10 Most Viewed Posts on County Grind in 2014

Claire Nelson

Every single day, we here at County Grind work really hard to compose articles that we think you'd like to read. And each year, what you want to click on is different. The posts you viewed most frequently in 2013 were definitely different that what you wanted to peruse in 2014. Tastes change, and we like to think of ourselves as hip to the times (so hip!).

Anyway, on this Christmas Day, we'd like to take a glimpse back at the posts you all, dear readers, viewed the most on County Grind, our music blog, splashed with a bit of culture, focused on Broward and Palm Beach county scenes.

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People Who Made the Music Scene Great in 2014: Part 2

Jim Hall

This past year, there were plenty of people that have done a ton of work to make really cool shit happen in South Florida. We tried to honor at least a fraction of them here out of respect and appreciation. If you haven't seen the first part of the blog, check it out for sure.

Here is the second and final part of our 2014 list of people who made the music scene great. Feel free to add your picks in the comments.

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People Who Made the Music Scene Great in 2014: Part 1

Photo by Melanie Benson
Steve Rullman is a dedicated staple in our scene.

South Florida has a vast and complicated network of folks who work hard every day to make music and nightlife happen for all of us. They work tirelessly, creatively, and selflessly -- well, for the most part, at least. There is huge reward in giving to others.

Each year, a new batch of fantastic doers, who happen to be the most active in the music scene at that particular time, rise to the top. They may have been crafting concepts and making those ideas come to life for years, or perhaps they're a bit new to the stage, learning as they go. We thought we'd honor just some of the people who've put in a lot of effort in 2014 so that we can regularly listen to, write about, and dance along with incredible live music in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

This list isn't ranked, and it's only part one. We just wanted to say thank you!

- Liz Tracy, Music Editor

See also: People Who Made the Music Scene Great in 2014, Part 2

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Ten Best New Year's Eve 2015 Parties in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Kimmy Drake

The new year promises a fresh start, but it's also the beginning of soon-to-be-broken resolutions, drunken midnight smooches, weeks of finding glitter on your sheets and in your ears, and all-around regretful debauchery.

But whether you look at the champagne flute half full or half empty, you have a sparkling alcoholic beverage in your hand. It's time to make some new mistakes, and why not do it while gulping some bubbly?

Spend this New Year's Eve having a really good time, like a silly, fun, wonderful night. And you don't have to go all the way to Times Square to see balls drop -- ahem, a ball drop. South Florida is jam-packed with everything from, well, Phish jamming to house DJs spinning to hip bands strumming.

So before you count down to midnight, read our countdown of NYE parties to find a proper way to kick 2014's ass out the door.

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Ten Best Broward and Palm Beach County Albums of 2014

Rich Aroma

It's that time of year again folks, when all us music critics get on our little soapboxes and decide what music was relevant or "worth it" in the past year. We are tastemakers, after all (at least in our minds), so crafting these year end lists is why we make the big bucks (ah, we jest).

We sifted through endless bins of padded manilla envelopes and sorted through thousands of emails to discern which Broward and Palm Beach County acts put out the best EPs and LPs in the past year. We know we still probably missed that one underground band playing warehouses in Davie that stands to be the next incarnation of Hüsker Dü. And chances are, we probably snubbed your personal favorite band too. We know. But them's the breaks, kids.

After attending to our bleeding ears -- you know, from listening to so many tunes -- we gathered together our ten personal favorite efforts of the year. There were some New Times mainstays, artists that made our list once again, but there many pleasant surprises in 2014, as well. Check out our list of the ten best local albums of the year and add your own in the comments, if you wish.

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Ten Most Florida Music Concerts of 2014

Sayre Berman

No matter how bad Americans are at geography, there's one shape in the Union everyone can pick out when handed a blank map. That's Florida.

The uniqueness of the Sunshine State extends beyond the configuration of its borders. There are just certain Floridian qualities that capture the world's imagination -- usually pretty grimy, but oftentimes just plain tacky.

To celebrate the passing of another year of sweating through T-shirts and entertaining out-of-towners with mojitos, we present the ten most Florida concerts of 2014.

