Lake Worth Native Campaigns to Turn Kurt Cobain's Childhood Home Into Museum

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Jaime Dunkle

This past September, in the same month that marked the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's final studio album, In Utero, Kurt Cobain's mom announced that she was putting the Aberdeen, Wash., home where Kurt spent much of his adolescence on the market for a whopping $500,000.

It was just one of a handful of recent and weird headlines involving the legendary grunge frontman. For instance, the former "roommate" who was selling Kurt's skis and phone in a bizarre but humorous Seattle Craigslist post (read about it on Stereogum). And the unveiling of a weeping Kurt Cobain statue by Aberdeen's mayor during the inaugural Kurt Cobain Day. All of this led up to the 20th anniversary of the singer's untimely death next month.

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Pawn Shop Opens March 6 With Ferris Wheel, School Bus, and So Much More


Good news, clubland folks. Miami's former eclectic hot spot the Pawn Shop has announced a definitive opening date for an upgraded West Palm Beach locale. It's all going down on March 6. Back in November, we reported that the former downtown Miami dance club and celebrity haunt was reopening and making a move (huge yellow school bus et al.) to 219 Clematis St. -- occupying the previous site of Dr. Feelgoods. Although at the time Pawn Shop's operating partner, Paul Brown, told us he expected to have the club open by February, it seems a couple of weeks' delay will be worth the wait.

Besides the celebrated school bus and the old Pan Am fuselage that decorated the interior of the former Pawn Shop site, West Palm Beach's version will include new additions -- including a life-sized vintage Ferris wheel from the 1950s, a DJ booth designed out of a Mack truck, and a 1950s Rambler fitted for the VIP section.

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Churchill's Pub Owner Dave Daniels: Thank You for Everything

George Martinez

There is a way of speaking and writing that maintains an air of dignity and reverence about that subject that toes the line between eulogia and the elegiac. Thankfully, I as an orator and man of letters have failed with thunderous aplomb in all three scenarios. Don't let me sing your praises. Don't let me speak at your funeral. And, for the love of God, don't let me pretend like I'm keeping a neutral tone. Now that we are all on the same page, know a little bit more. On this site, last week, my editor here, Liz Tracy, announced the potential sale of our beloved Churchill's Pub.

I'm not one to lend himself to the whimsical fancies of attachment with brick and mortar locales. Does it make me sad to see a place go? Yes, but I triage my feelings. Losing Books & Books would be a blow to our literate community, but when the death knell finally takes the few remaining Barnes & Noble stores that are strewn throughout the tri-county area, c'est la vie to those unperson-able behemoths.

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Help Ghost Cat Car-Crash Survivor, and Remember Bassist Bryan Jackson

Ghost Cat's Facebook
Brighter days for Ghost Cat
On Tuesday, October 29, the band Ghost Cat was part of a tragic accident that left its fans, friends, and family completely devastated. On their way back from a gig at the Speakeasy in Lake Worth, a car carrying three band members and their gear was a part of an accident involving a car driving the wrong way on I-95 North.

That night, we lost 26-year-old bassist Bryan Jackson, who lives on through the EP the band had just recorded and the glowing memories being shared about time spent together. Guitarist Shane O'Brien was able to escape but was emotionally ravished as he watched another vehicle strike the Ford Explorer that held his bandmates.

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Pawn Shop Lounge Set to Open in West Palm Beach in Dr. Feelgood's Location

The famed large yellow school bus that occupied a portion of the dance floor inside former downtown Miami hotspot, the Pawn Shop Lounge, will be rolling on up to Clematis Street come February. According to Pawn Shop's operating partner, Paul Brown, the rumors that have been reverberating across South Florida's nightlife world are true: The famously eclectic dance club will indeed be setting up shop in West Palm Beach.

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Dirty Blondes and Fort Lauderdale Police Respond to Beating Incident UPDATED

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Alexander Coelho arrested Sunday at Dirty Blondes on Fort Lauderdale Beach.
A violent video showing three Dirty Blondes bouncers beating on patrons outside the popular Fort Lauderdale Beach watering hole has gone viral since hitting the internet Sunday evening.

