Pawn Shop Opens March 6 With Ferris Wheel, School Bus, and So Much More


Good news, clubland folks. Miami's former eclectic hot spot the Pawn Shop has announced a definitive opening date for an upgraded West Palm Beach locale. It's all going down on March 6. Back in November, we reported that the former downtown Miami dance club and celebrity haunt was reopening and making a move (huge yellow school bus et al.) to 219 Clematis St. -- occupying the previous site of Dr. Feelgoods. Although at the time Pawn Shop's operating partner, Paul Brown, told us he expected to have the club open by February, it seems a couple of weeks' delay will be worth the wait.

Besides the celebrated school bus and the old Pan Am fuselage that decorated the interior of the former Pawn Shop site, West Palm Beach's version will include new additions -- including a life-sized vintage Ferris wheel from the 1950s, a DJ booth designed out of a Mack truck, and a 1950s Rambler fitted for the VIP section.

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C&I Opens New Sexy Library Styled Bar Called Next Door

Categories: Grand Opening

Natalya Jones
Outside of Next Door
"Don't come in this way yet," said a woman closing the door to C&I Studios. "It'll ruin the surprise."

I kind of took a step back, a bit put off. "Damn, they put a lot of work into this," I thought. Wednesday night's private VIP preview of Next Door, an extension of Fat Village's favorite media company, ended up worth the wait. Not your typical 9 to 5, run of the mill business, this eclectic place features cool local art, Jack Daniels soap bottles, and crafty cocktails. C&I also gets its philanthropy on by supporting three international children's organizations monthly.

When I was finally allowed in, I had to admit: I dug it. Although I am sworn to secrecy involving intricate details of the newest addition of the studio, I can say it was done in complete C&I fashion: classy, creative, innovative. It made you think, "How did I not come up with this?"

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Stache Announces Soft Opening Date With Glam-A-Thon Benefit

Categories: Grand Opening

Jipsy/ via Miami New Times
Miami's Ess & Emm DJ the fiesta.

Last week, we announced that Green Room, the artsy, alternative sister venue to Revolution Live and America's Backyard in downtown Fort Lauderdale, would be transitioning later this month into its latest incarnation, a more grown-up but still edgy mixology lounge called Stache.

The name might sound like it would cater to an exclusively well-groomed, bow-tie-wearing hipster clientele, but the concept of the new, higher-end, multilevel lounge goes beyond manscaping.

After months of keeping details on the new venture mostly under wraps, Stache has finally announced its soft opening date on Friday, September 27. The launch party is a fundraising event with music by Miami DJs Ess & Emm and New York's DJ Charles Cav to benefit the Broward Health Foundation.

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Piano Hollywood Offers a Calm Oasis of Music and Libations at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

That's not a "tip" goblet

Rebranding and reinventing an established name is not an easy affair, and nor should it be. In the transient nightlife in South Florida the "try" list is far longer than the "succeeded," but those odds don't impose on those who venture into it looking to conquer the entertainment scene. The creative minds of Crown Concepts, Megan Laich and Brian Basti are no strangers to South Florida's nightlife needs; in a way, they are equal parts trendsetters and pioneers behind some of the most successful haunts this part of the state has to offer.

So it is with a clear mind and a retroactive respect that they have pooled their boutique resources into revamping the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood's Piano Hollywood, giving it an artisanal flair and touch that is more inviting to locals than to the general casino crowd. Not that there is a smidgen of exclusivity within its stylized walls, but rather a calm oasis for all walks of life who can enjoy locally-sourced, perfumed cocktail concoctions in the bygone tradition of the best hotel lobbies and the romantic era of South Beach's jazz scene.

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- Grand Central Miami's Brian Basti and Megan Laich Launch New Bar, Piano Hollywood at Hard Rock Casino

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Karuna Yoga Center in West Palm Beach Opens; We Present Top Five Yogi Musicians

Categories: Grand Opening
Karuna Yoga.jpg
Karuna Yoga Center
Yoga is a controversial topic. On the one hand, it's seen as something done by yuppies and hipsters with too much time on their hands. It's the co-opting and whitewashing of the cultural practices of "brown people" packaged tidily for the average suburbanite with an eco-friendly mat and a green smoothie.

