Orange Is the New Black: A Litchfield Character-by-Character Soundtrack

Categories: Comedy


Both crazed and casual fans alike couldn't wait for the second season of Orange Is the New Black which premiered online early last month. The Emmy-nominated Netflix original series has a large following of dedicated obsessives, and although you could have watched the whole season at one fell swoop, those of us with enough self-control to pace themselves watch on Wednesdays.

The show, centered on the character of Piper Chapman, tells the story of a rather eclectic mix of women serving time in prison. The second season has provided a lot of backstory on how these gals landed their asses in the slammer and into the beginnings of Piper and Alex's heated and oh, so very complicated relationship. And while we got a lot less of Laura Prepon, formerly Hot Donna, it's been another amazing season.

Ever since we saw Piper and Alex shake it to "Milkshake" and sang along with the ladies during the prison blackout to Lisa Loeb's "Stay," we've been wondering what other tunes the lovely ladies of Litchfield enjoy. Here's a detailed OITNB character playlist, a breakdown of what we imagine these women love to listen to while doing their time.

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Kiss and Def Leppard - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - July 22, 2014

Categories: Last Night

Michele Eve Sandberg

I don't know who comes up with these touring packages, but it does seem a little bit odd on paper having '70s hard rockers Kiss share the bill with England's Def Leppard, which, also from that decade, made most of its mainstream chops during the glam metal '80s. You know there's confusion if Paul and Young Ron are also trying to wrap their heads around it. Wouldn't each band be better-served headlining its own tour with a different opening act?

Cue in what little memories remain from having owned the Hysteria album on cassette back in the day and the fact that I've never been a full devotee of Kiss. At least I knew the people-watching would be excellent if things got too hazy for me.

Truth be told, both bands did their jobs very well, and it really does bug me as to who comes up with this stuff. It seems like Def Leppard could've benefited from a longer set. A packed Cruzan seemed to really enjoy seeing the band onstage.

See also: KISS and Def Leppard at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach (Slideshow)

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Five Things Weird Al Critiques in Mandatory Fun

Categories: Useless Lists


As Robin Thicke's Paula plummets down the Billboard album charts faster than Chris Christy on a bungee cord, pop's prince of parody Weird Al Yankovic just scored his first chart topping release.

His new album Mandatory Fun is his best in years, and has spawned some stellar accompanying viral videos, a few of which rank as definite high points in the polka purveyor's almost 30 year career. The usual array of shrewd pastiches of other artist's works is there, however Weird Al's flexing of his satirical muscle has never been more impressive or needed. Our pop culture bubble has never been more plastic, flimsy, or vapid, and Weird Al's spoofs lance it spectacularly.

Here are some of the targets of Weird Al's spot on, good natured lampooning on Mandatory Fun.

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Ten Most Underrated Prog Rock Albums

Categories: list

Hans Morgenstern

Broward County is about to receive a wave of live shows by some classic progressive rock bands or their tribute spawn. The Musical Box, a Canadian outfit that reproduces Peter Gabriel-era Genesis stage shows, with costumes and all, kicks off the surge this Friday. It will re-create the band's set list from its 1973 Selling England by the Pound tour in a show at the Parker Playhouse. Not long after, on August 1, Yes will perform two of its iconic early '70s albums, Fragile and Close to the Edge, on the Hollywood Hard Rock Live stage. Deep Purple (more a failed prog band that turned to heavier rock for success) will close out the month.

Though further down the road and farther south, a special mention should be granted to the Australian Pink Floyd, which will bring "Set Their Controls" show to the Fillmore Miami Beach in October. Like the Musical Box, it is a tribute band with extreme production values. A few years ago, it reproduced Pink Floyd's The Wall as the original group would have performed it in 1979 -- giant wall and all -- at the same venue. Its next appearance at the Fillmore will feature selections from Wish You Were Here, Dark Side of the Moon, The Division Bell, and The Wall.

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Michael Franti: "I Believe in the Power of Music"

Categories: Q&A


It's not easy to imagine a performer who goes from punk to populist and still manages to find a common thread in the way he connects with a crowd. Then again, not many artists boast the same amount of energy and enthusiasm as Michael Franti.

Here's a performer who literally embraces his audiences, churning out anthems about peace, brotherhood, and subjects stemming from a spiritual source. He jumps into the concertgoers and paces the farthest reaches of the venue to come face-to-face with his delighted devotees. It's an approach developed over the past 20 years, alongside his band Spearhead, and inspired by his own profound beliefs about uniting humanity through the precepts of compassion and concern.