Two patrons, identified as Alexander Coelho, 29, and David Parker, were arrested and charged with battery and disorderly conduct after a fight broke out on the busy stretch of boardwalk.

The witness video shows the patrons being choked from behind, punched, and then thrown to the ground and stomped on the head. Comments from friends of the victims claim the incident was sparked when Coelho and his girlfriend requested to speak with a manager after receiving attitude from a bartender over drinks.

See also: Instagram Captures Dirty Blondes' Bouncers Beating Patron
- Boycott Dirty Blondes Facebook Page Already Has 3,500 "Likes"

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Five Great Daria Musical Moments in Honor of the Recently Released Faux Movie Trailer


It's hard to overstate how fantastic the MTV series Daria was or to exaggerate the influence its (anti) heroine had on pop culture's current crop of droll leading ladies. Some see Napoleon Dynamite, American Pie, or Juno (one of our beloved misanthrope's many progenies) as definitive millennial fare. Others tie millennials to the consumption of vampire lit and wizardry. None of that is untrue, but for those on the generational cusp, who are post-Gen X but feel closer to Fight Club than to The Social Network, Daria hit all the deadpan notes about the failed idealism of our baby boomer parents and the consumerist culture we didn't ask to grow up in (but for which we are constantly blamed).

The show's music -- most of which does not appear on the 2010 DVD box set due to licensing issues -- represented that sort of generational no-man's land too. Daria, the character, might have walked the halls at Highland High School with Gen X's pubescent male music critics Beavis and Butthead, but Daria the show highlighted Beck, Cake, and referenced Jane's Addiction, the Misfits, and Nirvana alongside Korn posters and Will Smith's "Gettin' Jiggy With It" -- sometimes ironically, sometimes not so much so.

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Doorway 27 Rocker Bryan Wohlust Sings Show Tunes in The King and I


Followers of the local music scene will have no trouble recalling the echoes of West Palm Beach's Doorway 27. Embracing an eclectic sound that was alternative, indie, surfer, and mainstream all at once, the band had a far-reaching fan base. Although they have since parted ways, lead singer Bryan Wohlust marches on musically. He currently heads up Luxury of Company, a local supergroup comprised of members from other prominent South Florida bands-- including, but not limited to, Doorway 27, Fire Zuave, Noble Rocket, Luna Rex, El, Marlowe Grey, Nick Eberhardt, and B-Liminal.

Lately, Wohlust also donned a new hat... Or crown, depending on how you look at it. He's performing the lead role of the King in the Lake Worth Playhouse's production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's classic romantic musical, The King and I. Reception has been exceptional so far for Wohlust, who is acting alongside his 5-year-old daughter Madison. She's playing the one of the royal children, which seems appropriate to us. 

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Nicki Minaj Clears Up Mitt Romney Endorsement on Twitter

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Nicki Minaj Is Voting Romney and Ten Other Stupidest Rap Lyrics of All Time

When the news broke that Nicki Minaj was supporting the Romney campaign, we were pretty confused about the whole situation. Wouldn't you be? And we get it. Rappers say crazy things in the name of "creativity." But it certainly wasn't helping that Minaj herself was keeping quiet about the scenario.

Well, it looks like the rumors have finally been put to rest. Last night, Nicki Minaj finally broke the silence regarding the questionable Romney lyrics via Twitter. Check out what she had to say about who she'll be supporting in the 2012 election after the jump.
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Reggae Land Muzik's Jah V Says Snoop Lion Is "Coming Back to His Roots"

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Snoop Dogg has gone reggae.

By now you've certainly heard that Snoop D-O-double-G is no more. The Long Beach rapper wants to "bury Snoop Dog and become Snoop Lion," reggae artist and born-again Rastafarian.

"I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated," Snoop recently told reporters. "I feel I have always been a Rastafari. I just didn't have my third eye open, but it's wide open right now."

While the apparent rebranding may seem like a marketing scheme to help promote Snoop's forthcoming reggae album, Reincarnated, and its supplemental documentary by the same name, Hallandale music store Reggae Land Muzik's Jah V thinks it's long overdue.

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