Archaeology and AMIT Bring Old School Drum 'n' Bass and Dubstep to West Palm Beach

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Archaeology members Bradley Brown, Kevin Kocak, Landon Yerby, Alex Gerhardt, and Rene Aguiar.

There's a rebirth of old school drum 'n' bass and purist-friendly dubstep happening in a particularly unlikely place: West Palm Beach.

Friends Alex Gerhardt (DJ Depth), Kevin Kocak (DJ Bownce), Landon Yerby (Dcypher), Bradley Brown (Rok Is Dead), and Rene Aguiar (The Reazin) are the five-strong beatmakers behind the collective Archaeology. They've recently decided to band together with a mission of delivering underground electronic music to the people of South Florida.

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Fort Lauderdale's Evan Rowe Signs Music Deal, Gets Remixed From New York to Poland

Photo by Bongo

Evan Rowe has been a part of Fort Lauderdale's music scene for over a decade now. If you're a newcomer or a young-ish millennial following music around these parts, you probably know him as the often-tutued half of the cross-dressing outfit Travalonia, a band name that mashes the moniker of his former group Catalonia with the first name of local singer-songwriter and Rowe's musical partner, Travis Newbill.

Catalonia was most active during the early 2000s, with the buzz surrounding the band mainly defining the members as a bunch of intelligent guys with a knack for songwriting. Locals paid attention, but the band never really found a foothold and eventually disbanded in 2008. Rowe still uses Catalonia as a stage name at times, though.

We caught up with Rowe, now an adjunct professor of history at Broward College, known also for his political rabble-rousing, after some of his material was picked up by a publishing company and subsequently remixed by DJs from New York to Poland.

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-Photographer Valyn Calhoun Holding Retrospective for Boynton Beach Art Walk

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Mashup Artist Mix to Shake Up Your Day

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girl talk ian witlen.jpg
Ian Witlen
Let's face it, doing cubicle work or any other type of mundane activity -- like dusting, laundry, writing blogs -- really sucks. It's one of those things where Facebook-creeping feels like a better option (it's not, btw).

But when it's time crunch at your job, you need creative energy to fuel you through whatever boring shit it is that you're doing. And Facebook ain't cutting it. What better genre of music to fill you with life than the mashup? These are artists in a constant state of movement. What follows are a couple of mashup musicians that will make your grind that much easier to endure.

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Protoman Drops New Track With New York City DJ Angston

BLS Tour Kickoff (Green Room 8_22_2012)_by Ian Witlen-59.jpg
Ian Witlen
Straight off the Black Locust Society "Sunshine State Tour," local hip-hop MC Protoman released a new track, "Live Fast," with New York DJ Angston. This song has next-level swag. Hip-hop meets EDM? There's oodles of dance potential here.

"Live Fast" has a party energy and touch of the experimental that is a departure from what Protoman typically puts out. "My direction is no direction," Protoman says, "I've been messing around more and more with other styles of production."

But, the maturity and commercial catch of "Live Fast" has us wondering why he's never attempted something like this before. "I'm not trend hopping," Proto asserts, "I'm just curious, I like the change, and I like the challenge."

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Subculture Presents Sincerely Yours, Marty McFly at The Classic Gateway Theater on July 14

Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons
Arriving in a DeLorean is optional.
Last month, we introduced you to Subculture, a company of community organizers and music enthusiasts led by Phillip Roffman. In our interview with Roffman, he expressed a desire to band together likeminded locals from various artistic scenes, and mount cross-disciplinary events. Now, the first of these is coming. Mark your calendars for Sincerely Yours, Marty McFly, which takes place on Saturday, July 14.

For the evening, Subculture is transforming the Classic Gateway Theater in Fort Lauderdale, a South Florida cultural staple, into the '80s. The evening centers around a double feature of iconic movies from that decade: the teen-angst anthem The Breakfast Club, and everyone's favorite time-traveling, freaky-friday-esque cult favorite, Back to the Future.

