Tortuga Music Festival 2015: Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown Band Announced as Headliners

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Lawrence Fung via Flickr Creative Commons
The Tortuga Music Festival this morning announced the partial lineup for April's event: Kenny Chesney and Zac Brown will headline.

The concert on the sands of Fort Lauderdale Beach is scheduled for April 11 and 12.

Here are the acts that were announced today, from a news release:

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3BallMTY on Breaking Into the DJ Scene: "People Weren't Used to Mexican Music Without Guitars"


What do you get when you combine three chamacos from Monterrey with a love for EDM and their Mexican patria?

DJ crew 3BallMTY.

Pronounced Tribal Monterrey, Erick Rincon, Sergio Lavala (Sheeqo Beat), and Alberto Presenda (DJ Otto) have been breaking beats since 2009.

And now, the "Latino electronica" trio is embarking on the Honda Civic Tour and heading to West Palm Beach for a dance sesh at El Palacio Mexicano on Friday, December 5.

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The Clap Reunites in Fort Lauderdale for Poorhouse Show with Chaos and Punk Covers

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Many years ago, South Florida had herself some evenings of particular wanton excess that resulted in the Clap.

A quad of musicians left to their own devices formed a separate VD-named entity while their bands, Radiobaghdad and the Holy Terrors, took some "much needed time off."

The Clap made a racket with chaos and punk rock covers. Not to be confused with the early '80s Anglo-inspired punk band from Pennsylvania, South Florida's the Clap was a thousand times more tropical and has a solid sense of humor.

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Jump the Shark's Grand Opening This Week Is a Who's Who of South Florida's Art and Music Scenes

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Jump the Shark's Facebook page.

When IWAN's (Independent Working Artists Network) Concept Production Facility opened in 2009, it was a signal that Fort Lauderdale was beginning a climb toward gaining equal cultural footing with post-Art Basel Miami.

Named the Bubble after its first event, the venue -- an amalgam of gallery space and meeting ground for the area's creatives -- became a center of activity in the nascent days of the contemporary art scene. All the culture seems familiar now, like the monthly art walk and off-the-beaten path eateries and cafés that opened in the area.

Just this year, it was renamed Jump the Shark and is run solely by IWAN cofounder Garo Gallo. He's done an about-face while retaining the important set pieces that make the space a compelling community destination. Some key differences are securing a beer and wine license for the new bar and giving a face-lift to the patio area and incidental art adorning the venue.

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Gummdrops, Wynwood-based Booking Agency, Takes Over Third Thursdays at Stache

Courtesy of Dean Taha

Wynwood during a Second Saturday art walk might poetically be described as a veritable Dionysian bacchanal of now sound and inner vision. Or, less poetically, as the loudest party in the largest outdoor street museum in the world. This night is unlike any other night anywhere ever, thanks to the creatives who live, work, play, and prey in the hood named Wynwood and to the people who enable those creatives.

Few are as essential to the wow of Wynwood as Dean Taha. As a board member at both Rhythm Foundation and Biscayne Waterkeeper and among the hierarchy of Ground Up Collective, Taha is in on everything from world music to saving the world. But it is as founder and head of Gumm­drops, a booking and management agency, that he influences the way the world's gonna turn. Why? Because Gummdrops reps the racketmakers who ensure the visualists get heard throughout Miami and beyond.

To that end, Gummdrops will be taking over programming at Stache 1920's Drinking Den on the third Thursday of every month, culling talent from Taha's roster. New Times sat the man down at the Butcher Shop, and asked him to bring us up to the minute.

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Dirty Heads' Duddy Talks About Anti-Bullying Song "Silence"

Dirty Heads mixes hip-hop, ska, rock and pop to create a smooth sound that hits hard. The Huntington Beach, California, band is making a stop at Culture Room this week for two shows supported by the indie pop of Rome and surfer-turned-musician Makua Rothman.

Dirty Heads just released its fourth album Sound of Change. "It's bigger, it's broader, we want to try something different with this album," explains vocalist and guitarist Duddy. This evolution came from expanding the band's inner circle. "Working with different writers, producers, and trying new things," Duddy says.

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Compa Is the Next U.K. Bass DJ to Invade Too//Future: "Make Sure the Sound System Is On Point"

Too Future keeps bringing the bass.

Where's the best place to hear world-class bass music in South Florida? Would you believe it's Fat Cat's in downtown Fort Lauderdale? You would if you've ever been to Too//Future Mondays, the monthly party that packs more talented U.K. DJs into its beer-soaked walls than a Miami megaclub.

No bullshit, if you're looking for foundational dubstep, old-school drum 'n' bass, or just something deep, dark, and minimal, Too//Future is the only serious option. It's brought Younsta, J:Kenzo, Author, V.I.V.E.K., and more to the Fat Cat's humble stage, and now, it's pumped to bring Manchester's Compa for some atmospheric, ambient bass that's as beautiful as it is heavy.

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James Taylor and the All-Star Band Come to BB&T Center in Sunrise

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Nobody defines the sensitive singer/songwriter more than American musician James Vernon Taylor. Armed with an acoustic guitar and a warm, approachable singing style, Taylor took a different approach to music than that of the '60s protest folk singers. Rather than chanting about oppression, the maladies of society, or the violence of war, Taylor's tunes shifted the public's glance inward. He wrote soothing, introspective numbers about loss, heartbreak, love, friendship, and self-discovery (it wouldn't be a stretch considering him a proto emo rocker) that helped America recover from the great hangover that was the 1960s.

Taylor first rose to prominence in 1970 with the endearing track "Fire and Rain," a strikingly personal song that dealt with the suicide of a childhood friend and Taylor's time spent in a mental institution. This dark number eventually landed at number three on the Billboard charts and led the way to Taylor's second album, Sweet Baby James, a massive, breakout success.

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Gunplay Headlines Wynwood Hip-Hop Festival in Miami

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via Gunplay MMG on Facebook

Gunplay is a dreadlocked, sharkfaced cannonball. He's a roar of ink and clapping rifles. He's a hurricane of felonies, swirling in a tempest of arrest reports. It's possible that this is the Miami rapper and Maybach Music henchman's life: When he walks in a room, police dispatchers send investigators.

Every time he sneezes, the FBI writes it down. Whenever he shoots a hole through a stop sign, it's no more news than a bird chirping. He might smoke so much weed that forest fires get jealous, and drink so much bubbly, his blood type is carbonated. He's probably snorted so much blow, white lines in traffic see him and run. His gun is so big, he could call it Kareem Abdul. He's got so much money, G.W. Bush could invite him to play golf. And he's such a thug, chickenheads may cluck at his feet like birds waiting for seed.

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Jim Camacho Talks Little Haiti Rock City, The Mouse King, and Touring With Linda Perhacs

Photo by Fernando Perdomo

Welcome to the Swamp.

Nope, we're not talkin' Tim Tebow's breeding ground up in Gainesville -- we're talking the 2014 Miami Book Fair International's pop-up lounge. And performing at this year's Swamp is Miami composer and adult alternative singer/songwriter Jim Camacho.

Joined by fellow SoFla music legends Charlie Pickett and Rob Elba, the Swamp will also be presenting a special screening of the trailer for Franco Parente's upcoming Churchill's Pub documentary, Little Haiti Rock City, where Camacho and his crew share their unforgettable moments at the Little Haiti gem.

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