Twiggy Rasta Masta, aka La Goony Chonga, Is Keeping Hip-Hop "Based"

Jessie Schiewe
Two-thirds of Slut Mobb (Twiggy Rasta Masta, right; Bootychaaain, left).

It's springtime in Hollywood. The sky is cloudless and blue. Tourists bake in the sun and the Hollywood sign winks from the hills. A low-flying plane poops smoke trails overhead. On the rooftop of a 1920s apartment building, two girls are smoking a joint and listening to music from a cell phone.

"Genius, right?" says the girl with the blue hair, who goes by the name Twiggy Rasta Masta. She has gold-encased teeth and a slight Spanish accent. Brown liner is stenciled around her lips and a gold chain hangs from her neck. The inside of her left wrist reads, "Yeah!"

"So good," agrees her friend, Bootychaaain. She has short hair, like a boy's -- curly on top, buzzed on the sides. Her nails are teal and over three-inches long, perfect for holding stubby joints.

Busted out the womb, is the Young Daughter, sings the third member of their crew. Heard your ass was thirsty/Need some fuckin' water. Her voice is wan and she sounds bored.

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Dan Hosker Music Continuum Show Celebrates Its Third Year at Churchill's Pub

Categories: Concert Preview

Teajay Smith

When Dan Hosker passed away on August 11, 2012, after a lengthy battle for his life following a freak car accident, South Florida and the world of underground rock 'n' roll lost one of its true guitar heroes. It also lost one of the nicest and most generous members of its community.

Though a profound tragedy, his passing has had a silver lining. It managed to coalesce our music scene into an even more tightly knit group than it was before. His friends, family, and former bandmates from the Holy Terrors, Antipope, and Boise Bob and His Backyard Band, among others, have kept his legacy alive with music, Hosker's love.

This year, the Third Annual Dan Hosker Music Continuum Show will continue to keep his name up in lights and in the hearts of South Floridians, where it belongs. Another special thing that's come from this tragedy is that the show serves as a fundraiser to help Priya Ray, another beloved member of this community, get herself a handicap-accessible van.

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Ten Most Florida Music Concerts of 2014

Sayre Berman

No matter how bad Americans are at geography, there's one shape in the Union everyone can pick out when handed a blank map. That's Florida.

The uniqueness of the Sunshine State extends beyond the configuration of its borders. There are just certain Floridian qualities that capture the world's imagination -- usually pretty grimy, but oftentimes just plain tacky.

To celebrate the passing of another year of sweating through T-shirts and entertaining out-of-towners with mojitos, we present the ten most Florida concerts of 2014.

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The Black Keys and St. Vincent - BB&T Center, Sunrise - December 15

Categories: Concert Review

Danny Clinch

When I heard the Black Keys were playing BB&T Center, I was skeptical. I thought, no rock band formed in the 21st century can fill up an entire arena. That's a venue for boy bands, hip-hop moguls, and rockers with membership to the AARP.

But as the Black Keys took the stage at 9:15 p.m., it became apparent that rock and roll was not dead. And it truly was an all ages show -- from teenyboppers out late on a school night to grandmas and grandpas, every kind of fan was in attendance. There were a couple empty seats. But it didn't matter, since no one sat down during the entirety of the duo's hour and forty five minute, twenty-one song set.

See also: The Black Keys' Patrick Carney on Working with "Shit Gear" and Cinematic Sounds

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11 Best Albums of 2014 That You Should Be Listening to

Photo by Renata Raksha/Courtesy of St. Vincent

2014 has been a year of the tragic and the absurd, with the former just about edging it. Israel-Hamas, ISIS, the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Robin Williams, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines tragedies (twice!); the list of events that will characterize this year range from the God-awful to the apocalyptic. The most played song of the year, "Happy," seems particularly juxtaposed with all this.

With hard news dominating more so than any in recent memory, these best of end of year lists seem particularly trivial. However, through many of the albums listed here, there is an element of the somber, of quiet desperation. Perhaps it is coincidence. "Pop" music, on the other hand, seems more irrelevant than ever, propped up only by those that keep repeating that Taylor Swift writes her own songs and that One Direction really isn't that bad. It is, and it is not on this list.

