Jimmy Pagano Memorial Jam at America's Backyard Benefits Artists with Autism

Denise Langella

In April 2011, Jimmy Pagano, a valued local drummer, promoter, and friend, was murdered trying to break up a bar fight at Fishtales Bar and Grill, where he himself hosted a weekly Pro Jam event. It was a huge blow for the Fort Lauderdale music scene and also for those who loved him. This Sunday, May 20, Pagano's friends and supporters will gather at America's Backyard for a memorial jam. There will be raffles and a silent auction to benefit musicians with autism.

Roscoe Peterson, his best friend and the guitar player in Jimmy Pagano's Untamed Band offered us a few words in remembrance of Pagano:

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Top Five Songs for Jumping Rope

This week's New Times cover story explores the world of competitive jump rope in South Florida. Whether you're doing backflips or simply trying not to trip, jumping rope is always more fun with a soundtrack. Here's a sample of the eclectic mix we heard while reporting the story:

"Hello," Martin Solveig and Dragonette

"Cotton-Eyed Joe," Rednex
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Knight Arts Challenge Open to All of South Florida's Musicians, Artists, and Thinkers

In most families, there's an older wealthy relative that you all like -- and some even love -- but that you're all kind of waiting to die so you can live out your dream of learning the art of Tibetan Buddhist sand painting. 

Lucky for us here in South Florida, we have one of these, except this old uncle doesn't need to croak so we can live our dreams. His name is the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Just yesterday, the fifth-annual Knight Arts Challenge kicked off requesting applications from people with good ideas in the tricounty area. Anyone can apply. You don't need to be associated with any org or 501(c)(3); you just have to have a plan that follows their guidelines.
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Legalize It! Top Five Diggity-Dank Tributes to Peter Tosh's Ultimate Weed Anthem

Categories: Being Nice
This Sunday, Revolution Live and Ploppy Palace Productions are hosting the 14th Annual Medical Marijuana Benefit. The multimedia extravaganza lasts all day and features loads of 420-friendly jams (from the likes of Grammy winner Cyril Nevile, Johnny Drea, the Spam Allstars, the Funky Nuggets, and Nag Champayons), not to mention oodles of cotton-mouthed spoken word and completely baked belly dancing.

To help us get in the "Legalize It" spirit, County Grind thought it might be a good idea to revisit reggae superstar Peter Tosh's immortal track of the same name. But a little (very little) research revealed that, like Tosh and the numerous artists involved in the upcoming benefit, that sentiment runs strong among musicians.

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Valentine's Gift Guide: Jazzy Albums for Him and Her With Wine Pairings, Part Two

Some truth.
Last week we brought you some choice musical and drinking options for this upcoming romantic debacle known as "Valentine's Day." 

Not only do we share in your feelings of anxiety, depression and possible contemplation of suicide, we fully understand and appreciate how this day of all days can act similarly to the side effects of weight-loss/cholesterol control pills. 

Valentine's Day fucking sucks. 

Thankfully, we have four more discs in the bag that you should check out, and since our cellars haven't run dry yet, we have some nice wine pairings we're sure you'll enjoy. At the very least, they'll get your lustily drunk and you might roll yourself into a VD for Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Gift Guide: Jazzy Albums for Him and Her With Wine Pairings, Part One

Oh! This crap again!
We've been accused of a lot of things here at the Grind. We've been accused of loving Lil Wayne too much, worrying excessively about dance crazes nobody has ever heard of or cares about, celebrating birthdays of musicians who don't know we're alive... in short, grievances have been made against us as a company and as individuals. 

While I personally will not suffer the affronts of some of my peers' love for Lil Wayne, I will take blame where my blame lies.

I was recently accosted by a reader and questioned as to why we've abandoned certain forms of coverage within our pages, digital and print. Well, I think this lady meant, why haven't I written about jazz in a while. Since I surely aim to please our readership and this little holiday is sneaking up, here's my Valentine to her. 

What follows are a couple of records that flew below our radars. They're by musicians who are either from South Florida or have visited recently, complete with relationship advice and wine suggestions. I hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me.

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Boise Bob Benefit Tonight: Do Something Nice for a Hometown Boy

boise bob.JPG
Boise Bob isn't just a guy who sings songs about 'possum meat and swamp living. He's a South Florida staple. Bob has been integrated into the local music scene since the late 1970s, playing everywhere from dive bars to art galleries. 

He's certainly dazzled you with Americana music and hillbilly humor, like the time he introduced the band as Sonic Youth before singing about white trash at Dorsch Gallery's season kickoff. You can't beat that kind of pure Floridian punk-rock approach with a stick or an alligator or even sawgrass.  

After all he's given to you over the years, Boise Bob needs your help now. After recently suffering a series of strokes, including one while performing, he is unable to work. This resulted in the Hallandale Beach resident getting kicked out of the trailer he's lived in for 15 years. Tonight, Churchill's Pub is hosting a fundraiser to get Bob back on his feet.
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