Judas Priest's Rob Halford Says Redeemer of Souls "Reignited Things"


Make no mistake that Judas Priest forever changed the development of heavy metal, helping it progress in a way that few other bands ever will. Though we know few fans of the genre are ignorant enough to fail to make that distinction, it's important to remind everyone now and again that this band -- and its iconic vocal athlete and frontman, Rob Halford -- will absolutely be included when the carving of the heavy-metal Mount Rushmore commences.

What might be most remarkable about Judas Priest, however, is that this band, with a career spanning more than 40 years, has remained as vital as ever and recently released one of its best albums, the sublimely intense Redeemer of Souls -- a nearly unprecedented feat in a young man's game.

And while all this is not to ignore the fact that Priest has surely endured its share of hard times, lineup swaps, and the odd rough album, the group has entered its twilight years firing on all cylinders and screaming for vengeance as loudly as ever.

New Times was fortunate enough to speak with the disarmingly affable Metal God himself, Rob Halford. He was gracious enough to muse upon the current state of Priestly affairs, talk about why heavy metal is still exciting to him, his longevity, and his plan B -- becoming a lounge singer if the Priest thing doesn't work out for some reason.

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Tribut Apparel Team Up With School of Rock for Video Contest

Categories: Fashion Forward

For those who think rock 'n' roll is dead, we'd like to introduce the School of Rock. Yes, there are still people actively committed to making music with real instruments, to learning how to skillfully handle guitars, drums, tambourines.

A Deerfield Beach apparel line, Tribut, cofounded by guitar hero Joe Bonamassa, is also dedicated to keeping rock's bulky, hairy chest heaving. They've teamed up with the Coral Springs and West Broward branches of the School of Rock on a "Future Rock Star" video contest. There are five prizes, but the first-place winner gets a full scholarship for the 2013 fall season.

Shante Gordon-Armstrong of Tribut says they got involved because "we are supportive of music that's happening in the area. Music is leaving the schools, left and right. This is a way for us to highlight that music is alive and well and good, and it's a good outlet for the kids."

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Top Ten Diplo Disciples You'll Meet at a Mad Decent Block Party

Photos by Falyn Freyman

FastForward is a column documenting the nighttime scene in Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach County. It's a weeknight stop at your neighborhood dive; it's a blurry, bass-filled Friday night in the club; it's that one moment in a conversation you hope you'll remember the next morning.

EDM is truly is a mash-up of sounds and subcultures. Go to a Phish concert, and you're likely to find a unified mass of tie-dyed T-shirts and wavy, ass-length locks. Metal shows bring out the black tees on black jeans look, and hair that's just a little too long for dudes.

At a Mad Decent Block Party -- where Diplo's carefully selected crew of hip-hop-infused EDM tastemakers pull out all the stops to make a summer party for the books -- it's a bit more difficult to pigeonhole the fans.

A steady rain through the afternoon did little to dampen the spirits of the hundreds of dedicated ravers who came out to drink, dance, and pay homage to the Godfather of modern dance music, Diplo, this past Saturday. A mix of costumed, masked, dreadlocked, furry-booted, red-eyed and smiling fans populated the dense crowd at Revolution Live's outdoor stage.

To prove our point, we compiled a list of the top 10 Diplo disciples we met at Fort Lauderdale's Mad Decent Block Party.

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Vans Warped Tour's Ten Best Rainy Day Looks

Alex Markow

If there were a festival and place most suited for the rain, it would be the Vans Warped Tour Music Festival at Cruzan Amphitheatre. Florida summertime thunderstorms are refreshing, and while these kids are dressed to impress, that doesn't meet they're wearing lasers, electronic gloves, or spiky stilettos. These pop-punkers know how to enjoy a good grimy mosh pit, they wore the mud like war paint, and they know your Chucks might as well be those of Taylor Swift if they've never braved a bit of wet dirt.

That's why those attending this Saturday's Warped blowout maintained an air of awesome about them despite any drizzle or downpour. Here are ten of the best rainy day looks we spotted at the tour's West Palm Beach stop.