Below is a list of ten albums worth checking out from the past 12 months. Sure it's subjective, and probably not as eclectic as others, and there's probably some great obscure record omitted by a Tibetan nose-flutist I'm not cool enough to have heard. Some that just missed the list include Todd Terje's It's Album Time (not played as often since the summer), Benji by Sun Kil Moon (great when a certain mood, that I'm glad I am not in that often) and Mogwai's Rave Tapes if I stared at this final list long enough.

With that said, here is the list of the top ten albums of 2014 to which you should be listening.

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Three Companies Bring The Nutcracker to Life This Season

Ballet Etudes of South Florida

It's hard to get in the Christmas mood when it's 80 degrees outside and everything still looks the same as it did in July. Thankfully, there are some ways South Floridians can get in the holiday spirit this December, and it doesn't involve drinking peppermint mochas from Starbucks or playing in fake snow.

Going to see The Nutcracker ballet is a sure way to celebrate the season and get excited about the holidays. The story of a little girl named Clara (also known as Marie) who dances with a nutcracker, mouse king, and sugar plum fairy is a timeless tradition that has been enjoyed since its premiere in 1892 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Though the ending of the story, as well as some nuances of the characters, has differed over the centuries, the core story line of the ballet has remained -- a little girl's dreams come to life on Christmas Eve.

This year, there are three major performances going on in the Broward and Palm Beach County areas -- each with its own take on the dance.

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Raggy Monster Is Staying Together and Back with New Album

Categories: Interview

Photo by the RO Project, courtesy of Raggy Monster

With the impending release of a new album and a successful Kickstarter created to fund it (which received well over its goal amount of $5K back in March), Palm Beach County band Raggy Monster has much to celebrate and is planning to so in style.

Just nine months ago, founding members -- and as of November, husband and wife -- Billy Schmidt and Rachel DuVall were unsure of the band's future. Guitarist Christian Morgan announced he was leaving the band to focus on his family.

"When we said this was our last album, it was mainly due to how many member changes we've gone through," Schmidt says, referring the whopping nine bandmates the group's swapped out in just three years.

With a new bassist and guitarist climbing aboard the Raggy train, however, Schmidt says he and DuVall are ready to fully commit themselves to playing and touring as a band.

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The Golden Pelicans on a Return to Punk: "People Are Pretty Angry These Days"

Categories: Interview

Simon Simard

Orlando punk band the Golden Pelicans requires that the crowds at its shows pay close attention to their noggins.

This past September, onstage at a rock gathering of the wildest sort -- Gonerfest 11 in Memphis -- frontman Erik Grincewicz shook two bottles of champagne, sprayed down the audience, and threw one bottle to the floor.

"I think he was thinking it would hit the ground and break," explains drummer Rich Evans, "but it didn't. It just bounced off of the stage, real high into the air. It was, like, in slow motion." From behind his drum set, Evans had a good view of the whole thing. "I was like, 'Oh my God, someone's going to get killed.'"

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ONE Caribbean Music Festival Brings Dancehall, Soca, Konpa, and Reggae to Lauderhill

Categories: Heads Up

Jason Handelsman

If wining to dancehall after stuffing yourself with fried conch is your idea of an irie way to spend a weekend, then you're in luck.

ONE Caribbean Music Festival is heading to Central Broward Regional Park this Saturday and Sunday, presenting an array of the foods and musical styles that originate in the islands just south of us.

This fest is all about celebrating the diversity and the oneness of the Caribbean. To us, that sounds like a lot of dancing, laughing and chomping on jerk chicken by Scotchies.

Expect to hear sounds from all sorts genres too, after the jump, check out the full lineup for the weekend and the range of genres presented.

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Milk Spot's Rob Kingsley: "A Fun Band Made Up of Whimsical People"

Vanessa Castillo

One of the things that makes South Florida's music community an actual community in function and not just in concept is that it is incestuous in the best way. Bands down here swap and share members constantly and, whether or not you're into our musically polyamorous reality, it really does makes for a tighter knit group and better times.

More importantly, it keeps the music changing and evolving. For example, Rob Kingsley -- best known as the guitarist in South Florida blues-rock duo Killmama -- is also now handling drums for Milk Spot, a group of local garage rockers that Kingsley tells us has been kicking around South Florida for close to a decade, but only recently began to play out seriously and frequently.

According to Kinglsey, Milk Spot is heavily influenced by "a lot of homemade, lo-fi music. Stuff like R. Stevie Moore, Ween, and even the Cramps."

See also: Unit 1 Sessions: Jacques de Beaufort's Lake Worth Gallery Gets Musical

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