Black Fridays Move to Miami; "Couldn't Find the Right Fit" in Fort Lauderdale

Ian Witlen

For a little over a year, Mike Linder filled Green Room with dark dance tunes and a crowd that loves the nighttime with Black Fridays. The weekly Fort Lauderdale party featured everything from suspension piercing and girls using power tools on their crotches, to folks dressed up like dead celebs and comic book characters. But after the news came that Green Room is shifting to become Stache, Linder announced that Black Fridays are moving from Green Room to Vagabond in Miami.

The split was amicable though. Linder says, "I actually had a really good experience there. I have no ill will toward them." But after some miscommunication, it became clear he would start looking for another venue. He found Black Fridays' new home very far from his own Boca home, in Miami.

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Fetish Factory to Charter Party Bus for "Back to School" if Enough People RSVP

Slate recently reported Miami has the worst drivers in the country, and kinky party stalwart Fetish Factory cares too much about its faithful merrymakers to put them at the frontlines of such highway hell.

After a last-minute location change last week from Fort Lauderdale's Exit 66 to Grand Central in Miami for its annual "Back to School" party, the Factory announced it would charter a bus for both the safety and fun of its participants.

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Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - March 7

Categories: Gothic Corner
Better than: Just about anything else to come from the shores of Jersey in the past 30 years, particularly the past five.  

There is an indelible timelessness to Southside Johnny's music that is right up there with summertime on the beach, vintage American steel, and young love. 

Perhaps that was a little on the Hallmark side for us, but the sentiment remains. The fact of the matter is that there is a realness to the soul-smothered rock 'n' roll music that Southside and his Asbury Jukes make that simply cannot be replicated or synthesized. 

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Tire Kingdom Rounds Up Country's Biggest Stars and Sells MegaTicket to See Them All

brad paisley sayre.jpg
Sayre Berman
Actual country music, and also what the powers-that-be have named the twang-affected psuedo-rock or fiddle-touched pop music that drips out of Nashville's never-ceasing production lines each year, holds the largest fan-base in music these days. Modern country artists sell records, they sell massive amounts of tickets, and they're a hot commodity. 

See also

Way too hot to be assembled for something like a cruise -- the current popular vessel for consuming mass quantities of live music. All of these artists have way too much money to make on their own tours, and for fuck's sake, this ain't "the redneck yacht club." Not to mention how just plain wrong it would be to play such distinctly American sounds in international waters. 
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Adam Ant, an Enduring Cultural Icon, Performs at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

adam ant.jpg
Still regal

Ah, the 1980! For some, a vacuous, Quaalude-devastated memory of a decade, and for others (mainly fashionistas, hipsters, and some born in the 90s) an epoch of unrestrained cocaine myth glamour, when American Psycho excess ruled the waves and coated everything with a thin dusting of "nostalgia."

Give us a fucking break.

Very few relics from that era endured to the present based solely on real cultural impact and actual merit. But we're only looking at the musical angle of things so we'll skip any uncomfortable John Hughes' references. Adam Ant certainly imploded toward the back end of the decade, but he never truly vanished from our general consciousness.

And it wasn't because of his old-timey cavalry gear and dayglo face paint.

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Five Excellent Gamer Costume Ideas for Black Friday Arcade Night

Sure, scoring monster points on Call of Duty or Battlefield takes the skills of a boss. A gamer boss just like you. We know you're a shot-caller, a real top dawg. But what if there were a legit reason to put on some pants and go out and party with like-minded gamers? Green Room's Black Friday Arcade bash might just be the gathering appropriate for you.

The nightclub will roll out its big screen to host a series of videogame tournaments hosted by Play 'N Trade. We're talking serious tournaments, boasting Marvel-versus-Capcom. For those not into competitive gaming but who love to play anyway, there will be classic Nintendo consoles set up throughout the club. To add to the fun, everyone's invited to put on videogame-inspired gear and compete for the big win.

Not sure what to wear? Here're a few ideas to get your joystick, ahem, poppin'.

