County Grind Needs a Music Intern (Yet) Again!

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What's up, students? Need some "real world" experience to mix with your pottery classes, beach-combing, and Food Not Bombs meetings? Today, we said farewell to a guy with ice-cold shoes and a serious hatred for the Beatles, Ryan Burk. Now it's back to square one.

Ideally, County Grind is looking for someone who is passionate about a lot of different types of music, enjoys attending concerts featuring local and national acts, knows how to write a good blog, can work independently, and is willing to be the butt of our jokes at the end of the academic term.

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Rock of Ages Is Holding Casting Calls -- Again

Categories: Help Wanted
Rocking out with lollipops.
If you thought you'd missed your chance to don your best '80s rocker costume alongside Russell Brand and Tom Cruise, you can breathe easy.

Rock of Ages, the musically inclined film that brought you Mount Trashmore Hollywood Edition and convinced Alec Baldwin to forget about his "newly discovered medical condition," is looking for even more extras.

According to a news release sent out today, the film needs "people in their 20s' and 30s' who can play rockers of the mid-1980."

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Jimmy Pagano's Legacy: Tell Us Your Stories

Categories: Help Wanted
We've been following developments involving area jam hero Jimmy Pagano since his tragic death one month ago. Now we want to hear from the countless friends, followers, and fans who have lifetimes worth of memories to share regarding the fallen drummer.

As his June 5 Memorial Tribute at America's Backyard approaches, think of a brief story or memory regarding his musical legacy in the local community. What was a memorable performance with him that you were a part of? When did you first encounter Jimmy and understand his kind heart and love of music? Are there songs you hear that will always remind you of him?

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County Grind Needs a Music Intern Again!

Categories: Help Wanted
Attention, students with writing skills, the beginning stages of tinnitus, and amorphous schedules: An internship has just opened up with your name on it in the County Grind/New Times Broward-Palm Beach den of music appreciation. As we say a fond farewell to newly graduated Jaclyn Rosansky, it's time to bring in a new music editorial intern for the summer.

Emphasis that you must be in school of some sort (undergrad, grad, postgrad, you pick), so that we can give you college credit for your commitments, which would ideally be about 20 hours spread creatively over a five-day workweek starting as early as mid-May.

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Harrison Snow Benefit at Coco Palm Beach Tonight

Categories: Help Wanted, News
New Times has diligently followed the progress of our little "baby metalhead" Harrison Daum Snow. Readers might remember our prenatal celebrity who struck the most rocking pose known to ultrasound? Well since his premature birth in November 1, 2010, the little son of local musician Jeff Snow and his wife Susan Snow has been battling for his life -- experiencing breathing difficulty as a result of a Diaphragmatic Hernia.

The medical costs for the Snows are surmounting. A ChipIn account has been created so people can help out online and a benefit show was held in his honor at Orlando's Redlight on April 2. Tonight is an event that gives Palm Beachers a chance to contribute.

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Sweat Records Robbed Over the Weekend

Categories: Crime, Help Wanted
Sad news coming out of the Sweat Records camp today. The Little Haiti shop was burglarized sometime overnight on Saturday, and the thieves made off with a computer, cash drawer, and other electronics.

This is not the first time the shop has been hit, unfortunately.

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Hear Hums Uses Kickstarter to Launch a Tour

Categories: Help Wanted

​Late last year we featured Hear Hums, an experimentally inclined duo from Gainesville by way of West Palm Beach, in our Glimpses of the South Florida Scene blog column. Now, the twosome hopes to launch a lengthy tour from Florida up to the northeast and into Canada in May. Like many other upcoming acts, though, the band was seriously lacking the funds to make that happen. 

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Benefit for Japan Tonight and Saturday at Collide Factory

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JAPAN benefit MBT 2.jpg
New Fort Lauderdale warehouse venue the Collide Factory is opening up its space this evening for the Art = Aid benefit, which kicks off a weekly beer garden event at the space. This time, it's in conjuction with the Miami and Tokyo Beer Tour events.

The event, which continues Saturday, is part-fundraiser, part-beer celebration, and part-art installation with a focus on Japanese culture. A donation center for disaster relief charity will be on site.

Included in the visual delights is a cherry blossom tree, which has somehow been constructed entirely out of recycled kegs. Live entertainment courtesy of GhettoMetalMusic and breakdancers, and T-shirt silk-screening also figure into the evening for a good cause.

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Benefit for Baby Metalhead Harrison Snow

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Our favorite metal horns in the womb rocker tyke Harrison Daum Snow was born last November. Since then, he has experienced breathing problems as a result of a diaphragmatic hernia, and has had several surgeries to help correct the abnormality. This has been a taxing time for Lake Worth-based parents (and Invisible Music players) Jeff and Susan Snow, who have spent countless hours by their son's side at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood.

Aside from a ChipIn account helping to defray Harrison's medical costs, there's another opportunity to help the Snows with a benefit show at Orlando's Redlight Redlight on Saturday, April 2. Performers on the bill include John Ralston, Grey & Orange, Richard Sherfey, and Mike Dunn.

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Everymen's Sergio Witis Speaks About Cowboy, Will Perform Friday at Propaganda

Sergio Witis and Cowboy.
Earlier this week, County Grind reported that Everymen washboard player Cowboy is in the hospital receiving treatment after a serious fall.

A benefit concert will be held Friday at Propaganda, and the rest of the band has decided to perform in support of their ailing comrade. Viva Le Vox, Bonnie Riot, the Howling Winds, Heavy Boots, the Shakers, Cop City/Chill Pillars, and Yellow #6 will also take part in the benefit to raise funds to cover Cowboy's hospital bills.

"We're trying to do what he wanted us to do," says Everymen frontman Sergio Witis via phone earlier today. "We're just trying to raise as much as we can."

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