Art Garfunkel - Broward Center, Fort Lauderdale - February 21

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Alisa Beth Cherry

Art Garfunkel
Amaturo Theater, Broward Center for the Performing Arts
February 21, 2014

Better than: Simon and Garfunkel? Predictably no. Art Garfunkel in his prime? Again, no. Art Garfunkel, three years prior when he was robbed of his voice? Decidedly yes.

Three years ago, a mysterious malady robbed Art Garfunkel of the singing voice that had stirred a generation. For a man whose career had been built on the ability to deliver the high harmonies that sweetened partner Paul Simon's songs, it likely felt like losing a limb. The fact that the ailment appeared without warning made a crippling disability all the more terrifying. At that point, Art Garfunkel faced the very real possibility that he might never perform again.

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International Noise Conference 2014: Year of the Woman (PHOTOS)

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Alex Markow

Saturday night, Reverend Mother Flash pissed into a cup, drank it, and spit it at the crowd amid the total sonic and physical chaos of Cock ESP's closing set at the 2014 International Noise Conference. A fan flew and firecrackers popped. It was the perfect ending to a full week of anything goes. Not long before, the New York City performer gave birth to a toy baby, stabbed it, and washed her nude body in blood in that same spot in front of a thinning but buzzing late-night crowd. With her majestic red getup and pointed crown, she epitomized the absurdity, the fantastic, the freedom, the emotion, the asshole spirit that INC brings each year to South Florida.

What once was a three-day fuck-fest at Churchill's Pub in Little Haiti -- lots of smelly dudes in town sleeping on couches and in cars who cleverly and not so cleverly played with sound -- is now a five-day-long beautiful shit-show, complete with pre- and postparties. And this year, the longest yet, was dominated by an impressive array of female performers.

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Against Me! - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - January 26

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Andrew Soria
Against Me! has certainly come a long way from the rough-edged punk band that cut its teeth in the dives of Gainesville. The band's many metamorphoses, sonic and physical, have all provided a perpetual undercurrent of change while Against Me! has enjoyed success far beyond any plotted trajectory Laura Jane Grace may have considered in her days bashing away on an acoustic guitar at house shows in a former life.

Last night, Against Me! ended its tour at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room, and while most people were tuned into the Grammy Awards and eagerly watching popular music's continued descent into the depths of mediocrity, Against Me! shared a night of high energy rock 'n' roll punk with a capacity crowd of sweaty fans that felt as much a celebration of the band and its music as an affirmation of the reality that real music lives in human interaction, not award shows.

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Kiss Country Chili Cookoff: "The Funnest Concert" of 2014

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Michele Eve

So many folks were donning cowboy and daisy boots matched up with camp attire yesterday at South Florida's massive country music festival, the Kiss Country 99.9 FM Chili Cookoff. Although the name implies that there was chili, country peeps were all about two things: drinking heavily and the slew of talented musicians lined up to perform. Oh, and the "fine guys," according to Sarah, a 19-year-old concert-goer with whom we spoke.

Let's start off with the earliest form of debauchery, aka tailgating. Trying to find parking in C.B. Smith Park at 6:30 a.m. was a mission. Like worse than Black Friday shopping. This, ladies and gents, was because people started drinking at 1:30 a.m. Yes, you read that right. One thirty in the freaking morning. And all for a concert that ended at 5 in the evening. We witnessed a kid straight up chug from a bottle of Pinnacle vodka only to pass out about 20 minutes later. "It's okay, buddy, I remember my first beer," a drunken lady chided.

As David from the SWANK booth, whose chili made it to the finals, later said, tailgating so early is full of "inspiring dedication."

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Lucero - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - January 22

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There is something about a cold snap that brings out the positive vibes in South Floridians. When the heat relents, the area seems to share in a unison sigh of relief that brings out the best in locals. The weather, in conjunction with its inherent good vibes, makes the perfect backdrop for a good concert, too. Last night, a healthy flock of Lucero fans dusted off articles of long-neglected outerwear and filled up Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room to take in the band's alcohol drenched Americana-rock.

