Broward and Palm Beach County's 4/20 Party Guide

Photo by Molly Bergen
Happy 4/20!

Medical marijuana may not be legal in Florida just yet, but that doesn't mean pot enthusiasts everywhere won't smoke their brains out on 4/20.

So in celebration of National Smoke-Out Day, we've provided you with some of the best herb parties going down in BroCo and Palm Beach.

Now go puff and be merry.

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This Is The Music Your Pot Dealer Loves

Wait...what were we talking about?
One of the most oft-explored weed stereotypes deals with the inescapable small talk that comes with committing the USA's favorite non-violent, increasingly-legal crime.

"What do you mean?" balks a utilitarian. "You show up. You spit out an amount and some dollars. And you leave."

Ah! Anyone who has ever copped knows that patrons are forced -- between each of those seemingly innocuous phases -- to free improv converse with black market clerks with whom they likely have little in common with besides, well, dope.

Some would argue this situation is one of the foremost reasons decriminalization and/or legalization need(s) to happen, like, yesterday. But County Grind advocates a more humanistic approach to your purchase of marijuana.

Don't you think its time you started considering your dealer and their chit-chat as something more than a necessary hurdle to overcome in order to obtain that which you most desire? Haven't you ever stopped to wonder, "Hey! I wonder what kind of music my pot dealer loves?"

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Ten TV Show Characters Who Were Obviously Stoners

Alf TV Fan Forum
It still blows my mind when I hear the word "shit" on basic cable. It wasn't that long ago that the television censors were Puritanical. There was no cursing, no nudity (partial or otherwise), and there was no recreational drug use. If marijuana ever showed up, it was in an extra special episode that warned of the dangers of the devil's weed and ended with a public service announcement from Nancy Reagan or Kirk Cameron about how you should just say no.

But the inhabitants in many show's writer rooms had other thoughts on the subject. Under wisp in smoked out rooms, subversive writers created characters who were potheads that we never actually saw partaking in said substance. Here are the ten most obvious stoners in television history who never smoked pot on camera.

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Ten Musicians Who've Been Busted with Marijuana

World-Telegram staff photographer

If Colorado and Washington are the way of the future, weed will soon be decriminalized everywhere. But until that day comes, rock stars are going to be busted for having it on their person. It's happened since the dawn of rock n' roll. So many of our most famous and beloved musicians have spent a night on lockdown for holding the reefer. Here are ten of the most interesting cases.

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Cheech Marin on Cheech & Chong: "We Couldn't Be Censored"


Cheech Marin began our telephone conversation with a loud, sustained yawn. At the moment it took me off guard, but as I kept replaying the interview to type up the transcript the yawn became funnier and funnier each time. That shouldn't be a surprise. Cheech is a man who knows how to make people laugh. It's why he was cast as Hurley's Dad in Lost. It's why they use his voice for characters in animated films like the Lion King and Cars. It's why director Robert Rodriguez has him in nearly every movie he shoots.

But Cheech has always been his funniest when paired with Tommy Chong. If Cheech & Chong did not invent the idea of stoner comedy, they clearly perfected it. Combining absurdity with hedonism in their nine classic comedy albums and a series of feature films highlighted by Up In Smoke, they set the blueprint for all other drug humor to follow. Reuniting with Tommy Chong for what's being billed as their first comedy tour in over 25 years that hits Hard Rock Live December 15, to fundraise for Broward House, South Florida's "oldest and largest HIV/AIDS Community Service organization." Cheech Marin took a moment to speak with the New Times about Frank Zappa, singing on stage, and The Ed Sullivan Show.

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Hollow Leg: "Florida Is Home. It Is the Swamp. It Is the Abyss."

Garrett Elkins Photography

Bred in Massachusetts and tempered in Florida's sun, Hollow Leg started off as a duo with original members Brent and Tim. When reviewing their first full-length effort, Instinct, I once wrote: "There is nothing imaginary about where these two dudes store their energy. Nah, the hollow leg here refers to the actual hadron collider of doom sludge and booze these guys bring forth." The addition of Junior Bruce's Tom and Scott multiplied the heaviness of this band by a hundred.

