First Florida Burlesque Festival Starts Tomorrow at Cinema Paradiso


This state's very first Florida Burlesque Festival will take place this weekend at Fort Lauderdale's eccentric hot-spot Cinema Paradiso. Before you start thinking it's just another cheap peep show adorned with pasties and glitter, executive producer Bambi LaFleur is quick to dispel any misconceptions.

"As many people in Florida don't know," she began in her breathy voice," around the world and in the U.S., there are strong communities that have burlesque fests. It doesn't seem right that we don't celebrate it here. I wanted to bring it back for that reason," she continued, laughingly adding: "Most people think it's the movie [2010's Burlesque]. It's not the movie! The movie has nothing to do what burlesque really is."

In fact, the fest has a local and personal slant. It's dedicated to late pinup model and photographer Bunny Yeager, a friend of LaFleur's who passed away this May.

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Feast of the Sea Music Lineup Announced with Some of West Palm's Finest

Categories: Festival alert

Dana Drolet
Jamming and eating, eating and jamming.

Food festivals are always a great excuse to stuff your face, but a new fest on the scene wants to cram your earhole with good stuff, as well. Feast of the Sea is a brand new waterfront seafood blowout kicking off on September 13, in downtown West Palm Beach. The best part about this soon-to-be crowded crustacean day party is that general admission is free. That's right, roam the grounds and devour fresh tunes, and all you have to pay for is food when the hunger monster strikes (food prices top out at $6!).

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Coral Skies Music Festival 2014 Lineup: Cage the Elephant, the Hold Steady, and Others

Photo by Ian Witlen
"All day music. Two stages. Food Trucktopia. Craft Beer. Garden of Art."

That's what the Coral Skies Music Festival promises to bring to West Palm Beach when it takes over the Cruzan Amphitheatre October 26, and Tampa's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater the day before.

Over a dozen indie bands will bring their rockin' tunes to the Amp, including the indie pop rock of Cage the Elephant, former Strokes singer Julian Casablancas with his new band the Voidz, the Hold Steady, and a slew of others.

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The Summer Daze Concert Series Returns to Propaganda with Badfish

Categories: Festival alert

Monica McGivern

Summer in South Florida - it sounds picturesque but honestly, it can kind of be a sticky, sweaty bummer. Venues stop booking, snowbirds hit the road, and it's the only time of the year you don't have relatives clamoring to sleep on your floor. For the most part, we're forced to create something from nothing. And that's kind of the brilliance of Propaganda's Summer Daze.

This three-weekend festival isn't just a party or a concert, it's a season-embracing affair giving locals the opportunity to share the stage with national acts and the street with skateboarders competing on a 24-foot half pipes and models strutting a makeshift catwalk. Kicking off Saturday, June 28, and continuing on July 19 and August 23, each day features a block party, two stages, multiple bars, and the quality live performances for which Propaganda is known.

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Lee DeWyze: "One of the Hardest Things About Winning American Idol Is Winning American Idol"


"One of the hardest things about winning American Idol is winning American Idol," says Lee DeWyze, the 27-year-old singer-songwriter from Illinois who was crowned winner of Idol's season nine back in 2010.

"There's this perception that if you come from American Idol, in some cases, you can't possibly be a writer, you weren't a singer before you were on the show... That can be rough, especially when you're trying to make a name for yourself doing what it is you love."

Over the past twenty years or so, we've witnessed reality TV devour many an innocent (or not so innocent) soul. It's no surprise when we hear about an artist struggling, often unsuccessfully, to come into his own once the smoke has cleared and the attention deficit-affected masses have moved on. Despite shows like Celebrity Rehab, where the price of fame is made all too visceral, we tend to forget that these are in fact real people, with real lives beyond the producers, beyond the editing room.

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Jillette Johnson on Adversity: "Figure Out How to Get It Done"

Jillette Johnson is the girl in high school whom all the nerds openly adored and all the jocks secretly loved -- all the other girls would have been jealous, if it weren't that the pretty, bubbly brunet was just so darned sincere.

