Motley Crue Final Farewell Tour Hits Hollywood, FL

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Press photo courtesy of the artist

Mötley Crüe is heading home sweet home. Well, home in the death sense. And yes, on this, their allegedly final tour, the "boys" are coming to South Florida, a place old folks have long used as their final abode.

As it turns out, one of the wildest bands of all time signed a "cessation of touring agreement" which is like the most Kevorkian way a group can disband and then never have to play "county fairs and clubs with one or two original band members," as Tommy Lee is quoted by CNN as saying.

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Nikki Sixx: "Lady Gaga Is Like Madonna on Steroids and Elton John With Boobs and High Heels"

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Monterey Club Reopens at Same Spot, January 18

Chris Bellus
Monterey Club has risen from the dead.

"I started the club on a wing and a prayer with no bar experience at all," Rob Stannard says of the beginnings of now-legendary Fort Lauderdale rockabilly watering hole Monterey Club. Though it shuttered its doors on New Year's Eve in 2011, its spirit powers on, and by the end of the month, the music and party will too with the Return of the Monterey Club.

The place is "back from the dead" with a grand reopening on January 18 in its old spot. "It was a labor of love for me," Stannard says, "and the friends I made in the three years I owned the MC made it all worth it." But, he adds, "As a new club owner, I made many mistakes."

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Ten Ways You Know You're Too Old for This Club

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Are you two wild and crazy guys? Two swinging foxes? Time for bed.

If you liked to party, you'll always like to party, at least a little. It's part of who you are. After all those years of sloshing cheap booze down your gullet and getting blasted on bass have integrated party-time into your actual physical being. Those flashbacks didn't come from nothing, and they ain't going nowhere.

These days though, you're feeling a little long in the tooth for a night out at tha club. There, where the walls shake and all those hormones make you feel funny, where penises are being brushed purposefully on your booty and no one shows up before midnight. If you're wondering if you are actually too elderly to be at a spot where people gather for fun and future fornication, we've got 10 ways here to know for certain.

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Karma Sushi Steakbar Brings Dinner and Dancing Together in a Whole New Way

Photo Courtesy
The latest trend in leading nightlife destinations isn't "bigger is better." Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York City are all taking a step back from the bombarding pulse of festival-style EDM and taking things to a more sophisticated plane.

Dinner clubs offer the grown-and-sexy crowd opportunities to start their night with delectable food and drink, then finish with stylish tunes and high-end cocktails, all without leaving the dance floor. Soon, south Florida's club-going elite will have the chance to experience the craze. But the place to be isn't in Miami, as you might guess - it's Boca's Karma Sushi Steakbar in Mizner Park.

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Music South Florida Can Look Forward to In 2014

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Sayre Berman
Stay tantric, Sting.

With the holidays over, a lot of people fall into a deep funk thinking there's nothing on the horizon. Not so. Our music calendar is brimming with excitement as we enter the middle section of our fair decade. So keep your chin up as we enter 2014 for the following sonic adventures awaiting South Florida's ears.

All release dates are subject to change and sincere apologies to the readers of last year's list for Dr. Dre's new album never arriving.

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Five Things You Don't Know About Jay Z

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Ian Witlen

You love the Jiggaman, but do you really know all about his greatness?

There are so many facets to Mr. Shawn Carter -- loving father, attentive husband, chart-topping rapper, business, man. And thanks to his all-angles hustle, Hova's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, was certified platinum before it even came out. Not bad for a boy who used to sell crack in Brooklyn, right?

Here are five more things you might not know about Jay Z.

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Jim Camacho Does It for the Kids in Nutcracker Musical Backstory The Mouse King

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For a quarter century, the ever-youthful, heck-no-I-don't-need-hair-dye singer/guitarist Jim Camacho has rocked South Florida's stages with a cheerful vigor and a melodic knack. His mother, the ever-present "Momma Camacho" nurtured the Goods -- the band Camacho led with his brother, John between 1987 and 1999 -- to the point that they signed several record deals on the strength of a song called "I'm Not Average."

The wellspring of optimism Mama Camacho instilled in Jim led him to a second career as a composer of kid's musicals. In the past two years, Camacho has shuttled back and forth between New York City and Miami in a whirlwind of kid's friendly entertainment activity.

In the Big Apple, Camacho collaborated on musical puppet shows for the Bronx Zoo with Sesame Street & Disney puppeteer/actor Noel MacNeal. MacNeal is best known for his Emmy-nominated portrayal of "Bear" on the Disney Channel show: Bear In The Big Blue House.

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Pawn Shop Lounge Set to Open in West Palm Beach in Dr. Feelgood's Location

The famed large yellow school bus that occupied a portion of the dance floor inside former downtown Miami hotspot, the Pawn Shop Lounge, will be rolling on up to Clematis Street come February. According to Pawn Shop's operating partner, Paul Brown, the rumors that have been reverberating across South Florida's nightlife world are true: The famously eclectic dance club will indeed be setting up shop in West Palm Beach.

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TOO//FUTURE Move Their Underground Sound to a "Proper Warehouse"

What do real, passionate music lovers do when faced with a scene marred by commercial interests and that no longer caters to their discerning tastes? They pool their resources, say "fuck this industry," and take matters into their own hands!

"We're doing it because we're really passionate about this music," said Gaurav "G" Khanna, one of five old-school bass heads who manage the monthly TOO//FUTURE parties. T//F aims to bring foundational dub sounds to those who seek a deeper, darker, more mysterious side of the dance-music scene.

The party has succeeded for about a year and a half at downtown Fort Lauderdale's Fat Cats. Now, it's making the move to a full-on, underground warehouse this Saturday, with a lineup that can't be experienced anywhere else in the Southern U.S.

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Yo! Flaunt Jams Blasts Ya Back to the '90s This Thanksgiving

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Village Voice

Back in the 1990s, we wore Blossom hats. That's right. And we rolled the sleeves up on our oversized T-shirts. We put on comically massive jeans called JNCOs and parted our hair so far over, that our comb-over gave our Uncle Jerry's a run for its two dollar bills.

Despite what they tell you these days, millennials, the '90s were hideous. They looked like we all just jumped into a Kmart craft section and rolled around. Some even reemerged from the pile with their overall shorts on backwards! Believe it.

This new '90s fashion trend definitely is a step up from the reality of that decade's look. But what we did have back then was vastly superior music.

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