Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest Had Peanut Butter Apple Ale and Better than Ezra

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Dana Krangel
Beer me.
Live music and beer, a pairing as American as baseball but way more fun in every conceivable way. Especially when that beer is of the craft and unlimited variety and the tunes are live and loud.

A pilgrimage of beer freaks and people who like to party found their way to the South Florida Fairgrounds for the Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest on Saturday. And yes, it's true, an actual gun show was taking place right next door at that same time. But the real blast was taking place where thousands of people chugged beer all afternoon.

The massive convention center floor was lined with aisles of booths filled by popular breweries. They all pointed directly toward a big ass stage. It's not often a beer fest is inside. The air conditioning was nice but the special treat was more music in your face as opposed to the floating sounds you might get in an outside arena.

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Better Than Ezra Knows "a Lot of Fans by Name" and Has a Nonprofit in New Orleans

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Greg Miles
Better than: A bunch of stuff.
Damn it, we love the '90s. The only thing better than reminiscing about the awesome music produced in the flannel era is to relive it completely. Thankfully, some of the most quintessential '90s rulers haven't slowed down, among them, Better Than Ezra.

Known for the smash hit "Good," the band has kept the songwriting strong and the tunes coming, even releasing a new one, "Gonna Get Better," on Nylon today. On the verge of releasing All Together Now, its first album since 2011, Better Than Ezra is in the perfect position to combine its alternative sound with today's mainstream formulas. No band stays together for two decades unless it's doing something people love. These three have watched the music industry morph, and instead if cursing it, they embraced the changes.

And you can catch the trio live, bringing power pop to the buzzed masses at this Saturday's Palm Beach Summer Beer Fest. Before the beer-guzzling commences, we talked to Better Than Ezra's bassist Tom Drummond about what's kept the band together, how the guys have helped out their hometown New Orleans, and the beer that was most likely in his hand while we chatted.

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Beerfest 2014 at America's Backyard Features SOJA

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Dreads don't necessarily equal reggae, but when it comes to the D.C. area septet SOJA's singer, Jacob Hemphill, it's a balanced hair-to-sound equation. These rootsy storytellers recently released their fourth LP, Strength to Survive, on ATO Records, a label cofounded by the very famous music man Dave Matthews.

New Times cleverly noticed this band was on the up-and-up and booked them to headline the 2014 Beerfest. The bubbly bazaar has been taking place for 17 years and is setting up shop again at the Revolution Live complex in Himmarshee.

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Modernage Had Beerfest 2013 Booty-Dancing to Indie Rock

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modernage 1.jpg
If you consider yourself the consummate authority on South Florida music and you've never seen Modernage live, let us be the ones to tell you, there is a glaring hole of ignorance in your beautiful body of knowledge. 

For the past ten years -- with their fair share of hiatuses -- these guys have been keeping indie rock flesh-colored and kicking in our neck of the Everglades. Over the weekend, Modernage performed at New Times' 2013 Beerfest, alongside the Hongs, Beat Machines, and Tremends, with great success. 

We spoke with guitarist and keyboardist Xavier Alexander about the experience. And though this was, indeed, their cherry-popping Beerfest performance, Alexander and singer Mario Giancarlo knew what to expect, having DJ'ed Brew at the Zoo as Black Jesus. So when they saw a lady mad at her own shoes, they weren't shocked. 

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Beerfest 2013: How to Party with Modernage, Beat Machines, the Hongs, and More!

Modernage says, "Let's party!"
A wise man once said, "Ain't no party like a New Times party 'cause a New Times party don't stop."

But what accounts for this seemingly infinite production of decadent raging and overindulgence? In other words, why are our parties so awesome?

The two-pronged answer is part of a longstanding tradition of histrionic revelry dating back to the Socratic orgies of Ancient Greece: Dank food and even danker booze.

Killer tunes don't hurt either.

Lucky for you, us, and everybody in South Florida with an invested interest in getting lit on the cheap, New Times' next nuclear meltdown-style soiree, Beerfest 2013, has got all three.

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Jacob Jeffries Band Opens for Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Beerfest

Singer, songwriter, and keyboardist Jacob Jeffries heads up a quartet that makes lovely piano-driven pop rock perfect for a relaxing afternoon at the beach or contemplative evening in the woods. Just before kicking off its fifth tour, the band has made time to open up for New Orleans' raucous Dirty Dozen Brass Band at the 2012 New Times Broward Palm Beach's Beerfest this weekend.

Jeffries is a Broward native who's played alongside bands like the Gin Blossoms and Sugar Ray at festivals like South by Southwest and the Sundance Film Festival, and also, of course right here in South Florida. 

He claims to have a love/hate relationship with the scene down here. One main problem is geography and the diversity of the audiences' tastes. "Beyond the physical distances, it's an eclectic crowd with different cultural backgrounds here in South Florida," he says. "The idea is not to focus on who you aren't affecting and realize the people that dig what you're doing -- and respect them for respecting you." 
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Beerfest Adds Dirty Dozen Brass Band as Musical Headliner

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Your tongues are all wagging in anticipation of the upcoming New Times Broward Palm Beach Beerfest. The bubbles will feel oh, so good tickling your throat as you sample 100 beers. Well, hopefully not all 100 beers, but potentially 100 beers.

Luckily, your ears will be ticked as well. New Orleans' soulful jazz favorites Dirty Dozen Brass Band have signed on as the Beerfest headliners. This funky group has brought The Big Easy much happiness and dance time since the 1970s.  

The festival coincides with the college basketball semi-final championship -- which will be broadcasted on JumboTrons at Beerfest -- taking place, where else but, New Orleans. Fitting, don't you think? 

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Win New Times Beerfest 2011 Tickets!

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There's something in the air. It's the aroma of a freshly popping beer froth, the bustle of bodies gently brushing past one another, the anticipation of carefully concocted liquid refreshment about to rush past your taste buds, and the thrill of the extra oxygen rushing through your head as a gentle buzz sets in. That's New Times' Beerfest 2011, friends. We just poured your first glass (above), and there are plenty more to be had on Saturday at Fort Lauderdale's Esplanade Park. Discerning County Grind readers (over the age of 21, of course) have a chance to experience the magic free of charge.

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New Times Beerfest VIP Tickets Are Half Price Today

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Thumbnail image for Beerfest_2011.jpg
New Times Beerfest arrives on Saturday, November 12. And it's going to be a lot more affordable and fancy if you pay attention today.

All of the VIP trimmings of unlimited exclusive food (via Bravo Ristorante, Charm City Burger Company, New River Pizza, Pizza Fusion, and Artisan Bakery) as well as free liquor samples, all the beer you can drink, and the best seating near the stage for Sister Hazel's performance can be yours for 50 percent of what it'll cost you at the door -- but only until midnight tonight. Get your tickets below.

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Sister Hazel to Rock New Times Beerfest 2011

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Gainesville roots-rock band Sister Hazel has been pegged to provide musical refreshment during the 14th-annual New Times Beerfest on Saturday, November 12. RSVP here.

The all-you-can-drink event will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. in Fort Lauderdale's Esplanade Park and should be the go-to spot for all lovers of tasty suds.

A few facts you might not know about Sister Hazel follow below.

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