Deafheaven Both Shone and Disappointed at Revolution Live

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Reid Haithcock
On Friday night, darlings of the experimental heavy metal community, Deafheaven, took the stage at Fort Lauderdale's Revolution Live as direct support for progressive metal heavyweights, Between the Buried And Me.

The buzz surrounding Deafheaven since the release of its critically acclaimed album, Sunbather, last June has been absolutely astounding -- particularly considering the record's extreme sonics and the band's black metal lineage.

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Top 10 Black Metal Songs for This Blackest of Fridays

Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 9.08.15 AM.png
As hoards of consumers move to rape, pillage, and assault the retail world of its wares (and the nerves of the poor, unfortunate souls of its employ) we are sitting here, in our elastic waistband-equipped pants, pondering the ugliness that "door-busters" and "deep, deep discounts" can bring out in the masses. Our thoughts wander to the Black Friday protests being waged by Wal-Mart employees this year, the headlines of shopping related deaths in years past, and all of the generally deplorable behavior people display around this time of year to save a few bucks on consumer electronics. 

But the truth of the matter is that our economy still needs a boost, and rather than decry the horrors of holiday-special warfare, we prefer to offer some sonics to our readership to give you the violent edge you're going to need while throwing elbows and cutting lines today. So, grab a cup of (black) coffee and whatever scant few shreds remain of this year's dignity, fire up the family trvckster and roll out with the speakers melting -- here is your Blackest of Fridays black metal playlist.

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Top Seven Anti-Consumerist Songs

As we lay heavy in recovery from our overindulgent ways during this Thanksgiving season, we can't help but sneer a little at the hysteria occurring across American malls today. So USA, do you really prefer to spend this most American of holidays camped out in front of a Wal-Mart in order to save $100 off a plasma-screen TV? We know you're stressed, but has this country sunken so deeply into mindless consumerism that it's preferable to save a few bucks versus spending quality time with the fam? With retail stores now opening not on Black Friday, but on Thanksgiving night itself, we'd say the answers to those questions are yes

All these ridiculous people trampling over each other for deals on boxer briefs tie our stomachs in knots. Join us as we jam our collective pointer finger down our throats and puke all over the ever-expanding over-consumption ideology. Give a middle finger to the trappings of capitalism and check out this collection of the top seven anti-consumerist songs of all time. More »

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