Why Regular Show Is So Huge at Comic-Con This Year

Liz Ohanesian
J.G. Quintel, creator of Regular Show, left, meets Muscle Man come to life.

J.G. Quintel has been going to San Diego Comic-Con for a decade now. He started out his journey here as a fan, a CalArts student who caught wind of the event from his brother. Quintel would register to attend the convention after he arrived at the venue. He would walk into panels at Hall H, now the home of blockbuster convention talks and long lines. He did this anonymously. Ten years ago, people didn't recognize Quintel.

Just as San Diego Comic-Con has grown in popularity over the past few years, so has Quintel. He created an animated series for Cartoon Network called Regular Show. It's about a bluejay named Mordecai, a raccoon named Rigby and their eclectic group of friends.

Over the course of four seasons, it's become a commercial and critical success Regular Show already has an Emmy to its name and was just nominated for two more. People cosplay characters from the show at conventions and swap all sorts of Regular Show references online.

Here at Comic-Con, the fans are plentiful. They packed a large hotel ballroom for a Regular Show panel on Friday morning. That afternoon, they were waiting in line for entrance to the Regular Show Regular Zone exhibition at the New Children's Museum, located across the street from the convention, next to a small park where inflatable versions of Mordecai and Rigby are hosted high in there. This is Regular Show's year at Comic-Con, and no one is feeling it more than Quintel.

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Smash-Con Combined Nightlife and Nerd Life at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale

Via facebook.com/CesarCesar
Last Friday night, Smash-Con took place at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale.

Most other vendor-centered events that consist of comics and crafts usually take place during the day on a Saturday or Sunday. But Green Room's idea to combine nightlife with nerd life proved to be a smart one.

Definitely more comic than craft, though, the vendors were selling everything from prints to jewelry to graphic novelettes. The event was brought to Broward fanboys and -girls by Tate's Comics, a favorite local shop of any South Floridian with even a remote interest in geek culture.

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