Ten Most Florida Music Concerts of 2014

Sayre Berman

No matter how bad Americans are at geography, there's one shape in the Union everyone can pick out when handed a blank map. That's Florida.

The uniqueness of the Sunshine State extends beyond the configuration of its borders. There are just certain Floridian qualities that capture the world's imagination -- usually pretty grimy, but oftentimes just plain tacky.

To celebrate the passing of another year of sweating through T-shirts and entertaining out-of-towners with mojitos, we present the ten most Florida concerts of 2014.

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Ten Best Guitar Shops in Broward County

Photo by Elvert Barnes via Flickr cc
Long before the internet changed the way we do everything, guitar stores were mystical places. While some of them still operate in the tradition of the past, providing as much social hub as a house to facilitate the sale and maintenance of our beloved instruments, the guitar shop of yore is an endangered thing.

The fondest memories of my youth involved trekking through New York City to guitar shops with my father. There was absolutely nothing that could top the excitement felt turning the corner onto 48th Street to be greeted by the endless Mecca of shops peddling obscure and vintage stringed delights. It was a place where you could spot the most famous players in the world rubbing elbows with tire-kickers as they all sought their own idea of perfection in wood and wire. As such, it was the place that provided many a legend with the instruments they wielded with which to conquer the world. And once upon a time -- before that wonderful block was bought up by chains and homogenized -- that aura of importance was palpable thing.

The reality is that there is a certain magic that can't be stomped out of any guitar shop. That's because there's a certain magic that permeates the air around guitars; it's resilient and can overcome things like multiple botched attempts at the lead riff from "Sweet Chile O' Mine" or countless fat-fingered introductions to "Stairway to Heaven." And while you may not have heard of them all (yet), South Florida is fortunate to have some really great places to buy guitars.

Here are the top ten guitar shops in Broward with one in Boca and one online.

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Best of Broward Palm Beach Reader's Poll: Nominate Your Favorite Things Today


Rise and shine, you average beautiful citizens of Broward and Palm Beach counties! You've got about 14 hours left to assist us and your neighbors with the 2014 Best of issue. So bend your brain around and let the good knowledge ooze out all over your laptop.

Nominate the finest these two counties have in places to booze, spots to see strippers, bands that rock or reggae, people who are good at all sorts of things, and the list continues. Not sure if you remember us mentioning this a few weeks back? If not, it's cool, kinda. Just keep on clicking so that we can include all of your favorite things -- other than raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens -- in our 17th annual issue.

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Top 7 Record Stores in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Ian Witlen

At the beginning of Record Store Day, there was Metallica. James Hetfield and the boys performed in 2008 at San Francisco's Rasputin Music. It was on that day that the third Saturday in April became somewhat sacred. Given that record stores are like temples for the musically obsessed, the event has since spread like an itchy (hopefully curable) rash throughout the world. And in South Florida, we take RSD very seriously by hosting plenty of gatherings in honor of the vinyl that brings us such aural pleasure.

Perhaps you didn't know, but we in Broward and Palm Beach counties actually boast quite a few record stores. Here are seven awesome places (in no particular order) where you can score pressed wax and meet your fellow music nerds for a good argument over music nerd shit that no one else can stomach.

See also: Top Ten Signs You're a Music Snob

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Best of Broward-Palm Beach 2014 Readers' Poll: Start Your Voting Now


Something wonderful happened last night as the clock struck midnight somewhere on the East Coast of the United States. Our Best of Broward-Palm Beach 2014 Readers' Poll went live on the internet. This is your one chance this year to tell us here at New Times what the hell you're into, which bands you love, clubs you dig, places you like to chow.

The polls are open until April 30, and then you get to vote on the top five in each category until May 5. After the jump, peep some categories in which you can vote. Sure this is Florida, but at New Times, you every vote does actually count.

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Top Seven Rising Female-Fronted Bands in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Unit 1

Broward and Palm Beach counties have their fair share of musical masterminds. And though most acts here are not led by female voices, what we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality. We have some fine bands led by women with powerful messages and vocals.

What follows are seven solid groups fronted by local sisters in song. We wanted to show some respect to these brave and beautiful ladies who make it their business to keep music diverse here and to express their unique visions of the world through sound.

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BUST Magazine Features Fort Lauderdale Hotspots

BUST Magazine

The world is looking at you Fort Lauderdale!

A spread displaying Broward County's coolest everything appeared in the February/March 2014 issue of the fantastic BUST Magazine. In it, writer Bridget Sweet calls the city, "more mellow than Miami and more punk than Palm Beach." While the gutter-punks of Lake Worth or the sun-stained, party folks on FTL Beach may disagree, there's definitely something valid to this statement.

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Best Broward and Palm Beach County Albums of 2013

Ami Jolene

Listen up, people. Grab your beverage of choice or the stinky, sticky thing you enjoy puffing on, put the volume up, and get ready to judge.

They say the album's dead, but there's no real proof -- no bloody vinyl LPs or strangled cassettes (non-cassingles, of course) lying around with police tape protecting them. At Country Grind, we believe in the album, and so here, we touted the finest groupings of songs from Broward and Palm Beach counties released in 2013.

Our opinionated writers have gathered this list for your education and listening pleasure. Feel free to dissent. Click on.

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Download the New Best Of App

Want to know where to go and what to do in South Florida? Your essential mobile guide -- also known as our Best Of app -- just got better. You already know you can count on the Best Of app to offer restaurant, shopping and nightlife recommendations from New Times Broward-Palm Beach's expert critics. Now the app has been redesigned to be faster, sleeker, and packed with even more carefully curated local content. Not only can you find the best burger or martini in town, you can scan critics' picks and other recommended options in those and dozens of other categories. And now that we've combined our Best Of database with our comprehensive local listings, you can always find something nearby. Wherever you are in South Florida, the Best Of app is your window to what's around you. It's fast, it's fun, and it's still free. Download it today.

Best of Broward Palm Beach 2013: Best Album

Great news, South Florida. This week, our latest The Best Of Broward-Palm Beach issue hits the stands, and it is a galactic-sized monster, packed with more than 180 picks for South Florida's greatest restaurants, bars, clubs, people, and places. We've selected a few winners to get you in the mood for music.

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