Zeds Dead Release Somewhere Else Just in Time for Mad Decent Block Party

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Photo by: Lionel Bouffier

The life of a big-time dance-music producer seems easy enough. You travel the world, hang out with your buddies, meet adoring fans, and you make tons of money while doing it.
But that's just the surface. If you're a real artist, there's a serious balancing act between fueling your passion for creativity, writing something fans can relate to, and figuring out how to best package and sell your end product.

It can be a tricky tightrope to walk, but at the end of the day, that feeling of self-satisfaction is key. Dylan DC of Zeds Dead knows it's all about feeding that insatiable urge to write.
"For me and Zach [Rapp-Rovan, AKA Hooks], we were always producers first before being DJs," DC said. "We'd be making music whether we were successful or not, continuously. It's almost like a need; it's like a drug. I go too long without making music and I start freaking out, feeling unproductive."

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American Idol Live's Sam Woolf Says the TV Show "Is Like a Family"

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Former American Idol contestant Sam Woolf is a lot different than other kids his age. Instead of attending college classes or working a part time job at Subway, the eighteen year old had the guts (and lungs) to try out for American Idol. He made it past the grueling auditions, lasted quite some time on the show, and as a result, is currently on the American Idol Live tour.

And so far, he likes it. "It's good, we have a lot of fun," Woolf told us on a recent phone call. "We've been exploring each city, meeting the fans. Tour life is way easier than I thought it would be. It's easier than the show. You're not being judged like on the show."

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Black Fridays Turns 3 With These Most Memorable Moments

Photo by Ian Witlen
Celebrate three years of goth at Black Fridays' anniversary bash.

Since its inception in 2011, Black Fridays has been the go-to bash for the "dark electronic and classic new wave"-lovin' crowd.

And in the past three years, the popular party has seen it all -- from suspension acts to zombie walks to cosplay nights. It even outlasted multiple moves, from its home in the 954 at Green Room to the 305's Vagabond and back to its original spot in Fort Laudy's revamped spot, now known as Stache.

Tonight, Black Fridays will be celebrating its anniversary at Revolution Live along with Astari Nite. The band also premieres its "I.O. 1987" music video.

But before you black-wearing masses crowd the Fort Lauderdale venue, here are some of Black Fridays' most memorable moments according to the man who started it all, Mike Linder, AKA DJ Lindersmash.

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The Fray: "We're Just a Bunch of Guys From Denver!"


The Fray's Isaac Slade, Joe King, Ben Wysocki, and Dave Welsh have been riding a wave of success sprinkled with intensely memorable moments since 2005.

The Grammy-nominated band even had the opportunity to meet the Boss at one of the group's own shows. A recent interview with drummer Ben Wysocki details how it all went down. "We met Bruce Springsteen a few years ago when he brought his daughter to one of our shows. And just the fact that Bruce Springteen's daughter knows who we are was crazy. We were like, 'What the heck? We're just a bunch of guys from Denver!'"

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The Bachelor Hosts Casting Call at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek This Saturday

Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Maybe you'll be the one who ends up with a hunk of a man like The Bachelor's season 17 Sean Lowe.

Ever wanted to find love as millions watch your every move on national TV?

Well, Saturday's your chance.

ABC's The Bachelor is hosting a casting call at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek for all you lonely ladies (and dudes?) looking for Mr. Right.

"You have to be single, that's a starter!" laughs Lacey Pemberton, the reality show's casting director. "We're looking for women and men. We're not 100 percent sure who we're using for the bachelor yet."

"You also have to be willing to take a leap of faith," she adds. "Aside from that, there really aren't any requirements."

Except for the fact that you have to be over the age of 21, of course.

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Kobra and the Lotus' Kobra Paige Calls Touring with KISS and Def Leppard "Insane!"


"Nineteen years ago, I was watching Def Leppard with some friends up in Calgary, standing in the nose bleeds, now I'm getting to support them on tour... This is surreal!" says Brittany Paige, aka Kobra Paige.

