Five Wildest Fourth of July Parties in Broward and Palm Beach

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George Martinez

Fourth of July is a chronological bookmark in U.S. history, honoring the day this nation adopted the Declaration of Independence, making it special and not British. From a party standpoint, July 4 represents barbecues, fireworks, and flag-patterned bikinis and banana hammocks.

Explosives lit by drunken folks will keep skies and fingertips burning brightly all over the country. But for those of us celebrating this honorable holiday in the sweltering heat of Broward and Palm Beach counties, here are a few excellent ways to show your love for 'Murica. These events include electronic beats, opportunities to stuff face with delicious food, and even USA-themed burlesque.

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Tri-County Beatdown at Club Atrium's Fourth of July Fight Night

Hottie Lil Hailie is going to rumble with Goddess. You gotta go to find out which will be the victor.
First rule of Club Atrium's Fight Night?


We don't have an answer. If we had to guess, we'd say the rules break down something like this:

1. Pop it.
2. Pop her in the face.
3. Anything else, goes.

Tonight, Club Atrium, the same Fort Lauderdale hot spot that's brought performances by 2Chainz, Future, and Gucci Mane (though there's a chance you might've missed the memo), will host its Fourth of July Fight Night. It's a ticketed event ($20 for regular admission, $40 for VIP skybox seats) featuring four girl-on-girl fights and two male fights, and from the looks of the promotional materials, shit's about to get cray in the 954.

Check out the production on these two trailer vids for the event. We don't know about you, but it makes us wanna put on our star-spangled spandex and fuchsia lipstick and bask in the sweaty adrenaline that's bound to get pumping as soon as the officiator rings the first bell.

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DJ Kidd Madonny Brings "High Energy" Superhero Party to Exit 66

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We all love superheroes, and we all love the U.S. of A. And on this Fourth of July weekend, a.k.a. the most American weekend ever, quintessential Fort Lauderdale Beach club Exit 66 acknowledges this fact with a party dedicated to those with superhuman powers who save the world in their spare time, the Red and White Super Party.

The poolside blowout takes place July 6 and is "a party for everyone," very democratic. Expect gogo dancers, epic costumes, and house beats spun by the visionary mastermind of this whole event DJ Kidd Madonny.

We hit up Madonny, who's spun at huge spots like Space, Mansion, and Revolution, and has a the physique of Batman, to get the lowdown on this, his very patriotic venture.

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Five Best Fourth of July Parties in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

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George Martinez/

There are an infinite number of ways to celebrate this fine country on the Fourth of July.
Drag shows, twerking contests, pool party day raves? If these don't immediately call to mind the Land of the Free, well, you're simply un-American. As far as we're concerned, as long as red, white, and blue are involved in any way, you've got a party that stands for freedom, patriotism, and hot dogs.

Here are the top five fiestas in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach where you can do what Americans do best this July Fourth: drink and watch fireworks. God bless America.

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Fourth of July Events in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County

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Don't pull a Snooki on July Fourth
Our nickname is Fort Liquordale for a pretty good reason. We like to booze. We like to party. Any excuse, just give us one. And just because it falls in the middle of the week, doesn't mean we can't celebrate the Fourth of July in true, proud, and drunken American style.

The rest of this steamy tri-county area shares the same party-monger sentiments and has a fair share of events planned for Independence Day. From free outdoor music festivals to pie-eating contests, and a slew of waterfront fireworks displays, there's something for everyone.

So, for those brave souls willing to spend the following work day with a nasty hangover in the name of America, take a look at our list of our picks for Fourth of July happenings in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County.

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