Jonny Veo Benefit at C&I Studios Reunites Green Room DJs

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Ian Witlen

The South Florida music community is like a family. If one of us goes down, you can bet the rest of us will support that fallen cousin in party. Whether it's in the form of a cold brew or a whole night dedicated to raising money to help pay medical bills, you're set for life in these tropical parts.

In the case of Jonny Veo, after a random, violent attack in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the nightlife forces have come together to raise funds in the form of a dance party, cutely called "A Kitten for Jonny."

Veo does all the booking and promoting for parties on Tuesdays at the Dubliner and Thursdays at the Vagabond. But this event is taking place at Fort Lauderdale's haven for creativity, C&I Studios. Organized and with music by former Green Room resident DJs Lindersmash! (AKA Mike Linder), Lorenzo "DJ Kaos" Fernandez, Mig, and Tonx, they hope to raise some dough to help Veo with his mounting hospital bills. You see, Veo had his jaw wired shut -- and as if not being able to eat solid food or talk weren't enough -- he also has a broken eye socket and cheekbone.

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CityChurch's Musical Christmas Eve in the City Welcomes Saints, Sinners and Skeptics to Fat Village

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Christmas Eve In The City from CityChurch South Florida on Vimeo.

Attention Catholics, atheists, skeptics, saints, festivus celebrators -- well, you get the picture. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is welcome at Fat Village tonight. It's Christmas Eve in the City, an event put on by CityChurch South Florida celebrating the JC's big day with music.

"This is definitely a religious thing, but everyone-religious or not is welcome to attend," says Sara Shake from Exposed PR, who is working on the event. But it's not your typical day at church. Local musicians Josh Diaz from KIDS, Corey Bost, and Dan Diaz from Civilian will be present, performing plenty of songs to get everyone in the mood to holiday. So, you indie-rock loving heathens, you have somewhere to go on X-mas that you can tell your grandma about the next day. You're welcome.

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Aloha Winter Music Festival Is About Fighting Cancer, Fun, and "Celebrating Life on the Beach"

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Proceeds from the 35-band Aloha Winter Music Fest benefit cancer patient Claudia on the right.

Dave Neri is no stranger to helping out people out by raising cash for their good causes through music. A Fort Lauderdale resident for almost 40 years, he's hosted and performed benefits since he was 17, first with the Muscular Dystrophy Association. He's done the toy run for Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation for about six years, and played with bands at the South Florida Tattoo Expo to support the same cause for over a decade.

This season of giving, he dedicating many hours and offering over 35 (35!) bands a stage at the Aloha Winter Festival to raise funds for Claudia, the mother of one of our writers, Natayla Jones, who is suffering from cancer.

"I know that music is a very powerful tool." Neri says, "And it helps. I have an autistic child myself, so I don't mind doing anything to help children or anyone get through life. Whatever we can do."

Aloha is taking over two venues -- Da Big Kahuna and Sopranos Dueling Piano Bar -- at Fort Lauderdale Beach Place this Sunday with four stages and 13 hours of music. The invite claims: "Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy." It also means hello and goodbye. "We made it like 'Hello, Winter,'" Neri says, "because we're tired of sweating our asses off, and we're welcoming winter. It's like a change in Florida, everyone starts being nice to each other. We decided to extend that to Claudia. When someone's in pain or suffering, and we can help, we're all for that."

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Thank You, Mark Wahlberg, for Introducing Me to Lou Reed

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Wikipedia Commons

The famous quote that appeared in all the Lou Reed obituaries when he passed away last month involved the purchasing of Velvet Underground albums: "everyone who bought one of those 30,000 copies started a band." With the even more recent news of Morrissey releasing a live cover of "Satellite of Love" on December 3, it is also probable that each of these record-purchasers also covered a Lou Reed song.

It is easy to understand why. Lou Reed's colorful lyrics always made whoever sung them sound cool. His voice was an easy one to imitate, not changing its tone very often. There's also the fact that Reed has explained his philosophy on structuring a song by way of saying: "One chord is fine. Two chords is pushing it. Three chords and you're into jazz."

Over the years, Neil Young, R.E.M., and Nirvana have all covered his tunes. And if it wasn't for one famous interpreter of his songs, you probably never would have heard of Lou Reed.

See also: Lou Reed: We Remember the Legend

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Jay-Z, Madonna, Justin Timberlake: Please Don't Really Boycott Florida

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Sayre Berman
UPDATE: Turns out many artists first listed by April Ryan at American Urban Radio Networks, like Rihanna and the Rolling Stones, aren't actually boycotting the state. Mother Jones reported on the story, as did the Huffington Post.

Dear Stevie Wonder, Madonna, Usher, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Rod Stewart, Young Jeezy, and the growing list of other boycotters:

The news of your boycott against Florida is both inspiring in its idealism and distressing in its reality. Taking a stand, if you will, against the seemingly criminal Stand Your Ground law is more than honorable. It most certainly is! But there are consequences to your actions that affect Floridians who were also horrified by the Zimmerman verdict. We aren't all alike here, you see.

If I were a hugely famous performing artist who made a butt-ton of money and controlled the livelihoods of hundreds, maybe thousands of people, I might also want to knock some sense into this backward-ass state. But can't you find some other way to actually foment change?

Maybe hold a benefit concert to help form or strengthen groups lobbying to repeal SYG? Or take those dollars you made from those Pepsi commercials and help mobilize the youth and minority vote in this state.

