Blowfly's Tour Diary: Fighting Keylor Navas in Costa Rica and Saving Blowfly's Home


Help Blowfly save his house! Give to the Indiegogo campaign by 3 a.m. tonight (midnight PST).

The following is an account of the strangest routed tour in my 10 years with Blowfly through San Jose, Costa Rica to Baltimore, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Long Branch, New Jersey, Seattle, and in Canada, Victoria and Vancouver. While those three segments make sense on their own, you'd pretty much need to be on mushrooms to put them together on purpose. Or be in charge of the Weird World of Blowfly

July 31: My wife and I meet Blowfly at his Burger King of choice on NW 36 Street and 27 Ave. He's in a good mood, eating his pancakes. Tomorrow, we're playing his first ever show in Latin America. As he has lived at the gateway to Latin America for 55 years, this was a hole we're all thrilled to be filling.

Unfortunately, Clarence's mood and mine took a severe turn when the clerk checking us in at curb at American Airlines has taken it upon himself to flag Clarence, an international traveler for many decades, for having an unusable passport. Citing an $10,000 fine he fears Costa Rica will hit the airline with if he lets a dirty rapper pass with a dirty passport for them to do dirty and deport.

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Churchill's Pub: 35 Years of Blood, Sweat, and Beers

Categories: Heads Up

Marta Xochilt Perez

By Mariel Zayas-Bazan

Blood, sweat, beers, and maybe a few tears were shed three months ago, but Churchill's change of ownership has proven a smooth -- and even positive -- transition. Toes no longer curl at the smell of piss by the door. The patio bar is renovated. Damn decent food is churning out of the kitchen and punks are still booking ceiling-crawling shows. A few fixtures may be missing from the walls, but Mr. C's jar of English jam is still around, and so is he. We can't complain.

This Monday marks 35 years since Churchill's Pub first opened. While a lot has changed since '79, you can still play pool, swig beer, and watch soccer. And for a long while now, you can also catch local bands from the bright side of the bar. This Friday through Saturday you'll have 60 bands and three stages to choose from and no cover. It's only fitting that legendary and soon-to-be legendary Broward heavy-hitters dot the lineup.

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Former Stone Fox Guitarist Is Back in a Big Way with Celebrator

Every now and again, jaded though we are, we get a little excited about some new musical gem we encounter. For example, yesterday we stumbled upon the dreamy, trip-a-delic sounds of Celebrator.

It's the latest project of Boca Raton resident David Barnard. If you didn't know any better, listening to the soulful, reverb-ified, honeyed loops of his debut EP Save Yourself, you might think you've unearthed some rare, early Portishead demo session. But you'd be mistaken, my friend. This chimerical creation was brought to life right here in the suburban confines of Barnard's mother's residence. Some parts were recorded straight from the white noise resonance of Barnard's iPhone.

South Florida music aficionados will remember Barnard from other projects. He was the one with the Dylan-esque 'fro who struck the gargantuan guitar licks for Jordy Asher's blues-infected garage rock creation Stone Fox (which later became Blond Fuzz and then morphed into Young Circles). He may have been quiet over the past few years since Jordy moved to the Big Apple and lucked upon working with Queen Bey, but Barnard has come back in a serious fashion with this little 4-song nugget of lo-fi mastery.

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South Florida's 10 Biggest Concerts This Fall and Winter

Categories: Heads Up

Neal Preston

It's that time again! The kids are back in school, you're not allowed to wear white, the taste of pumpkin lattes lingers on your palate and stores are already getting out their Christmas decorations.

Fall is in the air.

To make certain you celebrate this season properly, we have ten fantastic autumn musical events for you to mark on your calendars before you get too deep into the Halloween spirit.

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Stache's Mad Men the Party Is a Fantastic Idea

Categories: Heads Up


Some will say a Mad Men party is so 2007. People with shorter attention spans might prefer honoring a newer TV show maybe an Orange Is the New Black night where everyone is dressed in female prison garb or a True Detective evening where guests perform their best Matthew McConaughey impression. I applaud the promoters at Bar Stache for having a night saluting what is quite probably the greatest drama to ever air on television.

The venue is aiming to "transport you back in time to where men wore suits and class was at the top of the list. Well, right after bourbon and women of course," according to Stache's site. But as most of you know, Mad Men is more than fashion, it's a small screen phenomenon.

