Ed Matus' Solo Electronic Project Is "Organic, Noisy, Futuristic, and Serene"

Not a Portlandian.

Ed Matus might be blaming fatherhood on his recent lackadaisical attitudes towards shaving, but we all know that's some straight up bunkum. The truth is that we don't know what Dickensian fortitude has inspired such facial growth, but we do know that it isn't for any hipster-like leanings. Ed Matus is no hipster. Even at his hippest, he's still not that hip.

What Ed Matus is, is an institution of South Florida's music scene. His trail blazed through the '90s in the forms of Subliminal Criminal, Cavity, H.A.L.O. Vessel, and into the 2000s with the Waterford Landing. That's not even counting the hundreds of side-projects and assists that he has lent to other musicians down here.

Shit, he even gave Juan Montoya a reason to raise a racket in the guise of a struggle. Matus recently released his latest solo effort, an EP of provocative and informed IDM/future sounds on the local darling Schematic Records. We had a chance to catch up with our hairy homeboy and this is how it went.

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Serum, Oz ARC Raider, and Stijn Beat's "Rumor of Omens" Featuring Chris Black, LMS, and Manifesto


South Florida's most prolific emcee, Serum continues his APB assault promoting his latest work with Virginia's Oz ARC Raider and Dutchman Stijn Beats: Megatropolis and this, their latest video in support of the effort features locals Manifesto, LMS, and Chris Black. County Grind has mentioned it plenty of times, but we'll reiterate the obvious again, these cats give most of their music away for free and you can download this album here.

So don't sleep on that. Who knows when they'll come to their senses and stop giving it away or start shying away from local stages where they have been performing some of the best and most honest hip-hop in the nation. Stop listening to whack-ass emcees who rely on a bevvy of self-serving sycophants to satisfy some record label's idea of what hip-hop is.

That shit is right here. In your backyard and vibrant through your community. And better than anything else in the contiguous United States. Fact.

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Humbert's Ferny Coipel on Healing and Their Musical Take on the Crying of Lot 49


From the ashes of I Don't Know, South Florida's most carnival-esque and eclectic outfit Humbert has been ambling along at their self-imposed snail's pace with a handful of releases to their name. They recently self-released an EP, Se Reparan Todos. It's the first in a quartet of EPs the band will be putting out in the coming year.

While prolificacy is not their strongest point, consistency surely is. A live Humbert event is an engaging and intimate musical affair. Their recordings rank as some of the better offerings from South Florida as renewed listening always yields deeper layers in their aural tapestry.

We had a chance to speak with Humbert's Ferny Coipel before their show at the Bubble (with free beer!) tonight. It was quite a revelation how the band utilizes Pynchonian paranoia as a packaging tool. He also admitted the influence of comedic pioneers Benny Hill and Bill Hicks.

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Serum's "Afro Pick 2" Featuring REKS and DJ Heron Free for Download

The Mayhem Revolution
There might be some who'll argue that prolific MC Serum's been promising his next full-length, P.C.P. (Pre Campaign Propaganda) for some time now. That might be true, but I'm not here to proselytize, question the feasibility of certain hair products or ponder the great unknowns of the music industry. All I know is based on cold, hard facts.

Serum does more in one morning than the "most interesting guy in the world" does in one scripted, commercial shoot. The man gives most of his work away for free! And they ain't bad tracks! As a champion of our local underground, I must say, Serum brings everything to the table that should make hip-hop viable.

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Convince NFL's Greg Aiello That GWAR Is the Best Candidate for the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show

Ian Witlen

Now more than ever, a true American issue has taken hold of the nation. Already close to 25,000 strong, the movement is proving that there are things of far more importance to Americans than Syria, gun control, and bipartisan bickering. We're talking, of course, of Kentuckian Jeff Cantrell's petition on change.org to have GWAR, the Universe's greatest band, officiate the halftime spectacle during the 2015 Super Bowl.

It is a goddamned shame that we will first have to suffer Bruno Mars during the 2014 show, a man who once asked why the "pucks were so big in football," a man whose entire athletic pedigree revolves around fitting himself into tight clothing without the aid of Vaseline. Or as my more meat-headed football-loving pals would say: one big pussy boy.

But fear not! Because there is strength in numbers! The same way library, firefighters, and pet lovers bound together using the online petition agency this past August to sway the votes of Miami-Dade Commissioners and bring to light the administrative shortcomings of Clown Prince Mayor Carlos Gimenez, we too can make a change!

See also: Happy 44 Billionth Birthday to GWAR's Oderus Urungus!

