Tech N9ne on Mayday!'s Sound, Freestyles About Zombies, Talks Family, Faith, and Prayer

Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly (Club Cinema 6_26_2012)_ by Ian Witlen -2817.jpg
Ian Witlen
Review of the Tech N9ne show at Club Cinema.

Before his epic concert last night at Club Cinema in Pompano, we jumped at the chance to chat with Strange Music mogul Tech N9ne about the Hostile Takeover Tour and his recent outspoken defense of hip-hop leading man Lil Wayne. Tech, born Aaron Dantez Yates, has been in the rap game since the late '90s. He earned his place as a revered artist with talent and hard work, selling over one million albums since he first hit the scene.

We caught up with Yates early in the afternoon and, as can be expected from a man who just performed around 90 shows in something like 100 days, he was asleep. Luckily for us, and for all of you, he woke up and got his act together in about 20 minutes before inviting us to his yacht-sized tour bus.

Contrary to his on-stage persona, Yates is noticeably quiet and mellow. Some of that might have to do a day long drinking binge he embarked upon the day before on Deerfield Beach. Dressed casually in shorts and a tee shirt, complete with house slippers and blacked out Oakley shades, he was quick to warm up. His charm and passion translate in our interview, something hard to do in black and white type.

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Dino Felipe Releases Where Did I Go? with Remixes - Available on iTunes

dino felipe at sweat.JPG
Liz Tracy
Every time someone from South Florida tells me that they've never heard of Dino Felipe, I am genuinely horrified. Dino's not only one of the most brilliant and productive musicians from our little corner of the world, he's got a genuine and frenzied artistic vision. A fucked up genuine vision that translates magically, both visually and musically.

Besides pumping out songs from his bedroom, lately Dino's been playing drums with This Heart Electric (performing last night at Ricochet's ladies' night, which was complete with live, moshing musical chairs), CLAWS, and occasionally 90s Teen. But he's been making incredibly intense music and putting on seriously energetic performances both solo, with Finesse and Runway, and dozens of other acts for well over a decade. 

His music isn't to be pinned down, but he's prone toward experimentation. He'll follow an electronic album with one packed with lo-fi organic delightfulness. There's no one sound, but it's all got the feel of Dino's brilliance, vulnerability, and restlessness. He is creatively what all other artists wish they were: Someone who produces quality constantly.

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Literary Devices for Indie Nerves: The Faulkner Detective's The Modern Handshake


There's something relatively soothing about Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet The Faulkner Detectives. It's something slightly primal and askew and somewhat not at ease with itself that I find comfortably calming. South Florida expat Alex Segura (guitar/vocals) has done well for himself in various mediums (journalism and comics mostly) and now turns his creative juices to stripped-down indie gems.

Like any man's dreams, he's surrounded himself with women and where he's gruff and unrepentant about his southern bend towards literature, the girls soften it up whilst adding the aforementioned edge of unease. This is not sweet play on play of boy and girl, this is more like awkward first dates and coming into terms with feelings.

And like the opening twangs of "A Matter of Time," it's pretty and promising.

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90 Miles Away: Crazy Hood Film Academy Needs a Little Bit of Your Help

crazy hood.jpg

Ever wonder what the underground hip-hop scene is like in Cuba? If you're Cuban-American, first, second, or even third generation, ever wonder why you feel so strongly about the island though you only know it through pictures and abuela's stories?

Lifelong friends DJ EFN and Garcia -- esteemed members of the local hip-hop community since the early '90s -- have wondered just that. They're now trying to find out what's happening just 90 miles away. They, as Crazy Hood Productions, need a little bit of your help to create an upcoming documentary/recording on the state of hip-hop within the political isolation of Cuba today.

That's right, and here I will not pussyfoot about anything fearing an Ozzie Guillen-like backlash, these two dudes just want to connect with their familial roots first, and secondly, see how their art has flourished under the extreme conditions of the Castro regime.

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JAMS Brings DJs, Live Hip-hop, and American Pride to Laser Wolf for Jamburger Hill This Memorial Day

Clear your holiday weekend calendars, folks. The epic DJ collective known as JAMS is bringing record heat to local watering hole Laser Wolf for a Sunday afternoon Memorial Day bash. The party goes by the brilliant name: Jamburger Hill. 

