Boynton Beach Arts District Monthly Art Walks Back On

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Monica McGivern

Boynton Beach Arts District's acclaimed monthly art walks will live to see many another day!

We hit up BBAD's outspoken leader Rolando Barrero yesterday and found him to be in great spirits about the outcome of his meeting with the City of Boynton Beach on Friday.

Barrero met with Boynton Beach's city manager as well as the chiefs of the police and fire departments last week and says he couldn't be more pleased with the resolution Boynton Beach's city leaders proposed to him about continuing the successful run of BBAD's art walks.

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Millionyoung Premieres Materia Tonight in Miami

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Just in time for the remaining lazy days of summer comes Materia. It's the newest, breezy, leisurely-paced electro effort by Coral Springs' Millionyoung. The EP comes out today on Brooklyn-based Old Flames Records and already received considerable blog love.

Millionyoung, and its creator Mike Diaz, is no stranger to the affection of music blogs of course, considering its first home-produced foray, Sunndreamm, caught the attention of discerning music arbitrators Pitchfork and Gorilla vs Bear, with little to no publicity push. Posted simply on Millionyoung's Tumblr, the record's hazy vocals and mid-tempo flow won over the hearts of music fans far and wide. It's led to Milionyoung being one of the first acts branded with the tongue-in-cheeck "chillwave" trademark.

Materia does nothing to detract from the relaxed vibes either. Its blissful atmospheric production comes off,well, as cool as sipping on a frozen concoction in the sweltering Florida sun.

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Rivers Debuts the Band and EP Today: "We're Shooting for the Moon"

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Tonight is a big deal for Danny Brunjes and his crew. It marks the long-awaited debut not only of his project, Rivers itself, but the band's first, eponymous release. Yeah, that's right, a double whammy. Friday is the act's first official gig, like, ever. We don't remember any local group in recent memory attempting to pull something like this off. We wondered if Brunjes and his band mates were nervous.

"Sure, it feels a little risky," Brunjes told New Times earlier this week while taking a break from his day job at FP&L. "We're shooting for the moon." In Rivers, Brunjes teams up with his former Under Every Green Tree band mates, drummer Jon Wagner and bassist Brent Ray, and adds a new collaborator in guitarist Eric Blythe. Brunjes said all of them are more excited than nervous. The quartet is content with the final product and eager to see the public's reception.

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City of Boynton Beach Shuts Down Popular Monthly BBAD Art Walk

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Four years ago, up-and-coming artist and gallery owner Rolando Barrero had a vision to turn a rundown industrial park west of 1-95 in Boynton Beach into a little artists' hub. Back in 2010, the area now known as the Boynton Beach Arts District consisted mainly of storage units that housed machinery, used carpets, and old car parts, with many units sitting empty. Since that time, Barrero has become a beacon for Palm Beach County's arts community with his brainchild, BBAD. Now housing ten artists, he transformed this unlikely spot into one of South Florida's leading artist enclaves north of Wynwood.

A key to BBAD's success has been its well-staged monthly art walks, which most recently received top honors as New Times' best art walk for Broward and Palm Beach counties. That's why we're scratching our heads at the news that the city decided to shut down this event.

Why would Boynton Beach prevent the continuation of this positive, vital event that's been making serious inroads in the arts community and bringing family-friendly events to an area that once stood drab and idle?

"Boynton Beach finally did something before Miami and Delray Beach: It banned its own signature, award-winning art walk. Go figure that one out," Barrero told New Times in an interview this morning. "Our art walk is the only event where all our studios are all open. It's our bread and butter, when we make the most sales and establish the most contacts."

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Corey Bost Displays Unrelenting Honesty in His Debut LP

Last year, little-known singer/songwriter Corey Bost was going through a difficult time in his life, dealing with deep family issues and broken relationships. To cope, this lifelong Fort Lauderdale native penned five songs that eventually became his debut EP, Kingdom. With nonexistent promotion and no marketing arm, Bost's collection of melancholic and cathartic songs somehow landed on iTunes' new and noteworthy page.

It was a freak occurrence that brought this unsuspecting musician a bit of notoriety. "I was going through a shitty time in my life and wrote these songs and released them myself, not really expecting much," Bost told New Times while taking a break from his day job as community event organizer for local event and media company C&I Studios.

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Caturday Saturday Masquerade Ball at Stache Celebrates Feline Love with the Cat Network

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Alex Markow
Honor this beast!

If you think you've got a better idea about what to do this Saturday than Caturday, you're fooling yourself, buddy. This third annual feline-friendly party is bringing whiskers and pretty pink noses to the space now known as Stache. Though the look has changed quite a bit since it was known as Green Room, the message is consistent: kitties matter!

