Phish Is Playing Miami New Year's Eve 2014!

Photo by Ben Thacker

Your old pals here at New Times called it, folks.

We recently made the case why Phish should spend New Year's Eve in Miami, and it looks like someone was listening. Because at about 2:15 p.m., instead of finding the usual updates littering the home page of, phans were treated to the announcement that the band will play a four night run at the American Airline Arena, December 31 through January 3.

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Hirie Lets You Feel "Free to Soar Wherever Your Body and Mind Want to Go"


Reggae music is alive and well in South Florida with acts like Fireside Prophets and Making Faces. But for the most part, the bands are fronted by dudes. That's is all good, but we were definitely interested when we heard about a touring group heading to town that's going against this trend.

Meet Hirie. She heads up a reggae band that shares her same name. Otherwise known as Patricia Jetton, Hirie is currently touring with Stick Figure and Pacific Dub and is bringing her island groove to Culture Room this Friday. We spoke with the young singer about being irie, getting up, standing up, and what she'd say to Rasta legend Bob Marley if he were alive today.

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Surfer Blood - Respectable Street Café, West Palm Beach - September 12

Categories: Concert Preview


By Olivia Feldman

Seeing a band play its hometown -- especially at a venue the members used to frequent -- gives a cool glimpse into its past. Especially, when the bouncer at said venue tells you he remembers throwing the members out multiple times eight or ten years ago.

Now that's pretty revelatory.

This weekend, Respectable Street Café welcomed home one of its own, Surfer Blood, to a packed house Friday night. You could feel the West Palm love emitting from clubgoers. With Surfer Blood's imminent arrival, we saw quite the colorful crowd of spectators -- guys in Hawaiian shirts bopped their heads to house music next to girls in high-waisted shorts and crop tops and a man with a yellow flower in his hair. There was a dude in a Nike swoosh shirt and sneakers at the same show as a college kids lighting up bowls. This is not something you see at just any old rock show.

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Surfer Blood's JP Pitts Shares His Top Five Most Memorable Local Gigs

Categories: Concert Preview


It's been a minute since fuzzed-out, home-bred blog sensation Surfer Blood played a local show. You haven't forgotten about our cherished West Palm Beach college rock purveyors, have you? Despite releasing an album on a major label, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and touring the world a few times over, these dudes have never forgotten where they came from.

And it is with open arms that we welcome Surfer Blood back for a prized local show tonight at one of the most befitting spots in our area, Respectable Street Café, where the group first got its start.

It got us thinking, if you're like us, you've probably witnessed Surfer Blood's wondrous Pixie-ish start-stop dynamics a few dozen times. Engulfed with nostalgia, we started reflecting back to our favorite local Surfer Blood gigs. We've been there since the beginning, after all, since its first iteration as TV Club at the Museum of Contemporary Art in 2008, when the band wowed us with an indie rock spunk on par with lo-fi giants like Weezer and Built to Spill.

We asked John Paul Pitts, Surfer Blood's lead singer, which of the group's local shows were the most memorable for him. Here's exactly what he said, word for word.

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Rascal Flatts and Sheryl Crow Head to Cruzan Amphitheatre This Saturday

Categories: Concert Preview

Alex Markow

Sheryl Crow won over the hearts of millions back in the '90s when she came out with hits like "All I Wanna Do," "Strong Enough," and "If It Makes You Happy." These honest songs about womanhood made her a fast role model and idol for teenaged girls across America who were drawn in by Crow's confidence, strength, and, of course, her killer vocals.

Crow embodied that mainstream-friendly strong woman of the '90s, like Fiona Apple and Alanis Morissette. The critics agreed with fans, and the singer/songwriter went on to win three Grammy Awards in 1995 after the release of her first studio album, Tuesday Night Music Club.

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Marco With Love Returns to Broward with Radio-Active Records and Poorhouse Shows


The late '90s in South Florida were a fun time to be part of the punk rock scene. There was a sense of camaraderie and community. Sure there were some meatheads who ruined it every-now-and-again, but overall, everybody got along and a lot of those friendships have continued to this day. One of the better examples of the fun this scene nurtured was Florida's version of England's Eater, the Outrights.