DJs Esoteric, Kristof, Damask, and Mikey R. of Radio-Active Records will be pumping out surf rock, house, hip-hop, and funk all day long as the patio area at Laser Wolf transforms into a beach day barbecue -- kiddie pools and beach balls included. JAMS will serve up Americana food favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers -- but of course -- provided by area food trucks. 

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Buju Banton Nominated for Two IRAWMA Awards Despite Being Locked Up

Categories: Just In
The past few years have been rough for Buju Banton, but the incarcerated reggae star received a bit of good news earlier this week. 

Buju, who's serving a decadelong sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution Miami on questionable drug charges, has been nominated for two International Reggae and World Music Awards. 

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No Diplo? Who Cares? Jacuzzi Boys Added to Sleigh Bells Show at Revolution

Categories: Heads Up, Just In
When we heard the news about Diplo dropping off the Sleigh Bells show, we were bummed -- sort of. But then the nice folks over at Revolution mended our broken hearts by lowering the price of the tickets. However, we still kept our fingers crossed that someone else would be added to the Saturday-night roster.

Well, friends, you can uncross your fingers. Our wishes have been granted with the addition of Miami's beloved trio the Jacuzzi Boys. With black-metal band Liturgy already on the bill, the garage-rock sound of the Jacuzzi Boys is certainly going to make things interesting. But hey, we're not complaining, and neither should you.

Tickets are still available, but we're guessing they're going to start moving a whole lot faster now.

Brush up on your Jacuzzi Boys tunes after the jump.

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Machine Gun Kelly Leaves Fort Lauderdale and Gets Arrested: Criminal Foreshadowing in Videos

Thumbnail image for mgkpromopic.jpg
He's thinking, "Stupid, stupid, stupid."

Just last Thursday, County Grind attended a particularly wild concert that included some near-nudity, stage diving, and lots of masturbation chatter. The show was that of Machine Gun Kelly, the Cleveland rapper whose gift is his ability to spit out lyrics as fast as, well, a machine gun.

After the rapper left Fort Lauderdale, he and his crew headed to Orlando, and then Saint Pete, where he ended up in a jail cell. According to MTV and Twitter, it was in the slammer that MGK uncovered that the inmates recognized him. That was probably pretty neat and fortuitous for an up-and-coming, strikingly skinny, rowdy, white-guy rapper. He was charged with disorderly conduct and released on bail.

Let's take a minute to watch a few MGK videos that foreshadow last night's events. They hint at a lifestyle that is, you know, criminal.

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Plains Added to the Official South by Southwest Lineup

Categories: Just In , SXSW
​We are big ol' crazy Plains fans around here. County Grind named their self-tited debut LP Best of South Florida Music of 2011, and you better believe we meant it. 

This is just one reason we were tickled when we saw that the four-piece rockers were added to the South by Southwest official showcase lineup. How freaking neat is that?

Our first instinct was to call them and ask, how the hell did this happen? Michael McGinnis, singer and songwriter for Plains, is also the dude over at Honor Roll Records. Through Honor Roll, they asked to be considered, and not long after, their inbox proclaimed something like, "You're in." 

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Bleeding Palm Makes Crazy Dino Felipe Video for "Rip Off," Featuring Felines and Tambourines

Categories: Just In , Video
Screen shot 2012-01-27 at 11.36.08 AM.png
You may remember both Bleeding Palm's hypnotic cat-laden graphics and Dino Felipe's intense performance, featuring a walker, at the County Grind Live Music show at Green Room. Even though the musical genius, and we don't use that word lightly, had twisted his ankle the night before at a Churchill's show, he sure as shit didn't miss our Green Room fiesta. 

Bleeding Palm makes the most magnificent animations out of photos taken mostly around South Florida. They never, ever, never-ever fail to impress. Dino Felipe is probably the most prolific musician of all time short of Tyagarajah of South India, whom Wikipedia claims composed thousands of songs. Dino's on his way, though, having put out more than 50 releases so far. So many, and oh so good. 

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