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11 Best Albums of 2014 That You Should Be Listening to

Photo by Renata Raksha/Courtesy of St. Vincent

2014 has been a year of the tragic and the absurd, with the former just about edging it. Israel-Hamas, ISIS, the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, Robin Williams, Ebola, Malaysia Airlines tragedies (twice!); the list of events that will characterize this year range from the God-awful to the apocalyptic. The most played song of the year, "Happy," seems particularly juxtaposed with all this.

With hard news dominating more so than any in recent memory, these best of end of year lists seem particularly trivial. However, through many of the albums listed here, there is an element of the somber, of quiet desperation. Perhaps it is coincidence. "Pop" music, on the other hand, seems more irrelevant than ever, propped up only by those that keep repeating that Taylor Swift writes her own songs and that One Direction really isn't that bad. It is, and it is not on this list.

Below is a list of ten albums worth checking out from the past 12 months. Sure it's subjective, and probably not as eclectic as others, and there's probably some great obscure record omitted by a Tibetan nose-flutist I'm not cool enough to have heard. Some that just missed the list include Todd Terje's It's Album Time (not played as often since the summer), Benji by Sun Kil Moon (great when a certain mood, that I'm glad I am not in that often) and Mogwai's Rave Tapes if I stared at this final list long enough.

With that said, here is the list of the top ten albums of 2014 to which you should be listening.

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The Basement Tapes Complete: 2014's Most Exciting Classic Release


Long considered the single most revered recordings ever made, Bob Dylan and the Band's Basement Tapes still retain its legendary status nearly fifty years after the sessions concluded in the basement of a rented house in upstate New York.

This year's release of The Basement Tapes Complete by Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings caused quite a stir for Dylan lovers who would agree with us that it was one of the most exciting releases of 2014.

Originally, the Tapes went public through the circulation of the so-called Great White Wonder, bootleg recordings which only heightened curiosity about the sessions. These took place while Dylan was still in seclusion following a motorcycle accident in the summer of 1966.

Rumors and speculation added to the mystique, and the fact that these collaborations yielded songs that would later become seminal standards and minted material for outside acts like the Byrds, Manfred Mann, Fairport Convention, and McGuiness Flint.

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Seven Best Classic-Rock Moments Released on DVD/Blu-Ray in 2014

Photo via Wikipedia Commons
Among the benefits of buying into the music biz is the opportunity to revisit classic moments in musical history that might have otherwise been lost forever.

This year, there was no shortage of offerings released or published -- books, DVDs, and straight-up music -- that brought us back to crucial occasions that contributed to the breadth and depth of rock 'n' roll's indelible legacy. That said, consider these crucial acquisitions filmed in the past and released in 2014 as mustn't-miss moments in musical history.

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Ten Best Guitar Shops in Broward County

Photo by Elvert Barnes via Flickr cc
Long before the internet changed the way we do everything, guitar stores were mystical places. While some of them still operate in the tradition of the past, providing as much social hub as a house to facilitate the sale and maintenance of our beloved instruments, the guitar shop of yore is an endangered thing.

The fondest memories of my youth involved trekking through New York City to guitar shops with my father. There was absolutely nothing that could top the excitement felt turning the corner onto 48th Street to be greeted by the endless Mecca of shops peddling obscure and vintage stringed delights. It was a place where you could spot the most famous players in the world rubbing elbows with tire-kickers as they all sought their own idea of perfection in wood and wire. As such, it was the place that provided many a legend with the instruments they wielded with which to conquer the world. And once upon a time -- before that wonderful block was bought up by chains and homogenized -- that aura of importance was palpable thing.

The reality is that there is a certain magic that can't be stomped out of any guitar shop. That's because there's a certain magic that permeates the air around guitars; it's resilient and can overcome things like multiple botched attempts at the lead riff from "Sweet Chile O' Mine" or countless fat-fingered introductions to "Stairway to Heaven." And while you may not have heard of them all (yet), South Florida is fortunate to have some really great places to buy guitars.

Here are the top ten guitar shops in Broward with one in Boca and one online.

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