Deep Purple: "The Word 'Classic' Hangs Around Your Neck Like a Noose"

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After some 40 years of making music, you'd think Deep Purple would get a little more respect. This was the band that crafted one of the most indelible riffs in the entire rock 'n' roll idiom in the form of "Smoke on the Water." It is required learning for any budding guitarist. It's the band whose string of '70s albums -- In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Who Do We Think We Are, and Burn in particular -- placed them on a tier alongside Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, and Uriah Heep as the foremost champions of the emerging form that would come to be called heavy metal.

Still, Purple's trajectory was erratic at best. In the midst of their '70s heyday, personnel problems began plaguing the band, resulting in an ongoing series of shifts in membership that continued well into the new millennium. Following the first incarnation of the band in the late '60s, a core group -- guitarist Richie Blackmore, vocalist Ian Gillian, drummer Ian Paice, keyboardist Jon Lord, and bassist Roger Glover -- established themselves as Purple's most indelible lineup.

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Electric Piquete Headlines Long Hot Summer Jam at B.B. King's West Palm Beach

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Photo by Teajay Smith
Miami-based Latin Funk band Electric Piquete will headline B.B. King's Long Hot Summer Jam, playing some covers and original tunes. The 90-minute set will be recorded live and possibly used for the band's upcoming music video for its new single "De Cara Al Sol." So when you attend, you can brag to your friends later that you danced in a music video. The concert also includes performances by Faith's Place Steel Drum band, Annishka from BET's 106 & Park's "Wild Out Wednesday," singers Grace, Leila Capri, Analisse, Veronica English, BBOY and Praise Dancer Anthony "Kulture" Smith, and more.

Michael Mut plays bass guitar and sings with the seven-piece band that's produced partly by Andrew Yeomanson, AKA DJ Spam of the Spam All Stars. He says Electric Piquete's sound evolved organically to Latin funk from its original rock-trio format. "It was a natural move of letting our collective influences shine through in our writing and arranging," Mut explains. "Personally, I loved the groups like Dazz Band and Heatwave as a kid. That, combined with my love or rock and metal plus a musical awakening and reeducation spurred by mix tapes made by my partner, band drummer and cofounder Ed Rosado, has led me to this point."

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Propaganda Summer Daze Day Three with the Expanders, New Kingston, and Tribal Seeds

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Monica McGivern

Let's be real. You can find a reggae show in Palm Beach County just by closing your eyes, spinning around and pointing arbitrarily in any direction. The sheer volume of these bands has made every showgoer a master of the reggae lean. It's also made for some discerning listening palettes; everyone here knows the way to sonic Zion.

Propaganda has proven itself the premiere place to get some irie reggae action in Lake Worth, no problem, and its Summer Daze series has emerged as the favorite child.

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The Lovers Key Unveils Vintage Sound with Here Today, Gone Tomorrow at Respectable Street


"Wanted: a '60s-influenced singer looking to participate in a project with a sense of energy and soul," read a Craigslist ad posted by local musical whiz Christopher Moll two years ago.

Moll had gotten the itch to start crafting music again after stepping away from a bustling career with his orchestral, cinematic creation the Postmarks. He was the driving force behind this Burt Bacharach-idolizing trio based out of Pompano Beach. It churned out three records in three years (of which Moll served as the principal engineer, producer, and composer), and eventually, Moll got burned out. He decided to take a self-imposed break from the limelight.

But in that one year off, his former musical counterpart, Postmarks' singer Tim Yehezkely, came to the conclusion she'd rather be a pharmacist than a pop star. This left Moll without a vocal yin to his honeyed vintage pop yang.

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Ballyhoo!'s Howi Spangler Says, "We Just Get Out There and Crush It!"


The all-knowing internet defines "ballyhoo" as "a buildup, hoopla, fanfare." And no title more aptly describes the musical output produced by the Aberdeen, Maryland, reggae/rock/punk fusion quartet known by that handle. Add an exclamation point to the end -- Ballyhoo! -- and one can already imagine the level of merriment set forth by this lively troupe before even pressing play.

The group has been on the grind since 1995 but only recently started making inroads in the music business. A successful jaunt across the country during the Vans Warped Tour in 2012 and an impressive showing on the Billboard charts for its self-released album, Pineapple Grenade, in 2013 helped them gain real traction.

It's been a long time coming for Ballyhoo!'s lead singer, Howi Spangler, who, as a Green Day- and Goldfinger-obsessed teenager, began writing his own pop-punk and ska creations. He hoped to separate himself from the hip-hop and mainstream rock environment that dominated his suburban Baltimore confines.

