Coastline Festival with Flaming Lips and Young the Giant Is Canceled!

Ian Witlen
Selfie no more at Coastline.

Oh, man. We hate delivering bad news. But sometimes, there's no way around it.

We just got word that this year's Coastline Music Festival is being canceled.

The new fest that featured craft beers and food trucks received our Best Local Music Festival in 2014. But Pompano Beach Amphitheatre will be silent this February 22 and the show scheduled for St. Pete on February 21 is also a no-go.

And the lineup was pretty cool. I mean, we almost had Wayne Coyne coming to town, and possibly without Miley.

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Big Guava Music Festival's 2015 Lineup with James Blake, Pixies, DFA 1979, and More

Categories: Festival Days

Chris Carter

Big Guava Music Festival is probably going to make Tampa cool. Like really cool. Last year, they brought the return of Outkast to the state and this year's lineup is looking all kinds of stellar. And along with the music, there'll be plenty of craft brews and "thrill rides" to encourage your fists to pump and toes to trample.

Like you see in the headline, there's everyone's emotional EDM dreamboat James Blake, and the legendary Pixies, and even Death From Above 1979; we once witnessed a riot at SXSW that started when fans tried to break into a DFA show.

This is killer shit. But keep on clicking for equally huge names in the biz gracing the Big Guava stage. And get ready to pick your jaw off the floor.

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South Florida Folk Festival Returns to Fort Lauderdale This Weekend

Categories: Festival Days

Ellen Bukstel will be performing outside in nature, not behind bars.

Last year, when we talked to the president of the Broward Folk Club, Arlene Boumel, she insisted that South Florida has a very vibrant folk community. And it's true. Though appropriate venues may seem less than abundant, it's likely that you or your parents have catgut a folk act playing live in the past month. Think about it. Yeah, right? They're popping up everywhere.

And if you haven't, then this weekend is the perfect time to catch your inner folk fan up on the latest and greatest acts out there. The South Florida Folk Festival is figuratively firing up Hugh Taylor Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale with a singer-songwriter competition, workshops, craft vendors, and 40 live acts that include local scene stalwart Ellen Bukstel and out of towners like Nashville's Melissa Greener.

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Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival Aims Beyond Traditional Themes in 2015

Categories: Festival Days

Lainie Kazan in 'Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!!'

Lovers of indie and world cinema take note, the Donald M. Ephraim Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival returns this month screening 31 film premieres -- from shorts to features to documentaries. The fest is showing at five different venues countywide, with 71 screenings scheduled in total, it's trying to maximize viewing opportunities in its 25th year.

The festival is well known to include advance screenings and even some films that may never return to theaters. "Hopefully some of them open commercially," festival director and executive producer Ellen Wedner explains, "and some of them, some people will walk out saying, 'Can I get the Netflix? How do I buy the DVD? And we have to say, 'It's never coming to America. This is it.'"

It might seem easy to dismiss an event with a culturally narrow focus. But many gentiles will naturally love the flicks being screened, as well. Webner says, "If you are old enough to remember the Levy's rye bread advertising campaign, 'You don't have to be Jewish to love Levy's' and I think that's true [for film]."

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For the Love Festival Announces Inaugural Lineup

C&I Studios
Kids is one of the headlining acts at For the Love.

When you ask people who work in comedy or the arts what compels them to do so, they almost always answer with: "for the love of it." Why else would you slog along in near-poverty, spending every spare cent on equipment or supplies, or drive absurd distances to perform at a remote standup night? It's about love. Plain and simple.

This year, idea agency C&I Studios and Exposed PR are taking that passion and channeling it into a huge, full-day concert titled For the Love Festival. The event, which features more than 30 live acts, takes place on February 7 in Fort Lauderdale's FAT Village. The inaugural nonlocal headliner is indie Lakeland band Copeland, which released its sixth album, Ixora, this past November.

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Wanee Music Festival 2015 Lineup Announced: Widespread Panic, Earth, Wind & Fire, Gov't Mule

Categories: Festival Days

Claire Nelson

Each year, Wanee Music Festival brings the joy of jamming, barefoot dancing, and the sweet smell of patchouli and Dr. Bronner's to the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, Florida.

