Jellyfish Brothers Build Community and Bring in "New Blood" with Audio Junkie

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When it comes to fostering an a level of unmatched enthusiasm for South Florida's music scene, brothers Greg and Eddy Alvarez are in a class of their own. The pair strive to keep things fresh and exciting in Miami through their efforts with their DIY audio/visual outlet, Audio Junkie. They bring touring bands to the area to perform, and along with Janette Valentine, they infuse the city with something a bit different with their own band, the Jellyfish Brothers, a unique blend of doom and surfy psych. The Alverez brothers are invaluable members of Miami's music community and proper cheerleaders for others, always there with a bit of encouragement.

Most recently, the brothers have put together an interactive website to preview the new Jellyfish Brothers album, they provided a smashing time with their contribution to Sweat Records' Record Store Day festivities via the Audio Junkie Stage at Churchill's Pub, and booked a rising star in noise music, B L A C K I E, who will be performing at their studio tonight. We caught up with Greg Alverez for the details.

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Sandratz Host Skate Jam at Circus Bowl in Pompano

Teajay Photo

We here at New Times think you should get an early start on your New Year's resolutions. Take the Gorilla Biscuits approach and start today! We'll show you how.

Our first resolution (after shaking this nasty cough-syrup addiction we developed over the fall) is to stop hanging out at the same shitty bars and to start making a real effort to show up to the events we always say we're going to on Facebook but never seem to attend. And Sandratz at Circus Bowl is a good one to start with.

What could you possibly be doing in late December that trumps a punk-rock show at a skatepark on the fun meter?

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Should Change Its Name

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Joi via Wikimedia
The sweet face of rock 'n' roll.

With another lackluster class announced to enter its not-so-hollowed shrine, it is now fully apparent that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should either change its name or have a class-action lawsuit filed against it for false advertising.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Nirvana, Kiss, Linda Ronstadt, Hall & Oates, Cat Stevens, Peter Gabriel, the E Street Band, Brian Epstein, and Andrew Loog Oldham would be the hall's newest members. Now, I have no intention of ever visiting Cleveland, where the hall resides, but I can't help but feel outraged by any sucker who does pay for admission, because with its current inductees, the place is an utter sham.

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Bruce Hornsby: "If You Live and Die by Radio Success, You Will Surely Expire at Some Point"

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Bruce Hornsby is like one of those kids you loved to hate back in high school. Good grades aren't enough -- they have to take on every challenge the teacher offers. In Hornsby's case, he comes across as a perennial multi-tasker: An artist who's never been content with hit singles, even though he achieved several early on. He is prone instead to bend the boundaries and tackle seemingly any project that comes his way, even when it captures his fans unawares. Once a pop pundit, he's sped his way forward into rock, jazz, classical, and even avant-garde sounds.

Indeed, Hornsby's come an extraordinarily long way since he and his former band the Range garnered their Grammy for Best New Artist in 1987, and stormed the pop charts with the massive hits "The Way It Is" and "Mandolin Rain." Hornsby himself went on to win two more Grammys, one for Best Bluegrass Recording in 1990 and the other for Best Pop Instrumental three years later. Still, there's no better example of his dexterity than the list of outstanding artists that he's aligned himself with over the years, among them, the Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, Sting, and Ricky Skaggs. Indeed, it's his partnership with Skaggs that forms the basis of his latest effort, Cluck Ol' Men, a live follow-up to the duo's eponymous 2007 debut.

However, if we were to wind back the clock, back some 36 years, we'd have reason to claim Hornsby as a hometown boy, courtesy of the fact that he's a distinguished graduate of the University of Miami, class of '77. And hey, what do you do when you catch up with one of your former alum? You catch up of course! So naturally, that's what we did.

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George "Chocolate" Perry, Agoraphobic Rock Star, on TK Records, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Musical Wishes That Came True

Jacob Katel
Choc at work, producing in his home studio
Bass player George "Chocolate" Perry was on tour with Stephen Stills (of Buffalo Springfield), riding in a private 75-foot turboprop luxury airplane, when the pilot had a seizure at 34,000 feet.

Amid the rock star excess of plush couches, and TV screens, the pilot lay shaking on the floor, foaming at the mouth. The 4 engine Viscount's nose turned down and began plummeting to Earth. It was the co-pilot's first day on the job, and he damn near had a heart attack himself.

