T.I., 2 Chainz, Meek Mill Concert at BB&T Center "Postponed"

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Sayre Berman

If you read our article "You Think You Know T.I., But You Have No Idea" this week, you learned how dang cool T.I. is -- how he's a published author, acclaimed actor, and even how he saved two dudes from killing themselves, even Scott Stapp (thus saving Creed, but whatever). Certainly, you were mega amped to catch his show with the always different 2 Chainz, and Meek Mill newly released from prison.

Disappointment is a huge part of life, and you cannot have whatever you like.

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Coastline Festival with Flaming Lips and Young the Giant Is Canceled!

Ian Witlen
Selfie no more at Coastline.

Oh, man. We hate delivering bad news. But sometimes, there's no way around it.

We just got word that this year's Coastline Music Festival is being canceled.

The new fest that featured craft beers and food trucks received our Best Local Music Festival in 2014. But Pompano Beach Amphitheatre will be silent this February 22 and the show scheduled for St. Pete on February 21 is also a no-go.

And the lineup was pretty cool. I mean, we almost had Wayne Coyne coming to town, and possibly without Miley.

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Coastars Coffee Bar Closes Shop. Farewell My Latte

Categories: Cancellations

With the news this weekend that Lake Worth's Coastars Coffee Bar has shuttered its doors, alternative Palm Beach County has suffered a grievous blow.

A 100% DIY affair, the South "J" Street boite's proprietor-visionaries Chris Palacio and Liz Brach had sought to birth a nest for the new and the weird. That they did.

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Cat Power Culture Room Show Canceled

Categories: Cancellations

Camille Garmendia

Over here at New Times, we never miss a Cat Power show. Whether she's "on" or "off," you better believe we're there with bells on, singing into our fists. 'Cause not only is Chan Marshall a total goddess on the mic but she's a local gal.

Even though we spoke with her just last week while she was in New Zealand, turns out only minutes after purchasing a ticket to her show at Culture Room, we got notice it wasn't gonna happen!

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Austin Mahone Cancels, Reschedules Miami and Orlando Gigs "Due to Illness" (UPDATED)

Categories: Cancellations


As we at New Times often gush: "Austin Mahone is a teenaged dreamboat."

But even teen idols get sick. And sadly for millions of Mahomies, the 17-year-old Cash Money-signed cutie has come down with a bug that's forced him to cancel both his Miami and Orlando concerts his entire 2013 tour.

But wooo! He's already planning to reschedule for 2014! So now there's no reason to weep yourself to sleep, wondering "What About Love"!

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Stevie Wonder Boycotting Florida Until Stand Your Ground "Abolished"

Categories: Cancellations


As expected, the highly controversial Trayvon Martin case has called everyone from the lowliest of Facebook pundits and apparent overnight law school grads, to the upper echelon of proper lawyers and cultural icons to roost upon a bandwidth-choking, virtual soapbox.

Whether you believe that Saturday's verdict was wrong, right, or a distraction from other news stories (such as the Bradley Manning trial, or the revolution taking place in Egypt, or the hunt for Edward Snowden, or the guy from Glee that passed away) orchestrated by an illuminati shadow-hand or whatever, you most likely have an opinion on the Zimmerman verdict and you definitely want us to know it. However, at the end of the day, you're not Stevie Wonder -- so you can't do things like refuse to perform in Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is "abolished."

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Cannibal Corpse Culture Room Show Canceled

Categories: Cancellations

Rounding out a series of concert cancellations this week -- Fleetwood Mac, Dwight Yoakam included -- the Cannibal Corpse show planned for Thursday night at Culture Room has also been squashed.

The reason?

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Cancelled: Fleetwood Mac at BB&T Center June 8

Categories: Cancellations

stevie nicks sayre.jpg
Sayre Berman
Stevie Nicks
This just in, from concert promoter Live Nation:

The June 8th Fleetwood Mac show at South Florida's BB&T Center has been cancelled due to an unexpected scheduling conflict.

The tour will resume on June 10 in Atlanta, Georgia. Ticket refunds will be issued at the point of purchase.

Sorry, kids!

Big Boi and Killer Mike Tour Postponed; Including Fort Lauderdale Date

Categories: Cancellations

@therealbigboi on Instagram

Goddamn, we were looking forward to see Big Boi and Killer Mike dominate the stage at Revolution Live next week. But we just read the supremely crappy news on Pitchfork, that their tour is being postponed.

Dear gods of music, why would you do this to us? Is it because we wrote a snarky article dissing Andre 3000? We were mostly kidding. We'd love to see them reunite!

Perhaps, the full story is much simpler and sadder than that. A death and a leg injury.

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Lady Gaga Cancels Born This Way Tour, Including Fort Lauderdale Date

Categories: Cancellations
Thumbnail image for Lady-Gaga-Born-This-Way-Ball-tour-concert-poster-2012.jpg
Lady Gaga's all tore up from the floor up, and is forced to cancel her 2013 Born This Way tour. 

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"I've been hiding a show injury and chronic pain for sometime now,over the past month it has worsened. I've been praying it would heal," said Mother Monster via Twitter, and now, she says that she can't walk at all. She also tweeted that her diagnosis is synovitis, inflammation of a membrane that lines the joints. 

She's heartbroken about it though, or so it seems: "It will hopefully heal as soon as possible, I hate this. I hate this so much. I love you and Im sorry." We're sorry too, since BB&T Center in Sunrise was on the schedule. 

Mama Monstre, say it ain't so! 

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