Founded by Allman Brothers' drummer Butch Trucks, you won't catch his classic act on stage this year given the band's October retirement. But Butch ain't missing the party. He's bringing some "Very Special Friends" with him to perform in 2015. The empty space left by the Allman Brothers proper is being filled with a mélange of jamming, funky, rocking acts you'll both recognize and that will make you smile.

Besides big names on the festival circuit like Widespread Panic (which'll be playing two shows) and Gov't Mule, there are funky acts like Earth, Wind & Fire. Also on the bill are a few locals like the Jacob Jeffries Band, Juke, and the Bobby Lee Rogers Trio. Keep clicking for the details on Wanee, taking place April 16 to 18.

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Tortuga Music Festival Announces 2015 Dates

Categories: Festival Days

Alex Markow

Fort Lauderdale has plenty of festivals where you'll jam and sweat the day away sucking down beer while wearing your favorite cowgirl hat. But not many of them take place on the actual beach, where the cool ocean breeze'll dry you right up as you dance like a rabid coyote next to the waves.

Rock the Ocean's Tortuga Music Festival offers that great view and so much more. The fest, which is also promoted by HUKA Entertainment, has quickly grown into a musical giant in the area, touting environmental conservation and country tunes. Dates for 2015 have already been announced, and if last year was any indicator, these'll sell out before the lineup comes out.

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The Five People You Meet at MoonFest 2014

Ian Witlen

West Palm Beach's coolest ghouls will be crawling along Clematis Saturday night, drinks in hand and ready to party. It's already time for MoonFest again, the city's annual Halloween block party that results in a fair amount of hubbub, smooching, and booze-flinging while dancing.

With 20 bands and DJs on three stages and a Silent Disco area, MoonFest certainly won't have a shortage of sounds. However, we know you'll probably be too distracted creating your three boob-ed Florida lady costume to actually figure out which act to see by the time you arrive. So we here at County Grind kindly compiled a simple guide for the fest. We matched which kinda Halloweener you are with which bands are playing, so you can easily meet up with those of similar tastes and interests.

Here are the five people who will definitely be at MoonFest this year.

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Florida Flow Fest: Movement Arts Festival Celebrates Body, Mind, and Spirit


It's an offbeat event perfectly suited to the offbeat city of Lake Worth, a three-day festival of colorfully-clad dancers, acrobats, jugglers, martial artists, and mistresses and masters of movement arts of the most exotic kind, gathered in the city's waterfront park to spin and bounce and twirl through the day and into the night.

Last year's Flow Fest was New Times' pick for Best Festival 2013. This year's incarnation, its fourth, has been dubbed "Synergy," and founder and guiding genius Cass Tannenbaum says it includes new workshops (some free to the public) and new categories of performance rarely seen in these parts.

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Americana Music Festival & Conference 2014: Finest Moments From Nashville

Alisa B. Cherry official photography
Lee meets the great Ian McLagan: Bucket List Moment Achieved!

It's the final night of the 2014 Americana Music Festival and Conference, and the final event of a spectacular five day run. Lucinda Williams is about to begin a last minute invitation-only performance at the newly opened City Winery in Nashville. But first, Americana Music Association Executive Director Jed Hilly walks to the microphone. Americana is now a very real, living, and breathing genre that finally found true context, he declares.

It's a statement that's obvious to all who attend, as evidenced through the music, through the bonds of fellowship, through the shared experiences that ebbed and flowed throughout the festivities. Yet, what Hilly doesn't point out, but what is equally true, is that the term Americana may have finally outgrown its initial meaning. For what had begun as a broad patchwork of singer/songwriters with a feel for the heartland and a scrappy roots rock, alt-country sound has now found a larger audience, one that embraces artists from all over the world -- from the U.K. and Europe to the far realms of the Pacific. Indeed, the very term "Americana" seems something of a misnomer now, especially considering the international evocation.

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