Tech N9ne - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - April 16

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I was taught good guys wear only white. So after the stage lights came on and Tech N9ne stood in front of a packed Culture Room clad in a white gas-station-attendant shirt, matching pants, and a star-shaped mask pasted onto his face, revealing only his eyes, mouth, and the considerable hair on his chinny chin chin, I figured he was dressed as a superhero.

But as the sinister lyrics came out of his mouth coupled with the tongue-wagging gesture that was his go-to facial expression for the night, this man or at least his public persona was that of a villain.

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Ten Things Learned on the Moody Blues Cruise

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Alisa B. Cherry
Roger Daltrey: Beware the wild microphone twirling.

Music cruises provide a great experience on the high seas, but they can also offer some significant life lessons as well.

Take for example, the Moody Blues Cruise, which jump-started April with a fantastic onboard lineup that included not only the cruise's namesake but also special guest Roger Daltrey, Carl Palmer of ELP, the Zombies, Starship, LIttle River Band, and various other bands of vintage pedigree. Over the course of five fantastic days, certain truths, rumors, and revelations were shared and explored, leaving the participants much wiser.

Here are some of the lessons learned.

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Deltron 3030 - Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale - April 3

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Ian Witlen

According to Deltron 3030, the 31st century is a bleak place. Technology and corporations have run amok. But fortunately, we have rad music to look forward to. At least as evidenced by the rap supergroup's Thursday night show at Culture Room.

Del the Funky Homosapien emceed the story that's been told over two albums, a tale of Deltron Zero rebelling against a New World Order that suppresses human rights and hip-hop. Del was accompanied on stage by the producer Dan the Automator pushing beats, a tight live band of a drummer, bassist, and guitarist, and the breakaway star of the evening, turntablist Kid Koala.

Kid Koala opened with a solo set that would be a powerful revelation for all those who knock the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival because "watching a DJ is boring." One third stand-up comedian, another cheerleader, and another mad scientist, Kid Koala dominated the stage by mixing and scratching records, showing that the turntablist's art is entirely fascinating.

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Ultra 2014: M.I.A., MGMT, Basement Jaxx

Photo by George Martinez
M.I.A. at Ultra 2014.

Much like the actual weather in this era of global warming, the emotional climate at Ultra Music Festival's live stage is wildly unpredictable.

The fans might love it. They might hate it. It's always tough to predict. But the fervor and size of the audience often mirrors the enthusiasm, though not always the craft, of the performers. That's about our only forecasting technique.

Last night's opening Ultra 2014 live stage bill boasted some of the fest's heaviest hitters, including Basement Jaxx, M.I.A., and MGMT. And just in that order, from most enthralling to most likely to chill-you-the-fuck-out, the three acts impressed.

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Five Great Things About Suwannee Springfest 2014

Categories: Concert Review

Photo by Alisa B. Cherry
Steep Canyon Rangers get in the groove at Suwanne Springfest.

Humble Suwannee Springfest has yet to reap the recognition and appreciation that some of the bigger festivals have managed to attain. Being that it's in its 18th year, it can only be attributed to the fact that it still seems so local to us Florida folks. Indeed, it boasts a favorable location: Held outside Live Oak, Florida -- practically on the banks of, yes, the same Suwannee River Stephen Foster once celebrated in song -- it's easily accessible from Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and all points south.

Well, almost all points south. For those of us living at the tip of this sprawling peninsula, it is something of a haul. Still, there are several excellent reasons why the drive is well worthwhile. Here are the top five.

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Tyler, The Creator Made the Kids Scream "Stinky D@#k" at Revolution Live

Categories: Concert Review

Andrew Soria

A month ago, Tyler the Creator and his Odd Future buddies were banned from the entire country of New Zealand because the local government there believed they posed a threat to the public order. Saturday, Tyler was arrested at a SXSW performance in Austin, Texas, for inciting a riot.

As the leader of the youngest and most thrash-worthy hip-hop collective in America, Tyler has struck a serious nerve, but not really so much with the obvious crowd of street-wise urbanites most commercial rappers target. Tyler and the rest of OFWGKTA prove that punk rock is still kicking. Last night, they damn-near brought the crowd at America's Backyard (aka Revolution) to the point of actual revolt -- and it was fabulous.

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Aziz Ansari's 10 Best Quotes at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, March 15

Photo by Tyler Ross via Wikipedia Commons
When Aziz Ansari walked onto the stage at the Seminole Hard Rock Live in Hollywood wearing a red velvet suit that can only be described as just really fucking cool, the crowd was already his. And it's not just because he's that guy from that thing.

The 31-year-old has been working harder than just about any comedian out there, releasing a new hour-long special each of the past two years, all while shooting movies, and starring in one of the most beloved comedies on television, Parks and Recreation. He's currently developing material for a fourth special, and the high-heeled, Bud-Light-sipping members of the 5,000-strong Hollywood audience couldn't have been giddier.

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Tegan and Sara's "F&#king Awesome" Show at Revolution Live, Fort Lauderdale, March 12

Categories: Concert Review

Christina Mendenhall

Some artists have an uncanny propensity for developing the sort of fan base that borders on cultic in its dedication. While the fans of singer/songwriter/twin sister duo Tegan and Sara have not crossed the threshold of sanity like the adoring flocks of Kiss and Jimmy Buffett, there is a very peculiar energy that the group shares with those super fans.

That energy, a warmth or empathy of sorts, radiated from the stage of Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live last night and was channeled through the capacity crowd which swarmed the venue. Desperate shout-a-longs were the order of the evening and, despite the fact that the duo's lyrical calling card is the unfiltered emotional distress of relationships, there were nothing but smiles from the crowd.

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Demi Lovato Live at BB&T Center: "I've Been Through a Lot"

Sayre Berman

Demi Lovato
BB&T Center
February 25

Better than: Watching Camp Rock?

On the surface of things, Demi Lovato's story is predictable, something we've heard before. Former Disney Channel darling ditches the script and becomes a badass bitch or whatever, something à la Miley. But digging back to her beginnings as a songwriter, it seems she's always marketed herself as the "different" one, with lines like: "Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress/Well, baby, that's just me!" back in 2008. No one's saying that, Demi. This is the 21st Century. There are worse things. It's OK. Go ahead.

In fact, it's because she exists in that weird space -- being "mainstream" but not mainstream -- that's allowed her to flourish throughout the years despite some pretty rough patches along the way.

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Iron & Wine Played Crowd Requests All Night at Culture Room

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Ian Witlen

Iron & Wine
Culture Room
February 25, 2014

Better than: That show at Dorsch Gallery where he kept fucking up his songs (though he still fucked up a few songs last night).

After last appearing in South Florida with a huge band that included a horn section and two drummers, Samuel Beam, the man behind the impressionistic moniker Iron & Wine, returned to the area with just a pair of acoustic guitars. He also brought along singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop from California.

With her hushed singing and deliberate, rhythmic plucking of an electric guitar, she provided the ideal warmup for Iron & Wine. The tightly-packed crowd stayed so quiet for her that you could hear one guy crunch ice cubes in the crowd and laughter coming from the bathroom. Hoop played pretty, stripped down versions of songs that are actually quite layered and complex from her discography.

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