Kulcha Shok Brings House of Reggae to Boston's in Delray Every Monday

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Mark Longnecker

Regular old weeknights don't have to be boring. House of Reggae at Delray's Boston's on the Beach, hosted by Kulcha Shok Muzik, makes sure of that. The label's head DJ Lance-O is keeping things irie and bumping in Palm Beach County every Monday night.

With no cover for ladies from 9 to 11 p.m. and plenty of fine drink specials, there's no reason for you to continue your diligent but uneventful Netflix routine.

For the past eight years, the weekly party has been consistent, featuring reggae cover band Rhythmation for most of the evening and DJ Lance-O spinning a variety of Caribbean-style tracks before and in between live performances. The band itself has played Boston's for 20 years. Rhythmation has transitioned from playing straight reggae to incorporating a wide range of genres in its act, including soca and dancehall. This attracts everyone from islanders to the Caribbean curious.

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You Think You Know T.I., But You Have No Idea

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Sayre Berman
T.I. is so much more than he appears.

Not all rappers are versatile. Many speak on what they know and play it creatively safe. Or, if you're Rick Ross, you make up a fantasy and sell that. There's a standard formula in the game -- the rise up from the streets to a subsequent lavish life in the limelight.

T.I. fits this mold. Born in the projects? Check. Hustled growing up? Check. Rap sheet? Check. Jail time? Check, twice. His lyrics involve money and fame and garner him street cred. He represents Bankhead, Atlanta, and P$C. T.I. could just be another variable in the hip-hop formula, but he actually transcends the stereotypes.

The Grammy-winning artist is versatile -- if not as a rapper then as a human being. He's a businessman and a storyteller. He's an author and an actor. He's an actual lifesaver (including of Scott Stapp). There's a lot you probably don't know about T.I. And we're here to help with that.

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DJ Woozles Will Wake Up Hollyweird

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DJ Woozles is certainly special enough for Hollyweird, Florida.

There's good food, good bars, and full-band karaoke that makes a night in downtown Hollywood a great time. There's also weird all over that city, most especially all around Young Circle.

But is there anything really, really interesting? Cheap Miami, with the help of DJ Woozles (AKA Frankie Guzman of Jolt Radio), is looking to make that answer a resounding yes.

Woozles is set to appear for two DJ sets this month, the first on January 14 at PRL Euro bar. The second will be January 23, with the Bearings playing as well.

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For the Love Festival Announces Inaugural Lineup

C&I Studios
Kids is one of the headlining acts at For the Love.

When you ask people who work in comedy or the arts what compels them to do so, they almost always answer with: "for the love of it." Why else would you slog along in near-poverty, spending every spare cent on equipment or supplies, or drive absurd distances to perform at a remote standup night? It's about love. Plain and simple.

This year, idea agency C&I Studios and Exposed PR are taking that passion and channeling it into a huge, full-day concert titled For the Love Festival. The event, which features more than 30 live acts, takes place on February 7 in Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village. The inaugural nonlocal headliner is indie Lakeland band Copeland, which released its sixth album, Ixora, this past November.

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Ten Must-See Concerts Coming to Broward and West Palm Beach in 2015

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Laura June Kirsch

The future is so close; at least the future Marty McFly time-traveled to with his flying DeLorean in Back to the Future 2.

Yes, 2015 was the setting of the far-off future in the 1989 sequel that seemed so far away that Zemeckis imagined we'd have skateboards that defy gravity, shoes that could tie themselves, and the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series.

While these predictions may never come to fruition, we figured out ten concerts planned for 2015 in Broward and Palm Beach counties that you can count on in the future, with or without hoverboards.

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Brad Paisley, the Band Perry Headline 2015 KISS Country Chili Cook-off

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Michele Eve Sandberg

Each year, KISS Country 99.9 FM brings out the country in Broward County with its wild and weird Chili Cook-off. Not that that's a terribly difficult feat; BroCo loves its cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats more than even its flip-flops and snapbacks. It is the most Southeast bastion of twang this good nation's got.

Last year's Cook-off was summed up most eloquently by singer Thomas Rhett, who -- after belting out Garth Brooks' "Low Places" to the delight of the crowd -- said, "This is like the funnest concert I've ever been to!" Other big names in the genre that appeared in 2014 included West Palm gal and The Voice winner Cassadee Pope and the pop-country superstars of Rascal Flatts.

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Green Panther Record Swap with Live Music and Vegan Treats at Jump the Shark

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James Argyropoulos

When you become an adult, there are certain childhood beliefs you need to reassess -- like leafy green vegetables taste like total garbage or thrift stores, yards sales, and flea markets are all dank and dusty places that your grandparents drag you to on the weekends during prime cartoon time.

"You know, flea markets, when you're younger, they're dirty and gross," says Green Panther Press Flea Market organizer Peter Kowalsky. "And now, as an old person, I am so unimpressed with 'new' stuff."

Kowalsky and his wife Erin (who both operate South Florida vegan zine and merchandise collective Green Panther Press with friend Bart Seltzer) are - with a handful of others - changing the perception of flea markets, one rare first pressing of a Cro-Mags 7" at a time.

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Most WTF Florida Music Moments of 2014

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Miami-Dade Corrections

Enough with the Florida jokes, America. We get it. We come across as a little trashy on the internet.

Yeah, we give our sexual predators $3 million lottery checks and occasionally store crack pipes in our butts. And sure, we have a perpetual hankering for some home-cooked meth and Colombia's finest nose candy. But we like to think of our approach to crime as creative. And as far as the drugs, if you don't like to party, you don't have to come over.

What follows here are some of the most WTF music moments that took place in our sunny state in 2014. You might say with a shiver when reading them: "What the F, Florida?" But when we locals reminisce about our crazy times, we think, "Aw, baby. You so crazy." And then take a hearty bump and keep on dancing. Here it goes.

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ONE Caribbean Music Festival Brings Dancehall, Soca, Konpa, and Reggae to Lauderhill

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Jason Handelsman

If wining to dancehall after stuffing yourself with fried conch is your idea of an irie way to spend a weekend, then you're in luck.

ONE Caribbean Music Festival is heading to Central Broward Regional Park this Saturday and Sunday, presenting an array of the foods and musical styles that originate in the islands just south of us.

This fest is all about celebrating the diversity and the oneness of the Caribbean. To us, that sounds like a lot of dancing, laughing and chomping on jerk chicken by Scotchies.

Expect to hear sounds from all sorts genres too, after the jump, check out the full lineup for the weekend and the range of genres presented.

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Five Must-See Acts of Jingle Ball 2014

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Photo by Sayre Berman

As children ready themselves for the tinkling of Santa's sleigh bells, tweens, their pop-obsessed older siblings, and crop-top-wearing parents are anticipating another kind of holiday sound: the upbeat jazziness of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" performed live.

Jingle Ball is ringing its way into town again and bringing a slew of new acts with it. We're talking popular music at its broadest, presented in a massive arena with glow sticks for the kiddies and double vodka sodas for the oldies. There's Calvin Harris' electronic dance beats, the frat-rap of Jake Miller, and the crooning of British sensation Jessie J.

But this Y100- and iHeartRadio-hosted event has more in store than the above-named stars. Proceeds from the show benefit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which builds media centers in hospitals to help heal the sick through music. And on this December 21 at the BB&T Center, after the tour has traveled through L.A., New York, and Chicago, you can catch these five must-see acts at the 2014 edition of Jingle Ball.

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