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Zeds Dead Release Somewhere Else Just in Time for Mad Decent Block Party

Categories: Interview

Photo by: Lionel Bouffier

The life of a big-time dance-music producer seems easy enough. You travel the world, hang out with your buddies, meet adoring fans, and you make tons of money while doing it.
But that's just the surface. If you're a real artist, there's a serious balancing act between fueling your passion for creativity, writing something fans can relate to, and figuring out how to best package and sell your end product.

It can be a tricky tightrope to walk, but at the end of the day, that feeling of self-satisfaction is key. Dylan DC of Zeds Dead knows it's all about feeding that insatiable urge to write.
"For me and Zach [Rapp-Rovan, AKA Hooks], we were always producers first before being DJs," DC said. "We'd be making music whether we were successful or not, continuously. It's almost like a need; it's like a drug. I go too long without making music and I start freaking out, feeling unproductive."

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City of Boynton Beach Shuts Down Popular Monthly BBAD Art Walk

Categories: Heads Up

Four years ago, up-and-coming artist and gallery owner Rolando Barrero had a vision to turn a rundown industrial park west of 1-95 in Boynton Beach into a little artists' hub. Back in 2010, the area now known as the Boynton Beach Arts District consisted mainly of storage units that housed machinery, used carpets, and old car parts, with many units sitting empty. Since that time, Barrero has become a beacon for Palm Beach County's arts community with his brainchild, BBAD. Now housing ten artists, he transformed this unlikely spot into one of South Florida's leading artist enclaves north of Wynwood.

A key to BBAD's success has been its well-staged monthly art walks, which most recently received top honors as New Times' best art walk for Broward and Palm Beach counties. That's why we're scratching our heads at the news that the city decided to shut down this event.

Why would Boynton Beach prevent the continuation of this positive, vital event that's been making serious inroads in the arts community and bringing family-friendly events to an area that once stood drab and idle?

"Boynton Beach finally did something before Miami and Delray Beach: It banned its own signature, award-winning art walk. Go figure that one out," Barrero told New Times in an interview this morning. "Our art walk is the only event where all our studios are all open. It's our bread and butter, when we make the most sales and establish the most contacts."

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ArtServe's RedEYE Reboot Stimulated Fort Lauderdale in Every Sense

Monica McGivern

Every now and again an event or party will really stick with the community. Starting as a whisper, these great ideas become fully evolved concepts that start to screamingly draw people from all walks of life under one roof. You grow to love these events so much that you wonder what the area would even be like without it. ArtServe's RedEYE has turned into this sort of beloved beast.

Branded as a "Reboot," RedEYE featured just about everything possible that appeals to the senses. In the evening open air, couples enjoyed a wildly diverse mix of live music. There was everything from a West African drummer to a fire and dance performance to the coos of local singer Corey James Bost, no stranger to the Fort Lauderdale arts scene.

See also: Full Slideshow of RedEYE Reboot at ArtServe in Fort Lauderdale

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American Idol Live! Tour: Not a Perfect Ten, but Close Enough

Categories: Concert Review


The American Idol Tour stopped by the Broward Center for the Performing Arts this Saturday with almost all ten finalists from season 13 of the popular Fox show. This included CJ Harris, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse, MK Nobilette, Alex Preston, Majesty Rose, Malaya Watson, and Sam Woolf.

The concert kicked off with the whole crew doing a rendition of One Republic's "Counting Stars." Contestants came out one by one, starting out with finalist Caleb Johnson. But as they emerged with stunning vocals, we counted only nine. Weren't there supposed to be ten? Upon closer examination, we noticed that country singer Dexter Roberts was missing. Why, you ask?

The interwebs and a tweet from Jessica Meuse said the reason for his disappearance can be credited to an "illness." However, according to the Hollywood Reporter, a publicist stated that "both parties mutually agreed that he would be released from his contractual obligations to continue performing on the tour." Regardless of the reason, as the adage goes, the show must go on. And so it did.

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Dave Matthews Band - Cruzan Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach - July 18, 2014

Categories: Concert Review

James Argyropoulos

It was a sticky South Florida summer night when Dave Matthews and his band hit Cruzan Amphitheatre for the first of two evenings of world sounds, straight jamming, and displays of great instrumental prowess.

The entire crowd was dripping with sweat, so it's no surprise that by the end of the show, poor Dave was soaked. We didn't envy his spot under those glaring lights. Matthews cracked jokes with the crowd, smirking as he said, "This humidity is messing with my hairstyle." And man, it certainly was.

See also: Dave Matthews Band at Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach (Slideshow)

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