Judas Priest's Rob Halford Says Redeemer of Souls "Reignited Things"


Make no mistake that Judas Priest forever changed the development of heavy metal, helping it progress in a way that few other bands ever will. Though we know few fans of the genre are ignorant enough to fail to make that distinction, it's important to remind everyone now and again that this band -- and its iconic vocal athlete and frontman, Rob Halford -- will absolutely be included when the carving of the heavy-metal Mount Rushmore commences.

What might be most remarkable about Judas Priest, however, is that this band, with a career spanning more than 40 years, has remained as vital as ever and recently released one of its best albums, the sublimely intense Redeemer of Souls -- a nearly unprecedented feat in a young man's game.

And while all this is not to ignore the fact that Priest has surely endured its share of hard times, lineup swaps, and the odd rough album, the group has entered its twilight years firing on all cylinders and screaming for vengeance as loudly as ever.

New Times was fortunate enough to speak with the disarmingly affable Metal God himself, Rob Halford. He was gracious enough to muse upon the current state of Priestly affairs, talk about why heavy metal is still exciting to him, his longevity, and his plan B -- becoming a lounge singer if the Priest thing doesn't work out for some reason.

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Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's "Accidental Racist" Is Cripplingly Awkward

We have all, no doubt, suffered through an inarticulate moment or two in our lives. And while there are truly few things as frustrating as searching for the right way to put something and coming up short, it is generally better to not say anything at all until the thought is thoroughly baked. 

Unfortunately, Brad Paisley and LL Cool J have not yet mastered this concept and have collaborated to put together the track "Accidental Racist," an entirely unnecessary and unbearably awkward musical dissection of the perennially simmering racial conflicts that plague Americans -- namely due to the popularity of the Confederate flag as a banner of pride and symbol of heritage for Southerners. 

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Ray J Addresses Kanye West in Kim Kardashian Diss Track: "I Hit It First"

Did Ray J write "I Hit It First" because he is still hung up on Kim K? Or is he just milkin' the last of that sex tape relevancy? Wait, who the fuck is Ray J again?   
As millennials -- the underemployed, overeducated, and generally worthless young adults of today's North America -- we will always have a special place in our heart for Pamela Anderson's sex tape with Tommy Lee. 

Not that we've seen it. OK, fine, we've seen it. And you know what? It's not even that fucking good! Tommy Lee is more than kind of a little gross, and most of the damned video is lovey-dovey, shmoopy couple bullshit. Ain't nobody got time for that!

But it was the first time we ever even began to consider that anybody -- never mind many of the most famous people in the world -- film themselves getting they swerveses on. 

At this point, the phenomenon is old hat. Your grandmother and your children have all seen Kim Kardashian repeatedly fake an orgasm while Ray J slurps on her nostrils. 

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Yanni's Beachfront Lantana Home Might Have Lost Its Sea Wall

yanni house.jpg
There are an bundance of musical celebrities that call South Florida home. Perhaps none of them is more famous worldwide while still teetering on the edge of irrelevance than Yanni.

The composer makes his home in Manalapan (that's Lantana to us poors) just a stone's throw from the Ritz Carlton. Rumor has it that the Greek musical prodigy might have lost part of his sea wall to Hurricane Sandy.

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Photos: Adrian Grenier's Music Video Shoot at Radio-Active Records

photo by Mikey Ramirez
There are plenty of pinup-actor-gone-bandleader jokes to make. Remember Keanu Reeves' Dogstar? No? Dating ourselves? OK, how about Twilight star Jackson Rathbone's 100 Monkeys, who played in town not too long ago?

Despite all that, Entourage star Adrian Grenier seems pretty (or at least relatively) serious about his own act, the Honey Brothers, a vaguely folky indie outfit rounded out by buddies Andrew Vladeck, Daniel Posner, Dan Green, and Ari Gold. That's the real Ari Gold, a filmmaker, not the Entourage character who borrowed is name. More »

Chris Brown Will Be Rihanna's Next Boyfriend, Say Oddsmakers

Together again?
We're not sure what's going on in Ireland these days, but it must be pretty boring, because the country's largest bookmaker has drawn up extensive odds on who will be Rihanna's next boyfriend.

