Nappy Roots and Noteworthy Local Rappers Took Over Propaganda in Lake Worth

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Local graffiti artist CHNK captured members Nappy Roots in this sketch.

Last night's Nappy Roots show at Propaganda in Lake Worth presented by Rock the Mic was an evening of real hip-hop revelry. Hands in the air passed around bottles of Absolut and the room and the crowd was treated to a new project by two members of the headlining act, 40 Akerz.

Rappers Tersch & MMB kicked off the show with a commanding stage presence and a buttload of energy. The two are obviously good friends and that chemistry aided with infecting the crowd with their jocular hype. Lyrically, however, they seemed distracted. Each only got through two or three bars at a stretch before launching into a hook. Their chorus-heavy rap seemed a touch repetitive, like my mother always claimed hip-hop music to be.

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James Blake Played New Song "Forever" at YoungArts Art Basel 2014 Concert

Photo by Chris Carter/
Check out the full 64-photo slideshow of James Blake at Basel 2014.

James Blake
Presented by III Points and YoungArts
YoungArts Campus, Miami
Friday, December 5, 2014

Better Than: Sunday mass.

We're not really a religious bunch. But last night, James Blake took us to church.

The English artist brought heavenly chords and a voice like honey to his Florida debut at Miami's YoungArts Campus for III Points and YoungArts' Basel 2014 music series.

Oh, and he made his first time count, giving adoring fans a number of deep cuts, like the recently released "200 Press," and even unleashing "Forever," a never-before-heard taste from his forthcoming album, for the encore.

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Jump the Shark's Grand Opening Felt Like Your Best Friend's House -- but Louder

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James Argyropoulos
Jump the Shark's owner Garo Gallo jams onstage with his band Dooms de Pop.
In Flagler Village, the last Saturday of the month usually means one thing: FAT Village art walk. And while many did turn out to sip complimentary wine while browsing local art, the energy of the night was most intense elsewhere. And it was .6 miles northeast, to be exact.

It was the hope of many South Floridians that Jump the Shark's grand reopening would fill a hole in the Fort Lauderdale scene. Though the area is starting to attract a younger, more culturally relevant crowd, there's still a need for more venues for live music and original exhibitions.

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Lolipop Records Showcased Its Talent at Vintage Tap in Delray Beach

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Courtesy of Unit 1

Last night, Vintage Tap on Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach hosted its own microcosm of the alternative rock world hosted by local music rag PureHoney Magazine.

Four bands, hailing from Oregon, California, New York, and Fort Lauderdale, took the stage to deliver their own brands of '90s style at the small bar to a rather adoring crowd. The eclectic mix of rock subgenres the Lolipop Records' bands brought to the table was refreshing.

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Anberlin Brought Bittersweet Final Show to Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale

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Ian Witlen

I remember when my brother gave me a couple of Anberlin CDs years ago when I was in college -- the Never Take Friendship Personal and Cities albums. I fell in love with the rocky ballads, graceful lyrics, and the voice of Stephen Christian, which always softly rose above the riffs of the electric guitar.

I found myself mesmerized and energized by every song. On angry nights, I would pound the pavement of the Chicago streets running and blasting "Dismantle. Repair." and "Breaking." It was always a catharsis that ended with "The Unwinding Cable Car."

My relationship with Anberlin never ended, even though I hadn't been to one of the band's shows. That is, until last night, its second-to-last show ever. Years before, I remembered a friend telling me they sounded terrible live. I was happy to find out they were dead wrong.

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Phantom of the Opera Dazzles at the Broward Center but Fails to Connect

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Photo by: Matthew Murphy
It's hard to turn a classic on its head, especially when you're talking about one of the most performed and beloved musicals of all time.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera has hooked children into theater and dazzled audiences young and old since its premiere in 1986, and yet, it felt sometimes as if the audience at the Broward Center on Friday night never truly connected with the performers onstage.

Was that because the performance itself was somewhat muddled, or was the performance somewhat muddled because the audience was rude? It's hard to tell. One thing is certain though -- the stagecraft of this Phantom is absolutely as brilliant as anything we've ever seen.

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Phillip Phillips - Hard Rock Live Hollywood - November 15

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Going to see Phillip Phillips for the first time, I wasn't quite sure what to expect other than a lot of acoustic guitar and his hit songs "Home" and "Gone Gone Gone." I knew he was an American Idol winner so I was expecting a certain "type" of singer. But I have to say, I was happily surprised at how wrong my expectations were.

Phillips isn't your typical American Idol. Sure the guy sings with power, but his love for extended instrumental jam sessions in between songs and his Dave Mathews-like crooning peppered with smiles isn't your typical TV-pop fare.

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Amy Schumer Is Not a Funny Woman; She's a Funny Person


One of the more offensive things you can ask a female comic is: "What is it like to be a woman in comedy?"

The question itself looks innocent enough at first glance, but its subtext screams something different. What you're really asking is: How can you -- with your cumbersome vagina, milk-engorged breasts, and syrupy stream of estrogen weaving its way though your body -- how can you possibly be funny?

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The English Beat - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - November 7

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Photo by E. Iglesias

The English Beat
Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale
Friday, November 7, 2014

"I don't know why you're asking us to play that song. We haven't played it in years." Dave Wakeling said deadpan in his thick English drawl as the crowd roared for "Mirror in the Bathroom."

What other accent would you expect to hear from a band forced to call themselves the English Beat on US shores since there was already an American band with the name they're known by in the UK, The Beat?

From 1980 to 1982 The Beat, English or otherwise, put out three touchstone ska albums with hits like "Save it for Later," "Hands Off She's Mine," and yes, "Mirror in the Bathroom".

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Heart with Brynn Marie - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - November 9

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With Brynn Marie
Hard Rock Live, Hollywood
Sunday, November 9, 2014

You wanna polarize and/or destroy musical canons? Go ahead. If you've flown into the full fancy of sacrificing a sacred cow, nobody is going to stop you because, clearly, you're a crazy person. Or maybe you've flown into the sun. How would we know, you heap of ashes, you?

Good. Let's meet half way. Let's talk about Heart and let's talk about what you'd expect.

What you'd expect and receive are two different things. You'd expect a ride, a free ride. Heart opened with a tour de force that never looked back; quite frankly, it was nothing but full on balls and gumption from the second the spotlight descended upon Nancy Wilson.

After that, it was pure rock and roll bliss.

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