Operating somewhere between Jacksonville and Deland, Hollow Leg is a great friend of South Florida and its metal scene. With the recent release of the formal four-piece's Abysmal, we had a chance to catch up with Brent on what it means to add members to their act, South Florida bands they love, and the passing of Junior Bruce's Brett Tanner.

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Top Ten Stoners You'll Meet at a Dave Matthews Concert

Sayre Berman
Does Dave detect the scent of a joint in motion?

If you're in a large group of people listening to the Dave Matthews Band, the law of probability states that you and everyone within hearing distance will likely be participating in a little traditional peace-pipe action. It's just a matter of time before the percussive chimes and fluttering saxophone inspire those lighters to flicker as you warm up your favorite glass piece. When DMB comes to West Palm Beach this week, your best defense against bros and mosquitoes is definitely a little crackling Mary Jane.

Standing barefoot in the grass, coughing while the band works itself into a jazzy jam frenzy, you may end up feeling a little paranoid from the sticky crippy you procured from a guy in the parking lot. So that you know you're not alone and no one is actually a narc, here is a rundown of five types of stoners you're likely to encounter on your date with Dave.

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Ten Songs That Could Be Used in Marijuana Commercials

The Simpsons
It's coming. Medical marijuana is legal in California. Colorado has decriminalized it. It's only a matter of time before marijuana is legal throughout this fine land.

Like any other product for sale, those in charge of slinging weed are going to need commercials to sell their wares. Fortunately, popular music has been singing love songs to marijuana for the last fifty years. Here are ten that are totally ready to be used as ad jingles for that gooey, green ganja.

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Gun Hoes Embrace the South Florida Sleaze: "It's Really About Fun for Us"

gun hoes ian witlen.jpg
Ian Witlen
If a band could sound like a drunken sex party on the beach, the Gun Hoes are it.

Busting out song after song of surf-tinged, fuzzed-out garage punk, singer/guitarist Gabe Miranda, drummer Anthony Hernandez, and one of a few bass-playing friends, get the late-night crowds dancing all over Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

The rock and roll duo have known each other for about six years. The most significant pre-band memory Miranda remembers is of Hernandez showing up to high school "randomly" wearing a Winnie The Pooh costume. The great irony of that is he spends a lot of time behind the set shirtless, representing those of us with a healthy field of chest hair.

The hair may or may not speak for the band, and who knows what its visibility says, but Hernandez bares it on the cover of their jangling 2012 EP, 1%er. Miranda promises a new album is coming this summer, and says the month-old single "Satisfy Me" is proof that he's got a whole lot of songs written that just need to be recorded.

The Gun Hoes are one of 19 South Florida bands playing the Block x Blog festival in Fort Lauderdale on April 20. Winnie The Pooh won't be behind the drums, but the meaning of the term "cock rock" is probably going to be redefined once or twice.

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Five Reasons Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Should Start Selling Weed in Florida

Bone Thugs and Harmonizer Flesh-N-Bone needs to move to Florida, join the legalization movement, "fill 'em on up with the icky, sticky," and then bathe in money.
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony didn't just invent the quick-tongued R&B-rap style that spawned a thousand A$APs and Kendrick Lamars.

They are also one of the most 420 friendly ensembles in the history of hip-hop. All rappers love weed. But none with the insatiability of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, who would smoke their own mothers if they heard it would get them high.

Until then, thuggish ruggish affiliate Flesh-N-Bone has developed his own strain of weed, dubbed "Phifty Caliber Kush," to be sold at dispensaries in states where medicinal marijuana is legal. As experts in narco-trafficking pop stars, we think that if Flesh is serious about starting his herbal investment, it's high time the rapper brought that ish to Florida. Here are five reasons Bone Thugs and Flesh-N-Bone should slang trees in the Sunshine State. More »

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