The band and crew would certainly die a fiery death like so many musicians before them. The co-pilot screamed, "Help! Anybody know how to fly this thing?!" And that's when George stepped to the controls. Thanks to years of flying lessons at North Perry Airport during high school days in his native Hollywood, Florida, not to mention a racing fixation afforded by packing stadiums around the world, Choc stayed calm, cool, and collected. He grabbed the controls, eased the co-pilot's angst, and together they safely flew and landed the plane.

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All-American Rejects' Nick Wheeler on Starting a Band Today: "It's Not Cool"

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Christina Mendenhall
Last time we saw power-pop punkers All-American Rejects, they brought Spanglish, mini-moshpits, and scores of 18-year-old girls to West Palm Beach's SunFest. This time, they're singing at Febrewary, a beer-based fest at Mizner Park Amphitheater, taking place this weekend. On top of all the beer that's going to be there, the band hasn't played since mid-December, so this should be quite a sweaty show.  

Lead guitarist Nick Wheeler spoke with us beforehand about interviewing Def Leppard and "farting around on the computer" while gaining inspiration.

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Rubblebucket's Kalmia Traver on the Band's Halloween Costumes: "A Lot of Spandex, Leotards, Stuffed Crotches"

Last time frontwoman Kalmia Traver and her band Rubblebucket came to South Florida, they all got their wallets stollen. After playing at a LandShark Lager promotional event on South Beach, they decided to take a late night dip in the ocean. Though the others got totally screwed, Traver lucked out, kinda. "Everyone got their phone stolen. Mine was a little bit apart from the group, just in the pocket of my pants. So, I was lucky." Adding of this Miami experience, "The mood went from so good to so bad in like one second."

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- Brotherly Love Productions' Matt Beck and Destiny Spang Celebrate Five Years of Fostering a Jamming Local Music Scene

Luckily, this isn't deterring them from returning to Florida. They'll be performing tonight with the Resolvers at the Funky Biscuit thanks to Brotherly Love Productions. Traver and bandleader and trumpeter Alex Toth first met in Vermont and moved to Boston to join reggae act John Brown's Body. There they got 15 of their friends to form Rubblebucket. Nowadays, the crew has become more, "manageable" at a mere seven members based out of Brooklyn.
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Sarah Packiam Chats About Trudie Skyler, Shakira, and Working at Cutting Cane Studios in Davie

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Yesterday, you might have heard soulful songstress Sarah Packiam's song as the soundtrack to County Grind's latest video endeavor: Interviewing a mermaid. When it came time to find a song that complemented a beautiful magical sea creature, Packiam's folk, blues, pop tunes came to mind. And, whaddya know? They fit the feminine visuals perfectly.

In her Irish accent, the singer and songwriter told us that she's been working on a second album, writing, recording, gigging, you know, the works. We asked what was inspiring her now to make music, she said it was her new 6 M13 pedal, "I've been experimenting with distortion sounds, going back to basics, and asking my dad for more guitar lessons [a blues musician]. Every time I sit with the pedal, I come up with these crazy distorted sounds." Packiam is truly a siren committed to her sound. 

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Ultra Music Festival 2012: Bassnectar Thinks Dubstep Is Old News
Mel D. Cole
"The momentum has not ceased since Ultra two years ago," says Lorin Ashton, better-known as freeform electronic bass artist Bassnectar. "At that point, I couldn't really have asked for more. I was at a point in my music career that was already so intoxicating and exciting, and now it has proceeded to double, triple, and quintuple. So, I'm just clinging on to dear life, giving thanks, and extremely fucking hell-bent on just continuing to move forward."
His previous appearance at Ultra 2010, in retrospect, feels like somewhat of a watershed and symbolic moment. His late set at the Roots Society Dome drew a huge, anarchic crowd, offering a glimpse into the underground bass scene subculture that had been gaining momentum across the country. 

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Part Two: Steve Aoki on Odd Future and Keeping It Real

Dove Shore
Steve Aoki uses the word experiential liberally when discussing music. His engagement with the philosophy of the experience of existence is apparent from his crazed wild-eyed live shows, which feature regular stage-diving and crowd interaction. 

Live music as a medium is clearly a visceral force that should catalyze something transformative, or as he says, "Dance music is largely experiential -- you go and you experience the music and then it changes your whole lifestyle. It's not like just listening to the song on the radio -- now you experience it, and your whole life changes."

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