Broward and Palm Beach County's 4/20 Party Guide

Photo by Molly Bergen
Happy 4/20!

Medical marijuana may not be legal in Florida just yet, but that doesn't mean pot enthusiasts everywhere won't smoke their brains out on 4/20.

So in celebration of National Smoke-Out Day, we've provided you with some of the best herb parties going down in BroCo and Palm Beach.

Now go puff and be merry.

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Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Ian Witlen

At the beginning of Record Store Day, there was Metallica. James Hetfield and the boys performed in 2008 at San Francisco's Rasputin Music. It was on that day that the third Saturday in April became somewhat sacred. Given that record stores are like temples for the musically obsessed, the event has since spread like an itchy (hopefully curable) rash throughout the world. And in South Florida, we take RSD very seriously by hosting plenty of gatherings in honor of the vinyl that brings us such aural pleasure.

Perhaps you didn't know, but we in Broward and Palm Beach counties actually boast quite a few record stores. Here are seven awesome places (in no particular order) where you can score pressed wax and meet your fellow music nerds for a good argument over music nerd shit that no one else can stomach.

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Five Things to Do Under $10 This Weekend Instead of Easter

Categories: Five Under $5

Christina Mendenhall

5. Imbibe at Stache Happy Hour Stache
5 p.m. Friday, April 18, Bar Stache 1920's Drinking Den, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Visit Facebook. $10 donation.

Stache is giving you the opportunity to participate in drunken revelry with your coworkers and to become a better person with tonight's Imbibe, a "happy hour like to other." Or at least that's how they're describing their evening of live music, burlesque, and half-off drinks. The mere ten bones you donate will benefit Abandoned Pet Rescue which helps abused and neglected furries get a second chance at life.

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Bunny Yeager to Attend Her Sexy Pinup Show in Palm Beach

Categories: About a Book

All images courtesy of Bunny Yeager

An American original on both sides of the lens, Miami's own Bunny Yeager mixes it up tomorrow among the swells of Palm Beach. How high the risqué have risen!

The '50s pin-up girl, who went on to a long career as a photographer, is in town for an exhibition of her work and to promote the book Bunny Yeager's Darkroom (complete with intro by Dita Von Teese). Ever-stylish and seemingly ageless, Yeager will be at the Gavlak Gallery, the island enclave's most cutting-edge arts space.

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LDUB Zombie Crawl Next Weekend: Filming for Local Zombie Flick

Categories: Around Town

Michele Eve

Zombies are all over the place these days and they don't seem to be going anywhere.

From Walking Dead to zombie runs to the face-eating bath salts guy a couple years back, the undead are popping up all over the place -- some studies say the obsession is a cultural indicator of societal dissatisfaction and economic turmoil and that makes sense. When you're broke, you're hungry, and you'd eat just about anything.

If you're looking for an excuse to morph into a soulless corpse for an evening -- or you just want to see yourself in an indie flick -- Third Eye Adventures is hosting the LDUB Zombie Crawl next weekend and they'll be filming their own low budget film of the living dead.

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Tech N9ne - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - April 16

Categories: Concert Review


I was taught good guys wear only white. So after the stage lights came on and Tech N9ne stood in front of a packed Culture Room clad in a white gas-station-attendant shirt, matching pants, and a star-shaped mask pasted onto his face, revealing only his eyes, mouth, and the considerable hair on his chinny chin chin, I figured he was dressed as a superhero.

But as the sinister lyrics came out of his mouth coupled with the tongue-wagging gesture that was his go-to facial expression for the night, this man or at least his public persona was that of a villain.

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The Used Calls Walmart "an Evil Corporation"

Kane Hibberd

It's safe to say that the Used is doing better than it ever has before. Currently, it's co-headlining a U.S. and Canada tour with Taking Back Sunday, and shows are pretty much all sold out. If this success wasn't enough, the band has hit number one on the Billboard Independent Chart. Yet, the Used seems to only care about their time on the road. "We're not sure about CD sales, which is whatever, but we rather have people feel our music than spend money at Walmart any day," says Jeph Howard, bassist. "It's an evil corporation, they don't help anybody."

Wait, what? There's a band out there that actually cares about the good of people and not for their own publicity? "I'm all for people buying records and supporting bands." Howard continues, "But I'm against supporting the wrong people, like a corporation."

Not that this should be a surprise to anyone. The Used is known to never shy away from addressing wrongdoing in the world, and they openly express that in their music. Their lyrics are the opposite of radio sounds that brag about hoarding money or throwing it at strippers, humping, and Tom Ford.

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Diane Ward and Jim Berry: Two Local Timeless Musicians

Diane Ward

Music vet and New Times scribe Lee Zimmerman shares observations, insights, and updates relating to South Florida's musical environs. This week, different avenues back to the future.

Music is a transcendent thing, and the process of experiencing it can take both artist and audience into realms where past and present become indistinguishable. I offer as examples two recent releases from a pair of South Florida artists, each very different from the other, but whose grasp of the timelessness of treasured styles shows certain similarities.

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John Legend Performs in Both Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

Categories: Concert Preview

For a man who started his career doing session work in the shadows, most notably on Lauryn Hill's "Everything Is Everything," Alicia Keys' "You Don't Know My Name," and a gaggle of Kanye West confections, you would think Ohio's John Stephens would have picked a more humble stage name than John Legend. But over the course of the past decade, the R&B singer/songwriter/pianist has lived up to his moniker.

Each of his four solo albums (along with Wake Up!, a 2010 collaboration with the Roots) has garnered massive critical and commercial success. His latest album, Love in the Future, is no exception.

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AC/DC Guitarist Malcolm Young Suffers Stroke; We Can Relate

Categories: News

Sayre Berman

Yesterday, rumors and speculation flooded the internet regarding the future of AC/DC -- also known as one of the greatest, (mostly) unmolested treasures in rock 'n' roll. It was reported by a well-respected Australian music journalist that the band is preparing to call it quits due to complications surrounding founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young's health. It was confirmed today via the band's website that Young's health concerns will place him on the sidelines for the time being -- though the band will continue without him.

AC/DC had been planning on celebrating its impending 40th anniversary with a new album and major tour; however, Young is said to be recovering from a serious stroke that left a blood clot on his brain and subsequently robbed the legendary axman of his signature ability to knock the living piss out of every last power chord he attacks.

As a guitarist who has suffered a series of small strokes myself, I can attest to the horrors of the experience. The chill instilled by the thought of losing one's ability to create is second only to the reality of death that comes with strokes -- and perhaps even scarier for someone of Young's ilk, who has virtually built a life on the clanking of guitar strings.

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