Tattoo Tuesdays: "Kreepy Tiki" Jackson Valiente of Kreepy Tiki Tattoos and Boutique

Popcorn Soul Revue (5 Points Lounge 5_12_2012) by Ian Witlen -1.jpg
Ian Whitlen
Though Jackson Valiente, AKA Kreepy Tiki Jaksin, has been tattooing for over a decade, he reveals, "My first job as an artist was as a tiki carver." Luckily for tattoo collectors, especially those fortunate enough to have a piece of this hellcat's work on their flesh, the new millennium had more human things in store for Valiente.

Following a formal apprenticeship, the Miami native opened Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale. The shop has grown considerably since the early days. Not only has Jackson and crew made "The Tiki" a staple of the hot-rod driving, pinup-loving crowd thanks to a nicely stocked clothing and accessories boutique, but he now employs seven full-time artists. Most recently, Valiente unveiled 5 Points Lounge in the space adjoining his tattoo shop, formerly the Monterey Club. The bar and music venue was named 2012's Best New Bar by New Times Broward Palm Beach. The Kreepy team transformed it into a laid-back speakeasy that shadows party people in shrines of saints lit by candlelight and refreshes them at a custom-made tiki bar. A fitting backdrop for Valiente's aesthetic and swag.

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Tech N9ne and Machine Gun Kelly Bring the Noise for the Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour

Tech N9ne, the Kansas City native who heads up the Strange Music record label, and Cleveland wild boy Machine Gun Kelly joined forces to bring the "Hostile Takeover Tour 2012" around the country and also to Club Cinema on Tuesday, June 26.

The notoriously out-of-control duo are attempting an aggressive touring schedule, performing over 90 live shows in just 99 days. According to a press release: "The 'Hostile Takeover 2012' tour will be the longest consecutive tour in rap history," and is the only ways fans will see Tech N9ne's over-the-top live show this year. The tour kicked off in March in Tech's hometown, slowly making it's way across the country and to South Florida, "rapping" up in early July.

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Tattoo Tuesdays: Gwen "GiGi" Gersich of Formula Ink, Vol. I

Editor's Note: Tattoo Tuesdays highlight Broward and Palm Beach counties most beloved tattoo artists and shops. 

"I started hanging around tattoo shops when I was 16," Tattoo artist and Reno, Nevada, native Gwen Gersich, AKA "GiGi," says laughingly, "I ditched school on my 18th birthday to get my first." While she admits that the tattoo probably wasn't the most well-chosen (she has a good sized skull and crossbones on her leg, flames included), she doesn't regret it. "It sounds dumb, but it's what I wanted." 

However, Gwen didn't always know she wanted to become a tattoo artist. In fact, she spent most of her time growing skipping class to hang out in the art room and listen to classic rock with her teacher. "I've been doing art ever since I can remember," she tells us, "I was five years old when I had crayons for the first time, and just sort of grew from there with different mediums." 

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On to the Next: The Reckless Dames Leave Green Room

courtesy of The Reckless Dames
The Reckless Dames aren't afraid to play with fire and never get burned.

After a yearlong weekly gig at the Green Room Nightclub, the Reckless Dames have parted ways with their burlesque home-base venue.

According to a Green Room rep, "We [Green Room] decided to stop doing the weekly burlesque because we want to stagger our entertainment." The spokesperson continued by saying, "We love the Reckless Dames... They've helped shape Green Room's identity from the inception of Saturdays, and we will continue to work with them by adding them to selective nights." Essentially, this is just a hiatus so that Green Room can expand its entertainment showcases, including live music. They added that they will host "selective nights that solely feature their burlesque troop."

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What Is Subculture? CEO Phillip Roffman Sets the Record Straight

Ian Witlen
CEO Phillip Roffman repping Subculture at Record Store Day.

When you think of subculture, the first thing that probably comes to mind is some under-the-radar, fringe group of folks who seem to keep to themselves. Those involved probably make your mom a little nervous. But what happens when a group of locals whose passion for music and their community come together and insist that their beloved "subculture" go mainstream? South Florida native, CEO, and local scene starter Phillip Roffman and his team of talented movers and shakers are here to break through the ceiling of normalcy with Subculture.

Created roughly a year and a half ago, Roffman says, Subculture "was born out of the idea that local businesses, vendors, artists, et cetera -- both known and underground -- could come together for the purpose of putting together significant events." Leading up to the formation of Subculture, the company, Roffman attended various local and national music festivals, like Lollapalooza. "It's truly inspiring," he says, "to see hundreds of people come together for one band or one artist. I wanted to start something that could be a part of that." Thus, Subculture was born.