She listens to everything from Radiohead to Josh Ritter, and when asked what she absolutely couldn't live without on the road, the singer doesn't hesitate a moment before blurting out, "Really good bacon."

Well-spoken, unassuming, and charmingly offbeat, the young singer/songwriter who turned down a contract with The Voice to take a gamble on her own luck has declared herself Gryffindor house material and has no problem admitting she's a huge dork.

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Five Acts We're Psyched to See at Coastline Festival

Categories: Festival alert

Jason Nocito

Rookie season is looking bright for the Coastline Festival. The one day music, craft beer, food truck, and art oasis is completely stacked with a great lineup on all fronts and a super pumped crowd eager to be a part of the first-ever event. A special treat for West Palm, this indie circus is heavy on live music with a modern electro-indie twist.

The local beers will be consumed with gusto and the Isle of Art will no doubt see its fair share of inspired eyes. But here at County Grind, we can't help but foam at the mouth over the musical lineup. Big names, up-and-comers, and local acts will all be gracing us with their presence on what is bound to be a whirlwind of a day. To make sure you plan out the perfect festy schedule, here are our picks for five Coastline bands you have to see.

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Wake Up Head from CMJ to Moonfest

Kelly O'Rourke
Wake Up

It's a sad thought, but bands fall apart. No matter how much you loved them, no matter how many shows you went too, everyone from your favorite local jam band to the Jonas Brothers might not make it to tomorrow. But lucky us, for each band in South Florida that goes to heaven, another one gets its wings. Like Wake Up. As their name implies, it's risen from the ashes of fallen bands and emerged a phoenix of catchy tunes.

Wake Up is an indie rock melting pot with Evan Mui at the helm. Mui, who spent some time playing bass with the Dewars and garnered success with Guy Harvey, is now embracing his latest project. Fresh off a mini-CMJ tour with fellow Decades Records label mates Band in Heaven, Wake Up are one of the more buzzed about bands playing this year's Moonfest on Clematis Street. We got a chance to sit down with Evan and find out what it's like starting as a solo artists coming up in our local music scene. But the real question still remains, what will he be for Halloween? We got some clues, but his uncertainty is just another reason you have to catch them live on the Moonfest stage.

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Matt Braunger on FON Fest Comedy Lineup: "There Isn't a Dud in the Bunch"

Robyn Von Swank
Matt Braunger. He's taller than he looks.

Standup comedy is a tough sport. It can take years to train and hone your craft, and the chances of getting drafted to the big leagues are still slim. So a guy who's earned a place at Chelsea Lately's roundtable and a minor role on an already-canceled NBC comedies has done pretty well for himself. That's the case for funny man Matt Braunger (yeah, he knows it's hard to pronounce).

Braunger cut his teeth in Chicago like many comics before him and got his big Hollywood break as one of the two white dudes on the final season of MADtv. He might look familiar for his annoying role on the short-lived Up All Night, but now with two standup albums out, he's already dropped by almost any talk show you can think of and continues to make a living making us laugh. Before he joins the other comics at Friends of Nature Festival in Miami, we got a chance to speak with Matt about sitting at Chelsea's table, the woes of being so tall, and which late night talk show host has the best green room.

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Matt & Kim Know: "Floridians Know How to Get Crazy!"

Jonathan Mannion
Matt & Kim, AKA Scream Team.

It looks like we must have been especially good this year in South Florida. Why? Because we had the delightful opportunity to revel in the indie-pop radiance of Matt & Kim twice this year. The first time was at Ultra, straight with side-boob and an avalanche of colored balloons, and now again this November at the West Palm Beach Coastline Festival.

The inaugural showcase will offer the complete fest package: a beer garden, food truck area, and tons of local artists. But we're all jazzed up about the stacked lineup. This dynamic duo will share the stage with Passion Pit, the Neighbourhood, Surfer Blood, and tons of others.

But we have a hankering to strap on some dancing shoes, and there's no act better to guide us through a sweaty concert experience than Matt & Kim. Known for a wild live show, the couple took the time to chat with us about what makes for a great crowd, their spot-on "Harlem Shake" video, and who they would be if they weren't "Matt & Kim."

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