Serum, Oz ARC Raider, and Stijn Beat's "Rumor of Omens" Featuring Chris Black, LMS, and Manifesto


South Florida's most prolific emcee, Serum continues his APB assault promoting his latest work with Virginia's Oz ARC Raider and Dutchman Stijn Beats: Megatropolis and this, their latest video in support of the effort features locals Manifesto, LMS, and Chris Black. County Grind has mentioned it plenty of times, but we'll reiterate the obvious again, these cats give most of their music away for free and you can download this album here.

So don't sleep on that. Who knows when they'll come to their senses and stop giving it away or start shying away from local stages where they have been performing some of the best and most honest hip-hop in the nation. Stop listening to whack-ass emcees who rely on a bevvy of self-serving sycophants to satisfy some record label's idea of what hip-hop is.

That shit is right here. In your backyard and vibrant through your community. And better than anything else in the contiguous United States. Fact.

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Deaf Download: Straight Skeeted New Year's Eve Disco from Hialeah

Deaf in the Left: Veni, Vidi, Avicii
When you look up Miami on Wikipedia and you do a search for the word "cocaine," you will find nothing. As a native that has spent most of my life in, ahem, the Magic City, I am most definitely bored-to-fucking-death of your Scarface-themed man cave and/or ya day-glo "I'm in Miami Bitch" thongspenders.

But, you know, benzoylmethylecgonine (a.k.a. blow) has played (and continues to play) a major role in our fair Peninsular dingleberry. There are books and even movies about it. Musical genres have been founded on the basic premise that, yo, there is a lot of coke down here. Not to mention coke money.

So while I am loathe to put the often bleak, always surreal urban knock-knock joke that is Dade County through the same old hazing about yayo (a.k.a. California corn flakes), it would be equally unfair to try to pretend the stimulant has not played a role in the city whatsoever.

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Serum's "Afro Pick 2" Featuring REKS and DJ Heron Free for Download

The Mayhem Revolution
There might be some who'll argue that prolific MC Serum's been promising his next full-length, P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda) for some time now. That might be true, but I'm not here to proselytize, question the feasibility of certain hair products or ponder the great unknowns of the music industry. All I know is based on cold, hard facts.

Serum does more in one morning than the "most interesting guy in the world" does in one scripted, commercial shoot. The man gives most of his work away for free! And they ain't bad tracks! As a champion of our local underground, I must say, Serum brings everything to the table that should make hip-hop viable.

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Deaf Download: 1986 University of Miami Vocal Ensemble Sings Coltrane While Diana Ross is Sippin' Sizzurp

Deaf in the Left: I can't hear you but I'm listening.
The college vocal ensemble is a phenomenon both technically impressive and socially awkward.

Maybe I am just being judgemental. But who better to judge than some Joe Doe Jabrone in a Yale cardigan?

OK, enough with the stereotypes. Not all university vocal groups are frats crossed with barbershop quartets, and Glee is not aways wholly representative of the glee club.

Take, for example, this recording from a 1986 LP by the University of Miami Vocal Ensemble -- entitled, Citizens of the Universe -- in which they transform legendary saxophonist John Coltrane's runaway solos into crisply-and-swiftly articulated lyrics.

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Deaf Download: Interstellar Melody From 1976 UM Concert Jazz Band

Deaf in the left: All monkey, all da time.
My name is Matthew. And I am a hoarder.

Some chose to remain in fervent denial. "I'm an archivist," they'll Tweet @ you. Or maybe the stuff-obsessed subject at hand refers to his stuff as a "collection" and the compulsive act of acquiring more stuff as "collecting."

As a self-loathing blogger, I am forced to tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may after the shit hits the fan. In other words, I am a hairy, hypercaffeinated, sweaty, squinty-eyed hoarder who smells like chicken nuggets.

And, in the words of Icona Pop, "I lahv it."

Fortunately, the focus of my greedy, bloodthirsty treasure hunting is not shopping carts or eggshells but vinyl records. So while I am most certainly a dust-monger, at least I can use my hoarding for good rather than fuel for the banally evil reality-television industry.

