Judas Priest's Rob Halford Says Redeemer of Souls "Reignited Things"


Make no mistake that Judas Priest forever changed the development of heavy metal, helping it progress in a way that few other bands ever will. Though we know few fans of the genre are ignorant enough to fail to make that distinction, it's important to remind everyone now and again that this band -- and its iconic vocal athlete and frontman, Rob Halford -- will absolutely be included when the carving of the heavy-metal Mount Rushmore commences.

What might be most remarkable about Judas Priest, however, is that this band, with a career spanning more than 40 years, has remained as vital as ever and recently released one of its best albums, the sublimely intense Redeemer of Souls -- a nearly unprecedented feat in a young man's game.

And while all this is not to ignore the fact that Priest has surely endured its share of hard times, lineup swaps, and the odd rough album, the group has entered its twilight years firing on all cylinders and screaming for vengeance as loudly as ever.

New Times was fortunate enough to speak with the disarmingly affable Metal God himself, Rob Halford. He was gracious enough to muse upon the current state of Priestly affairs, talk about why heavy metal is still exciting to him, his longevity, and his plan B -- becoming a lounge singer if the Priest thing doesn't work out for some reason.

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Blistered: "I'm Pretty Privileged to Be Part of Such a Cool Hardcore Scene"

Courtesy of SFLHC

South Florida's hardcore scene has always been a proud one. While we've had our share of bands go on to enjoy national recognition, it seems like we've spent more time waiting for the rest of the national hardcore scene to catch up while we scream our own praises between Palm Beach County and Miami. Bands like Centuries, Axis, and, most recently, Blistered are working hard to break the cycle for a new generation of South Florida hardcore bands.

Reared and schooled in the tradition of the signature metallic-tinged hardcore that was Florida's calling card in the '90s, Blistered has recently tasted major success with its debut EP -- out on one of the genre's most exciting labels, 6131 Records -- performing at South by Southwest, and showing the rest of the nation on tour that there is more to South Florida than swamps and geriatrics.

We believe Blistered deserves your undivided attention. As such, we spoke with the band's frontman (and one of the busiest musicians in the area period), William Lennon Livesay, about the band's recent triumphs, growing up in South Florida hardcore, and the importance of all-ages venues.

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Sandratz Host Skate Jam at Circus Bowl in Pompano

Teajay Photo

We here at New Times think you should get an early start on your New Year's resolutions. Take the Gorilla Biscuits approach and start today! We'll show you how.

Our first resolution (after shaking this nasty cough-syrup addiction we developed over the fall) is to stop hanging out at the same shitty bars and to start making a real effort to show up to the events we always say we're going to on Facebook but never seem to attend. And Sandratz at Circus Bowl is a good one to start with.

What could you possibly be doing in late December that trumps a punk-rock show at a skatepark on the fun meter?

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The Talent Farm Needs Your Help!


Kevin Burns, proprietor of the Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines, is not a masochist as far as we can tell. Burns was the owner of a successful business installing security systems prior to starting the Talent Farm. What has become the only true all-ages venue in South Florida was built with the intention of offering a cutting-edge rehearsal and recording space as passion project that involved Burns' son Matt, a songwriter who has been performing in South Florida bands since his teens. Although there is always the possibility that the disembodied voice from Field of Dreams now lurks in the swamps off of State Road 27, we believe it far more likely that the converted warehouse space simply took on a role no one else would take any longer.

Now, it's no secret that Broward County is seriously lacking venues for live music.

Despite the fact that we have a handful of beloved bars and clubs that appear stable, the music industry is a fickle one, and the burdens placed on venues -- music's true haven -- are extreme. Expenses like proper insurance, sound equipment to appropriately present the music we all care so much about, and trained staff to run said equipment make owning a music venue an extremely expensive venture. Oh? You need a bar as well? These costs add up. Currently the Talent Farm is feeling the financial effects of a crappy economy and a scene that often lacks support for live music.

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10 Musical Genres and What it Would Be Like if You Were Addicted to Them

"My name is Robert. And I'm addicted to heavy metal."
Did ya hear the one about the Swede who scored significant skrill (see also: paper, dough, m-m-moolah) for his addiciton to heavy metal?

Back in 2007, Swedish rock 'n' roll mega-enthusiast, Robert Tullgren, was awarded disability benefits by his country's government due to his obsessive-compulsive need to be perpetually listening to, wearing clothing pertaining to, and generally living Heavy Metal 

The supplemental income was intended to offset the wages the headbang-a-holic lost after he was fired for missing work because of his near-psychotic need to attend an excessive number of Heavy Metal concerts.