On the other hand, yoga is a physical, spiritual, and meditative practice perfect to remedy the negative effects of our frenetic Western culture. Sitting at a desk for long hours without moving, mental stress that has no physical outlet, bad diet, and lack of sleep and exercise are all conspiring to kill us. The savior? A day at the West Palm Beach Karuna Yoga Center set to open Sunday afternoon. Yoga, baby. Yoga is the cure.

In order to inspire your inner yogi without rewatching Shit Yogis Say, we present you with a list of musicians who engage in the practice.  More »

Tattoo Tuesday: Ink and Pistons and Slushbox Art Gallery Grand Opening in West Palm Beach

Monica McGivern
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"Opening Ink and Pistons has been pretty hectic and all encompassing," tattoo artist, shop owner, and gallery curator JR Linton admitted. "We started looking for the right location almost two years ago. Most places we found didn't want to rent to a tattoo shop because they think it's a bad element." JR and his wife, StitchRock organizer Amanda Linton, finally found their humble inky abode on South Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach and planted their tattooed roots. On Saturday night, Ink and Pistons opened its doors for a an eclectic art show and hot rod roundup. 

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A Practical Approach: At Only 27, Bill Muter Writes the Book on Playing the Tuba

Bill Muter has written the book on tuba playing.
Anyone who has seen tuba player Bill Muter perform with eccentric local showman Mike Mineo will attest that, although Mineo is, for many, the main draw -- possessing a class A, captivating voice -- there are undoubtedly times when Muter steals the show. Muter emanates sounds out of his tuba that are otherworldly. 

During his solos, Muter somehow manages to beatbox through his enormous brass instrument. The sight and sound of someone producing rhythmic drumbeats out of a gigantic tuba leaves the crowd in awe.

Muter doesn't stop there. He also turns his instrument into a percussion tool, tapping that thing like a bass and adding another layer to the backbeat, all while not missing a bottom-register note when the duty calls. Dude is a showstopper, without question.
It should come as no surprise, then, that this Boca Raton native is a legitimate seasoned pro tuba player. He's featured on the homepage of this month's Brass Musician Magazine and performs with Tony- and Emmy-winning Broadway musical Blast! on national and international tours. 
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Radio-Active Records' Six Tons of Vinyl Has a New Home on Federal Highway

Categories: Grand Opening
Furnished by Radio-Active Records
Mikey Ramirez, Jasper Delaini, Natalie Smallish, and Richard Vergez
Last week, Richard Vergez unexpectedly found himself dozens of feet in the air balancing on a narrow ledge. Underneath, car after car roared by on Federal Highway as he carefully wielded a paint roller. That was no big deal, though, compared to many other Herculean acts performed within a 48-hour period. Vergez, along with colleagues Mikey Ramirez, Jasper Delaini, Natalie Smallish and a motley crew of friends and volunteers, lifted an estimated six tons of records and other bric-a-brac to move Radio-Active Records to its new home.

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Radio-Active Records Moving to Federal Highway

Categories: Grand Opening
Art by Richard Vergez
Come November, this is what Radio-Active Records will look like.

Radio-Active Records is exiting the Gateway Shopping Plaza on Sunrise for a prime spot on Federal Highway in November. A grand opening party for the 845 N. Federal Highway location is scheduled to follow on Saturday, November 5.

UPDATE: Radio-Active Records' Grand Opening Bash: Little Beard, Luma Junger, & Möthersky

According to Operations Manager Mikey Ramirez, this move has been in development for a long time. "We've been talking about this for a year," he says. "We visited multiple properties around the area. This one was on a whim after we noticed a 'For Rent' sign."

The move to a visible stretch of Federal Highway just south of Sunrise in the heart of Fort Lauderdale comes after a decade at the Gateway Shopping Plaza, and another five or six years in Pompano.

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