Jen Kirkman on Her Standup, You're Gonna "Love It, Love It, Love It"

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Robyn Von Swank
On a scale from one to Jen...we give her a Jen.

Like the rest of us in this sick, sad world, Jane Kirkman has a main gig and a few on the side. Except her main gig is awesome. She's a staff writer on Chelsea Lately and her weekends are spent touring the country with her solid standup act.

But wait, there's more! Kirkman is also a New York Times bestselling author -- ranting about not wanting to have kids in I Can Barely Take Care Of Myself. Through a bevy of outlets, the one in which she gets most personal is her podcast, I Seem Fun. Unlike other talk show podcast formats, Jen just sits in a room by herself with a microphone. Her ramblings have garnered her a cult following though she maintains a mainstream streak. Before Jen comes to the improv this Friday, we chatted about writing for Chelsea, the second book slump, and why she was begging to come back to West Palm.

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Orange Is the New Black: A Litchfield Character-by-Character Soundtrack

Categories: Comedy


Both crazed and casual fans alike couldn't wait for the second season of Orange Is the New Black which premiered online early last month. The Emmy-nominated Netflix original series has a large following of dedicated obsessives, and although you could have watched the whole season at one fell swoop, those of us with enough self-control to pace themselves watch on Wednesdays.

The show, centered on the character of Piper Chapman, tells the story of a rather eclectic mix of women serving time in prison. The second season has provided a lot of backstory on how these gals landed their asses in the slammer and into the beginnings of Piper and Alex's heated and oh, so very complicated relationship. And while we got a lot less of Laura Prepon, formerly Hot Donna, it's been another amazing season.

Ever since we saw Piper and Alex shake it to "Milkshake" and sang along with the ladies during the prison blackout to Lisa Loeb's "Stay," we've been wondering what other tunes the lovely ladies of Litchfield enjoy. Here's a detailed OITNB character playlist, a breakdown of what we imagine these women love to listen to while doing their time.

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Dennis Miller's Xenophobic Standup Is Seriously Offensive

Categories: Comedy

So much loathing behind that innocent smile.
Dennis Miller made himself chuckle onstage last night at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, with the line, "Arabs will go to the moon when the Israelis set up camp there."

Hardy fucking har? Out of context, it doesn't make much sense, but the parts are what are important here. It took about three minutes of anti-Arab diarrhea gushing from the hateful maw of the former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor and recent commentator on The O'Reilly Factor before I decided I didn't need the abuse and left the show. As an American of Arab descent, I was, to put it delicately, pretty fucking grossed out.

I knew it or something like it was coming, but I couldn't sit through his hate speech considering the current conflicts in the Middle East. As the crowd cheered with glee at the dehumanizing stereotypes, I kept thinking about the NPR story I heard the day before about a father in Gaza assuaging his children's horror -- kids made physically ill from fear -- by saying the bombs dropping around them are fireworks.

The set actually started out hopeful. It was pretty funny and punchy. But toward the end, the atmosphere in the room went from potentially listenable to seriously hostile.

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Bert Kreischer - Fort Lauderdale Improv - July 10

Categories: Comedy


You'd think that an 8 o'clock, Thursday night comedy show would be a sparsely attended event. That most people would be at home eating spaghetti with their families. But not the crowd that hits up the Fort Lauderdale Improv. They show up.

Whether you're a fan of his stand-up, Travel Channel show, podcast, or recent book, if Bert Kreischer comes to town, you're going to check it out.

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Bert Kreischer Learns "Everything's Kind of Fleeting"

Categories: Comedy


Imagine if your first claim to fame was being featured in an article as the "top partier" at the top party school, Florida State University. It'd be kind of a crazy thing right?

Now imagine Oliver Stone read that article and bought the rights to make a movie about your life. Then that fell to the wayside. Then the Fresh Prince discovers you and nothing happens. And so on, and so forth.

That kind of disappointment would demoralize most, but not Bert Kreischer. He was able to turn those near wins into actual successes. He's hosted five television shows, several standup specials, and written a new book Life of The Party: Stories of a Perpetual Man-Child. Bert is now regarded as a master storyteller and is host of the Travel Channel show Trip Flip where he takes random, unsuspecting people on an immediate 5-day vacation of his choosing.

Bert was kind enough to have a little chat with with us on the phone, where we discussed his many ups and downs, the impact writing a book has had on him, his family life, and even one of his recent dreams.