In addition to a scavenger, I am also a native South Floridian. Subsequently, I'm always on the hunt for stimulating ephemera from the margins of the Magic City. For example: college students playing hot jazz-fusion featuring pop stars before they were famous.

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Jacuzzi Boys Take Over New Bike Night at Churchill's and Head Out on Tour with Wavves

Zach Ramsey

It's time for yer regular Jacuzzi Boys update! The sun might be setting on this summer, but our swampy garage guys are still at it. After a monthlong U.S. tour back in June, the Jacuzzis have conjured up a new weekly party in Little Haiti to wind down the rest of the season and keep us dancin' and glazin'.

It's Churchill's new Bike Night, so, guitarist and singer Gabriel Alcala notes, we can expect "a lot of motorcycles." Also, he says, "Diego and I are DJ'ing rock 'n' roll, garage, soul stuff -- a fun time, and it's cheap drinks!"

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Oakland Park LGBT Record Store Hosts Sylvester's Mighty Real Listening Party

Clay Geerdes via Wikipedia
True Blood's Lafayette Reynolds must be taking style cues from Sylvester James, a.k.a. Sylvester, the late American disco and soul singer-songwriter whose flamboyant, androgynous hippie-feminine looks, counter and drag culture leanings, and string of hit dance singles earned him the moniker "The Queen of Disco" back in the 1970s.

At the age of 41, after losing his partner suddenly to the HIV/AIDS virus, Sylvester succumbed to the same disease in 1988, leaving behind a legacy as one of the LGBT community's brightest and most active proponents. According to English journalist Stephen Brogan, Sylvester was "a radical and a visionary in terms of queerness, music and race."

This Thursday, LGBT record store We Got the Beats in Oakland Park celebrates the release of Sylvester's greatest dance hits compilation, Mighty Real, aptly named after the record he became most famous for. And since Sylvester willed the future royalties from his catalog to San Francisco's AIDS Emergency Fund and Project Open Hand, proceeds from the re-released Greatest Hits album will benefit the two organizations.

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Indie Powerhouse Modernage Releases Single "The Williams" in Anticipation of New Effort


It was ten years ago this past June that Modernage first performed live in front of a South Florida audience. While the decade has not cemented the band into the annals of history or offered them riches and glory, their impact on the local rock and roll scene is undeniable. At a time when Interpol's Turn on the Bright Lights was again sparking an interest in the post-punk/non-pretentious New Wave movement, Modernage was quietly developing a distinct sound culled from the members' purely South Florida backgrounds.

Peruvian, American, and Cuban sensibilities gelled together under a mutual love of the Smiths and synth/melody driven rock. Through this decade of making music and fans, even overcoming temporary breakups, they endure. Singer Mario Giancarlo notes: "We like to think we helped define Miami indie rock music and the tours and traveling and shows helped us proudly represent this city."

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Lake Worth Hipsters Welcome New Breed Jesus Freaks; Music Ensues.

A very cool venue on a very cool street is hosting the Christian faithful Saturday night, when local young believers are coming to Coastars Coffee Bar to make music and social justice. We'd go just to see how husband-and-wife team the Vegas and their flock blend in with the hipsters of Propaganda next door and the blues fans from the Bamboo Room down the street.

The show is in support of END IT, a coalition of organizations that work to disrupt and eradicate slavery in all its contemporary forms -- human trafficking, child labor, the global sex trade. Step one, and the purpose of the Coastars show, is to raise awareness, let people know that slavery still exists, with an estimated 27 million men, women and children in its grip worldwide.

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Five Things We're Most Looking Forward to at Radio-Active Records' 2013 Record Store Day

cord store day 2012.jpg
Ian Witlen
It seems like the majority of holidays these days exist for the sole purpose of playing on Americans' addiction to buying pointless things and feeding the hungrier-than-ever corporate beast. But not Record Store Day.

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- PHOTOS: Record Store Day 2012 at Radio-Active Records

Each year on 4/20, appropriately aligned with another of our more noble national holidays (duh, Marijuana Appreciation Day), record stores, record labels, musicians, and music lovers join together to honor, celebrate, and support a gasping animal -- your good ol' local record shop.

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