Sting and Four Other British Rockers Who've Gone Soft

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Sayre Berman

Rock 'n' roll can be a fickle beast. It treats none with less regard than those confronting the universal bummer that is aging. Something so representative of youth, built as the perfect vehicle for young rebellion, it's at its absolute best when the most audacious.

Thus, rock 'n' roll is no easy game for those long in the tooth. Physical requirements aside, there is a certain attitude required for great rock music that seems to fade in people as they age. And that's fine; after all, there can be only one Iggy Pop, right?

Sting is sharing the BB&T Center stage with Paul Simon this week. And since Sting's descent into easy listening is particularly notable, we thought we'd take a look at the careers of the former Police frontman and four other British ex-rockers who invested in some later-life complacency.

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Ten Fort Lauderdale Guys You've Probably Dated

Alex Markow

Fort Lauderdale is known for a few things: spring break, boats, the rich people who own the boats, the weird people who work on the boats, backward laws, and great waterfront properties. One thing it's definitely not known for: its dating scene.

While it can often seem that this city is teeming with attractive, successful young professionals, when it comes to actually dating them, we're often at a loss. Resorting to combing dating websites hardly bolsters the spirit. So what's to blame for the disconnect? Are we too busy playing drunk kickball to realize we're missing out on something real? Or are pickings really just that slim?

Every BroCo gal has compromised her ultimate needs to get some toned booty. And ain't nothing wrong with that. But so you don't feel so alone, we've put together a list of guys in the FTL area that you've probably dated, boned, or sexted.

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Tire Kingdom Rounds Up Country's Biggest Stars and Sells MegaTicket to See Them All

brad paisley sayre.jpg
Sayre Berman
Actual country music, and also what the powers-that-be have named the twang-affected psuedo-rock or fiddle-touched pop music that drips out of Nashville's never-ceasing production lines each year, holds the largest fan-base in music these days. Modern country artists sell records, they sell massive amounts of tickets, and they're a hot commodity. 

See also

Way too hot to be assembled for something like a cruise -- the current popular vessel for consuming mass quantities of live music. All of these artists have way too much money to make on their own tours, and for fuck's sake, this ain't "the redneck yacht club." Not to mention how just plain wrong it would be to play such distinctly American sounds in international waters. 
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Breakfast at Trinity's: A Spiritual Drag Service in Wilton Manors

gayngsta choir.JPG
If you're not familiar with the weekly spirituality-inspired cabaret act at the Manor, you're missing out. Big time. Hosted by WIG (Wild Inspirational Gatherings) Ministries, this weekly is unique. It's one part spiritual, one part comedy, and one part musical. Oh, and one part drag queen.

Last night's service was led by the wonderful special guest, and sometimes advice columnist Reverend Trinity. While attending a sermon presented by a drag queen might seem like it would garner a first class ticket to hell, don't rule it out completely. WIG does not make a mockery of religion. Their mission is to empower the gay community, and help them find self esteem, self-worth, and spirituality. The idea is to take a campy, theatrical approach to religiosity to develop a healthy tight-knit social network. WIG ministry's site says they are trying to enlighten the gay community in "reaching their higher gay power a.k.a. their 'Inner Fabulousness.'"

What practice would be complete then without a choir? The WIG Gayngsta Choir started off the night with a brilliant mashup of "I Will Survive" and Destiny's Child's "Survivor." With lots of jazz hands and simple choreography, the choir managed to reel me in. If only they could harness the power of the internet to hold my attention. Oh? Then they screened a clip of a Marilyn Manson-obsessed teen singing an aria on America's Got Talent and making the audience cry? Checkmate. I was saved.

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W.F.R.G: Five Reasons Why We Salute You, Ryan Gosling

Gratuitous shirtless Ryan Gosling photo, because we can.

Ryan Gosling has got the internet going nuts, again, but not in a good way. At least according to British journalist Laurie Penny -- the woman he saved from a speeding taxi in NYC. Side note: If she didn't want the attention and didn't care about the fact that it was Ryan Gosling, why did she feel the need to tweet so much about it? Coincidentally on the same day, writer Ned Hepburn of death + taxes posted an ad on Craigslist in the hopes of finding W.A.R.G. aka Women Against Ryan Gosling. Surprisingly, there was quite a slew of females who felt the need to express their anti-Ryan Gosling thoughts. Some women went on to compare him to a "ferret with better abs" or a "Hitler youth love child of Hayey Joel Osment and Chuck Norris". That's some serious RG blasphemy!

Needless to say, the women over here at County Grind are proud members of W.F.R.G. (Women For Ryan Gosling) and here's a few reasons why.

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Fangirl Grossness: The Black Lips Are Coming to Town? We're There

Black Lips_Zach Wolfe_4.jpg
Zach Wolfe
Think we can all agree that as far as boy bands go, Black Lips are the cutest. It sounds and feels creepy to write this, not just because we've seen the band live probably ten times, and because when they play Grand Central on Sunday, they might even recognize this crazed fangirl in their audience, but because they're not a real boy band. Are they? But they're so adorable, and they're boys, and they make music. 

The first time we saw Black Lips was in New York in 2006. They were opening for Awesome Color or something. Back then, they were wild. They did things like make out with each other onstage and spit on the audience. Sometimes, if the legend is true, they would piss on the crowd. Sigh. That's a fucking show. 

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