Paddy Power plc sent us a cheerful press release this morning with the title, "HE RI RI LIKES HER - BROWN FAVOURITE TO WOO RIHANNA."

That's a reference to Chris Brown, Rihanna's onetime domestic abuser and recent Grammy Award ziggurat-hopper. Their possible reunion was considered just days ago on this very blog.

Here's the full list of possible Rihanna suitors and the betting odds:

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Jack Wagner and Daughter Unite at Rick Springfield's Boca Raton Show

... is a 23-year-old love child that I didn't know about.
First of all, you might not know that soap opera charmer Jack Wagner -- the ruthless Dr. Peter Burns on '90s Aaron Spelling vehicle Melrose Place -- is also a recording artist.

And beyond that, we're talking about an actual recording career that perhaps motivated Brian Austin Green to briefly flirt and ultimately fail in his musical endeavors. Wagner is a full-on adult contemporary crooner who nailed down the Yacht Rock classic "All I Need" back in the mid-'80s, so it's unsurprising that he's buddies with another ladies' favorite who dabbled in a little soap acting, Rick Springfield.

Springfield and Wagner brought their songs and handsome mugs -- but no exorcisms -- to Mizner Park Amphitheater recently. And as it turns out, there was some two-decade-old baby mama drama awaiting Wagner backstage.

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Black Eyed Peas' Will.i.am Adds Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger for "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)"

The Black Eyed Peas haven't even begun their hiatus yet, but the ever-promotional mind of Will.i.am is still in overdrive. Does this guy sleep with a microphone taped to his face just in case he might snore something brilliant?

The timing of his debut single from his Twitter-ready solo album, #Willpower, couldn't be better, though. It'll be out Sunday, when he performs it with Jennifer Lopez at the American Music Awards -- or whenever it leaks on late Friday afternoon. This'll give us a couple of days to get acclimated, because you can bet that it'll figure heavily into the Black Eyed Peas' farewell show at Sun Life Stadium on Wednesday.

Even if the timing's good, the title is not. Will loves acronyms! But choosing an article of speech for a song title is a tad forced. So, we'll be hearing a lot of "T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)" featuring Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and Lopez (was Jeff Tweedy unavailable?) soon enough.

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Queensryche Guitarist Signs Beer Bottles at Total Wine

Photo courtesy of John Linn
From left: Michael Wilton, John Linn.
John Linn works for Fresh Beer and knows a lot about drinking beer from experience.

Pop cannon suggests that musicians -- above all other types of artists -- consume an inordinate amount of booze. It follows, then, that many of them looking to expand their entrepreneurial empires beyond selling records turn to what they know: liquor. These musician-cum-cocktailiers are all over the place these days -- rapper Ludacris is well-known for his Conjure Cognac, a fine-sipping brandy retailing at $40 a bottle; Maynard James Keenan of Tool has become an accomplished vintner; while shock rocker Marilyn Manson has concocted an equally mind-warping absinthe that won him a gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2008.

Now you can add Michael Wilton to that list, lead guitarist and founding member of the trailblazing prog-metal band Queensrÿche.

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Fergie Using Black Eyed Peas Hiatus to Have Josh Duhamel's Babies

The Black Eyed Peas indefinite hiatus -- which will be capped with a farewell concert at Sun Life Stadium November 23 -- now has a more definite cause. According to rapper Taboo, his bandmate and National Anthem specialist Fergie wants to get pregnant and start a family with husband Josh Duhamel, and taking some time off gives her the space she needs for children.

"The Black Eyed Peas taking a little break is something that we respect and we all agreed upon," Taboo exclusively told New Times. "We have to respect Ferg. Ferg is our sister. She definitely wants to have a family, and we're happy for her."

Updated: Will.i.am is using this extra time to go solo, and has recorded a track with Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez.

The rest of our conversation with Taboo will come later this month as the group's final show for a long time approaches, but we thought it worthwhile to share the parts that discuss Fergie's entrance into diapers and motherhood -- a topic that completely took us off guard. Based upon what Taboo says, Fergie and Josh don't have a baby on the way just yet, but it could be quite soon.

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