103.5 the Beat's Beat Down With Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz - BB&T Center, Sunrise - June 12

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Sayre Berman

Yesterday, at the BB&T Center, radio hip-hop was showcased in all its glory and folly for 103.5 The Beat's the Beat Down. Headliners Kendrick Lamar, Trey Songz, and Future were joined by Rico Love, Yo Gotti, Mr. Vegas, Ace Hood, and DJ Khaled.

The night started out with a Kafkaesque phone call to the arena to find out the cost of parking. Having never ventured from the county of Dade to this particular bhavan, I was concerned about the stack strain the parking might cause.

Monsoon rains then delayed the trek, so that I arrived just around the time when all of South Florida was sighing at the Heat (i.e. the start of the doomed Finals game against the Spurs). I nearly cried when I walked past the curtain leading to section 108/109, only to hear the announcer say "Give it up for Future everybodayyyy!"

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Happy Together - Coral Springs Center for the Arts - June 11

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White Whale Records - Billboard, page 33, 4 March 1967

Happy Together
Starring The Turtles (Flo & Eddie), Mark Farner, Gary Lewis, Chuck Negron, and Mitch Ryder
Coral Springs Center for the Arts
June 11, 2014

Better Than: Watching an old YouTube video

At one time or another, we've all dreamed of living the life of a rock star, being able to walk out on stage every night to thunderous ovations from adoring audiences and later walking off into the arms (and most likely between the legs) of a gaggle of groupies. What better way to make a shitload of money for a couple hours of work? Especially when your work is really all about playing music with your friends?

That's the ideal of course, but most of the time that daydream involves a younger artist still in his or her prime, with the energy and stamina to leap about the stage and assume all sorts of well-planned, patented poses. What happens when you're a musician past your prime, one whose most recent hits are only played on oldies stations.

If you're a superstar in the category of, say, Paul McCartney or the Rolling Stones, it really doesn't matter; the demand is endless and you can still fill a stadium based on career accomplishments alone. If, on the other hand, your fan following is comprised mainly of senior citizens, then you get yourself a slot on a classic rock tour like Happy Together, and take your allotted time to relive your glory years by reprising your biggest hits.

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Weezer and JEFF the Brotherhood - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - June 5

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Monica McGivern

The internet is abuzz over Weezer's drummer Patrick Wilson catching a frisbee while drumming and continuing to play "Beverly Hills." That was at their St. Augustine show last week. And though it is impressive to say the least, I'm more excited that he played and sang Blur's "Song 2" on Rivers Cuomo's guitar last night at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood while the Japan-loving, sweater-wearing singer bit his lower lip and concentrated on the drums.

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Drive-By Truckers - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - June 4

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John Sequeira

For the most part, the lead singer gets all the attention. Not too many frontmen are willing to share the largest spotlight. It is rarer than an honest cab driver to witness a band divide the role and the attention as evenly as the Drive-By Truckers.

On Wednesday night at Culture Room, the first song, "Primer Coat" belonged to Mike Cooley, who crooned with an alt-country twang. Any emotions he might have been feeling remained as obscured as his eyes behind the bangs of his hair as he recited his straight forward descriptive lyrics. The next song, "When He's Gone," was sung by Patterson Hood with a nasally, Neil Young, classic rock delivery. And so it went.

Through Drive-By Truckers' 22-song, every odd song was Cooley's, and every even song was Hood's. The yin followed by the yang. The country followed by rock. The wiry, clean shaven stoic followed by the stocky, bearded, jokester.

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Ten Things You Feel at a Morrissey Concert

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George Martinez

A Morrissey concert is a particularly emotional experience for everyone. From the most rabid Smiths-loathing, beef-loving haters to the people who still buy Morrissey's new albums and weep openly at the shows all over Moz tour T's, the crowd is a hotbed for feelings.

Last Saturday night at the Arsht Center, Moz immediately drew a sold-out crowd to its feet and had them singing along by song one: the Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" But it was before the familiar tune blared that so many things were being felt by black-clad friends buzzing around the lobby of the building. And even prior to that, when many had trouble sleeping the night before, planning out the next evening, the one when they would be in the presence of true brilliance.

