Revenge of the Tiki IV at Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale: 23 Bands, Pinup Girls, Vintage Cars, and More

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Michele Eve Sandberg

By Erick Lappin

When you go to an event and the door guy takes a Sharpie and draws a happy face on your hand because they ran out of wristbands, then you know fun is on its way. And it's likely helped along by the free drink that comes with your parking ticket.

That's how things unfolded Saturday at tattoo, boutique, and bar Kreepy Tiki in Fort Lauderdale. It was the fourth edition of the Revenge of the Tiki festival, a full-day affair that stretched from noon to 3 a.m.

After a three-year gap, Monterey Club promoter Rob Stannard and Kreepy Tiki owner Jackson Valiente combined an exhibition of classic cars from the '40s, '50s, and '60s with live music and sexy pinup and burlesque shows -- in two different spots, both inside and outside at the big parking lot in rear.

"When we started the first time, my partner and I did everything ourselves," said Stannard. "Now, we have a full-scale stage. Besides growth, we have more vendors this year."

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Lucinda Williams - Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale - January 24

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The great Lucinda Williams live.

We recently interviewed interviewed Lucinda Williams, and on our call, she lamented the difficulties of her earlier days, hitting the road alone. "I talked to a girl not too long ago, a young singer-songwriter. And she was doing all that that I used to do, driving all over the place by herself. Not even a person to help her drive, just her and her guitar and blankets and stuff. It's so hard when you're just starting out," she told us.

But Saturday night, before a packed house at Fort Lauderdale's Parker Playhouse, she opened the show just that way: alone and unassuming with only her guitar.

Williams walked out under the spotlight and delivered the opening lines of "Blessed" until slowly, one by one, her bandmates joined her onstage, plucking, accenting with cymbals here and there, until it was a full and mighty send-up to the end of the song.

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Ten Lessons Learned on the Sandy Beaches Cruise

Alisa Beth Cherry
Lee (left) with homeboy hero Raul Malo of the Mavericks
Time seems suspended when you're on a cruise, and like it's zoomed by afterwards. Recently on the Sandy Beaches Cruise, hosted by Atlanta's Sixthman music cruise team, a boat full of music lovers got caught up in that complex forward motion.

On the Norwegian Pearl, the music ploughed ahead at full steam, leaving audiences spellbound. The result was sheer adulation with high velocity performances, to say the very least.

Sandy Beaches began as the brainchild of barrelhouse blues veteran Delbert McClinton who initiated the cruise some 21 years ago as a means of gathering friends and fans for a celebration out at sea. Since then, SBC has attracted a group of steadfast devotees who come annually to bask in music, merriment, friendship and fellowship.

For yours truly, it became a series of teaching moments. Here's what I learned during my recent week at sea.

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Lettuce - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - January 11, 2015

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Lettuce entertain you.

Lettuce's show last night at Revolution Live was a tour de force or, more accurately, a tour de funk.

Band members are masters of their craft, presenting a sonic tightness and denseness that reached near magical levels. Lettuce kept the crowd rapt on a long, funky ride the entire night. Even though the group was fresh off the weeklong Jam Cruise, Lettuce sounded crisper than ever.

It was a damp, slightly windy Sunday night, normal for winter in South Florida. The cool air was likely welcomed by those who'd spent the week on the high seas. The crowd included a lot of attendees from out of state getting one last bit of music in before boarding planes and heading home. Weary sun-burnt feet shuffled while fresh-footed South Floridians tore up the dance floor.

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Love Thy Neighbor Fundraiser at Stache Featured Beatles Favorites By the Beethose

Categories: Concert Review

Teajay Smith

Inside Stache, the sign-less speakeasy in downtown Fort Lauderdale, it's dimly lit and ornately decorated with parlor-style seating. In the main room, a wall is handily stacked to the ceiling with libations.

The classy venue hosted a special fundraising event for a homeless advocacy nonprofit that's been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Love Thy Neighbor is headed by nonagenarian, World War II veteran Arnold Abbott, a frail man whose looks bely his strength. He's got a golden ticker and a firm handshake. Abbott was recently cited several times by the police for feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale.

