ONE Caribbean Music Festival Brings Dancehall, Soca, Konpa, and Reggae to Lauderhill

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Jason Handelsman

If wining to dancehall after stuffing yourself with fried conch is your idea of an irie way to spend a weekend, then you're in luck.

ONE Caribbean Music Festival is heading to Central Broward Regional Park this Saturday and Sunday, presenting an array of the foods and musical styles that originate in the islands just south of us.

This fest is all about celebrating the diversity and the oneness of the Caribbean. To us, that sounds like a lot of dancing, laughing and chomping on jerk chicken by Scotchies.

Expect to hear sounds from all sorts genres too, after the jump, check out the full lineup for the weekend and the range of genres presented.

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Five Must-See Acts of Jingle Ball 2014

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Photo by Sayre Berman

As children ready themselves for the tinkling of Santa's sleigh bells, tweens, their pop-obsessed older siblings, and crop-top-wearing parents are anticipating another kind of holiday sound: the upbeat jazziness of Pharrell Williams' "Happy" performed live.

Jingle Ball is ringing its way into town again and bringing a slew of new acts with it. We're talking popular music at its broadest, presented in a massive arena with glow sticks for the kiddies and double vodka sodas for the oldies. There's Calvin Harris' electronic dance beats, the frat-rap of Jake Miller, and the crooning of British sensation Jessie J.

But this Y100- and iHeartRadio-hosted event has more in store than the above-named stars. Proceeds from the show benefit the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which builds media centers in hospitals to help heal the sick through music. And on this December 21 at the BB&T Center, after the tour has traveled through L.A., New York, and Chicago, you can catch these five must-see acts at the 2014 edition of Jingle Ball.

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Flo Rida Named Grand Marshal for Winterfest Boat Parade

George Martinez

Flo Rida once boasted "Club Can't Handle It," but the Winterfest Boat Parade certainly can.

This Friday at 6 p.m., the Hard Rock Casino will host an invite-only ceremony in which Flo Rida will be named grand marshal of the boat parade while also being given a key to the city by the Fort Lauderdale mayor, Jack Seiler.

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Ebola Riddim Artist Mavado Hit Up West Palm Recently

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By Jessie Schiewe

Since the summer, news about the ebola outbreak in West Africa has infiltrated everything from the news to pop culture. The music industry is no exception. Artists have voiced their thoughts and opinions (as well as conspiracy theories) on Twitter and other social media networks and rapper Cam'ron has even started selling "ebola masks" (basically, surgical masks screen-printed with a photo of the rapper in a pink fur hat).

It's no surprise then that songs have also been written about the disease. According to the website, Rap Genius, as the number of ebola cases has risen, so too has the number of song lyrics mentioning the disease.

In the month of October alone, the website received 23 song submissions (in five different languages) referencing ebola. Both unknowns and big name artists, like Chris Brown, YG, T.I., Childish Gambino and Lupe Fiasco, have woven the word into their songs, rhyming it with everything from "Ricola" and "Range Rover" to "quota" and "Coca Cola."

But none of these artists have actually dedicated an entire album to the virus, until now.

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Squeegee Science Celebrating Relaunch of Printing Shop

Ashley Turner
Brett Wilkin at a live printing at Funky Buddha

In 2008, Brett Wilkin found himself replacing a turntable with a squeegee.

Renting a flatbed truck and leasing a small shared warehouse in Fort Lauderdale with some old equipment from his dad, he abandoned his electronic music career after feeling the pull of his father's old business and decided to open his own screen printing shop.

Seven years later, Squeegee Science has gone through a serious overhaul, moving into a bigger space downtown and expanding its team. Wilkin is now flanked by local artist and screen printer Lowell Donofrio, also known as Jinx Remover, and Wilkin's fiancée and business partner, Betsey Denberg.

Tonight, the Squeegee Science team is throwing a "relaunch extravaganza" for their family, close friends and customers to celebrate their success. "This party is about moving into a new era for the business, or as we calling it, a relaunch," Wilkin says. "While the night is partially about us, it's mostly about letting our customers know how much we appreciate their business."

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10 Must-See Bands at Bear Creek Music Festival 2014

TAUK is one of the must-see acts.

On November 13, the Spirit of Suwannee Park in Live Oak, Florida, once again has been taken over by swirling lights, smiling faces, dancin' feet, and a whole hell of a lot of funk.

