New Times Is Looking for Freelance Journalists

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Photo by Antonio Litterio via Wikipedia Commons
New Times Broward-Palm Beach is looking for freelance journalists to write for our news blog, the Daily Pulp. Ideal candidates will have experience in journalism and be based in Broward or Palm Beach counties. Applicants should have solid news judgment and knowledge of current events. They should be able to discover relevant local stories, report hard news, and meet deadlines.

Interested candidates, please send a résumé and three clips to:

No phone calls, please.

Crazy Hood Film Academy's Avaricious Needs Your Help


"Between greed and desire lies necessity." That's the tag atop the teaser poster for Crazy Hood Film Academy's (CHFA) upcoming short narrative film Avaricious. Michael Garcia and DJ EFN have been steadily making a name for themselves outside of South Florida since the release of their excellent documentary on Cuba's current underground hip-hop scene, Coming Home. Lauded in the festival circuit and currently on rotation on Puff Daddy's Revolt TV, the success of the film led to another documentary focusing on Lima, Peru,'s hip-hop that is currently in postproduction.

DJ EFN is already a legend in hip-hop and mix-tape circles, and Garcia, a heavy-hitter in the local rap scene, is no stranger to behind-the-camera work, as he has directed numerous videos for acts like Tech N9ne, Kat Dahlia, and N.O.R.E. He's now switching focus to a more straightforward narrative in what will be the first of four short films detailing the influence and tangible disruption of money within the microcosm of South Florida.

See also: Tech N9ne on "That Fast Flow," Strangeulation, and Being a "Job Creator"

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New Times Looking For an Assistant Web Editor

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Miami New Times and New Times Broward Palm Beach have an immediate opening for an assistant web editor. This position combines journalism with social media marketing and analytical data management to increase the audience for New Times on its desktop and mobile applications.

The assistant web editor assigns and edits photo slideshows, works with freelancers, and collaborates with blog editors. The assistant web editor works closely alongside the web editor and editor-in-chief in the planning and execution of all online coverage.

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Local Drummer Needs Surgery, The Shin Dig Calls on Neighbors for Help

Categories: Help Wanted
the shin dig.jpg
The law of karma demands that one not be motivated by the result of good deeds, rather that they just be good for the sake of goodness. Doing good things for others matters most in times of trial and illness. 

Things aren't easy these days for anyone who owes money to anyone for anything, or for those looking for work. And while finding work and fending off debt are part of life's daily struggle for most. Worse than that is trying to make ends meet while every bone in your body aches uncontrollably. 

That's what's happening for local musician Steve-O of the band the Shin Dig. His whole life, he's suffered from multiple degenerative and arthritic joint disorders that prevent him from fully extending his arms and legs comfortably, or even just rolling out of bed with ease -- things so easily taken for granted.

Mostly, it's prevented him from doing what he loves: rocking out on the drums. 

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90 Miles Away: Crazy Hood Film Academy Needs a Little Bit of Your Help

crazy hood.jpg

Ever wonder what the underground hip-hop scene is like in Cuba? If you're Cuban-American, first, second, or even third generation, ever wonder why you feel so strongly about the island though you only know it through pictures and abuela's stories?

Lifelong friends DJ EFN and Garcia -- esteemed members of the local hip-hop community since the early '90s -- have wondered just that. They're now trying to find out what's happening just 90 miles away. They, as Crazy Hood Productions, need a little bit of your help to create an upcoming documentary/recording on the state of hip-hop within the political isolation of Cuba today.

That's right, and here I will not pussyfoot about anything fearing an Ozzie Guillen-like backlash, these two dudes just want to connect with their familial roots first, and secondly, see how their art has flourished under the extreme conditions of the Castro regime.

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Local Musicians Astrea Corp., Protoman, Lavola, Gaps Asking for Donations to Fix Broken Hard Drive

Via Facebook

Human error is a sad reality. We spill coffee on our resume before an interview. We break bones in uneventful ways. We put our lives on computers, and then incessantly press the power button or impulsively toss them out the window.

Such is the case with Pax of experimental trip-hop trio Astrea Corporation, who recently dropped a hard drive on his concrete patio outside his Lake Worth home, ultimately breaking it.  A more modest example of computer violence than the examples above, sure, but still pretty devastating. The drive included two years of material including music files, visuals, pictures, videos, and masters to projects by locals such as Protoman, Lavola, and Ricardo "Gaps" Tejeda.

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Pineapple Groove Renamed Hangar 88, Returning With 88's Dueling Pianos

Pineapple no more.
Delray Beach's Pineapple Groove finally decided on a new identity. The local musical venue closed its doors back in October and is now redefining itself as Hangar 88 under the ownership of Jim Layson's 88's Entertainment.

The club is calling itself "the most unique venue in Delray Beach." According to Facebook, Hangar, or Hanger as it's also being referred to, 88's Dueling Pianos are leaving the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and relocating to the Delray Beach spot, bringing their "Dueling Piano Show" with them.

Pineapple Groove was open for under a year and featured a Best of Homegrown Concert Series pushing local acts. The energy may remain -- "No bad vibes allowed" -- but it seems the sounds will change a bit. Along with the dueling pianos, apparently, there will also be karaoke, DJs, dance music, and national acts. The new manager is Philip Simonetta, down from Philly, serving what Hangar 88 described as Lebanese and Italian tapas.

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Apply for County Grind's Spring 2012 Internship!

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Soulja Boy IAN WITLEN County Grind Intern.jpg
Photo by Ian Witlen; attitude by us.
Hello, students of journalism, music fetishists, verbiage purveyors, and social networking superstars. We want one of you to give the New Times Broward-Palm Beach music section some assists for the next few months. In return, you will get college credit, some writing credits to your name, a masterful resume item, and some ringing ears.

We are looking for someone who is familiar with blogging, and isn't afraid to share their stories with the world wide web. South Florida's music scene needs more strong voices like your own, and you'll get the chance to attach a megaphone by working for us.

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Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit's Van and Gear Stolen; Orlando Calling Slot Canceled

This is what some mean person from the Dallas area might be looking at right now.
Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit had to pull out of their Sunday gig as part of the Orlando Calling Festival after thieves stole their van and all of their equipment from a Dallas Holiday Inn Express. "Looks like we won't be playing at Orlando Calling at noon tomorrow," the band posted on Facebook on Saturday. "Sorry to the people who were gonna be watching us!"

Unsurprisingly, the Alabama band's Facebook page has been turned into an outpost for information on the robbery, outpouring of support from fans, and even some wry humor from Isbell. "I was really hoping I'd eventually get to set fire to that damn van myself," he noted.

The missing vehicle is a white 2006 Ford E-350 van, with Alabama plates, and it was pulling a black Wells Cargo single-axle trailer with a Texas plate. Plus, "There's an awesome sticker of a wolf on the side van window. Calexico air freshener and lovely hula gal on dash." Read the full details on the stolen gear below.

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Hollywood Lovescene's Drum Kit Stolen

Categories: Help Wanted
Some thieving thieves made off with an entire drum set Sunday evening in Lake Worth. The kit belongs to Hollywood Lovescene's Carlos "Chops" Rodriguez, and he's like it back before it disappears into some pawn purgatory.

Rodriguez's gear was stolen right out of his vehicle parked in his driveway. Consider this a warning to other area musicians -- lock up your equipment tight! Get the details below and keep an eye out for Chops' kit. 

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