Amy Fiddler, Former Indie Record Label Entrepreneur Publishes Debut Novel About "the Ultimate Music Fan"

Emily Shur, compliments of the author

Amy Fleisher Madden, better known to South Florida's punk scene as Amy Fiddler, began a strange journey into self-publication and independent record label operating at the tender age of 16. Her fanzine, Fiddler Jones was indicative of the pop punk '90s with a Cometbus-styled bend that balanced band interviews, reviews, and personal musings with humorous anecdotes about the scene strewn about for good measure.

From the fledgling upstart, undoubtedly fabricated during the heydays of the Office Depot "honor system," Fleisher went on to found Fiddler Records in 1996 that released records by local favorites the Vacant Andys, Milkshed, and the Agency as well as national heavy-hitters like New Found Glory, Dashboard Confessional, and Juliette Lewis & the Licks.

It's been many years since her hectic teenage years as an entrepreneur and Fleisher has reinvented herself first into the world of advertising and more recently back into the world of publication -- armed with her first novel A Million Miles. We had a chance to discuss her past and the book. And while she might no longer be a local resident, this local girl done good, is proud of her South Florida roots.

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Three Women Artists to Catch This Weekend in Fort Lauderdale


We're all emerging from Art Basel fatigue, again, wide-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready for more visuals. And just in time, too, since a new gallery warehouse space is popping up this Friday just a few minutes outside of FAT Village. Presented by Pyramid Collective and Intuit Media Group, the opening will feature around 15 artists, including many you've read about right here. For instance, the show includes work from skateboarder collagist Chris Piller, whose pieces draw heavily from Basquiat, David Hockney, and Warhol, as well as painter and sculptor Jack Kearney, the man who, as the owner of '90s spot Squeeze, is pretty much responsible for any semblance of a scene this city enjoys today.

But because we don't get to highlight Broward County female artists as much as we'd like -- the Bubble's annual grrly art show notwithstanding -- we've compiled profiles of the three kickass ladies presenting work at Friday's show. We think their stuff would make excellent presents this holiday season.

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Shroud Eater's Jean Saiz and Janette Valentine Put Metal in Its Place

Ian Witlen

It is not easy to be a woman these days. It actually has never been, but within this codex, we'll tackle only the auspices of male-driven muzicks. South Florida, always leading the charge when it comes to progressive, out-of-the-box (no jokes there, please) thinking, is the proud witness to the juggernaut that is Shroud Eater. Arguably one of the better metal outfits on the landscape right now, this three-piece is more than just a "chick band."

And I don't mean that drummer Felipe Torres is not one of the better skin-beaters in the game right now; I just mean our convo with him will come later. Right now, we'll bask in the full glory of the gals on guitar and bass -- twin tornadoes creating a perfect mobile-home holocaust wherever their amps are plugged in. A barren community of satisfied faces and the occasional smirk of cock-fueled assurance time will prove wrong.

These ladies rock. They rock hard. If I could retrofit the world to agree, we would've all known that already. But it don't matter. They don't mince words; they don't cut corners. They work hard. Happy should we the living be who can say we've borne witness to the proper natural order.

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Pocket of Lollipops' Maitejosune Urrechaga: "I Always Had a Riot Grrrl Mentality"

Anthony Diaz
Live at Sweat
Maitejosune Urrechaga is a South Florida artist working in so many creative areas, that there's too many to mention in this intro: comic books, films, novels. She is perhaps best known as the "better half" of Miami's Pocket of Lollipops, a husband and wife outfit where she plays bass and shares vocal duties with her husband drummer Tony Kapel.

The duo has been instrumental in merging South Florida's stuffy art scene with a spunkier, all-fun, no-gloom attitude. The aural results are an art-punk, danceable, no wave sound that glistens in the diabetic saccharine glory of power-pop. New Times has spoken to her hubby in the past, but on the release of their latest 7" record, Letters to Larrup, we decided to check in with Urrechaga. She revealed plans for an upcoming sonic blowout set in Horse Country, gave insights into keeping a marriage successful, and spoke about her affections for the Grateful Dead.

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Indigo Girls Come Closer to Fine at Culture Room on March 26

Indigo Girls
Like any philosophy, political ideology, or school of thought, feminism isn't really a single, stable concept but more refers to a spectrum of ideas and beliefs about the role gender and sex play in human life and if they even exist in the first place.

If we were to further describe this spectrum but (for some reason) were allowed to speak only in terms of music from the 1960s forward, we might establish twin poles anchored by North American girl power appropriators the Spice Girls on one end and quintessential riot grrl progenitors Bikini Kill on the other.