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Top Five Hairdos You'll See at Warped Tour 2013

Ian Witlen
Every year, as the Van's Warped Tour rolls around, South Florida's youth round up their skate shoes, don their favorite band T-shirts, strap on their studded belts and pukka shell necklaces, and head to the fairgrounds.

But it isn't enough to just dress the part of pop-punk tween; one must thoroughly absorb the power-chord-pop culture. What better way to express your sense of scene than sacrificing your coif for the sake of rock 'n' roll?

Here are five hairstyles that no Warped Tour date would be complete without.

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Sexiest Style Moments at Hurly Burly and Cupcake Burlesque Battle of the Sexes

Monica McGivern

Respectable Street was solid packed with tingling sexuality and steamy sticky bods this past Saturday. The night featured fans of both the sensual mistresses of Cupcake Burlesque and the totally natural-type hunks of Hurly Burly. It was a burlesque battle of the sexes, and we have to say, overall, sexiness won out.

The fantastic Cherry Selene and Patrick J. Smash hosted as hottie contenders fought bum and nipple for the win. What follows are our top favorite style moments that were revealed -- oh, so very revealed -- at this burlesque blowout.

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Straight Southern Clothing Line: Two Mother Truckers, One Southern Dream

Categories: Fashion Forward


Y'all know what the 'Merican dream is? It's like the American dream, but it's got a Southern accent. Best friends Joe Curtis and Tyler Stampler have nearly achieved it. A joke over Skype about starting a Southern-style clothing line turned into the real deal. And now the guys are slinging their Straight Southern line on the web.

To explain the concept behind the clothing company, Curtis used Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind," "New Yorkers are (in)famously known for their pride in their roots, regardless if those roots are grounded by location, family affiliation, or just the feeling of belonging. Straight Southern wants to produce exciting, quality products while keeping operations laid back, familiar, customer service oriented, and essentially make Southern hospitality tangible through our brand."

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H&M Announces New Location at Pembroke Lakes Mall


You know who's coming to Pembroke Lakes Mall? The fabulous Mrs. Carter!

Well, Beyonce's not actually arriving live and in the flesh, but rather her colorful H&M-only clothing line will be available before you know it, right here in Broward County. Yeah, you read right. H&M.

Who cares about Bey when H and freakin' M is coming to Pembroke Pines, baby!

There's nothing more celebrated in our consumerist world than the announcement of a new H&M or Trader Joe's location. We've got no Trader Joe's on the horizon to keep up fed cheaply, but H&M will be opening soon, clothing us in the best broke can afford.

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SunFest's Top 10 Most Memorable Fashions

Jessica Daly

Besides a small minority of Lilly Pulitzer lovin' hipsters and like 30 Japanese chicks, there's no young person in the world looking to West Palm Beach for fashion advice. Not that they shouldn't, but it's not like a night out on Clematis is the same as opening the pages of W. But, you know, who the hell wants to look like a space alien in stilettos anyway?

SunFest, this past week in PBC, did have some pretty strong fashion moments though. Despite it not being as chic as Milano, it's also not nearly as obnoxious as Ultra (shiver), and SunFesters know how to have a bit of fun with their looks. Get ready for some mom-like criticism and old man style lovin'.

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Top 10 Block x Blog Fashion Statments

Categories: Fashion Forward

Block X Blog (Revolution Green Room and ABY 4_20_2013)  by Ian Witlen-7979.jpg
Ian Witlen
Block x Blog was a celebration.

Fort Lauderdale musicians, artists, vendors, and scenesters all came together under the unified roof of the Revolution Live complex to show what makes Broward County special and reminisce about the good things of youth. The place was decorated with balloons bent into oversize flowers, hanging floppy discs, and around every corner, someone was playing Super Nintendo. It was also 4/20, so it's likely some of those in attendance celebrated how awesome weed is, too.

With so many themes in play; 8-bit, nostalgia, record-collecting, weed; there were many ways to interpret the day through one's party apparel. What follows is a collection of our favorite looks of the inaugural Block x Blog music festival.

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