Counting Crows' Adam Duritz Doesn't Want to Sound Like Your Grandpa

David Elmes@cc2.0
Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows at EMC World 2010

Counting Crows first made their mark on the music industry in 1993 with their hit album August and Everything After, pumping airwaves with a thick dose of the addictive "Mr. Jones." Over the next two decades and beyond, that song continues to get radio play; the band has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide and is still going strong, with live performances that surpass expectations.

Somewhere Under Wonderland is the band's first new studio album since 2008 and is expected out on Capitol Records this fall. But Counting Crows hit the road with a national tour that kicked off in Tampa and hits Hollywood's sold-out Hard Rock Live on Thursday. Duritz spoke with New Times about the album, his work with the Outlaw Roadshow, and his surprising opinion of Auto-Tune.

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Wake Up Tour with Surfer Blood in a Chevy Suburban


Despite being in his mid-twenties, it seems musician Evan Mui has been a perennial member of Lake Worth's music scene for ages. With stints in Palm Beach County favorites like Guy Harvey and the Dewars, Mui has more than cut his teeth. His newest project Wake Up has given Mui a chance to spread his wings and strike out on his own -- and it looks like he's struck gold, as well.

Wake Up's blend of chiming hooks, Superchunk-y guitar riffs over Mui's crackling J Masics-ish vocals has been raising eyebrows. His band has landed on local label Decades Records (home to other notables like Band in Heaven and Jean Jacket), and with successful stints at CMJ and a current tour with Surfer Blood, it seems like breakout stardom is within reach for Mui.

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Five 2014 Florida Festivals Worth a Road Trip

Claire Nelson

When you live in a warm climate like Florida, any attempt at creating a festival frenzy need not be confined to the summertime. In fact, the next couple of months, this sunny state will experience a new spate of music festivals, giving a welcome respite to all those on the opposite side of the Mason Dixon Line who are suffering from a particularly harsh winter.

Granted, Florida is a big state, and those of us who live in its southernmost fringes sometimes feel a bit isolated due to our distance from Orlando, Tampa, and points beyond. Even so, when there are so many great gatherings that are realistically within driving distance, it's worth gassing up the car and setting out on a sonic adventure. Here are five -- one per month from now to May -- in chronological order, worth the trek.

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Rob Budowsky, Tired of Making Mixtapes, Debuts Strutter Productions

Jim Hall at

One person's "curation" is another man's life blood. Hollywood CPA and 33 1/3s guitarist Rob Budowsky has spent decades watching his favorite bands bypass South Florida to avoid the "200-mile trip to nowhere" from Orlando so loathed by lazy booking agents.

Budowsky, 46, is no stranger to musical education. He makes an annual mixtape of his favorite garage punk bands for his friends, whose "musical taste stopped developing in 1990," he says. Starting Wednesday, October 23, class will be in session for both his friends and all subtropical lovers of distorted guitars, when his newly formed Strutter Productions brings Hardly Art recording Artist Colleen Green to Churchill's Pub as the first in a three-show concert series.

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Five Reasons Antiseen Is the Most Important Punk Band Alive Today


North Carolina punk legends Antiseen celebrate their 30th "Antiversary" this weekend with a pair of shows at the Tremont Music Hall in their hometown of Charlotte. I've had the honor of knowing these sods for 20 of those 30 years. I've seen their good, bad, and ugly -- but I have NEVER heard them play a solitary note of anything that wouldn't kick a hipster's ass at 100 paces.

Here are five reasons why Antiseen remain the most vital band still waving the punk-rock banner.

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Aura Music Events Close Thursday Nights at Funky Biscuit With Sosos; Organizers Guarantee Expanded Fest at Suwannee

Ceenan Calzadilla
Sosos at the Funky Biscuit Thursday night.
Aura Music and Arts Festival has certainly come a long way since its 2010 inception. It started out a very modest St. Cloud affair, a town halfway between BFE and the middle of nowhere in Central Florida. It's come such a long way, in fact, that this year, the jam-heavy fest will be held for the first time at the legendary Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, a widely regarded favorite among southeastern festgoers. 

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A cause for celebration? We think so, and apparently the organizers do too. Even though the festival isn't until February, the folks at Aura Music Events have been getting the party warmed up early with a jamtastic night at the Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton on Thursday nights. 

Last night's Aura Thursday, which actually marked the last for the time being, featured Sosos, an acoustic roots group based out of Fort Lauderdale. 

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County Grind Live with Boils and Goyles, the Cost, and the Jellyfish Brothers - Green Room, Fort Lauderdale - September 15

County Grind Showcase (Green Room 9_15_2012)_by Ian Witlen-41.jpg
Ian Witlen

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Some weird and wonderful things happened on Saturday night at Green Room. An impromptu conga line made its way around the pool table, a couple made out on and slid up and down the VIP area's stripper pole, and it seems a bunch of people took off their shoes and piled them in the middle of the dance floor. Most importantly though, we compiled a really rad lineup for this, our fourth installment of County Grind Live. It both demonstrated good taste and a good time, if we do say so ourselves.
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The Cost on Loving Postpunk: "When Girls Break Your Heart, That's When It Starts to Make Sense"

I Am Your Villain 
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A lot of the credit for new South Florida foursome the Cost's mature sound can be pinned on a cool dad. Band cofounders Manny Roman, its frontman, and bassist Nate Molina were middle-school buddies when they started digging into Molina's father's record collection. A transplant from L.A., the elder Molina was an avid new-wave and postpunk fan during that era, and the future members of the Cost discovered that they too loved those urgent, romantic sounds. 

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Jellyfish Brothers' Janette Valentine: "I Like Slapping Wigs, Sailor Hats, and Tutus on Boys" (PHOTO)

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Maybe you caught the adorable trio the Jellyfish Brothers performing in full sailor garb at Summer of Weirds. You might have been drawn in by their homoerotic... Er, totally campy attire, but you definitely stayed sweaty and huddled around them for the sounds peeling out of their instruments. 

Brothers Gregorio and Eduardo Alvarez and Shroud Eater's Janette Valentine make surfy, dark rock and roll fit for psych-stupid dancing or dramatic head bobbing. All of the Jellys are talented in the visual arts too. Valentine's company Terribly Girly makes sensual pinups out of any lady (or man, as you shall see), and the Alvarezes produce, film, and direct the online music documentary series Audio Junkie

In preparation of their upcoming show at Green Room for County Grind Live, the three talents answered our pretty goofy questions after the jump. 

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Rick Diaz's New Project, Boils and Goyles, Is "Darker but More Inviting"; Performing Green Room, September 15

rick diaz alex broadwell.jpg
Alex Broadwell
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The thought of maintaining Miami musician Rick Diaz's Google calendar could give even the best multitasker a tragic case of heartburn. But despite being in every band ever, Diaz, uh, keeps starting new bands.

He founded two-piece noise-rock group hahahelp! amid the dive-bar, weirdo, shit scene centered around Churchill's Pub. But most recently, the vocalist and guitarist has been pulling double duty in two of Biscayne Boulevard's favorite new rock bands: 90s Teen and Boils and Goyles. 

The former is like a scrappy little dog nipping at your heels. The latter is like hitting the vape and eating a grape. We hit up Diaz to break down the differences between his projects, and get real about his new "supergroup" Boils and Goyles with Luma Junger's Dorys Bello and Slashpine's Rob Goyanes

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