade were definitely pleased. A surprise guest appearance from Danny Brown made our night, and of course, the 305's legendary Trick Daddy reminded us that "we do our own shit," and Miami still runs the scene.

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Basel Castle 2013: Chance the Rapper, Gesaffelstein, Travis Scott, Robb Banks Killed It

Photo by Ian Witlen
Gon' Basel Castle surfing with Travis Scott.

Basel Castle 2013
Grand Central Park, Miami
Saturday, December 7, 2013

In the past, the setting for The Overthrow's Basel Castle extravaganza had been a slightly cartoonish, sort of fragile-looking fortress in Wynwood. But that shit is dead, son.

Last year, the overcrowding got outta hand. So for 2013, the party moved to Grand Central Park, a grassy field across from Grand Central Miami.

There was one big main stage, some skate ramps, fashionable phone gear for sale, a Red Bull tent, and of course, a whole slew of street art.

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Basel 2013: Tegan & Sara (and Big Fans Puking in the Sand) at VH1 and Scope Party

Photo by Ian Witlen

Tegan & Sara
SCOPE Pavilion, Miami Beach
Friday, December 6, 2013

At 8 p.m., the massive oceanfront tent that houses one of the largest auxiliary fairs during Art Basel Miami Beach week, Scope, closed its doors for the night. Nearby, a long line formed to enter a fenced-off bit of sand. The beautiful people and their benefactors jockeyed for position to get inside the invitation-only VH1- and Scope-hosted event.

Once inside, they were greeted with a candy apple station. There was one table where you could buy tacos, another with sushi, sweepstakes to win a Fiat -- that would also get you on the car company's mailing list -- and a cash bar. The only aspects of the party that did not involve commerce were the luxurious bathrooms set up in trailers and the main attraction, Tegan & Sara.

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Black Lips' Basel 2013 Pool Party: Naked Women, Vomit, and Fog Machines

Photo by David Von Bader

Black Lips
Shore Club, Miami Beach
Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's fair to say that Art Basel Miami Beach has come under critical siege at times for its supposed devolution from world-class art festival to glorified party.

However, while plenty of people critiquing Basel are, in fact, too cool for even the coolest events and busy playing the role of the post-hip hipster, the fact of the matter is Basel takes place in Miami and Miami fucking parties.

While there is so much more to this city and its culture than partying, it is in the subtext of just about everything going on around here. And it is with that spirit in mind that Atlanta's Black Lips and Juxtapoz Magazine threw Basel 2013's penultimate rock 'n' roll gig -- a pool party at the Shore Club, complete with naked women, vomit, and fog machines.

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Basel 2013: Kendrick Lamar Ruled, Kanye West Was a No-Show at Mana Wynwood

Morgan Coleman
You were #1 last night, Kendrick.

Last night, I tweeted at Kanye West for the first time ever. Did I think he'd read the tweet? No, duh. But I did want to document that my feet hurt a lot, and that it was his fault entirely.

A substantial group gathered under the Flaunt magazine tent in Wynwood waiting for Kanye to arrive. The audience steadily melted, along with the mud on the totally naked performers' bodies. We -- nude ladies and black-clad crowd -- all ended up collapsing slowly to the floor with fatigue. Kanye was supposed to be the cherry on top of the dirt slathered, human sundae that was L.A. artist Vanessa Beecroft's performance. Sure, it wasn't billed that he was definitely attending, but there's no doubt he was the "special guest."

"For the love of Yeezus!" we silently screamed, "Show us some 'Mercy,' 'Ye!" But the whole night was certainly not ruined by the lack of a ramble about rappers making designer clothes (for the people who cannot afford them). Nope. About 20 minutes of Kendrick Lamar at the end of the night almost completely erased the memory of that grueling hour and a half that we spent waiting with fear for vaginas to finally emerge from beneath thinning mud. And we're not exaggerating, Kendrick really, really did it.

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Alabama Shakes: Soul, Timeless Tunes, and Raw Talent at the Fillmore Miami Beach

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

Alabama Shakes
Fillmore Miami Beach
Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Better Than: An abbreviated Kendrick Lamar set, a weird party not thrown by Lady Gaga on North Beach, drinking warm beer in Wynwood.

As the rest of South Beach clamored about to secret parties, cramped galleries, and other Basel diversions, the lavish Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater housed a proper soul revival, courtesy of the Alabama Shakes.

The venue was packed with an unexpectedly large crowd to welcome the Shakes with raised hands and raised voices, and the band made sure its inaugural performance in Miami was one to remember.

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Johnny Marr's The Messenger Tour Finale at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room


Johnny Marr
Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale
Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Better than: Whatever you'll be doing on that night when Morrissey cancels his show because he has a tummy ache.

It is a rare air indeed that has filled the lungs of Mr. Johnny Marr over the course of an unbelievably charmed life in music.

Beyond his work as the Richards to Morrissey's Jagger, Marr has been involved with a staggering number of remarkably good records, played the role of guitar anti-hero for generations, and done it all while exuding the kind of inherent coolness that simply can't be learned, nor explained. He also recently became a fully realized solo artist with The Messenger , an LP that displays his many talents as a songwriter, guitarist, and surprisingly strong singer.

Last night, Marr ended the tour supporting The Messenger at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room.

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Shai Hulud at The Talent Farm, October 24

Juan Diniz

Shai Hulud
The Talent Farm, Pembroke Pines
Thursday, October 24, 2013

Since the band's inception in 1995, Shai Hulud has seen more than its fair share of members come and go since it helped define a specific metallic hardcore sound.

Over the years, that sound has been consumed, adapted, and appropriated ad nauseam. However, as guitar guy Matt Fox enthusiastically quipped between songs during the band's performance last night: "Essentially, we're just a shitty local band from South Florida, and there's nothing else we would rather be."

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Joe Nice - Too//Future Party at Original Fat Cat's, Fort Lauderdale - August 19

All photos by Tony Salazar

There's a distinct sensation when you're at a party that's outgrown itself. The crowd's there, the music, the drinks, the same cigarette smoke and sidewalk jerk-chicken vendor, the same bouncer and bartenders, and the same guys playing pool in the back. But there's a certain air of restlessness, a subtle shift in energy. Savor this buzz, hang onto this buzz, make it grow, or watch it slowly fizzle out.

After six months of hustling, booking prominent DJs from the international underground, and even shelling out funds from their own pockets, the crew that hosts the monthly Monday night Too//Future dubstep party at Original Fat Cat's is close to reaching its carrying capacity at the downtown Fort Lauderdale venue.

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