Grammy Winners Perform at Sea of JazzFest

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Famous trumpeter Randy Brecker even plays the flugelhorn.
A slew of Grammy-winning jazz artists are coming to Pompano Beach for the Sea of JazzFest this Friday and Saturday at the Pompano Beach Amphitheatre.

Christian McBride, Ken Peplowski, the Clayton Brothers, Randy Brecker, Hubert Laws & Tierney Sutton, Nanny Assis & Brazilian Carnaval Jazz, and the Phil Woods Quintet are all scheduled to perform.

An organizer explained that date happens to be "the same weekend the Jazz Cruise was coming out of Fort Lauderdale." A slew of Grammy winners was already coming through -- and the ship, which departs Sunday, had been sold out -- so it created a win-win for the city and for jazz fans who might not be able to make the cruise.

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Second Saturday's Jazz Night Kicks off this Weekend at Monterey Club

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JazzMonkeys' Facebook page

The Monterey Club had been missing something for a while there. What was it again? It's on the tip of our tongues... That's right! The ability to serve full liquor at the bar!

Rob Stannard and his fledgling club have had their fair shares of ups and downs and all arounds, but now, after reopening in January of this year, they've finally been able to get their alcoholic bearings together and can serve a full bar's worth of delicious liquor.

Bands will start sounding good again! Just kidding, they've done a great job of keeping Wednesday through Sunday nights steadily supplied with quality music. And now, in a move that should surprise no one, they are kicking off their recently rewarded bacchanalian prowess with a newly minted monthly event, Second Saturdays Jazz Night, a night that will correctly capture that "retro cool" spirit to which the venue has always aspired.

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Mindi Abair Is Bringing Sax-y Back

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Greg Allen

Mindi Abair is probably the coolest, sexiest, most down-to-Earth and talented saxophone player in recent history. She's graced arenas across the world with some of rock 'n' roll's biggest players (cough, cough -- the Boss), and she's done it all with style. With blond flowing hair matching that shiny gold sax at her hip, Abair has an undeniable presence in the music industry.

Gaining widespread experience since the '90s, she garnered respect for her talent and began writing and performing her own songs. In support of her new album, Wild Heart, Abair performed last night and tonight at Jaziz Nightlife. We were fortunate enough to chat with her on all things musical, and for a good while, we might add. Here's a breakdown of our conversation.

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Molly Ringwald Suggests Pairing "a Bordeaux" with Her Jazz; Performs in Boca This Week

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The name "Molly Ringwald" instantly evokes a collage of images. Pink prom dress. Sitting on a table eating cake with a cute boy. Putting lipstick on with the power of boobs. But a lot of time has passed between Molly's days in the John Hughes '80s acting circle known as the Brat Pack, and the career she has led since has been one filled with variety. She's an author twice over, a TV star, a theater baby, Reddit hero, and now, an accomplished a Jazz singer. Her debut album entitled "Except... Sometimes" takes its cue from the Great American Songbook. She chose nine songs from there, and one track that she hopes will bridge the gap between her past and her present.

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Piano Hollywood's Laich and Basti Share Favorite Piano-Driven Tunes

With their grand opening already under their belts and enthusiastic word of mouth bringing in patrons looking for a change of pace in Broward's nightlife scene, Piano Hollywood is astutely on a path of class that won't break your bank. The open-mic format is not an easy sell, but by partnering with B Side Entertainment, the setting is open to amateurs and pros alike in an intimate environment conducive to soulful jamming and general bevvies-induced bonhomie.

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Piano Hollywood Offers a Calm Oasis of Music and Libations at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

That's not a "tip" goblet

Rebranding and reinventing an established name is not an easy affair, and nor should it be. In the transient nightlife in South Florida the "try" list is far longer than the "succeeded," but those odds don't impose on those who venture into it looking to conquer the entertainment scene. The creative minds of Crown Concepts, Megan Laich and Brian Basti are no strangers to South Florida's nightlife needs; in a way, they are equal parts trendsetters and pioneers behind some of the most successful haunts this part of the state has to offer.