She's the lead singer and chief song writer of heavy metal revivalists, Kobra and the Lotus. Her band is currently on a mammoth tour of the States, supporting rock behemoths Def Leopard and KISS, heading to West Palm Beach's Cruzan Amphitheatre on July 22.

The magnitude of it all is certainly not lost on her. "The other night, I was standing amongst all the KISS props back stage while Def Leppard played," continues Paige, "I was just standing there looking at Rik (Allen) playing on the drums, and I'm like, 'this is insane!'"

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Moe.'s Jim Loughlin on Return Of the Jedi and the Vibraphone

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Jay Blakesberg

Legendary jam band, moe. (originally Five Guys Named Moe) has been putting out albums for nearly three decades now, with a catalogue of 24 albums to show for it. The group consists of guitarists and vocalists Chuck Garvey and Al Schnier, bassist and vocalist Rob Derhak, Jim Loughlin on percussion and vibraphone, and drummer Vinnie Amico.

Moe.'s latest album No Guts No Glory came out late May, and its hilarious music video for its hit single "Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes" even premiered exclusively on Conan O'Brien's website TeamCoCo.com. The video follows the guys as they stick up for a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes and provide wet willies to any little boy who gets in her way.

We spoke with moe.'s Jim Loughlin before their date at Revolution Live about the video and how this rocker remembers the opening day of Return of the Jedi.

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Tom Jackson Says "PETA Can Kiss My Ass"

Consider Tom Jackson the Ted Nugent of county, but like Ted Nugent light, so minus the ignorant, alienating xenophobic outbursts. When we chatted with the Belle Glade native about his music, we not only got an in-depth look at all four of his songs on his newest EP, but also hunting tales and what he really has to say to PETA. One of the things that really gets this guy fired up is talking about what country music is today.

The outspoken musician explained the top three components that really make country music: the fiddle, peddle stool and a good guitar. "It's gotta make me relate," Jackson explained. "I don't want to hear a song that talks about one thing over and over again, like getting dunk and hanging out with buddies. I don't want to hear a song that puts down people, I don't want to hear a country song with more rap than vocals. It's not what I grew up on. I grew up on real country."

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LeAnn Rimes Dishes on Her Stepsons, Tabloids, and "Saying What Other People Can't Say for Themselves"

Sara Hertel​

Though LeAnn Rimes has dealt with her share of tabloid controversy, speaking with her on the phone revealed a calm and cool character. Though the papers sprinkle words like "affair" and "rehab" generously next to her name, Rimes just seems like a family friend you've known your whole life -- Rimes is normal but not ordinary.

With her newest album, Spitfire, it seems as if the successful country star is letting it all out for the first time since she started working at the age of 11. In a bold move, her and hubby Eddie Cibrian's VH1 series, LeAnn & Eddie, will premiere on July 17, broadcasting even more of Rimes' personal life.

To get the lowdown on LeAnn, we spoke with her about her two stepsons, her reputation, and, of course, her heartbreaker anthem "How Do I Live."

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Island Bass Saturdays at PRL: "Not Your Cookie-Cutter EDM"

Courtesy DJ Juan Luv
Get your Island Bass on with Juan Luv at PRL Euro Cafe.

Crank up the bass and party like you're smack in the heart of the Caribbean at Island Bass Saturdays at PRL Euro Lounge.

The monthly fête is a "fusion and celebration of the global bass movement" where DJs Juan Luv, Jared Cole, Mello T, and surprise guests spin serious hits of moombahton, zouk bass, kuduro, and other uhntz-uhntz vibes from the islands.

"It's pretty much the whole global bass movement and keeping it alive," explains DJ Juan Luv, the man behind the bash.

"We did it because we just love the music so much and wanted to bring something different to the table," he adds.

"It's not your typical cookie-cutter EDM stuff. This is more passion driven than anything else."

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