Rodney Mayo on the Short Life of Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale

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Christina Mendenhall
Most of us did a double take when we read the news that the Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale was shuttering its doors and being sold only a year into its residency in the Himmershee district.

What could have gone wrong? Every time we were there to check out a gig, the place seemed packed, well, somewhat. Coupled with the Vagabond closing down south in Miami, we began to wonder what was going on at the Subculture Group. The Palm Beach County-based conglomerate headed by nightlife impresario Rodney Mayo had its hands in Vagabond and owned the Dubliner. Is this group of restauranteurs and nightclub purveyors facing hard times? Or perhaps they just dumping deadweight.

New Times caught up with the ever-industrious Mr. Mayo for a few minutes to get the scoop. Seems like the Dubliner in Fort Lauderdale didn't attract the right crowd Mayo had envisioned and the Vagabond, well its time had come and gone. Read our interview with Mayo after the jump.

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The Talent Farm Closes Doors After Nearly a Decade

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The Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines has unexpectedly been forced to close its doors following a dispute with a neighboring business. The all-ages venue, initially built by owner/operator Kevin Burns as a state-of-the-art recording and rehearsal studio with a larger room for showcase performances, has hosted shows for nearly a decade, provided a proving ground for generations of young bands and played an integral role in keeping South Florida's hardcore-punk scene thriving.

To break the proverbial fourth wall, I myself have been performing and seeing shows at the Talent Farm since it first opened its doors and can personally attest to what an absolutely selfless class act Kevin Burns has been over the years. An all-ages venue in the middle of a warehouse district in the swamps of Pembroke Pines never made for an easy business model -- particularly when housing the sort of violent shows that had become Burns' bread and butter -- yet he always fought through the lean times to provide a safe and welcoming home for a community that really had nowhere else to go.

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Radio-Active Records Kicks Off Monthly Vinyl Night RPM

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Wax on wax on wax! Tomorrow night, Radio-Active Records revamps its monthly vinyl night with RPM.

It'll be held the last Thursday of each month and feature a wide array of DJs spinning a mix of new and classic records from several genres -- all in vinyl.

Radio-Active's co-owner Mikey Ramirez tells New Times that he's been trying to resurrect the popular wax night for a while and just now has gotten the chance.

"We were doing it for a bit about a year ago, focusing on 'boutique' (i.e. Factory, 4AD, etc.) labels and while it was fun, the night sort of fizzled out due to lack of promotion and other variables," said Ramirez about the defunct all-vinyl night.

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The Nine Best Concerts to Catch This Summer

Alex Markow
Mad Decent Block Party returns with more of this.

Sticklers will tell you summer doesn't start until June 21. These are probably the same people who don't believe in global warming. The sweat on the back of your shirt and the daily storms tell you summer is already here and if the weather isn't enough proof for the changing of the season, the intense musical line-ups already hitting South Florida will.

Here are some musical events that will cool you down during the hottest months.

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Ten Musical Acts from Woodstock That Still Tour

Categories: Heads Up

Sayre Berman

"Never trust anyone over thirty" was the motto of the Woodstock generation.

But now, 45 years after the legendary Woodstock Music & Art Fair, we still trust many of the musicians who performed on that stage to entertain us. While those musicians might currently be self-loathing, as they are on the wrong side of thirty, here are ten acts you can still enjoy in a live venue of peace, love, and happiness, many of which have come to town recently, or are planning to soon.

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Black Fridays Return to Fort Lauderdale: "It Feels Like Home"

Ian Witlen

Sure everyone's bummed about the closing of venerable downtown Miami indie haunt Vagabond, but this bad news comes with a bit of a silver lining for those of us north of the Golden Glades Interchange. Popular darkwave night Black Fridays will be making a move back to the Fort Lauderdale place of its inception.

Event organizer Mike Linder (aka DJ Lindersmash, New Times Reader's Choice DJ of the Year in 2012 and 2013) relocated the Gothic-leaning shindig down to Miami about a year ago, leaving Fort Lauderdale black-wearing masses without a place to rub elbows on Friday nights. Don't worry Mike, we ain't mad at you. Fort Lauderdale is ready to welcome you back with open arms.

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Hearing Damage: The Rat Opera Brings Dialogue and Song to the Life of Rat Bastard

The logo.

Rob Elba and Brian Franklin have gathered a large and notable cast of local musicians turned actors to perform their rock show Hearing Damage: The Rat Opera. The band -- which also includes Russell Mofsky, Andre Serafini, and William Trev -- started warming up with some Led Zeppelin last Wednesday night during its penultimate practice. They played with big, childlike smiles on their faces. The room was filled with song and laughter, more than a dozen old friends creating together and consuming a decent amount of beer, orzo salad, and sushi in the process.

Next week, they perform the rock opera inspired by the life of noise legend Frank Falestra, AKA Rat Bastard, onstage at Fort Lauderdale's Cinema Paradiso. Rat Bastard has helped guide the Miami music scene for three decades. He's recorded just about every local band or act that's come through town, and he's known as the mastermind behind Scraping Teeth (Spin magazine's worst band in America circa 1993), Laundry Room Squelchers, and the annual International Noise Conference at Churchill's Pub.

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Pawn Shop Lounge Opens Tonight; We Scored Preview Photos!

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Ian Witlen

Tonight, the formerly bumping and alarmingly kitsch downtown Miami club Pawn Shop is opening its doors again in West Palm Beach. The old place was housed in an actual pawn shop and was very much one of the the finest club spots in South Florida for many years, hosting some of the wildest, most memorable parties. We remember going to its opening night and getting silly on free Bacardi, mesmerized by the active halfpipe out back. Now, it's a parking lot for the Arsht Center. But in its new spot at the former Dr. Feelgoods at 219 Clematis St., there's no chance Pawn Shop'll meet the same fate twice.

We were fortunate enough to catch a sneak peek of this newest Palm Beach County venue last night, the eve before the club opens to the public. We'll be reviewing tonight's opening and, thus, likely see you there. But to whet your palette beforehand, here are the preview photos of the seriously eye-catching, brand-spanking-new Pawn Shop.

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DJs Donnie Lowe and Michael Gin Emerge from "Rave Cave" to Launch New Night, Soundbox, in Fort Lauderdale

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Michael Ignition Photography

This Sunday, from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., Sandbar Fort Lauderdale will be hosting an all new party, Soundbox. The promoters promise it will be heavenly madness.

Top billing of the no cover festivities belongs to Lost Pieces, which is made up of DJ Donnie Lowe and Michael Gin. Lowe came from the house and techno side of things while Gin was more into trance. They bonded while doing a remix together for Carlo Gambino on Over Recordings and thought Lost Pieces was a perfect name considering their disparate influences ('90's hip-hop aside).

New Times caught up with DJ Donnie Lowe, the publication's reigning title holder of best DJ in Broward and Palm Beach, to ask what we could expect on Sunday and what music is currently making him whole.

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Tate's Comics Is Expanding Its Original Location

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Ian Witlen

Tate's Comics, the original Lauderhill massive headquarters for all things comic-book-related, is currently growing even more enormous.

Walls have been struck to expand the location by 3,400 square feet, making it bigger than Giant Man, The Blob, and possibly Godzilla at more than 10,000 square feet. Tate Ottati, the store's owner, believes this will put the store as one of the five largest in the country. Ottati told County Grind the new space will make room for "more boutique displays of individual titles and lines like The Walking Dead, Fables, and DC's New 52. We'll also have more space for accessories like T-shirts from Fine Print, socks, hats, and weird goggles, like the new Harry Potter ones we just got."

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