The combat-tested Abbott, who says he's been "fighting for the underdog all my life," spent 50 years fighting for civil rights. At Saturday's event, he reminisced about going to Mississippi in 1964 to help African Americans register to vote. He's not bothered by the recent police action and is determined to bring equality for and fairness to the homeless.

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Gregg Allman - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - January 4, 2015

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Alberto Cabello via Wikipedia Commons
Last week, when I wrote about the upcoming Gregg Allman concert, I caught hell from his fans for stating that some have laid claim that Allman coined the term "Southern rock." Commenters said to do some research. After all, everyone knew Gregg Allman hated that term being thrown around to describe his work with the Allman Brothers Band.

After seeing Allman play a solo show at Hard Rock Live Sunday night, I stand corrected. The man who was as synonymous in my mind with Southern rock as anyone this side of Lynyrd Skynyrd gave a performance that was more Chicago-blues-based than rock 'n' roll from below the Mason-Dixon.

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Jabrjaw and Mike Astrea Debut 7Steps2Hell at Propaganda's Black Lodge with Astrea Corp, Bleubird, and Ichabod

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Ian Witlen

Saturday night at Propaganda in Lake Worth, rapper Jabrjaw threw one "hell" of a party complete with satanic imagery projected behind the stage and a slew of hip-hop and electronic-tinged experimental acts associated with the former music collective Black Locust Society. He also premiered his new project with the Astrea Corporation's Mike Astrea, 7Steps2Hell.

For the first hour or so, Jabrjaw was absolutely killing it on the tables, stepping out now and again to dance a bit and say whatever he felt at that moment, like: "It's my show. If you got a problem with it, come talk to me."

Throughout, his DJ set was an eclectic mix of schools old and new, he really hit his stride with some down-tempo tracks steeped in abysmal darkness. He did however get comfortably "Golden-Era" enough to allow for some dope breaking dancing from the guys of Catalyst.

When the bar hit critical crowd mass, he evidently decided that the time was right for the real show, one with a microphone.

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Fleetwood Mac Was Better Than Ever at BB&T Center on December 19, 2014

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Sayre Berman

Fleetwood Mac
BB&T Center, Sunrise
Friday, December 19, 2014

Better than: Anyone had the right to expect.

All those who packed into the BB&T Center at the penultimate show of the much-heralded Fleetwood Mac reunion tour truly felt they were attending a landmark event.

After some 48 years of slinging hugely successful albums and holding down a reputation as rock's most notorious traveling soap opera, the band's sold-out performance was testimony to its longevity and durability. But the fact that the band still sounds remarkable -- some might say better than ever -- ensured its three hour, awe-inspiring show was one for the ages.

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The Black Keys and St. Vincent - BB&T Center, Sunrise - December 15

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Danny Clinch

When I heard the Black Keys were playing BB&T Center, I was skeptical. I thought, no rock band formed in the 21st century can fill up an entire arena. That's a venue for boy bands, hip-hop moguls, and rockers with membership to the AARP.

But as the Black Keys took the stage at 9:15 p.m., it became apparent that rock and roll was not dead. And it truly was an all ages show -- from teenyboppers out late on a school night to grandmas and grandpas, every kind of fan was in attendance. There were a couple empty seats. But it didn't matter, since no one sat down during the entirety of the duo's hour and forty five minute, twenty-one song set.

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Nappy Roots and Noteworthy Local Rappers Took Over Propaganda in Lake Worth

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Local graffiti artist CHNK captured members Nappy Roots in this sketch.

Last night's Nappy Roots show at Propaganda in Lake Worth presented by Rock the Mic was an evening of real hip-hop revelry. Hands in the air passed around bottles of Absolut and the room and the crowd was treated to a new project by two members of the headlining act, 40 Akerz.

Rappers Tersch & MMB kicked off the show with a commanding stage presence and a buttload of energy. The two are obviously good friends and that chemistry aided with infecting the crowd with their jocular hype. Lyrically, however, they seemed distracted. Each only got through two or three bars at a stretch before launching into a hook. Their chorus-heavy rap seemed a touch repetitive, like my mother always claimed hip-hop music to be.

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