Recently, the story has been running a few victory laps around the blogosphere, even though Tullgren hasn't received benefits since, like, 2009. Nevertheless, the resurgence of this inspiring tale of human determination in the face of addiction has inspired us to wonder what it would look like if the drug of choice were any of the ten following musical genres.
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Black Locust Society's End of the World SWARM Fundraiser at Green Room, Fort Lauderdale

SWARM Funraiser (Green Room 12_1_2012) by Ian Witlen-62.jpg
We love Black Locust Society. Who else throws a free party as a fundraiser for another free party? Absolutely no one, that's who! 

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Help Black Locust Society Raise Funds for the End of the World; Bleubird, Protoman Give You Good Reason

And the impending "end of the world" has given the clique of MCs, DJs, and artists good reason to rally funds. Because we all know that when the world is ready to do whatever wild shit the Mayan calendar has marked off for it, Fort Lauderdale is going to die as it lived: Completely trashed and shaking its collective shit in a decorated warehouse. 

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Die Antwoord Busts a Weird-Ass Groove in Fort Lauderdale on October 23

Die Antwoord (Culture Room 10_22_2012)_by Ian Witlen-23.jpg
Ian Witlen
Die Antwoord
Culture Room, Ft. Lauderdale
October 22, 2012

Better Than: 99.9% of live music events.

Ostensibly, Die Antwoord is weird. As far as you or I can tell -- with our normal (and/or normally-hip) lifestyles -- they are a pair of entertainers that are fucked up, strange and/or wholly personify "the Other." But on a layer one degree deeper -- a subtext that has as much to do with irony as it does LARPing --  the duo has simply mastered Branding in the 2012/hashtag sense of the term.

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- PHOTOS: Die Antwoord at Culture Room

And judging from their sold-out show at Culture Room last night, Die Antwoord's meme-ry is being heard loud and clear. Our spacephone told us it was Monday. But everyone in attendance existed outside of iCal as they became increasingly entranced by the fully exposed vulgar true power of the Internet, beamed directly into their consciousness a la Jim Carrey as the Riddler in Batman Forever.
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"Osama bin Laden is Dead" and More Patriotic Anthems for Today

Thumbnail image for miley-cyrus-300x300.jpg
What's on your soundtrack for defeating Osama bin Laden?
Today, in the media blitz following reports that U.S. forces shot bin Laden dead while raiding a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, (also the same day Adolf Hitler's death was announced in 1945) there's a soundtrack developing to accompany the elation currently felt by many Americans. One unifying "song" in the traditional sense -- aside from the "U.S.A." chant that'll spring up in more spots than just Rascal Flatts shows -- is pretty much impossible at this stage of divided social consciousness. But many will try, and the existing patriotic songs will surely get a workout in the coming days.

Not to dismiss past jingoistic efforts of country musicians like Toby Keith and Darryl Worley (Lee Greenwood will make some money today too), but the R&B and hip-hop communities have been one of the most vocal in the ongoing lyrical battle against Osama bin Laden, al Queda, Saddam Hussein, and general terrorist nastiness -- if random people behind Geraldo Rivera, Luther Campbell and Twitter are to be believed. If Michael Jackson were alive, he'd probably take a stab at creating an anthem. Here's betting Akon will. But these efforts could take (gasp) days! What can we listen to now now now?

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Pitchfork Uses Millionyoung to Declare Chillwave Dead

Thumbnail image for millionyoung_replicants.jpg
Chillwave is dead. Long live chillwave.
There's no reason to read too much into Pitchfork's 3.8 rating of Millionyoung's Replicants -- except that there's every reason to read too much into it. The Hipster Runoff-invented chillwave is beyond dead in 2K11, and this perfectly fine album produced here in Florida is the unwitting target of that proclamation.

Occasionally over the course of this 309-word baby of a review does Larry Fitzmaurice actually mention the actual recording he's listening to. We get it, Mike Diaz isn't Luciano Pavarotti, and "aims for the rafters with high-pitched vocal yearning, with a very low success rate." (Worse can be said for the 7.6-worthy Rihanna without some serious Auto-Tune.) Instead, most of what we get here is a very blunt assault on the genre with the assumption that any chillwave artist is also a Pitchfork reader and will immediately throw their tinny keyboards off the balcony in disgust.

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