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Top Five Goth Types at Green Room's Black Friday One-Year Anniversary

Ian Witlen
Slideshow of Black Friday's One-Year Anniversary

Green Room celebrated the one-year anniversary of its vampire-friendly weekly party Black Friday on, well, Friday night. All of the fabulous freaks and fetishistic fashionistas of goth came out to show their support and show off their niche looks.

DJs spun industrial, new wave, alt, and electronic mixes; burlesque performers Val Vampyre, Jezebel Red, and Lisa Ann showed their curves; and people postured for the camera. We captured five goth-types repping at Black Friday. Get ready for some drama, darkness, and stereotyping.

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Gothic Corner: Black Friday Celebrates One-Year Anniversary at Green Room

she hulks.jpg
Fort Lauderdale is best-known for its swimmable beaches, year-round sunshine, and a spring break that's well-attended by douchebags. But over the past year, Black Friday has attempted to add a much darker element to that list. 

The weekly goth party brings the vamps, freaks, fetishists, and buxom beauties of burlesque to the Green Room. Regularly, Black Friday features morbid but fun nights. They've asked attendees to dress up as their favorite dead celebs, had masquerade parties, hosted a NIN tribute evening with Lavola, and even gotten some people tattooed on Friday the 13th (check out photos from that night here).

Resident Back Friday DJ Mike Lindersmash admits, "We're only the front door to the underground." This may be true, but it's definitely a pretty big, black, and sort of creepy portal to another vinyl-clad universe. With tonight's one-year anniversary party just hours away, Lindersmash took us on a trip down a cobweb-filled memory lane with Black Friday's most memorable moments. 

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Gothic Corner: Dead Celebrities Invade Green Room for Black Friday

Green Room's weekly Black Friday event is letting those six feet under rise again on June 22, for the Dead Celebrity party. Partygoers are asked to dress as their favorite deceased musician, artist, or pop-culture icon, or hell, even a zombie, and dance the night away to the Goth anthems spun by DJs LinderSMASH and Kaos.

"Deceased fictional characters are also welcome," Linder tells us: ie: Heath Ledger's "Joker" or Kill Bill's Elle Driver, a.k.a. California Mountain Snake. "Does Agent Coulson from the Avengers, or Obi-Wan hold any less place in our hearts?" Linder asks, "Double points for being a character of a deceased celeb that died on screen like Cleopatra, or the Crow."

The idea was born from a request by local Goth-night regulars. "I loved the idea and ran with it," Linder says, "Working with their ideas makes the night better, it's a great community and scene we've built together." 

LinderSMASH and Kaos will share the decks with Big Boy and Killjoy who will also be in costume. Burlesque hotties Val Vampyre, Morgan La Rue, and Lisa Ann will be onsite to ensure the rules are followed, while breaking a few of their own as well. We thought it fitting to ask the four DJs and the lovely ladies of the night what they'll be dressing up as to inspire our own undead dead looks. 
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Gothic Corner: DJ Mike LinderSMASH Offers Aspiring Goths Fashion Tips for the Midnight Market

Joshua Little
Gothic culture is alive and well in South Florida. This is apparent based on the droves of black-clad and be-masked partygoers who make their way to Green Room every week for Black Friday. The extravagant event is hosted by scene elite and resident Black Friday DJ Mike LinderSMASH

Though every Black Friday is a spectacle to behold, this week, they're presenting a Midnight Market. Unlike those of the past, this one is geared toward "the counter culture, or goth scene, which is driven by elaborate ensembles and costumes," LinderSMASH tells us.
 Sounds fabulous. 

These themed parties, usually, though not exclusively, involve theatrically obscure and specialized fashion. Most getups are either handmade or hard to come by, available via eBay or Etsy. Instead of dropping an entire week's pay on one outfit, Midnight Market provides what LinderSMASH calls "A 'goth flea market' of sorts," which, he continues, "invites everyone to bring their items to sell or trade with others." This makes Midnight Market a catalyst for an exceptionally vibrant alternative community.
Just in time for the midnight madness, we teamed up with DJ LinderSMASH to bring you the top ten must-haves for every aspiring goth's wardrobe. 
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