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Toto's Steve Lukather Says the Band "Loved" Its South Park Cameo

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Photo by Daniele Dalledonne via Flickr cc
It's rare to get a rock star on the phone at 9 a.m. on a Saturday. It's even rarer when it's actually an hour earlier where he is. Yet the phone rings, and there's Toto's veteran guitarist, singer, and songwriter Steve Lukather himself on the line, eager to dispel any notion that there's a groggy, hungover hedonist reticent to chat at this early hour.

"Oh man, I get up early every day," he insists, sounding remarkably chipper though it's not even midmorning. "I've been up for an hour and a half already. I go to bed, I work, I play, and I'm in bed again by midnight. Listen man, the days of being a fool and staying up all night are way behind me. Besides, I'm also used to it. I've got two little kids at home."

We've caught up with one of Toto's prime principals in Oklahoma, where the band's just played a sold-out show the night before. Lukather -- or Luke, as his friends call him -- has been out on the road with the band for the past couple of weeks, following a tour he did earlier this year with Ringo's All Starr Band. Toto will continue on the road for another month or so, and then in October, Lukather will rejoin Ringo for another round of shows that should take him into the new year.

While it seems like a heavy schedule, Lukather -- an acclaimed and highly celebrated player in his own right -- claims he hasn't tired of the road yet, even after 35 years of playing ever-ready radio hits with Toto, serving as one of Ringo's regulars, participating in the G3 tour with pals Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and occasionally even on his own.

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Kings of Leon Cancel August Tour Dates, but West Palm Beach Show Will Go On

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Some would say the Kings of Leon never went away; others would argue they are just coming back and now some fans are simply crying in a corner. Yesterday it was announced that the Nashville-based radio-friendly rockers are canceling two weeks of shows so drummer Nathan Followill can recover from an accident that took place over the weekend. After a gig in Boston, the band's tour bus had to stop short to avoid a pedestrian, and that left Nathan with a broken rib.

There's some backlash and outcry on the internet about the canceled shows, mostly because this isn't the first time the band hasn't followed through. While we hope Nathan has a speedy recover and gets the rest he needs, we gotta say, way to luck out, West Palm Beach. If all goes according to plan, the Kings of Leon will still be gracing the Cruzan Amphitheater stage on September 6. And perhaps that show will be as cool as Questlove filling in for Nathan on the Tonight Show last night with Jimmy Fallon (check that out after the jump too).

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Offspring, Bad Religion, and Pennywise Head to Cruzan Amphitheatre

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Jessica Daly

Punk was once underground. Bands played in grungy, rat-infested clubs, and forget hearing the music on the radio. Twenty years ago, that all changed. The Offspring, Bad Religion, and Pennywise are three Southern California bands signed to the same Epitaph record label that helped bring this subversive sound to the masses.

It's only fitting they're touring enormous venues together this summer, even if they took completely different routes to get to this level of success.

The Offspring is a group of Huntington Beach natives who, along with Green Day, pushed punk to heavy rotation on MTV. Videos for "Come Out and Play," "Self Esteem," and "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" are a major reason why piercings and dyed hair spread like an aggressive rash throughout suburbia.

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Michael McDonald and Toto Will Bring Soul and "Africa" to Hard Rock Live

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Blue-eyed soul veteran Michael McDonald sure likes to hang out with the rich and famous. The St. Louis, Missouri, native got his start playing keyboards and singing backing vocals for Steely Dan, including on their classic 1977 album, Aja.

When Doobie Brothers' singer Tom Johnston got sick, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees called McDonald to replace him. They liked his bellowing baritone so much, he became a permanent member of the group. In 2003, McDonald founded record label Ramp Records with the Big Lebowski himself, actor Jeff Bridges.

Over the years, McDonald has also written songs or played music with Bonnie Raitt, Kenny Loggins, Carly Simon, and many others. But according to a recent interview with Minneapolis' City Pages, McDonald said he isn't starstruck in the slightest by his big-name collaborators and finds a lot of joy in working with other big shots.

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Electric Cabo Carnival This Saturday: DJ Supreme 1 Says, "I Will Play Whatever Makes the Ladies Dance"

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Billing itself as the first ever EDM festival in Palm Beach Gardens, Electric Cabo Carnival is raving out on Saturday night at Cabo Flats. It's all free and sponsored by big booze names like Ketel One, Budweiser, Don Julio, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, and even Monster energy drink to amp it up to the next level.

The all-night affair boasts seven DJs including DJ Robert Petroni, Zhantra, DJ Jayr, Mister Grey, Reflex, and Baybes. Co-headliner of the fest, DJ Supreme 1 was more than excited about the upcoming event when New Times caught up with him. "We're going to have some great EDM, but what I still refer to as house music," he clarified. "We have a really good amount of DJs and dancers."

The sonic mixologist recounted how he first found himself attracted to electronic music after enlisting in the Navy. "I was in a submarine. House music was all I listened to, and it kept me going for the five years I was at sea. When I got out, I came to Florida and hit the scene hard."

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