The 100 Best Songs of 2012 as Determined By Combining 23 Other Publications' Best Songs Lists

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For the past few weeks, every music website under the sun has dutiful churned out their "Best Songs of 2012" lists, but who has time to read them all? Besides, many publications' staffs suffer from that dreaded hive mind and a specific focus. So we decided to go all slapdash Nate Silver and combined 23 other publications' lists into one giant meta list.

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Best Concerts of 2012: Blondie at Hard Rock Live, Hollywood, and Adam Ant at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek; A New Wave Tie

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Blondie 512.JPG
Sayre Berman
Still beautiful.


2012 certainly brought a bevy of class gigs to the tri-county area, but upon reflection, the ones that stood out the most did so for reasons like honesty, longevity, and nostalgia. Not that nostalgia is necessarily a bad thing, but it would be downright criminal to pass up a pair of New Wave acts packing it for fans and doing it with enough gusto and chutzpah that was equal parts nods to the established classics and their newer material.

For Blondie, the choice was easy. 

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Best Concerts of 2012: The Who at BB&T Center, Sunrise

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Sayre Berman
OK, so it wasn't the Who of old. Keith Moon, the symbol of the band's irreverent attitude, is long gone, and John Entwistle, the band's stoic bass man and rhythmic anchor, succumbed a decade ago as well. Pete Townshend, balding and irascible, is clearly showing his age (even stalking off stage prior to the last number in protest of a monitor apparently too loud for his liking). And while Roger Daltrey still looks buff for a man rapidly closing in on 70, his ability to hit the high notes remains in doubt. 

This then is the band that proudly proclaimed, "Hope I die before I get old!"

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Best Blogs of 2012: Voice Media Group Music Writing Award Winners

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Photo by Christine Taylor
Jesse Sykes
By Ben Westhoff 

Each week in our print editions and every day on our blogs, the 13 Voice Media Group papers feature some of the best music writing in the country. 

That's why we're excited to announce the winners of our first VMG music writing awards. The honor goes to the authors of one blog post and one print piece; eligible were any of our freelance scribes. 

The envelope please...

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Best Concerts of 2012: Passion Pit at SunFest in West Palm Beach

Monica McGivern
SunFest, the five-day, fall-on-your-face festival, is the Christmas time, the birthday, the "my parents are out of town" of live music for downtown West Palm Beach each year. An excessively diverse lineup, a prime location right on the Intracoastal, and the ease of sneaking a water bottle full of Patrón in your big purse makes this fest a must for both babies and old concert junkies.  

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2012's SunFest didn't disappoint, featuring 25 local bands and everyone from Joan Jett to Girl Talk. But one act rose above the forgettable and ran away with the honors of the "best concert I saw in 2012," and those lucky sons of bitches are Passion Pit. 

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Best Concerts of 2012: Van Halen at BankAtlantic Center (Now BB&T Center)

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Van Halen (Bank Atlantic Center 4_10_2012)_by Ian Witlen-14.jpg
Ian Witlen
The things that make up a "best" concert aren't the good things. Those you don't remember. It's the crazy shit; like when I fell twice in a filthy mosh pit at a Black Lips show and couldn't get back up on my own, or when, this past spring, David Lee Roth threw a total '80s diva shit-fit on stage at the BankAtlantic (now BB&T) Center. 

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