The evening was in painted in images of raised beers sloshing out of cups, friends hanging off of each other's shoulders, and a band that turned the Culture Room into their very own hometown dive.

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Les Claypool's Duo de Twang - Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale - January 9

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When New Times spoke with Les Claypool last month, he said the live experience of his Duo de Twang was "more of a hang than a show." The man does not lie.
With the house lights set down low and a campfire with artificial orange embers below faux logs, Les Claypool and Bryan Kehoe walked on to Revolution Live's stage Thursday night clad in cowboy hats and many layers of clothing.

As they sat in chairs and picked up their bass and guitar Claypool addressed the full crowd, "Welcome to the campfire. Feel free to roast your s'mores or whatever you got." What the crowd had by the smell of things is now legal in the state of Colorado, and hopefully it relaxed them, because midway through the first song, a speaker blew with a deafening thud.

As a techie solved the audio problem Claypool calmed the crowd with his trademark humor, "I don't know how that was for you, but I almost shit myself."

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Billy Joel - BB&T Center, Sunrise - January 7

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Sayre Berman

Better Than: This

Billy Joel is an American institution. For many, Joel's music is passed down through generations like a father's advice on delivering a left hook or grandma's silverware. In South Florida -- also known as the balmy refuge favored by droves of self-exiled former New Yorkers and New Jerseyans seeking an escape from another winter or income taxes -- a Billy Joel concert is more than just a show: It's a chance to reconnect with roots. It's an opportunity to run gleefully down memory lane, and for some, a chance to pay it forward for new generations.

Last night marked Joel's triumphant return to South Florida, after a 3 year hiatus (publicized as retirement by many outlets) from live performance. Unfortunately, the show might be one of the last opportunities we have to see the piano man in South Florida for the foreseeable future, as Joel has signed to become Madison Square Garden's first franchised, resident performer, in a rather Vegas approach to late career-hood.

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Jay Z's Magna Carter Tour in South Florida: "I'm Gonna Overdeliver Tonight!"

Photo by Sayre Berman
Check out County Grind's full 28-photo slideshow from Jay Z at BB&T Center.

Jay Z's Magna Carter World Tour
BB&T Center, Sunrise, Florida
Thursday, January 2, 2014

Better Than: Another night of solo ass-shaking to The Hits Collection.

"Broward County! West Palm Beach County! Dade County!

"I fuck with y'all so much," Jay Z told the 20,000-strong crowd at last night's South Florida stop of his Magna Carter World Tour, "I'm gonna overdeliver tonight!"

And he did two full hours, 20 songs, and a five-track encore while dropping a few motivational minispeeches.

He even brought out the big homie, Rick Ross, to let SoFla know that beyond any shadow of a doubt, "FuckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt."

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New Year's Eve J Street Block Party at Propaganda Lake Worth

Pictures by Dana Krangel
Everymen in their zone

Another year of local music has come to a close. And while many slices of the South Florida scene did their part to support the finest musicians in our glorious neck of the woods, it's safe to say that some did it better than others.

In particular, Lake Worth shined this year, coming into its own and creating an artsy underground refuge where local music has thrived. Some of the most exciting bands to be booked on any bill this year played their hearts out at places like Propaganda. So what better way to kick off another 365 days of headbanging and booty-shaking than by bringing them all together again.

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ZZ Top - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - December 28

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Stick around long enough, and you become what you pretended to be.

When ZZ Top formed in 1970, they were a trio of twenty-year-olds trying to capture the blues of their home state of Texas. Thousands of whiskey bottle-emptying, smoky nights later and they've filled the role they cast themselves to play.

As guitarist Billy Gibbons told the Saturday night Hard Rock Live crowd, "We been playing four decades. Same three guys right here," then pointing at his regally purple guitar, "Same three chords right here."

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