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Kiss Country 99.9 Power Happy Hour at America's Backyard Tonight

Categories: Heads Up

Photo by Mike Rice
America's Backyard
South Floridians too often forget that this country has much of its roots in Country. Heck, as last week's New Times interview made plain, even T-Pain is down with the twang.

Of course, the folks who hit the Davie Pro Rodeo stay in the know, as do those who tune-in to Kiss Country Radio. And starting this Friday, the family of friends behind America's Backyard wanna be sure you do too.

They're calling the new series the Kiss Country (that's 99.9 on the radio dial) Power Happy Hour, and New Times got ABY's own Elizabeth Furiati to fill us in.

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Jason Fitzroy Jeffers on His Film Papa Machete and the Art of Machete Fencing


Jason Fitzroy Jeffers has been a Renaissance man of sorts in South Florida. A musician and journalist, he recently changed his focus to filmmaking and his first official production, the short documentary Papa Machete has been steadily picking up momentum. This week it was officially selected for the Toronto International Film Festival's (TIFF) inaugural section of short international works, Short Cuts.

Concentrating on the life of farmer Alfred Avril, the movie explores his status as the last remaining master of tire machétt, a martial art created by slaves when combating Napoleon's armies, there is a poesy of protection and pragmatism as "the machete, which is both a weapon and a farmer's key to survival," transcends symbolism and hyperbole.

We spoke with Fitzroy about his experience with Third Horizon working on the film with the Borscht Corporation, Haiti and his latest musical endeavors.

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Lex One and Mike Beatz's One-Two Punch for their Upcoming Album No Prisoners


There's something to be said about a little hard work and how it never hurt anybody. Quite frankly, we think a little hard work can get you everywhere and anything.

Jamaican-American rapper Mike Beatz has created a notable production resume in his 25 years that includes T-Pain and Trina as well as releasing some thoroughly enjoyable mixtapes.

Lex One's blog Get That Paper Son (GTPS) is an ethos that transcends the clichéd ideology that hip-hop has unfortunately fallen into. It's not about the bling and the almost mandatory falling into the foils of the nouveau riche, it's about truly understanding and representing the culture.

In four short years, these guys, along with Pusher FM, managed to carve a niche in the rap world with their danceable and conscious racket as Wizard Sleeve.

Well, the sleeves are pulled and here's the next round of wizardry from these two in anticipation of their upcoming album No Prisoners.

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Five Reasons Phish Should Spend New Year's Eve 2014 in Miami

Ben Thacker

Eighteen thousand. That is about the maximum capacity for a little establishment in New York City called Madison Square Garden. Seventy-two thousand is the amount of people you can fit within the NYC institution in four days.

Four days is the average number of days in a Phish New Year's run.

Ten minutes. That is the average amount of time it takes Phish to sell all 72,000 tickets, every year for the past four years. And four is the number of years Phish has held a contract with Madison Square Garden to ensure a steady home for such a massive tradition.

The band has played the Garden more than 30 times, thanks to the famed New Year's run, with a few breaks in between to explore some other locales, including the American Airlines Arena (which holds 19,600 capacity with similar sellout times to the Garden) in 2003 and in 2009. Phish's brief encounters with the Miami kind went over like glow sticks at Ultra Music Festival and has left the rumor mill churning, "NYE in MIA?"

After hearing this multiple times this year on the road, I've dug up the top five reasons why phans are right to be buzzing with Miami lust.

See also: Photos of Phish at American Airlines Arena

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Summer Soundtrack Pop-Up Series Hits Fort Lauderdale Today

Categories: Heads Up

One minute it's a parking lot, the next, poof, it's a full-on concert, hosting some of South Florida's top musical acts with cocktails, swag bags, and all the fixings. That's the concept behind Summer Sountrack's weekly pop-up series, taking over secret locales in Fort Lauderdale this month. Pop-ups are instant yet so fleeting, like a killer summercamp romance that's over after the first french kiss.

Organized by Exposed PR and FAT Village media company C&I Studios, the weekly events kick off today and will take place every Thursday in August from 8 p.m. to 10p.m. Local singer-songwriter and Fort Lauderdale born and bred Phil Barnes has been tapped as the emcee and opening performer for each show.

"People are always complaining that there is nothing to do in Fort Lauderdale," tells Sara Shake, the driven dynamo who started Exposed PR four and a half years ago. "There's a ton of local talent and savvy young creative professionals in our area, we have the make up to create an interesting arts and entertainment scene right in Fort Lauderdale."

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