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Pocket of Lollipops' Maitejosune Urrechaga: "I Always Had a Riot Grrrl Mentality"

Anthony Diaz
Live at Sweat
Maitejosune Urrechaga is a South Florida artist working in so many creative areas, that there's too many to mention in this intro: comic books, films, novels. She is perhaps best known as the "better half" of Miami's Pocket of Lollipops, a husband and wife outfit where she plays bass and shares vocal duties with her husband drummer Tony Kapel.

The duo has been instrumental in merging South Florida's stuffy art scene with a spunkier, all-fun, no-gloom attitude. The aural results are an art-punk, danceable, no wave sound that glistens in the diabetic saccharine glory of power-pop. New Times has spoken to her hubby in the past, but on the release of their latest 7" record, Letters to Larrup, we decided to check in with Urrechaga. She revealed plans for an upcoming sonic blowout set in Horse Country, gave insights into keeping a marriage successful, and spoke about her affections for the Grateful Dead.

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Crazy Hood's Garcia Talks Coming Home, an Exploration of Cuba's Hip-Hop Scene

Crazy Hood Film Academy
A little over a year ago, longtime South Florida hip-hop artist and somewhat more recent video director Garcia proposed a trip to Cuba with friend and collaborator DJ EFN to document the island's burgeoning hip-hop scene. For a pair of Cuban-Americans, the choice could not have been easy, given the trigger-sensitive issue of the island's politics and the opinions those home in South Florida have of those politics.

Undeterred by the potential backlash, the boys of Crazy Hood forged on, waging a successful Kickstarter campaign that resulted in the documentary Coming Home. It's been earning them accolades on the film festival circuit with more screenings on the way. We recently chatted with Garcia about the project and the general state of hip-hop in Cuba.

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Serum, South Florida's Most Prolific MC, on Albums, Videos, and Hip-Hop

The Mayhem Revolution
"Womb of Infertility"

South Florida's Serum is one of the most prolific dudes in the underground hip-hop game. A creative force who has dispensed with the bullshit glitz and glam of mainstream rap, Serum's efforts have been featured within these digital pages in the past but we had not had a chance to speak with the MC about his thoughts on hip-hop and his creative process before.

It goes without saying, that he is part of a generation of local artists who are making a stamp on hip-hop and if you dear reader, have not jumped in on it, well, let's just say that it's better late than never, right? Like all good emcees, his formula works on a careful balance of subject matter, socio-political commentary and a thick and gruff voice that commands attention.

Humble and dedicated, we'd also like to point out that the he generally gives his music away for free, so there should be no excuses on your behalf. Here's what the man had to say on the recent release of his video "Evolutionary Warfare," a collaboration with Virginia MC Oz ARC Raider and Dutch producer Stijn Beats.

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-"Insurgemcees," Official Video Off New Serum and Manifesto Album

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Dean Swinford's Death Metal Epic I: The Inverted Katabasis Is an Exploration of Personal Growth

English professor and Miami native, Dean Swinford has embarked on the first serious literary treatise concerning death metal with Death Metal Epic I: The Inverted Katabasis. The young novella is picking up endorsements and accolades from both literary and musical circles. Reared in Florida with a solid education in '80s metal in particular, it is no coincidence that the book is set in the Sunshine State during the1980s metal boom.

Tackling this subject matter could easily deviate into the realm of "fanboy cheesiness," but Swinford presents a meditative angle of personal growth and evolution through the protagonist David Fosberg who, not unlike many in the same position, finds himself in a dead-end job, filled with musical acumen and lured by the promise of riches in the guise of a Eurotour, because in Europe, he says, "everyone loves metal."

We spoke with Dean about his first book (of a proposed metal trilogy), academia, and the evolution of the genre. He's a passionate and articulate gentleman who'll impress with his background in medieval and modern literature and with his knowledge of metal album liner notes. And the Miami-Dade Mayor has the audacity to declare the age of the book dead. Oh well, Florida, right?

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Futurisk's "Meteoright" Gets the Remix Treatment, 1982 to 2013

If the Screamers and the Units were revamping the musical landscape of California with digital forays into synth rock back in the late '70s, early '80s, it goes without question that Jeremy Kolosine and his Futurisk racket was doing the same for South Florida and the Eastern seaboard roughly at around the same time. We, of course, are more partial to our locals, so we like to herald them pioneers whenever we can.

Posted recently to his Facebook page, here is an interesting remix of their track "Meteoright" from their awesome 1982 Player Piano EP done by 8-Bit Operators henchman Bacalao. It is an interesting capsule for a number of reasons, the most immediate being how the song still inspires bodily movement, unseen video footage and Marty Thau, Lola Dutronic and Martin Rev getting the Max Headroom treatment in an "Atari micro-chip music assault."

Go on, turn the lights low, and dance.

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