The event supports the Cat Network -- the only people who'll call you back on a holiday if you find an abandoned or wounded kitten. These folks are amazing. They spay and neuter feral cats and are adopting out a few lovable little lions on Saturday. They'll be set up outside so that even if you're allergic, you can still come show your pawed pals you dig them.

This year's got a theme; it's a masquerade ball where you get champagne and a kitten mask at the door. There will be kitten burlesque (keep reading for details on this!), a photo booth, a Midnight Mar-Kat where you can get "cat swag." The hungry can munch on tuna sashimi from Sushi Song and crepes, art lovers will enjoy work by Jon Rice, literary sorts can grab a copy of the Kitten Empire Gazette, and for those who favor live music, there'll be tunes by the soulful Chloe Dolandis.

We got some tips on how to best love your four-legged, furry beast and the best reasons to attend Caturday by the kitty-obsessed organizers, Jonny Veo and Brando Garcia-Rovai.

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The Bachelor Hosts Casting Call at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek This Saturday

Courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Maybe you'll be the one who ends up with a hunk of a man like The Bachelor's season 17 Sean Lowe.

Ever wanted to find love as millions watch your every move on national TV?

Well, Saturday's your chance.

ABC's The Bachelor is hosting a casting call at the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek for all you lonely ladies (and dudes?) looking for Mr. Right.

"You have to be single, that's a starter!" laughs Lacey Pemberton, the reality show's casting director. "We're looking for women and men. We're not 100 percent sure who we're using for the bachelor yet."

"You also have to be willing to take a leap of faith," she adds. "Aside from that, there really aren't any requirements."

Except for the fact that you have to be over the age of 21, of course.

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Unit 1 Sessions Premieres Sweet Bronco's "Crush Crush"


We've had privilege of introducing you last week to Ketchy Shuby's "Key Elements of Life." It was the first in a series of videos shot live as part of Unit 1 Sessions, Jacques de Beaufort's visual and audio project. At his Lake Worth art space, in collaboration with Reel Tone Recordings, he systematically gathered the area's finest talents and filmed them performing live. It's like going to a concert, but you don't have to get out of bed, no one's spilling beer on you, or panting hungrily by your side, unless you have a dog.

This second in the series is the video for Sweet Bronco's "Crush Crush." Frontman, founder, and most steady member, Chris Horgan, has been around the Broward scene nearly forever. Born and bred in the area, he started playing traditional tunes like "Home on the Range" in preschool. "Somewhere in there, we learned the alphabet," he told County Grind in a 2012 interview, "but it was mostly music."

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Unit 1 Sessions Presents Ketchy Shuby's "Key Elements of Life": The Only Video You Must See Today


When I first caught Ketchy Shuby live in 2011, opening for Surfer Blood and the Spam Allstars, my eyes pulsed and my ears dilated. I remember looking around, just kind of being like, "These guys are maybe really good?!" It was a DWNTWN Concert Series on Biscayne Bay, and though the sun was shining and the crowd subdued, there was something about this band that called its sound "downtown soul." It jammed the stage full of some otherworldly energy that surprised, impressed, and funked.

At the time, frontman Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez had a ridiculously voluminous afro, but even with all that look, he seemed sort of inconspicuous until he opened his mouth and he became a superstar. The group's popularity has steadily grown since, with cool gigs at like Calle Ocho, Spin's 2013 South by Southwest showcase, and Radio-Active Records' Record Store Day.

The band recently linked up with Lake Worth artist and videographer Jacques de Beaufort to collaborate on a new video project, Unit 1 Sessions. The series records local musicians at de Beaufort's home/gallery, Unit 1. Before they met on set, the artist hadn't even heard of the band. But after experiencing them live, he admitted in an interview last week, de Beaufort is now a megafan. His mom even crushes on the singer.

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Unit 1 Sessions: Jacques de Beaufort's Lake Worth Gallery Gets Musical

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Photo by Don Fils

Right before we spoke, Jacques de Beaufort had just read the popular, amusing, and somewhat accurate phrase: "D.C. is L.A. for ugly people." This particularly struck a chord with the brains and brawn behind Lake Worth's art and music space Unit 1. Starting out in the District, he came to this sunny corner of the Earth in 2010 after attending grad school at CalArts outside Los Angeles. "You could be at a party and people are looking over your shoulder trying to find out who's more important to talk to," he explained, describing the similarity between the hip art scene in L.A.'s Chinatown and the not-at-all-hip political center.

Upon arriving in town for a full-time position at Palm Beach State College, it was clear that the pretension he was familiar with was lacking in PBC, as was some of the availability of quality art. "When I came out here, I quickly understood that there wasn't a scene like there is in Los Angeles. It feels like a cultural wasteland in many ways, but there are so many great things about South Florida."

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