The Violet West Brings the Psychedelic to Artoberfest in Lake Worth

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If you're like us, chances are you're still in deep recovery mode from Saturday night's Respectable Street's 27th anniversary shebang. You've had a few days to pull yourself up by your party bootstraps and get ready for another rocking block party. The Fourth Annual Artoberfest this Saturday will have 16 bands performing on two stages with 50 local arts and craft vendors on Lake Worth's J Street.

Sponsored by Aces High Tattoos, the event will feature an outdoor stage South of Lake Avenue and an indoor stage at Propaganda. With so many bands playing, it's impossible to see it all. But one thing's for sure, if bombastic psychedelica with a heavy helping of blues is your thing, then catch an act you might have missed at Respects amidst last weekend's 27 bands, Delray Beach duo the Violet West.

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Safe in Sound Festival Brings Adventure Club, Flux Pavilion, and Ear-Bursting Bass

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Photo by Cedric Sequerra

Do you like bass? Are you so dedicated to the lower register that you'd haul your own 150,000-wat rig around the country, then shove the ear-bleeding sounds of Adventure Club, Destroid, Flux Pavilion, and more through the speakers and totally wreck lives?

That takes a lot of effort, and most people can't do that, but the engineering minds of PK Sound can, and they did. You just have to like bass enough to come check it out at Cinema Club this Saturday, Oct. 4.

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Lil' Kim -- the Real Queen Bee -- Performs Saturday at the Manor in Wilton Manors

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Everyone is so busy with their highfalutin proclamations of bad bitchery that they seem to have forgotten about the original bad bitch of hip-hop, Lil' Kim.

While the planet is seemingly caught in an infinite feedback loop of kvetching and swooning in equal measure about Nicki Minaj's outrageous behavior and body modifications, we must not forget how integral Lil' Kim was in forging that particular bit, a bit Minaj essentially bit directly from Lil' Kim.

Truly, the self-proclaimed "Queen Bitch" herself is the Beatles of outrageous women in the game. For those of you who have lost touch, forgotten, or failed to recognize the alpha that is Lil' Kim, let's consider a few things.

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Respectable Street Celebrates Its 27th Anniversary This Saturday

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Monica McGivern

By Olivia Feldman

Bring your black T's, tight jeans, and a few extra packs of American Spirit cigarettes: Respectable Street is celebrating 27 years of debauchery, dancing, and drunkenness with another blowout block party. And you're cordially invited.

The Respectable Street staff knows how much its patrons love the combination of live music venue and super-stomped-upon dance floor, so this Saturday it will offer an open bar from 8 to 9 p.m. and free pizza (you read that correctly). There will be a Ping-Pong ball blast at midnight for a chance to win cash and prizes, along with 27 bands performing on five stages.

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Nonpoint and The Return of Nu-Metal

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Santiago Felipe

By Daniel J. Stout

Dust off those old Jncos and Adidas shell-toes! Word around the water cooler is: nu-metal's making a comeback.

The signs are there: Limp Bizkit releasing a new album on Ca$h Money, an upcoming fifth Slipknot LP, media coverage of a band called Issues (presumably after the Korn album of the same name) who count amongst its ranks a DJ and an R&B-styled vocalist, and most recently, Nonpoint's global release of The Return on Metal Blade Records, perhaps the heaviest heavyweight label in the metal world. It has been a long road from the local stage at Zetafest to half of a million Facebook fans.

In 2000, that ilk was making what might have been seen as a meteoric rise. These bands were signed to major labels, played on the radio, and touring the world. The raging sky was the limit... Or so they thought.

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Meet Jeremy Treetop Window at Radio-Active Record's Cassette It Together This Saturday

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South Florida's a very transient place, especially within the local music scene. Most of the time you'll find us reporting on talented acts leaving our parts, seeking greener pastures in places like New York City, L.A.. and, as of late, the songwriter capital of the world, Nashville. It's not everyday we get the news that a killer musical unit has decided to take up residence in our parts. Let's face it, Brooklyn, we ain't.

Due to the stellar lineup playing Radio-Active Record's ode to the magnetic tape of yesteryear, Cassette It Together, this Saturday, we caught wind of a scuzzy, tripped-out, garage-rocking band called Jeremy Treetop Window. It comes highly recommend by Cassette It Together event organizer and Radio-Active's second-in-command Nat Smallish, who used the words "fresh," and serious "up-and-comers" to describe this boisterous, freewheeling five-piece who hail from Central Florida.

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Sunshine Music and Blues Festival 2014: Early Bird Tickets and Exciting Lineup

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Max Reed

The Sunshine Music and Blues Festival is heading back to Boca Raton and St. Petersburg and bringing with it some seriously exciting acts. We're being real here. There's the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and the Both -- which includes Aimee Mann and Ted Leo. Don't know about you, but we're psyched to see former Black Crowe Chris Robinson do just about anything onstage, and you probably already read that we have a special hankering for Aimee Mann.

The fest is the creation of Florida-bred Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi of Tedeschi-Trucks Band. TTB recently racked up three 2014 Blues Music awards for Best Band, Best Rock Blues Album, and Susan hit it big with the Best Contemporary Blues Female Artist award. All these two do is win.

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Charli XCX Says, "I'll Never Be a Pop Princess"

Photo by Dan Curwin

Before summer began, there was a good chance you'd never heard of Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, or Rita Ora. Now, at the start of fall, you can't get enough of these guys. And let's not forget about Charli XCX. She, like her chart-topping colleagues, has been around for years but is just recently getting much-deserved praise.

Charlotte Aitchison, as Charli is also known, co-penned 2013's summer smash hit by Icona Pop, "I Love It." The half-Scott, half-Ugandan released her major-studio debut, True Romance, last year and is featured on Azalea's ubiquitous "Fancy" and crafted "Boom Clap," which appears in the film The Fault in Our Stars.

With a U.S. tour underway, the 21-year-old Brit will be heading to Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room. We caught up with the songstress before the show to chat about genuine girl power.

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Hirie Lets You Feel "Free to Soar Wherever Your Body and Mind Want to Go"


Reggae music is alive and well in South Florida with acts like Fireside Prophets and Making Faces. But for the most part, the bands are fronted by dudes. That's is all good, but we were definitely interested when we heard about a touring group heading to town that's going against this trend.

Meet Hirie. She heads up a reggae band that shares her same name. Otherwise known as Patricia Jetton, Hirie is currently touring with Stick Figure and Pacific Dub and is bringing her island groove to Culture Room this Friday. We spoke with the young singer about being irie, getting up, standing up, and what she'd say to Rasta legend Bob Marley if he were alive today.

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Surfer Blood - Respectable Street Café, West Palm Beach - September 12

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By Olivia Feldman

Seeing a band play its hometown -- especially at a venue the members used to frequent -- gives a cool glimpse into its past. Especially, when the bouncer at said venue tells you he remembers throwing the members out multiple times eight or ten years ago.

Now that's pretty revelatory.

This weekend, Respectable Street Café welcomed home one of its own, Surfer Blood, to a packed house Friday night. You could feel the West Palm love emitting from clubgoers. With Surfer Blood's imminent arrival, we saw quite the colorful crowd of spectators -- guys in Hawaiian shirts bopped their heads to house music next to girls in high-waisted shorts and crop tops and a man with a yellow flower in his hair. There was a dude in a Nike swoosh shirt and sneakers at the same show as a college kids lighting up bowls. This is not something you see at just any old rock show.

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