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Black Friday's Midnight Market - Green Room - June 8

Joshua Little

The lights were dim and Green Room was pulsing, alive with the spirit of the weekly Goth-night extravaganza Black Friday. By the time the party really got going, it was 2 a.m., and though it was past bedtime, even for some of the most seasoned Goths, the crowd didn't seem anywhere near the point of calling it quits. Couples were grinding on the dance floor as guest DJ Alex Delliance pumped out a variety of industrial remixes of Goth favs.

Last week, resident DJ LinderSMASH -- who won the 2012 New Times Best Of award for Club DJ -- provided us with a what-to-wear guide for Goth newbies. "That's the thing with Goth kids," LinderSMASH jokes, "They don't show up before midnight no matter what the fuck you do."
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Kathy Griffin (with Gloria Estefan) - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - June 2

Better than: Finally finding the needle goddamn in the haystack.

Kathy Griffin brought her saucy one-woman act to the Hard Rock Live this Saturday night.  We brought you an inside look at Griffin's life in an interview last week on County Grind, and figured you'd want more. The gigantic stadium that is the Hard Rock Live was packed to the brim with the all-but-expected crowd of gays, groups of "ladies night" cougars, women-who-dragged-their-husbands, and grandparent-aged patrons... And us. Griffin wore a fierce leopard print wrap dress and crocs. Yeah, crocs.

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Kathy Griffin on Cher, Judge Judy, the LGBT Crowd, and The Kathy Show

Courtesy of Mike Ruiz
From Kathy Griffin's "For Your Consideration" campaign. Not how we're used to seeing her, but we're not complaining!
Kathy Griffin, sensational comedian and notorious foul-mouthed Queen of Mean, is bringing her solo act to the Hard Rock Live, and no celebrity is safe. "I've played more cities in Florida than in any other state," Griffin says. "But you guys are sick bastards -- I think that's what it is." The native Chicagoan-gone-L.A. leading lady is ready to bring her steamy show south once again, saying, "I don't know how much my hair is gonna frizz, but I'm willing to give up a good flat iron just to make everybody laugh." 
Over the phone, Griffin is just as hilarious as you'd expect. Right off the bat, it's as if we've known each other for years, chatting over a stiff drink at a smoky bar. 

"I love that I started you young with my profanity and inappropriate stories," Griffin says. One early Kathy Griffin memory, however, was wildly mild: Watching the sitcom Suddenly Susan, where Griffin played pessimistic food critic Vicki Groener alongside castmate and friend Brooke Shields. "It was so much cleaner then," she admits. "It's all changed!" Cue maniacal chuckles. We're not offended by the torrents of f-bombs and R-rated stories she's become synonymous with, and as a matter of fact, we love it.

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Rock 'n' Roll Ladies Night with Avenida Zero, All the Pretty Cars, The Reckless Dames, and DJ Sweetswirl

Joan Jett, bad-ass leading lady of all time? Probably.

Green Room nightclub, the growing epicenter of the Fort Lauderdale's live music scene is hosting a girls' night of rock on this Saturday. 

The event, appropriately called "Ladies That Rock," is a tribute to all of the fabulous female-fronted bands of yesterday, today, and tomorrow who have helped shape the often male-dominated music industry. Think bad asses like Joan Jett and The Runaways circa 1976 meets No Doubt and Paramore -- need we say more?

The line-up of fierce performers are all headed up by lovely and talented ladies. There's Latin pop/punk five-some Avenida Zero, fronted by lead singer Lisa Abreu. Abreu agrees that Joan Jett exudes everything that is bad-ass, noting the frontwoman's influence on her own music. Madonna is another leading lady that Abreu admires, saying, "When I first discovered her (at age 8), I knew I wanted to be an artist/performer for the rest of my life." No arguments there. We think Madonna rules too!

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JAMS Brings DJs, Live Hip-hop, and American Pride to Laser Wolf for Jamburger Hill This Memorial Day

Clear your holiday weekend calendars, folks. The epic DJ collective known as JAMS is bringing record heat to local watering hole Laser Wolf for a Sunday afternoon Memorial Day bash. The party goes by the brilliant name: Jamburger Hill. 

DJs Esoteric, Kristof, Damask, and Mikey R. of Radio-Active Records will be pumping out surf rock, house, hip-hop, and funk all day long as the patio area at Laser Wolf transforms into a beach day barbecue -- kiddie pools and beach balls included. JAMS will serve up Americana food favorites like hot dogs and hamburgers -- but of course -- provided by area food trucks. 

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