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Lil Wayne Apologizes to Miami and LeBron, But No "Sorry" for Saying He Boned Bosh's Wife (AUDIO)

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As you already know, Lil Wayne made some seriously powerful enemies in South Florida this week by flapping his big weird grill at Birdman's b-day. Out of his maw poured those awful words: "fuck the Miami Heat." And let us tell you, our memory is long down here, and we are mad.

The worst part was that Weezy proclaimed that he fucked Chris Bosh's wife. Chris Bosh! The guy who wept after the Miami Heat lost the finals to the Mavericks! Not only were we like actually offended, but our very own Pepe Billete gave Wayne an earful (or eyeful?) in his incredible blog today on the subject. Besides, he lied about getting banned from games by the NBA. That's just strange.

See also:
- Lil Wayne Banned From NBA Games, Blames the Miami Heat; How About Blaming Weezy? (VIDEO)

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The Worst Valentine's Day Mixtape Ever

golden girls.png
We hope you've stocked up on chocolate, condoms and lube, 'cause Valentine's Day is upon us. With a little bit of preparation and persuasion, you'll be well on your way to using at least one of those goodies, maybe two. Only those well trained in the art of love get to utilize all three.

To guide you on your romantic excursion, we've created a list of songs that you should avoid playing for your lover at all costs. Only use these songs if you're absolutely sure that you've had enough of your Valentine, and to gorge on all of that chocolate and lube yourself.  

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Limited Fanfare Records' Charity Auction Benefits Music Saves Lives

Limited Fanfare's upcoming releases will involve Paper with Dashboard Confessional's Mike Marsh.  
Brian Kurtz is a busy guy. He has a day job; he runs his own local record label, Limited Fanfare; he sends really awesome care packages; and he's setting up an online auction to provide funds for Music Saves Lives. The organization educates people on blood disorders and the importance of donating marrow and blood. It works with the entertainment community to raise awareness and lets fans give in a way that is easy and musically rewarding.

"I chose to work with Music Saves Lives because of their passion for using music as a catalyst to get people involved -- either donating blood to save lives or just to make people aware of the impact that they can have as an individual," Kurtz says. "Plus they give really great benefits to people for doing so." This includes stuff like Free Warped Tour tickets. 

The Limited Fanfare Music Saves Lives Charity Auction eBay site won't go live until June 19 -- it lasts through June 25 -- but you can start plotting your wins here. Get ready to dig your claws into rare and signed items from an impressive list of bands that include Mastodon, Sleigh Bells, Black Lips, Dinosaur Jr., Battles, MonstrO + William DuVall of Alice in Chains, Ladytron, Obituary, and Sebadoh.

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Artist Misael Soto's Best Beach Songs to Inspire Giving to His Giant Beach Towel East Coast Tour Kickstarter Campaign

beach towel.JPG
Broward-bred visual artist Misael Soto spent some hours a few months back sewing lengths of blue terry cloth together to create, what else, but a giant beach towel. He brought this huge drying device down to South Beach where strangers and friends were encouraged to pop a squat on it and mingle. It's art. Beach Towel art. 

Soto calls the project, "participatory intervention." It's part performance, part installation, some might find it suiting to reference it to relational aesthetics. Whatever it is, it pleases everyone who nears it. The afternoon on the beach was tame, but some people were bold enough to come sit with him and talk and lay out. This Memorial Day weekend, the Beach Towel made its third appearance. This time, it was like an all out music festival with This Heart Electric performing, complete with Dino Felipe on drums in the sand. 

It was such a success that Soto decided to take the show on the road, all the way from South Beach to Rockaway Beach. He's raising funds to support the Beach Towel East Coast Tour, which will bring beachy fun all over the darn sandy, sunny place. Luckily, the tour will pass through Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale beaches. He's trying to raise $5,000 on Kickstarter, offering in return for funds things like postcards, your very own handmade beach towel ($250), and even the giant towel itself ($5k, for the ballers). 

We thought, hell, we gotta get Misael on the road with his friendly-ass project. To inspire giving, he sent over his beach day playlist and a few good reasons to listen to these songs on the sand. 

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Eagles' Don Felder Talks Gainesville, Miami, and Tom Petty -- Performs at Hard Rock Live Tonight

Though Don Felder, former lead guitarist of the Eagles, wrote the music for "Hotel California," he is truly a Florida guy. The Gainesville native spent his college years playing music around the state with other future rock legends and many of his adult nights recording in Miami. 

Felder came up musically with a crew of highly talented performers, many of whom ended up as major recording artists, some even as Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. "At the time, we were just a bunch of kids," Felder says, mentioning casually that Tom Petty was one of his students. The fame doesn't stop at there. Bernie Leadon of the Eagles replaced Stephen Stills -- yes, that's Stephen Stills of Crosby Stills and Nash -- in Felder's young band. Petty played bass in the Rucker Brothers at the time with (actual) brothers Rodney and Ricky Rucker. Felder remembers that each summer, they would all travel down to the Ruckers' mother's house in Daytona Beach during the summer and, he says, "work the dance clubs over there. We ended up being in a lot of battle of the bands with those guys. Duane [Allman] actually taught me how to play slide guitar. We were all just a bunch of young kids making music together and stealing from each other musically." 

Quite an all-star circle of chums. Felder mentions that there were a lot of scenes like that at the time around the country. "We were like a Southern rock scene. Lynyrd Skynyrd was up in Jacksonville. Everybody knew each other at one time or another." 

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