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A Little VJ Set in Honor of this Weekend's 305 Fest


Read interview with 305 Fest organizer and Speedfreek's Roger Forbes 

305 FEST is rapidly gaining status across the land (and in the international underground) as the hallmark festival of all things heavy. With big thanks to the savvy promoters behind Speedfreek productions, this weekend's going down in the history books.

It's reminiscent of long-gone festivals like the Slap-a-Ham fest in California and the Twin Cities hardcore extravaganza that I believe was orchestrated by Profane Existence and Exteme Noise Records.

Not that Florida is short on massive punk rock gatherings, there's still the legendary No Idea gala known simply as "The Fest" which is always a good bet and not too far of a drive, but now... Now we can claim one of our own.

Since I've been loosened on the short leash and we're actually encouraged to share our tastes here, why not post a little appetizer for this weekend's musical mayhem? That's right, it's VJ time!

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Abel's Weekday VJ Fun with Discosoma and Roofless Records

singles night.JPG

This past May 18, I was invited by the hep cats over at Discosoma and Roofless Records to partake in their Singles Night vol. 4 over at Lester's in Wynwood. I am in no way shape or form a DJ, but I do have an extensive love of vinyl records that dates itself back to the late '80s when I was old enough to appreciate their beauty and subtle elegance.

If you've ever been the recipient of one of my cassette mix tapes and/or have had the unfortunate pleasure of teetering over my turntable late at night and aided by Irish whiskey, you'll know that I am a casual purveyor of bleeps and bloops and more snap, crackles, and pops than a bowl of Rice Krispies on PCP.

My sheriffs here have been kind enough to indulge my whims and I present to you here an approximation of my set that night through the miracle o YouTube. Hats off to fellow DJs New Times writer Arielle Castillo, University of Wynwood's P. Scott Cunningham, Matt Preira of Roofless and Jared McKay of Discosoma for overlooking my terrible transitions and indulging my quick eye to the bar that night. These dudes and gal spun some serious magic and I recommend you keep an eye out for them if laptops make you cringe.

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JAMS Brings DJs, Live Hip-hop, and American Pride to Laser Wolf for Jamburger Hill This Memorial Day

Clear your holiday weekend calendars, folks. The epic DJ collective known as JAMS is bringing record heat to local watering hole Laser Wolf for a Sunday afternoon Memorial Day bash. The party goes by the brilliant name: Jamburger Hill. 

DJs Esoteric, Kristof, Damask, and Mikey R. of Radio-Active Records will be pumping out surf rock, house, hip-hop, and funk all day long as the patio area at Laser Wolf transforms into a beach day barbecue -- kiddie pools and beach balls included. JAMS will serve up Americana food favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers -- but of course -- provided by area food trucks. 

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Mixtape: DJ Rob Riggs Drops Don't Disturb This Smooth

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DJ Rob Riggs at his smoothest
Somehow between resident gigs at Vagabond, Playwright, and the Ritz-Carlton plus being head instructor at Miami's Scratch DJ Academy, longtime FTLien turntablist Rob Riggs finds time to compile mixes of music he can't play at any of his gigs. True to its name, Don't Disturb This Smooth serves up 80 uninterrupted minutes of "experimental-down-tempo-hip-hop-electro-soul-beats" with a heavy emphasis on smooth throughout. With notable attention to detail evident in the solid blends and numerous custom edits, Riggs offers precision as well as style and keeps the lineup eclectic without sacrificing theme. Even the customary, annoying voice-over actor DJ drops are kept to a minimum and at a reasonable volume. 

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On Til Dawn DJ Crew Honoring Departed Member Saturday

Categories: DJ Mix
On Till Dawn.JPG
Broward County dance aficionados will be familiar with the gyrating work of Broward-based DJ crew On Til Dawn. These three beatsmiths, Anthony Mazzeo, Mike Romero, and Eric Dupri, have been on the grind the past few years; beginning with raves out in the swampy Everglades just a few years back these mix-masters have grown up and are currently heading up three successful dance parties in South Florida. Some would argue that the On Til Dawn crew practically reinvigorating Fort Lauderdale Beach's infamous scantily-clad debauch spring break vibe of 80s with its two successful bikini laden parties --Mas Carne and Second Sunday. More »

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