Tortuga Concertgoers on How to Party Like a Cowboy

Alex Markow

The Tortuga Music Festival, held on Fort Lauderdale Beach, was created to raise money for the conservation of marine environments. But besides helping out turtles and fish and the great big blue ocean, it also offers fans of country music the chance to day-drink copious amounts of booze and jam out to their favorite artists.

The masses of people who attend the fest sport cowboy hats and Daisy Dukes, so it's fair to say that these music lovers know a little something about how to represent at a hoedown. So we had to ask them: How do you party like a cowboy? They gave us some pretty good tips to enjoying life on the range.

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Ten Things Learned on the Moody Blues Cruise

Categories: Concert Review

Alisa B. Cherry
Roger Daltrey: Beware the wild microphone twirling.

Music cruises provide a great experience on the high seas, but they can also offer some significant life lessons as well.

Take for example, the Moody Blues Cruise, which jump-started April with a fantastic onboard lineup that included not only the cruise's namesake but also special guest Roger Daltrey, Carl Palmer of ELP, the Zombies, Starship, LIttle River Band, and various other bands of vintage pedigree. Over the course of five fantastic days, certain truths, rumors, and revelations were shared and explored, leaving the participants much wiser.

Here are some of the lessons learned.

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Tortuga Music Festival 2014's Ten Hottest Beach Bods

Alex Markow

Our little corner of the world often gets high praise for all of the attractive people who congregate here. It's hot, we wear less, and thus we gym often. At Tortuga Music Festival, things were no different from your average beach day. We spent it ogling above-average sunbathers.

To the sounds of Ziggy Marley and Eric Church, sundresses dropped, muscle shirts were tossed aside, and the beachside became supersexy. Though the sand was swarming with toned bods, what follows are just ten of the hottest concertgoers who caught our eye.

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Coachella 2014: Female Artists Are Killing It This Year

Categories: Coachella

Chris Victorio

By Adam Lovinus
As a dusty wind whipped behind her in hazy stage light, Solange and her ultra slick backing band brought serious chops and swagger to the polo fields as nighttime fell over Coachella. And then Beyonce showed up on stage dancing to "Losing You." It was the first celebrity big surprise (before Pharrell's start-studded performance) of a festival characterized by strong sets turned in by female artists.

The musical pretext for the Solange set was laid out by two prominent bands on the LA scene, which now more than ever, in terms of bands, food, beer, style and attitude, dominates Coachella. This was illustrated by sunwashed afternoon sets by HAIM and Warpaint Friday and Saturday.

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Coachella 2014's 21 Cutest Couples

Categories: Coachella

Timothy Norris

By Mary Carreon
There are certainly plenty of single people wandering around the Coachella grounds; the volume of Craiglist "casual encounters" can attest to that.

But there are also ten tons of couples, the vast majority of whom are completely adorable. Here are the cutest we saw.

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White Denim's Newest Album, Corsicana Lemonade, Is "Fresh," Not "Overworked"


We last spoke with White Denim's drummer, Joshua Block, when their album D dropped. He told New Times the odd album title came about because it's their fourth album and because "D" is the band's favorite letter in the alphabet. This was a strange enough assessment that we felt compelled to communicate with Block again. It's also hard not to be drawn to the Texas band's sound. Their newest release, Corsicana Lemonade, is groovy and psychedelic enough to have you doodling hearts on the album cover.

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Dita Von Teese's Strip Strip Hooray Brings Coy Sexuality to Fort Lauderdale

Categories: Last Night

Photo by Ali Mahdavi
Also see the slideshow tour preview images for Dita Von Teese's Strip Strip Hooray.

For those who fail to dig past the distracting cursory bells and whistles of g-strings and pasties, burlesque must seem quite crass. While the neo-burlesque movement retained the essentials of sexually charged strip tease, Dita Von Teese's Strip Strip Hooray review showed it's an art form that goes far beyond human vulgarity.

Last night at Revolution Live, Von Teese and her troupe of men and women transported a raucous crowd from the seedy streets of downtown Fort Lauderdale to a glamorous realm of live cinema rendered with absolutely devastating style, grace, and humor. Beyond the entertainment the evening provided, the varied cast of characters helped to convey an unspoken message of acceptance and unconditional confidence through performance.

See also: Dita Von Teese: "In My Sexual Fantasies, Things Are Not Politically Correct"

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Seven Reasons Every Straight Man Should Go to a Gay Pride Festival

Categories: A Gay Ol' Time

Photo by George Martinez
It's 2 p.m. on a beautifully sunny Saturday, but you and your bros are inside killing pedestrians in Grand Theft Auto and passing around a bag of pretzels. What's there to do?

"Hey, we could go to the gay pride parade," Billy suggests.

What the heck?! A gay pride parade?

You all pile on top of Billy, twisting his nipples and tickling his thighs until he can't breathe. That's what he gets for making such a gay suggestion.

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Humbert on Opening for Dead Milkmen with Special Guests and Hialeah Fest

Categories: Interview

Photo by teajayphoto
Ferny Copiel has been recording musicians at his warehouse studio the Shack North for 26 years. The space is packed with the most interesting things mankind has ever produced. Graffiti ripped from the walls of the now defunct Washington Square, "Hialeah Kicks Ass" T-shirts for sale, an Uncle Luke 4 Mayor sign, huge statues of both Yoda and Jabba the Hutt. There's even a live snake (which, a sign says, you can touch). It all seems less like a distraction and more like a visual match for all the stimulating sounds coming from the studio.

Late Monday night, Copiel and his Humbert bandmates, Tony Landa and Izo Besares, were meeting up to practice for their upcoming opening set alongside Sandratz for Dead Milkmen show at Grand Central. It'll be a sort of family affair with Copiel's young daughter coming out and the addition of two special guest collaborators, Jeff Rolloson of Curious Hair and Night of the Weirds and multi-instrumentalist and singer Ali Culotta of Stop the Presses.

See also: Humbert's Ferny Coipel on Healing and Their Musical Take on the Crying of Lot 49

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Five Things to Do Under $5 This Weekend

Categories: Five Under $5


5. Steady Freddy at Cafe 27 in Weston
7 p.m. Thursday, April 10, at Cafe 27, 4690 U.S. Highway 27, Weston. Visit Facebook. No cover.

The guys of Steady Freddy want you to make every day a "Steady Freddy day." And you can oblige their request tonight in Weston. They're promising to "rock your face off," and we can't think of a better invitation to party than that, except maybe that paired with Cafe 27's claim that it's "the last cafe on the edge of civilization." Bring your hog out for a run too for a rowdy outlaw jam.

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