Somewhere in between Baby Spice's hypersexed doublespeak and Kathleen Hannah's poetry about armpit hair -- just left of the Dixie Chicks, with a soulful smidgen of the South (verses the Chicks' Texan 'tude) -- lie the Indigo Girls. More »

Hate Music and Pan con Lechón-Eating, Pembroke Pines Neo-Nazis

Maybe if it said "ENGLISH ONLY, PLEASE"

Regardless of what rumors you've heard, or the excessive and rather inane coverage we give inconsequential humans like the Kardashians, the Wests (and their upcoming hybrid model) and the Biebers of the world; your Broward/Palm Beach New Times has always thought of its readership first and foremost. We strive to provide a voice and a line of interest for the local reader who deserves better than our mainstream counterparts. While we can't cover everything, at times, we try to make amends.

See also:
- Clarity in Neo-Nazi Stabbings at Ritz
- The Forgetters - The Talent Farm, Pembroke Pines - January 7

Imagine the eye-opener suffered by this County Grind correspondent this past Monday while on route to the Forgetters show in west Pembroke Pines, when he realized that the sonic needs and necessities of the White Power community here in Broward County had been ignored for so long?! Especially those armed with a pen, a buttload of ignorant hatred, and with a taste for delicious pan con lechón, cascos de guayaba con queso crema, and fritas.

And to think! These constituents of ours are forced by ethnic expansion to shop at Sedano's! That's right, the image above was taken inside the men's room of the Pines Boulevard store. We'd like to set the record straight, and do so with music.

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Girl Talk, A.K.A. Gregg Gillis, Talks Computer Condoms and Toilet Paper Cannons at SunFest

Since releasing his cut-and-paste masterpiece Night Ripper in 2006, Gregg Gillis, better known by the stage name Girl Talk, has become the belle of indie blogs. Taking jumbled, sample-based dance music and pushing it to extremes, Gillis upped the ante for laptop performers, bringing the genre a new found credibility and mainstream exposure.

Fame, fortune and globetrotting was the furthest thing from Gillis' mind however when he began taking snippets of top 40 tracks and mashing them up into lively re-contextualized nuggets. Gillis was enrolled in Cleveland's prestigious Case Western University and biomedical engineering was his focus at the time he began releasing work under the pseudonym Girl Talk.

Gillis released two albums while at Case Western -- 2002's Secret Diary and 2003's Unstoppable -- and toured with his sample-loaded project while on summer and winter breaks. He went on to graduate from Case Western and landed a job as a biomedical researcher, all the while rocking the socks off art galleries and house parties on the weekends with his mashups.

"I never saw it as a viable profession," Gillis tells New Times about his sizzling music career. We caught up with the affable computer music whiz when he was relaxing at home in his native Pittsburgh. "I'd book a tour, jump in a van, and aim at breaking even," said Gillis about his early stages. For him, making music was not about "making a dime," but rather "fucking shit up."

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Who Is Sexier: Seth Bogart of Hunx and His Punx or Pool Party's Creep Guirdo?


There is nothing South Florida likes (read: loves) more than contests. Be it moronically closely watched dangling chads versus dimpled keypunches, Cubans versus Ozzie Guillen's big mouth, or which douchey nightclub charges more for lackluster VIP setups, ours is a competition-driven society. 

Rock 'n' roll is a beast created by rebellion but also one susceptible to the charm and glamour of besting within itself. Tonight's performance of Hunx and His Punx and Pool Party at Churchill's is not free of the teeth of competitive sexiness. 

That's right. Sexiness.  

The question of who's sexier than who is one that developed to satisfy a need to entertain and compare sweaty, hairy dudes. We will present some facts without involving "furries" and/or "bears" in order for you to decide who is the sexiest of the sweaty, hairy, mustached punks: Hunx or Creep Guirdo?
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That Time of the Month: a New Ladies' Night Where Women Seize the Means of Production (and Beer)

Phenomenologically speaking, the ladies' night -- a North American binge-drinking ritual centered around women getting hammered -- is an extension of the standard Girl's Night Out.

What distinguishes the Night o' Ladies, however, is the large-scale cultural-institutional support (usually by way of free hooch) that launches the depravity far past the realm of the lady who leisures and into that of trench warfare.

Tired of gussied-up, completely trashed trollops trying to impale you with their platform heel because you looked at they man? Well, maybe it's time you embraced That Time of the Month.
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Blondie - Hard Rock Live - March 25

Blondie 512.JPG
Sayre Berman
Better than:
Figuring out the "hipster" application on the new 21 Jump Street film. 

I am no man. Or rather, I am nowhere near enough of a "man" in the classical sense to say that I don't know more than the next average Joe. I will say this much: While Madonna can come into Ultra and press a couple of buttons on a free iPad (or whatever), myself and perhaps the most mixed crowd I've ever been privy to experience a concert with bore witness to a true musical experience last night at Hard Rock Live. (Like I always say, air your grievances in the comments section below.) I had the absolute pleasure of seeing Blondie play live this evening, and many things became apparent. Here in the dying eve of the most overbloated "musical" conference on the planet, how do we move on? Easy. With class and an undying pop cultural icon. How else would you do it?

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