Emotions are why you go to see Morrissey live. Here are ten you've probably felt at one of his concerts.

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Bootsy Collins at Soul Food Fest: Father of the Year Brings Daughter to First Concert

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Bootsy and the daughter of the father of the year.

For a musician, there's nothing quite like taking your child to their first concert. It's a loaded event, one you hope and pray doesn't take place in some enormodome watching Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus lip synch. Thankfully, my daughter Jade has pretty good taste for an 8-year-old. Hence, her first show was this past Saturday's Kinfolk Soul Food Festival at the Central Broward Regional Stadium in Lauderhill, starring her favorite funk superhero, Bootsy Collins.

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Lady Antebellum - Hard Rock Live, Hollywood - May 16

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Sayre Berman

This year alone, there've been plenty of enjoyable concerts, from Jimmy Buffet to Jay Z to Billy Joel. And though there's no denying the power of heavy-hitters like those three, we experienced something special this past Friday night at Hard Rock Live with Lady Antebellum.

The trio tightly packed high energy, humility, and humor into a show that was less than two hours long. On a personal level, we certainly harbor some nostalgia for the band's earlier tunes that we've listened to from the start, but from the moment they kicked off with "Compass" off their new album Golden, we swooned.

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Toadies - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - May 16

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Danny Hurley

For the MP3 generation, albums don't mean diddlysquat. Playlists go from genre to genre, artist to artist, decade to decade, from Frank Sinatra to Beyonce to Kiss. But there was a time when music was consumed in one large gulp whether by vinyl, cassette, or CD. And in a current trend, older touring bands frequently promise to perform one of their classic albums in its entirety.

Toadies, jumped on to this craze with a tour that arrived at Culture Room Friday night celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their most famous work Rubberneck. The four members of the Fort Worth, Texas band took the stage at 10:45. Singer/guitarist Vaden Todd Lewis with his spectacles and casual dad jeans had the mild mannered look of a high school principal or pharmacist, but from the first utterance out of his mouth, it was obvious he still had the beast within him.

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Purple Hatter's Ball: Live Butterflies, Jam, Funk, and Good Vibes

Phil Sunkel IV

The weather at the seventh annual Purple Hatter's Ball at the Spirit of Suwannee Music park in Live Oak, FL, was pretty much perfect for a festival. There was a nice mixture of cloudy and sunny during the day, and the nights were mostly cool. On Sunday afternoon, though, there were some heavy winds and rain, but even that upset ended up being refreshing.

The three-day fest is hosted in honor of the late Rachel Morningstar Hoffman, whose life was cut short at the age of 23 in an act of violence while working as an undercover informant to lessen the severity of non-violent criminal charges. The operation was poorly monitored by police and the worst case scenario took place. Rachel's parents, Margie Weiss and Irv Hoffman, were devastated. To prevent the same tragedy happening again, they contacted State Senator Mike Fasano, and, together, introduced Rachel's Law which ensures officers are educated on how to deal with undercover informants properly. They also took any money from settlements and started the Purple Hatter's Ball. Rachel was a fixture in the Florida festival scene, and it only seemed right that they hold one -- or seven now -- in her honor.

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Earl Sweatshirt Performed New Track, Commanded Mosh Pits, F*cked Up the Party at South Florida Debut

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Ian Witlen

Earl Sweatshirt has come a long way. He used to be a nervous kid with a knack for language. Then, he was a famous, nervous kid with a knack for language. Now, he's still got one of the illest skill sets in the game, but a critically-acclaimed album and a world tour seem to have done the 20-year-old some good.

Sweatshirt ended his most recent headlining tour this weekend in Fort Lauderdale, and he just fucked up the party. He wasn't backed by the rest of his OFWGKTA crew, yet he commanded the stage with ease and confidence.

Much like the Tyler, the Creator show at Revolution about a month ago, the atmosphere was more punk rock than the usual hip-hop affair, and Sweatshirt had the crowd moshing, crowd surfing, and tossing bras on stage, demanding that kids let loose and "fuck up."

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