TOO//FUTURE Move Their Underground Sound to a "Proper Warehouse"

What do real, passionate music lovers do when faced with a scene marred by commercial interests and that no longer caters to their discerning tastes? They pool their resources, say "fuck this industry," and take matters into their own hands!

"We're doing it because we're really passionate about this music," said Gaurav "G" Khanna, one of five old-school bass heads who manage the monthly TOO//FUTURE parties. T//F aims to bring foundational dub sounds to those who seek a deeper, darker, more mysterious side of the dance-music scene.

The party has succeeded for about a year and a half at downtown Fort Lauderdale's Fat Cats. Now, it's making the move to a full-on, underground warehouse this Saturday, with a lineup that can't be experienced anywhere else in the Southern U.S.

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Splatter-Rama Halloween Edition - C&I Studios, Fort Lauderdale - October 31

Categories: In the Studio
Ian Witlen
Better than: Watching stumbling variations on the theme of the skank crawl around Downtown 

Ft. Lauderdale's monthly Splatter-Rama event has been a pretty successful taste of blood, guts, and booze since its inception, but, as one might expect, the Halloween edition was another beast altogether! A costumed, dancing, drunken beast, it consumed the entirety of C&I Studios' warehouse space and spilled into the alleys of the FAT Village Arts District. 

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Astari Nite to Work with Grammy-Award Winning Producer Steve Thompson on Debut LP

With a romantic band name like Astari Nite, your ears get get the music they might expect. There are the emotional, poetic lyrics, the Peter Murphy-esque voice of Mychael Ghost, and an overall dark New Wave, '80s sound. 

Though we've been anticipating their debut full length for quite some time now, and were satiated recently by the group's single "Waves," the foursome are definitely going to crank out their debut release next Spring. They just announced a partnership with Grammy-award winning producer Steve Thompson, who's worked with the biggest names in popular music, including G'N'R, Madonna, Metallica, Wu-Tang, and Korn.
We hit up Astarti Nite's frontman, Mychael Ghost to probe a little deeper into their new collaboration. 

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Gunplay Drops First Def Jam Solo Song, "Real Niggas," Featuring Rick Ross

Categories: In the Studio
Update: Explicit version added at 3:05 p.m. after the jump

Gunplay is one of Carol City's wildest motherfuckers. In fact, he's probably one of the Western Hemisphere's craziest creatures. It is a personal goal to spend an evening out with the rapper -- getting neck tattoos, riding ATVs through North Miami's streets, hell, even checking out some nude booties with him at Coco's. Recently, in an interview with XXL (our sister paper Miami New Times' Crossfade pulled out some glimmering highlights), this local boy got real serious about his former cocaine problem and current experience with cleaner living, which includes sometimes rolling with a lil' lady named molly.

Anyway, big news today is that the clean version of "Real Niggas," his first song released since being signed as a solo artist under Def Jam Records, dropped on the web an hour ago. According to XXL, the dirty version will be out at 3:05 p.m. today.

Check back for an update, and click over for some dirty dirty Gunplay and Ricky Rozay action.

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Spaceghostpurrp Announces Project with Odd Future, Finally

Categories: In the Studio
South Florida native, up-and-coming, illuminati loving hip-hop artist Spaceghostpurrp told BET that a project with Odd Future will become a reality. He won't say when it's going to drop, or give any details, but merely the notion that this collab is finally on the way is some really nice Miami musical news to warm up to when there's nothing good on the radio. 

It's no surprise though that this is in the works. Syd tha Kyd first started playing SGP's songs at parties in Los Angeles, gaining him some attention. And these guys are all baby peas in a pod. They have all of the big bravado, bad attitude, and little of the experience. They're the baddest boys you sat next to in high school and they're just out of high school. This makes them nothing but attractive to the rest of us with more tempered egos and less hostile outlooks on life. 

Like Odd Future, we definitely fell hard for Spaceghostpurrp's sound. Our sister paper Miami New Times recently interviewed the 21-year old rapper (who originally dissed the shit out of MNT, but whatevs), and named him Best Solo Musician of 2012. Hell, I even wrote up his crazy ass Blvcklvnd Rvdix 66.6 as one of Miami's best albums in 2011. Needless to say, we'll let you know when any word on this project hits the web. 
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Violens Jorge Elbrecht on New Album True, Swivelstick, and Vinyl

Categories: In the Studio

"We really didn't know how to do it. It was kind of figuring things out," Violens' Jorge Elbrecht says of playing in bands in the late '90s South Florida music scene. It revolved around Cheers, he remembers. "There was nothing else to do; everyone just went to these shows. It was pretty fun." His bands Dynamo Plaza and J.E. and Justin G. -- which garnered heavy rotation on WVUM -- were staples. He noted other acts of the era like Swivelstick and the Agency, calling the whole deal "a tiny punk community."

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Video: Mayweather Live Checks Out Miami Recording Studios

Behind The Music Miami Part 2
follows host Mayweather Live through Miami Recording Studio, where Triple X produces and engineers what he calls "urban Latino music, "and Suthun Boy Studio, where Gorilla Tek makes beats.

Suthun Boy talks about Liberty City's Pork N Beans projects and why living there is all the reason in the world to try your hardest not to have to. Mayweather Live also produced a show called Prostitution Live and Online in America, a documentary where prostitutes are booked online and then confronted in real life.

Photos: Locos Por Juana on Sound Theory Live Radio Show on 88.9 FM

Locos Por Juana go live on WDNA 88.9 FM.
Locos Por Juana are the Latin Grammy nominated sound killers from Dade whose music has rang out in clubs, halls, theaters, and festivals around the world.

Recently they sat in on a mostly acoustic session at the WDNA 88.9 FM studios where Carlos Garcia hosts Sound Theory Live and gives locals an opportunity to showcase their music on live radio airwaves.

Sound Theory Live goes on every Friday from 7 - 8 p.m. Here are some pictures from Locos Por Juanas' session.

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Drop Dead Beats Studio Session with Drop and Phenom

Categories: In the Studio
via Drop Dead Beats
Adrian "Drop" Santalla, and Phenom are the production team behind Drop Dead Beats and the force behind "Triumph," the opening track on Pitbull's new album Rebelution.

ESPN recently licensed the song for one month of universal usage. Drop says "I got people calling me up telling me, oh I just heard the song here, heard it there, it's crazy." Phenom adds "They're playing it on classic games too."

But Santalla is no newcomer to the game. He's a 10 year veteran sound engineer with credits on hits like Fat Joe's "Lean Back," and "Make It Rain." We named him Best Sound Engineer in Miami in 2007. He has also worked with Diddy and

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In the Studio With Jacobs Ladder, at the Dungeon, North Miami Beach

Clockwise, L-R: Producer Cyrus of NFG, engineer Ryan of Capsule, Oren of Jacobs Ladder (mostly hidden), Sammy of Jacobs Ladder
I stopped by the old standby Dungeon recording studio in North Miami Beach last week to visit local trio Jacobs Ladder, who were working steadily and meticulously on a new five-song EP. Some people think a rock band's recording session at a pro studio is some kind of wild party. It's not.

Studios are actually quite relaxing in their tomb-like silence, thanks to all that soundproofing everywhere. A session itself is usually a bunch of antsy, unshaven people either being bored and waiting their turns. If it is their turn, they'll spend part of the time playing an actual instrument, and the rest of it staring at a computer screen, watching one note set across it over and over again in search of the right tone. The process is actually kind of meditative to observe, in its almost mind-numbing repetitiveness.

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