Tire Kingdom Rounds Up Country's Biggest Stars and Sells MegaTicket to See Them All

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Sayre Berman
Actual country music, and also what the powers-that-be have named the twang-affected psuedo-rock or fiddle-touched pop music that drips out of Nashville's never-ceasing production lines each year, holds the largest fan-base in music these days. Modern country artists sell records, they sell massive amounts of tickets, and they're a hot commodity. 

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Way too hot to be assembled for something like a cruise -- the current popular vessel for consuming mass quantities of live music. All of these artists have way too much money to make on their own tours, and for fuck's sake, this ain't "the redneck yacht club." Not to mention how just plain wrong it would be to play such distinctly American sounds in international waters. 
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Thanksgiving Overeating Playlist: From Seduction to Satisfaction

Categories: Eating Playlist
Thanksgiving is a lot like courtship. There is the build-up of waiting to meet the most awesome meal of the year. Then, there are the second-guesses -- will it be as good as the last time around? And of course, there are the friendly teases, like when that perfect bite falls away from the rest on the cutting board or when there's an extra chunk of crust attached to your slice of pumpkin pie. All of this is why we have compiled the perfect playlist to accompany your meal from seduction to satisfaction. Now, pass the potatoes.

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