Years later, their singer/guitarist and Broward native Marco Argiro has continued to pursue the muse and has had one of the more varied and geographical careers we can think of. Relocating to Tallahassee after high school and eventually to New York post-graduation, Argiro's been a busy, busy man garnering acclaim with bands like Le Mood and the Killing Floor.

See also: Marco Argiro With Love: "I Had a Handful of Tunes Up My Sleeve"

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Deep Purple: "The Word 'Classic' Hangs Around Your Neck Like a Noose"

Categories: Concert Preview


After some 40 years of making music, you'd think Deep Purple would get a little more respect. This was the band that crafted one of the most indelible riffs in the entire rock 'n' roll idiom in the form of "Smoke on the Water." It is required learning for any budding guitarist. It's the band whose string of '70s albums -- In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, Who Do We Think We Are, and Burn in particular -- placed them on a tier alongside Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nazareth, and Uriah Heep as the foremost champions of the emerging form that would come to be called heavy metal.

Still, Purple's trajectory was erratic at best. In the midst of their '70s heyday, personnel problems began plaguing the band, resulting in an ongoing series of shifts in membership that continued well into the new millennium. Following the first incarnation of the band in the late '60s, a core group -- guitarist Richie Blackmore, vocalist Ian Gillian, drummer Ian Paice, keyboardist Jon Lord, and bassist Roger Glover -- established themselves as Purple's most indelible lineup.

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Electric Piquete Headlines Long Hot Summer Jam at B.B. King's West Palm Beach

Categories: Concert Preview

Photo by Teajay Smith
Miami-based Latin Funk band Electric Piquete will headline B.B. King's Long Hot Summer Jam, playing some covers and original tunes. The 90-minute set will be recorded live and possibly used for the band's upcoming music video for its new single "De Cara Al Sol." So when you attend, you can brag to your friends later that you danced in a music video. The concert also includes performances by Faith's Place Steel Drum band, Annishka from BET's 106 & Park's "Wild Out Wednesday," singers Grace, Leila Capri, Analisse, Veronica English, BBOY and Praise Dancer Anthony "Kulture" Smith, and more.

Michael Mut plays bass guitar and sings with the seven-piece band that's produced partly by Andrew Yeomanson, AKA DJ Spam of the Spam All Stars. He says Electric Piquete's sound evolved organically to Latin funk from its original rock-trio format. "It was a natural move of letting our collective influences shine through in our writing and arranging," Mut explains. "Personally, I loved the groups like Dazz Band and Heatwave as a kid. That, combined with my love or rock and metal plus a musical awakening and reeducation spurred by mix tapes made by my partner, band drummer and cofounder Ed Rosado, has led me to this point."

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Propaganda Summer Daze Day Three with the Expanders, New Kingston, and Tribal Seeds

Categories: Concert Preview

Monica McGivern

Let's be real. You can find a reggae show in Palm Beach County just by closing your eyes, spinning around and pointing arbitrarily in any direction. The sheer volume of these bands has made every showgoer a master of the reggae lean. It's also made for some discerning listening palettes; everyone here knows the way to sonic Zion.

Propaganda has proven itself the premiere place to get some irie reggae action in Lake Worth, no problem, and its Summer Daze series has emerged as the favorite child.

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The Lovers Key Unveils Vintage Sound with Here Today, Gone Tomorrow at Respectable Street


"Wanted: a '60s-influenced singer looking to participate in a project with a sense of energy and soul," read a Craigslist ad posted by local musical whiz Christopher Moll two years ago.

Moll had gotten the itch to start crafting music again after stepping away from a bustling career with his orchestral, cinematic creation the Postmarks. He was the driving force behind this Burt Bacharach-idolizing trio based out of Pompano Beach. It churned out three records in three years (of which Moll served as the principal engineer, producer, and composer), and eventually, Moll got burned out. He decided to take a self-imposed break from the limelight.

But in that one year off, his former musical counterpart, Postmarks' singer Tim Yehezkely, came to the conclusion she'd rather be a pharmacist than a pop star. This left Moll without a vocal yin to his honeyed vintage pop yang.

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