It's time again for the Bear Creek Music And Art Festival. Four days just jam-packed with some of the finest bands and musicians around, from huge names in the jam band world like Umphrey's McGee to living legends like Pee Wee Ellis and George Porter Jr. And though those are just some of major acts. Bear Creek has a stable of "artists-at-large" who aren't necessarily performing with a band and can just take the stage with any band at any time. It's that kind of variety and excitement that has kept Bear Creek going as one of the most interesting festivals Florida has to offer.

And with so much going on, it can be hard to pick and choose which sets to catch to make your time more magical. So here, we present a list of ten must-see acts from this year's line up.

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The Five People You Meet at MoonFest 2014

Ian Witlen

West Palm Beach's coolest ghouls will be crawling along Clematis Saturday night, drinks in hand and ready to party. It's already time for MoonFest again, the city's annual Halloween block party that results in a fair amount of hubbub, smooching, and booze-flinging while dancing.

With 20 bands and DJs on three stages and a Silent Disco area, MoonFest certainly won't have a shortage of sounds. However, we know you'll probably be too distracted creating your three boob-ed Florida lady costume to actually figure out which act to see by the time you arrive. So we here at County Grind kindly compiled a simple guide for the fest. We matched which kinda Halloweener you are with which bands are playing, so you can easily meet up with those of similar tastes and interests.

Here are the five people who will definitely be at MoonFest this year.

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Bring Tissues to Downtown Dana's Going Away Bash Tonight at O'Shea's

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People often move to South Florida on a whim, for the sunshine, the beach bods, the 24-hour sloppy, sandy makeout seshes. They also usually leave just as quickly, barely leaving a wake as they zoom out of town on their selfish jet skis.

Dana Krangel is not one of those sunburnt energy vampires. Though the New Times scribe and West Palm nightlife connoisseur, otherwise known as Downtown Dana, is hot-tailing it out of town, she's definitely left her mark on this scene and continues to as she plans her next move to Berkley, California. Tonight, she's hosting her own going away party at O'Shea's with three female-fronted bands.

"Downtown West Palm has been ridiculously kind to me over the past four years," Krangel says, "and the opportunities I had here have changed me in the best possible way. Palm Beach County is a great place to live and party and, most importantly, see a show."

Though many may argue that statement, the truth is, in her time here, Krangel placed a bright spotlight on the 561 scene, time and again, showing the world that WPB has live music worth experiencing.

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Torche Turns Ten Years Old at Churchill's Pub This Thursday

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In 2004, Rick Smith was 19 years old. He was a drummer with a penchant for chaotic hardcore, playing in South Florida outfits like Tyranny of Shaw and Concrete Evidence -- but none tested his mettle quite like Torche.

"Torche changed the way I thought of the term 'heavy'," says Smith. Steve Brooks, seasoned guitarist and singer for the South Florida band, was the force that truly altered Rick's perception of hard tunes. Playing in bands for 10 years before Torche, Brooks had a considerate ear for lone, unassuming riffs that made even the Beatles heavy, if only for a few measures.

He introduced Rick to aktionist, percussion-based tracks from groups like Crash Worship, whose primitive toms brought chills up his teenage spine. Suddenly "heavy" became much more than obvious, abrasive grind, and today, Torche's colorful development epitomizes that subtle weight.

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Blowfly's Tour Diary: Fighting Keylor Navas in Costa Rica and Saving Blowfly's Home


Help Blowfly save his house! Give to the Indiegogo campaign by 3 a.m. tonight (midnight PST).

The following is an account of the strangest routed tour in my 10 years with Blowfly through San Jose, Costa Rica to Baltimore, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Long Branch, New Jersey, Seattle, and in Canada, Victoria and Vancouver. While those three segments make sense on their own, you'd pretty much need to be on mushrooms to put them together on purpose. Or be in charge of the Weird World of Blowfly

July 31: My wife and I meet Blowfly at his Burger King of choice on NW 36 Street and 27 Ave. He's in a good mood, eating his pancakes. Tomorrow, we're playing his first ever show in Latin America. As he has lived at the gateway to Latin America for 55 years, this was a hole we're all thrilled to be filling.

Unfortunately, Clarence's mood and mine took a severe turn when the clerk checking us in at curb at American Airlines has taken it upon himself to flag Clarence, an international traveler for many decades, for having an unusable passport. Citing an $10,000 fine he fears Costa Rica will hit the airline with if he lets a dirty rapper pass with a dirty passport for them to do dirty and deport.

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