So it is with a clear mind and a retroactive respect that they have pooled their boutique resources into revamping the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood's Piano Hollywood, giving it an artisanal flair and touch that is more inviting to locals than to the general casino crowd. Not that there is a smidgen of exclusivity within its stylized walls, but rather a calm oasis for all walks of life who can enjoy locally-sourced, perfumed cocktail concoctions in the bygone tradition of the best hotel lobbies and the romantic era of South Beach's jazz scene.

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Canadian Jazz Phenom Michael Kaeshammer Brings Mardi Gras to Fort Lauderdale Tonight

Jazz Dude.jpg

Those not familiar with pianist Michael Kaeshammer's work might find it a bit baffling that the Gold Coast Jazz Society chose a 36-year-old German-born, Canadian-raised singer-songwriter to headline the Mardi Gras-themed February edition of its 21st Anniversary Jazz Concert Series. A closer inspection however reveals that Kaeshammer -- touted as Canada's triple-threat for his virtuosic piano playing, pristine vocals, and glistening persona -- has the Fats Waller-inspired chops to pull off such an endeavor. 

No stranger to the lively and animated take on the blues, the debonair musician has been tickling the ivories in true New Orleans' boogie-woogie fashion since the age of 13. He tells New Times that he just wrapped up work on his next studio release, due out in May, a reworking of 20 songs originally recorded and/or produced by influential New Orleans R&B maestro Allen Toussaint. "It's everything my dad had in his record collection," says the personable Kaeshammer. He's quick to point out that the album is "not a period piece," rather, he rewrote a great deal of arrangements to fit his backing band and give it a modern sound.More »

Gladys Knight - Seminole Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - December 28

This smile kills. Period. It just does.

Gladys Knight
Seminole Hard Rock Live, Hollywood
Friday, December 28, 2012

Better than: Wrestling at the Poorhouse afterwards.

It's all about transparency and honesty here at the Grind. For instance, why would renegade rock and roll animal Abel Folgar be given the charge to cover the elusive Empress of Soul's first night stand at the Hard Rock Live? Well, because my dear sheriffs know a losing pony sometimes needs a bet on it. But this is not so much about the woman who took us on that midnight train as much as it is about rock and roll animals not knowing how to plan a drive.

All good stories start at the beginning. This is all about Gladys Knight... but is there such a thing as Gladys Knight without her Pips? A question I've often pondered. It's like PB&J without the J. Stupid, but so intrinsically woven into the fabric of pop culture that it is almost expected.

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- Gladys Knight

Before the jump I'll state as much: Gladys Knight, who celebrated her 68th birthday this past May 28, has lost nothing in her voice. Nothing!

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Antipope: Remembering Dan Hosker Through Music

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We in the South Florida music community are saddened by the loss of our brother and local guitar legend Dan Hosker this past weekend. It is becoming increasingly tougher to express the communal sorrow of family and friends within these digital pages, even though both Hans Morgenstern and I have attempted. 

But in the words of his longtime friend and fellow Holy Terror William Trev, "Personally, I cannot even begin to explain how torn I've been. My heart is literally pulverized into dust. This has changed our lives forever, as for many of us, seeing him go so quickly is sure to be one of the most devastating losses and experiences we will know. And yes, we can rightfully be very sad for ourselves as well for being forever deprived of his warm, jovial, ever-glowing presence and his mystifying, prolific talent."

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From Ipanema to the Elevator: Bobby Lee Rodgers Jazz Trio Brings Bossa Nova to Life at Green Room Tonight


-- Brian Zimmerman

Picture this: You're in an elevator, alone, when suddenly, a gentle island ditty starts piping through the speakers.

It starts with a guitar, a wave-like rhythm that reminds you of white sand and lapping waves. Then the melody kicks in. It sounds familiar, strangely familiar, and you probe your mind for where you've heard it before. Fragments of lyrics start to assemble in your brain. Your foot begins to tap. Suddenly, you're singing: "Tall and tan and young and lovely, the Girl from Ipanema goes walking..." Then you stop and wonder: How the hell do I know this song?

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