Eight Things We'll Miss Most About True Blood

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The other day, I watched the second to last episode of True Blood in my living room, and I cried. I pressed pause, I made lunch, and then I cried again.

I know. It's totally embarrassing. Shameful. And I can blame my funky hormones or total exhaustion, but the truth is, I've gotten pretty attached to the residents of Bon Temps. And now that we're only one episode away from "true love" or "true death," I'm felling some real separation anxiety.

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Summer Soundtrack Pop-Up Music Series: A Perfect End to the Season

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Last night marked the third installment of C&I Studios and Exposed PR's Summer Soundtrack, a pop-up series that showcases talented local artists performing alongside Phil Barnes and delicious drinks. The kicker? Locations are not revealed until an hour before the event starts.

Take last night, for example. After a week full of teaser photos, the location was finally revealed to us around 7 p.m. in a text message. It was the rooftop of Avenue Lofts, building 2. The sun set behind the Fort Lauderdale skyline, making it the perfect spot for one of the last cool events of the summer. Previous spots for the two earlier Summer Soundtrack events were C&I Garden and the Hard Rock Energy Warehouse.

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Nicole Noël & Chance Meyer: "Just a Guitar, Harmonica, and Two Voices"

Chance and Nicole: Two of an Appalachian Kind.
Music vet and New Times scribe Lee Zimmerman offers his insights, opinions, and observations about the local scene. This week: Local duo Chance Meyer and Nicole Noël take a traditional tack.

Given South Florida's decided lack of higher terrain (in the physical sense, that is), any music that takes its cue from the traditions of the Appalachian Mountains would, at first, seem immediately out of sync, like trying to grow a palm tree on a block of arctic ice. So credit Nicole Noël & Chance Meyer for daring to swim against the proverbial tide.

The duo make music that taps tradition and takes an ages-old folk stance. Their self-released debut album, A Thousand Ways Down is an unapologetic bow to simpler times, albeit with a dark foreboding edge. It's a patchwork quilt of rustic influences carefully woven together with a single guitar, a harmonica, and two voices in perfect union.

Fascinated by their daring and distinction, we sought out the duo and asked them about the inspiration behind their old-timey refrains.

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Octo Gato Creates a Cat-Inspired Superhero for "Superpuss" Video

Categories: Video


Who among us doesn't have the urge to create a cat-inspired superhero? Instead of burying that feeling deep inside, the sun-drenched dudes of Fort Lauderdale's Octo Gato have given in to the feline fever. To share its laid-back, beach-rock sound and style with the masses, Octo Gato is premiering its new video for "Superpuss." It's a little overdue, but Captain Octo himself told us, "As a very visual and live-oriented band, the Octo boys have been dying to make a video to show everyone what we're all about!"

"Superpuss" was the perfect choice to bring Octo Gato to life, displaying the band's knack for maximizing the surf and garage-rock sounds and showing off the members' playful personalities. Captain Octo describes the video as "a psychedelic cat-infused '60s beach blast superhero story fueled by Red Bull and hallucinogens." And you can get it all up in your face right after the jump.

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Slash Keeps Rock and Roll Alive at Hard Rock Live on August 29

Categories: Ask A Goth

Jeffrey Delannoy

It's certainly a cliche to say rock 'n' roll will never die, but these oft repeated truisms exist for a reason -- they ain't all wrong. Rock might morph, the aesthetic applied may forever be in a state of glorious flux, but it will always survive.

More importantly, it will always survive with similar motivations to those that spawned it: A good time above all, a bit of rebellion, and the pursuit of infinite youth. This era is a rather scary one for the genre in the classic sense. We're losing our original rocking heroes on a daily basis.

But at least we still have Slash, a true icon and a vigilant keeper of the rock 'n' roll flame.

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Michael McDonald and Toto - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - August 20

Categories: Concert Review


Chances are, when you heard that Michael McDonald and Toto were coheadlining the stage at Hard Rock Live last night, you didn't wet yourself with anticipation. Of course, if you're on the older end of the geriatric spectrum, then perhaps you did wee a little.

Unlike you, I was very excited to hear Michael McDonald singing in the same space as myself. There's room for argument here, but I'd say no singer in the history of music is more fun to imitate than this guy. He's just so very Michael McDonald. And you'd definitely be lying if you said his distinctive baritone never gave you chills, not ever, not once.

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NFL Asks Money to Perform the Super Bowl Halftime Show: An Imagined Correspondence

Sayre Berman
This is what Chris Martin's face must have looked like when hearing the news.

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier this week that the National Football League asked representatives of Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Coldplay how much they would pay to play next February's Super Bowl halftime show.

While the NFL generally hasn't paid its Super Bowl halftime performers in the past, it did at least cover those act's travel and production expenses. But seeing as how last year Bruno Mars and the previous Super Bowl's Beyoncé performance brought an uptick in those acts' touring revenue, the NFL figured they might as well wring every dollar asking candidates, according to the Wall Street Journal, "to contribute a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour income to the league, or if they would make some other type of financial contribution, in exchange for the halftime gig."

Here's how we imagine the NFL's correspondence with musicians went regarding this matter.

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Five Things to Do Under $5 This Weekend

Categories: Five Under $5

Ian Witlen

5. Back to School Party at Pawn Shop
8 p.m., Friday, August 22, at Pawn Shop, 219 Clematis St., West Palm Beach. No cover. Visit Facebook.

Just because you graduated doesn't mean you're too old to go back to school. West Palm's Pawn Shop celebrates the beginning of the school year with a nerds versus school girls party, so you better think twice before acting a bully.

Ladies drink free all night long, DJ Reflex and R1 will have the jamz category covered, and pigtails, glasses, and suspenders will be your simple attire for the evening.

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Stache's Mad Men the Party Is a Fantastic Idea

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Some will say a Mad Men party is so 2007. People with shorter attention spans might prefer honoring a newer TV show maybe an Orange Is the New Black night where everyone is dressed in female prison garb or a True Detective evening where guests perform their best Matthew McConaughey impression. I applaud the promoters at Bar Stache for having a night saluting what is quite probably the greatest drama to ever air on television.

The venue is aiming to "transport you back in time to where men wore suits and class was at the top of the list. Well, right after bourbon and women of course," according to Stache's site. But as most of you know, Mad Men is more than fashion, it's a small screen phenomenon.

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Electric Piquete Headlines Long Hot Summer Jam at B.B. King's West Palm Beach

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Photo by Teajay Smith
Miami-based Latin Funk band Electric Piquete will headline B.B. King's Long Hot Summer Jam, playing some covers and original tunes. The 90-minute set will be recorded live and possibly used for the band's upcoming music video for its new single "De Cara Al Sol." So when you attend, you can brag to your friends later that you danced in a music video. The concert also includes performances by Faith's Place Steel Drum band, Annishka from BET's 106 & Park's "Wild Out Wednesday," singers Grace, Leila Capri, Analisse, Veronica English, BBOY and Praise Dancer Anthony "Kulture" Smith, and more.

Michael Mut plays bass guitar and sings with the seven-piece band that's produced partly by Andrew Yeomanson, AKA DJ Spam of the Spam All Stars. He says Electric Piquete's sound evolved organically to Latin funk from its original rock-trio format. "It was a natural move of letting our collective influences shine through in our writing and arranging," Mut explains. "Personally, I loved the groups like Dazz Band and Heatwave as a kid. That, combined with my love or rock and metal plus a musical awakening and reeducation spurred by mix tapes made by my partner, band drummer and cofounder Ed Rosado, has led me to this point."

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