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Sklar Brothers: "Focus on the Human Side of Sports"

Categories: Comedy, Q&A

The good kind of bros

You know what's better than one guy doing standup? Two guys. And when those guys are twins, it's kind of mind-blowing. Randy and Jason Sklar have been major players in the comedy scene since the late-1990s and have grown along with the trends to truly embrace new forms of comedy. If the Sklar Brothers don't look familiar to you, you haven't stared at a screen in years. They have made cameos in every show from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to Grey's Anatomy to Entourage. They are Hollywood's go-to for funny twins, and while they take on big roles, they also take time to carve their own niche in comedy that specializes in sports humor -- not to mention their healthy obsession with indie rock.

With so much experience and such varied obsessions, the Sklar Brothers have seen a recent resurgence. Multiple appearances on Comedy Central's new smash @midnight and a chance to express themselves wholly through the Sklarbro Country podcast have meant freedom to be funny in their own way. Randy and Jason Sklar are walking sports and comedy encyclopedias, and when we got the opportunity to interview them, we were left with no choice but to pick their brains about the evolution of comedy, their current music passion, and why working in comedy is the best it's ever been.

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Five Things I Learned Taking Sick Puppies Improv Classes

Categories: Comedy

Kate Weissing
Here I am, saying something very important and/or hilarious.

Among other wildly flattering words you could use to describe me, I am a comedy geek. I soak in Doug Benson podcasts like they are going out of style and can frequently be found down the rabbit hole of a YouTube standup binge sesh. I've read more comedian memoirs than there are Star Wars movies, and I can proudly recite almost every line of Wet Hot American Summer. Heck, I even interview comics for this publication.

Through years of fandom, I found one major common denominator within my preferred circle of funny: From Melissa McCarthy to Will Ferrell, most of my favorites got their start doing improv.

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Lily Tomlin on Being "the World's First Performance Artist"

Categories: Comedy

Greg Gorman

Lily Tomlin is a bonafide comedy legend. While her face is immediately recognizable to everyone with their eyes open, pinpointing your standout Tomlin moment can take some consideration. And that has everything to do with the fact that her comedy career started all the way back in 1970. Since then, she has ruled every level of funny. Your mom might love her for Nine to Five but your tanked-out little bro will know Tomlin as Kenny Powers' mom on Eastbound and Down.

But where Tomlin truly shines isn't on the screen, it's on the stage. Her one-woman shows give Tomlin the platform she needs to tickle every funny bone she can find. This is not your basic standup gig or simple storytelling. Tomlin kicks ass at playing different characters, even two at the same time. The 74-year-old, lifelong comedian always had a clear path that led her directly to making people laugh. Before she stops by the Kravis Center with her latest review next week, Tomlin took the time to chat with us. She shared her thoughts on the changing landscape of women in comedy with the detail that only someone with decades in the biz could. It's a special treat, and it's after the jump.

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Aziz Ansari's 10 Best Quotes at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, March 15

Photo by Tyler Ross via Wikipedia Commons
When Aziz Ansari walked onto the stage at the Seminole Hard Rock Live in Hollywood wearing a red velvet suit that can only be described as just really fucking cool, the crowd was already his. And it's not just because he's that guy from that thing.

The 31-year-old has been working harder than just about any comedian out there, releasing a new hour-long special each of the past two years, all while shooting movies, and starring in one of the most beloved comedies on television, Parks and Recreation. He's currently developing material for a fourth special, and the high-heeled, Bud-Light-sipping members of the 5,000-strong Hollywood audience couldn't have been giddier.

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Joan Rivers - Kravis Center, West Palm Beach - March 14

Categories: Comedy

How low can you go?

Is there anyone older and wiser and still on the microphone with as much vengeance as pop cultural icon Joan Rivers? There is not! Her comedy career dates back to the freaking Ed Sullivan Show. While her touring and television appearances have not slowed, the world is divided on the Rivers camp. Some can't get enough of the irreverent 80-year-old and others cringe at the thought of having to stare at her face in person for an hour.

One thing is for sure, throwing Rivers into the Kravis Center was a major shift in the dynamic. Her audience was densely populated with the exact people that she targets: her peers. That's right, Joan might be the oldest in the game but that doesn't stop her from hating old people. In fact, she hates a lot of groups. We all do, but at least she has the cajones to say it.

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