We Like Linkin Park, and We Will Not Apologize

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Ian Witlen

Chester Bennington is kind of a genius. Maybe you don't agree, but back in 1999, when Linkin Park emerged on the scene, you put your hat on backward and jammed to this nu-metal rap shit. The California-based band's rap-rock tunes were part of your real emotional life.

Hybrid Theory landed this band on the map with hits like "One Step Closer," "Crawling," and "In the End," which blew up car radios around the country and became the anthem of every angry teenager in the U.S. The combination of rock, courtesy of Bennington's vocals, and rap, by Mike Shonda, to the music of Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Phoenix, and Joe Hahn offered a blend of genres that caught fire and brought the band tons of fans, mainstream success, and a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance.

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Candy Hearts Sounds "Like If Taylor Swift Was in the Lemonheads" Plus Green Day


Mariel Loveland wants you to know she plays in a band. She doesn't date the band.

Loveland sings and plays guitar for the indie pop-punk group Candy Hearts. The band will be in South Florida this Thursday. And while the trio is here, you probably shouldn't ask if she's the merch girl or spooning her drummer, or she might just write about you.

Her essay for Vice, "How to Survive Being the Only Girl in a Band," tells, among other things, how to"squat and pee" or shower in a bathroom sink backstage.

She told New Times, just this summer on Warped Tour, "There was this band there who asked how I got this great gig being the merch girl, and if I was dating anyone in the band. That kind of stuff happens all the time."

See also: Candy Hearts' Mariel Loveland on Touring with New Found Glory, "It's a Dream Come True."

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Yes to Perform at Hard Rock Live Hollywood This Friday

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There's nothing quite so admirable as a group that not only survives, but thrives. So credit Yes with the wherewithal to continue building its brand some 45 years after it first formed.

Indeed, Yes' progressive profile remains as prominent as ever. Its new album, Heaven & Earth, deserves placement alongside Fragile, Close to the Edge, and any of the other releases that not only followed, but are still performed in their entirety as part of its current concert repertoire.

Even the loss of former frontman Jon Anderson hasn't weakened the band's resolve. His successor, Jon Davison, not only sings with the same choirboy precision, but even boasts a similar name.

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Down North Is Bringing Seattle "Soul Punk" to South Florida

People think of funk and dirty rock and roll as being from down south. The Seattle four-piece Down North is trying to contradict that geographic stereotype one gig at a time. The band is currently on its first tour that stretches all the way to the Atlantic. The extensive itinerary includes three total South Florida dates at BB King's and the Funky Buddha. Shows that have been long in the planning according to singer Anthony Briscoe, "I've been trying to get us to the East Coast for three years."

The group has completely transformed since its beginnings. "Down North was originally seven white guys who played funky music," Briscoe explains.

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The Resolvers Hit Florida with a Sunny Disposition: "We Are Drawn Together by the Music"


South Florida mid-summer can be a grind. In between the inescapable and sustained heat, the sky growls and bellows short sharp shots of rain. Floridians need a happy place this time of year.

Well, we need look no further than to see wherever Floridian big band reggae merchants the Resolvers are playing to find it. In the next few weeks, we are blessed with two performances coming our way. Tonight, the band plays at Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room before a slot at the Afro Roots World Music Festival on August 9 in Miami.

This is a guaranteed good time, where the feel good factor is constantly turned to high, and all get heady on the positive vibes emanating from the stage. The 10 members of this reggae collective are enthusiastic and effective, able to shift effortlessly between the frantic pace of swing to the casual skank of dub. It's an eclectic jumble of an inspired live act, a carnival of squawking brass, lurching rhythms, sweet vocals, and intoxicating anthems.

Moreover, the band has just released two new records Nate's House and Bigger Is Better. Two albums that act as a prequel and sequel to 2012's Big Band Reggae. These are good times for the Resolvers. Bandleader and guitarist Ron Eisner took a breather to tell us more about the band's past, present and future.

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The Fray: "We're Just a Bunch of Guys From Denver!"


The Fray's Isaac Slade, Joe King, Ben Wysocki, and Dave Welsh have been riding a wave of success sprinkled with intensely memorable moments since 2005.

The Grammy-nominated band even had the opportunity to meet the Boss at one of the group's own shows. A recent interview with drummer Ben Wysocki details how it all went down. "We met Bruce Springsteen a few years ago when he brought his daughter to one of our shows. And just the fact that Bruce Springteen's daughter knows who we are was crazy. We were like, 'What the heck? We're just a bunch of guys from Denver!'"

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First Last & Always, aka FLa, Calls The Band's Sound "Casual Intensity"

Sam Diaz

Florida natives First Last & Always go way back. Most of these music-loving locals have been homies since middle school. And how many friends do you still have from middle school? That's what we thought.

After playing in different bands for years, the five musicians finally found the right sonic cocktail as First Last & Always. The group is seeing an increase in aurally thirsty crowds lately with the support of Lake Worth's J Street hotspot Propaganda.

First Last & Always has a secure spot on the venue's Summer Daze bill this Saturday. Closing out the show, the band will be able to say that Lit was its opener. The guys are also excited to play for a bigger crowd and a hungrier audience. Before the show, we chatted with lead singer Andrew Rodriguez and guitarist Jake Smith about why Propaganda feels like home and what you need to know before seeing First Last & Always live.

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Printz Board: From Working with the Black Eyed Peas to Macy Gray to CeeLo Green


If you're playing a musical version of the game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, Printz Board is a good name to know.

The Ohio native who resides in Los Angeles has written hits and worked in the studio with the Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, James Brown, Katy Perry, and Sheryl Crow, among many others. Currently working as musical director for CeeLo Green on a tour that hits Cruzan Amphitheatre July 15, New Times spoke to Printz Board as he shopped for drum kits at a Guitar Center in Mobile, Alabama.

The good-humored man shared with us what to expect from his upcoming solo album, Board Games, his responsibilities collaborating with CeeLo, and how he got into his current career.

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Coral Skies Music Festival 2014 Lineup: Cage the Elephant, the Hold Steady, and Others

Photo by Ian Witlen
"All day music. Two stages. Food Trucktopia. Craft Beer. Garden of Art."

That's what the Coral Skies Music Festival promises to bring to West Palm Beach when it takes over the Cruzan Amphitheatre October 26, and Tampa's MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheater the day before.

Over a dozen indie bands will bring their rockin' tunes to the Amp, including the indie pop rock of Cage the Elephant, former Strokes singer Julian Casablancas with his new band the Voidz, the Hold Steady, and a slew of others.

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Why Everybody Should Love CeeLo Green

With so many platforms with which to access music, it's almost impossible for everyone to be humming the same new tune. No longer are radio DJs or MTV producers the guardians of the sounds we hear regularly. Now you can type any song into your browser and hear it instantly.

While this freedom is great, it also means we, as a society, have lost common sonic ground. People either dance excitedly to songs of the past -- '90s hip-hop and the Rolling Stones -- or just kind of do a limp-arm shuffle to all the "freshest" stuff played at frat parties, weddings, hipster clubs, and quinceañeras. There is, however, one artist in this millennium who not once but twice was the exception to this loose rule: CeeLo Green. "Crazy" and "Fuck You!" got everyone singing the same song and that same quirky name.

In 1995, if you were going to pick an artist in hip-hop who would still be relevant two decades later, you might have named Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest or Andre 3000 from Outkast, but few would have selected CeeLo Green, the rotund member of another Atlanta group, Goodie Mob. Coolio probably even seemed a safer choice.

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