The Moody Blues' Justin Hayward on What "Life Would Be Like Without the Music"

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When an artist is indelibly identified primarily with an incredibly successful rock band and well-known for writing and singing dozens of its signature songs, any attempt to launch a solo career is bound to be a challenge. And when the individual in question is Justin Hayward, one of the longtime mainstays of the Moody Blues, any effort of the sort becomes all the more daunting.

Hayward joined the Moodys immediately after its transition from a wannabe blues band with the minor chart hit, "Go Now," and helped transform them into bold forebears helming the prog rock revolution of the late '60s and early '70s. It was Hayward who penned such FM standbys as "Nights in White Satin," "Tuesday Afternoon," and "Your Wildest Dreams."

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SomeKindaWonderful on "Coming Out in the End and Blooming as a Butterfly"

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Jade Ehlers

With its first album and single "Reverse" under the band's belt, SomeKindaWonderful has just kicked off a pretty sizable 34-date tour. The song is a love story written backwards which definitely hit home with many romantic music lovers who drove it to extreme popularity.

Alongside New Politics and Bad Suns, the band, comprised of Jordy Towers (vocals/lyrics), Matt Gibson (guitar), Ben Schigel (drums), Justin Andres (bass/keys) and Sarah Dryer (vocals/percussion), is hitting Fort Lauderdale's Revolution this Sunday. We talked to both Sarah and Jordy of Somekindawonderful about butterflies, their debut release, and grunge soul.

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Anastasia Max Is a Child Sister-Brother Duo on the Rise

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Out of all the bands that performed at Radio-Active's ode to the magnetic tape Cassette It Together a few weeks back, there was one that really piqued our interest. It was a child-aged group called Brenner Pass. Surprising? Not really. This brother and sister duo, singer Anastasia Brenner and her older sibling and guitarist Max, are much more than a cutesy novelty act. These kids can really rock.

What gripped us most was pint-sized vocalist Anastasia's booming pipes. Although not even in middle school, girl croons and swoons like a whiskey-guzzling blues singer three times her age. She's like a little Alison Mosshart voice trapped inside a tiny 11-year-old doppelganger for Wendy Adams. Meanwhile, 15-year-old Max complements her brooding-yet-enthralling cadence with steady, gritty, melodic guitar strums and clean, straightforward vocals.

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Jeezy on Seeing "Some Justice" in Ferguson and "the New Generation" of Trap


Believe it or not, there is a limit to how much a rapper can (or should) mention "flippin' bricks," "gettin' it for the low," or still "meeting papi at the dock." But if they stop talking about this lifestyle, will fans get bored and move on? What are they to do?

"I remember being posted up on the first and the third/Just re'ed up/Nigga got a nine piece" are the first bars Jeezy spits on "1/4 Block" off his latest album, Seen It All: The Autobiography. Though, still on point with witty remarks about his pre-fame Snowman days, Jeezy has refrained from speaking as though that wild life is current, opting to take a more personal and distanced approach to his past. He's an ever evolving character.

Jeezy took some time out on the road to speak to us about trap music, the tragedy in Ferguson, Kendrick Lamar, a possible Trap Or Die 3, and he even asked us a couple of questions of his own.

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The Tim Reynolds Trio Brings Genre-Bending Rock to the Funky Biscuit

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G. Milo Farineau

Tim Reynolds might be best-known as the one who offered Dave Matthews his first words of musical encouragement. Matthews, born in South Africa, and Reynolds, born in Germany, would have their confluence in Virginia. The two are separated by a decade in age, with Tim the elder, and though it was the student who'd go on to more mainstream appeal, the student has not surpassed the master. It is Reynolds who has quietly forged along, becoming a powerhouse in the instrumental-rock genre.

As a member of Matthews' band for a brief stint in the late '90s and of complete permanence since 2008, his gravitas lends real credence to this outfit beyond the dorm-room troubadours who generally praise the band's accomplishments.

See also: Tim Reynolds on Working with Dave Matthews: "I Just Feel Really Lucky"

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Y100's Jingle Ball 2014 Lineup With Ariana Grande, Pharrell, Iggy Azalea

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Christopher Victorio for L.A. Weekly

Every Christmas week brings with it new screaming babies, old people hobbling home for turkey, and some of the finest tunes about snow ever written. But since it doesn't get colder than 40 degrees all winter around here, we can't truly appreciate the focus of those seasonal songs in the flesh.

And we like flesh in South Florida, so X-mas gives us a burning desire to move ours and dance. So as soon as the end of the year nears, we start practicing our twerk for the perfect place to display our fine ass-ets in honor of the holidays: the annual Y100 and iHeartRadio Jingle Ball.

The pop radio station just announced its 2014 lineup, and it's extremely impressive. (Keep clicking; we'll get there!)

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Mötley Crüe: The Most Scandalous Band in Rock History

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Courtesy of the artist

The most remarkable thing about Mötley Crüe's farewell tour is that it's taking place in 2014 and all four members -- singer Vince Neil, guitarist Mick Mars, bassist Nikki Sixx, and drummer Tommy Lee -- are participating. None of them is in jail, in drug-induced comas, or dead -- or at least, not still dead. (More on that later.) In the L.A. rock band's 33-year history, the Crüe has been involved in scandals so insane that if they happened now, TMZ's servers would crash and Perez Hilton's head would explode.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane, one that looks a bit like Sunset Strip, to uncover why Mötley Crüe is the most scandalous rock band of all time.

See also: Nikki Sixx: "Lady Gaga Is Like Madonna on Steroids and Elton John With Boobs and High Heels"

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The Black Dahlia Murder Explains Death Metal


The Black Dahlia Murder is a death metal band that will grace Revolution Live tonight with its dark presence. The band is named after one of the most infamous unsolved cases in California history and one of the most gruesome mysteries of all time. The Black Dahlia case took place in the 1940s, its victim being 22-year-old Elizabeth Short who was bisected and displayed naked in a vacant parking lot. It's all pretty horrifying.

With this in mind and just in time for Halloween season, we spoke with lead singer of the band, Trevor Strnad, right before its show in Boston. He brought up "dead baby jokes" and described death metal as a "killer" genre.

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Jeezy Heads to Revolution Live, Tuesday, October 21

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It's been close to a decade since your favorite trapper's favorite trapper, Young Jeezy, made his solo major label debut with 2005's Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101. Many consider the album a classic because it helped bring Atlanta trap to the mainstream. His witty dope-boy rhymes like, "The game flows through my veins, man I can't understand it/Infatuation with the birds, I watch Animal Planet," can make you laugh on queue with his "Ha Ha!" ad lib on that Fat Joe song.

Back then, he didn't consider himself a rapper, he was a motivational speaker; and he did not do concerts, he did seminars.

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Florida Flow Fest: Movement Arts Festival Celebrates Body, Mind, and Spirit


It's an offbeat event perfectly suited to the offbeat city of Lake Worth, a three-day festival of colorfully-clad dancers, acrobats, jugglers, martial artists, and mistresses and masters of movement arts of the most exotic kind, gathered in the city's waterfront park to spin and bounce and twirl through the day and into the night.

Last year's Flow Fest was New Times' pick for Best Festival 2013. This year's incarnation, its fourth, has been dubbed "Synergy," and founder and guiding genius Cass Tannenbaum says it includes new workshops (some free to the public) and new categories of performance rarely seen in these parts.

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