Five Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Peter Frampton

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Peter Frampton was once a proper heartthrob who made women absolutely melt when encountering his golden locks, tender love songs, and winning smile -- just ask my mom.

However, Frampton has always been a champion of the guitar beyond anything else, as is evident by the fretboard histrionics that have punctuated just about everything the venerable Brit has ever released. Lest we forget that he was once -- prior to his rise to success as the indisputable king of the live album format -- lead guitarist of one the most cutthroat (and underrated) units to ever lay siege to an audience, Humble Pie.

The guitarist and songwriter has dedicated most of his time in recent years to his Guitar Circus tours, and as anyone who's attended will tell you, if you're not sold on the hits, Frampton the guitarist makes the shows entirely worth the cost of admission. As we noted when reviewing a Guitar Circus show a few years back, the guitarist and songwriter has aged with an astounding amount of grace, particularly relative to the lion's share of his peers. Save for a tussle involving the tossing of a rude fan's cell phone this year, Frampton has managed to avoid any real scandal or embarrassing late-career crisis.

While many artists accustomed to the gargantuan success Frampton has enjoyed have been tempted to make the recorded equivalent of hair plugs, Frampton has always kept it on point with a brilliant sense of humor and incredible chops. With another Frampton show around the corner, we can't help but ruminate on how wonderful Peter Frampton really is. The dude is really a treasure, and an underrated one at that. So, here are the top five reasons to fall in love with this legend.

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Dangerflow: Miami Heat and Marlins' Songs Are About "Triumphs and Failures"

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The Miami Marlins have a winning record into June for the first time in years. To help foster excitement around our beloved baseball team, Fox Sports Florida released a promo titled "Yo Soy Miami." Soundtracking the ad is the new song "Fall Before You Fly" from Miami's own Dangerflow.

The hip-hop fusion five-piece is no stranger to sports. It got this gig after previous songs were used for Miami Heat promos. "That contact with the Heat flipped our music to the Marlins," explained vocalist Eric Stinnett over the telephone. "Our music speaks a lot about the human condition, empowering people through triumphs and failures. That strikes a chord with all kinds of sport teams like the Heat or the Marlins and even got our songs on the X Games. Life is our inspiration, with all the ups and downs. In our music, just like in sports, the greatest winners have lost before."

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Miami Dolphins Two Songs: Fight Song Versus Jimmy Buffett's "Fins"

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Liliana Mora

Throughout the 21st century, a common complaint for Miami Dolphins fans is that their team would too often settle for a field goal, with its near certain three points, rather than go for a touchdown and its far less certain seven points.

With the Dolphins wallowing in mediocrity for much of the 2000s, this strategy, no matter who was the coach, seemed emblematic of the Dolphins' position. Always content to go the lazy, safe route (drafting quarterback Ryan Tannehill) rather than taking a chance and risking greatness (trading up to get quarterback Robert Griffin III).

Attending last week's preseason Dolphins game against the New Orleans Saints, I was glad to see the DJ at Sun Life Stadium was doing something to encourage touchdowns over field goals. Every time the Dolphins scored a touchdown, they would play the Miami Dolphins' fight song. Every time the Dolphins succeeded on a field goal, they would punish the crowd with the Jimmy Buffett song "Fins."

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Five Things You Need to Make Your Own "Harlem Shake" Video

harlem shake 250.png
The internet is teeming with ridiculous, over-the-top, crap trends that make "hip you" blush with shame.

But secretly, there's an "inner you" who wants to burst out of your coolcoon and hop on it. The "it" being hopped on right now is the Harlem Shake, a video lasting about 30 seconds that includes the song "Harlem Shake" by Baauer.

Thousands of videos have already been uploaded to YouTube, each including one person dancing in the beginning, increasing their groove when the beat drops. And when it drops, that shit drops hard.

Here are five things you need to make your own "Harlem Shake" video.

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Top Ten Rappers Balls Deep in the Porn Industry: Kanye, Snoop, Luke, and Fitty

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Before Kanye, there was Ray J. And the internet has the footage to prove it!
Rap music and pornography go together like love and marriage, which, in turn, go together like a horse and carriage.

Try playing 90 percent of hip-hop for your parents and, almost immediately, the genre's persistent obsession with the world of quiver-inducing carnal delights will either gravely offend them or make them blush. Play it for your grandparents and it will fucking kill them.

Rappers sing so much about sex (oral, anal, vaginal, group, expensive, etc.) that you would think the industry uses the BBC section of porn tubes to search for talent. But in actuality, it's usually MCs turning into adult actors rather than the other way around. Here are County Grind's Top Ten rap celebs moonlighting as smut stars. More »

A History of Cars in Rap: From Cadillacs to Impalas, Maybachs to My 911

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Alongside big booty bitches and towering stacks of money, exorbitantly expensive automobiles are one of the most treasured motifs in hip-hop. Cars don't merely take you from one place to the next. No, these gas guzzlers also represent your personal style. Hell, Rick Ross even named a music group after his ride.

From the Impala to the 911, different rappers have repped different rides over the years. What follows is a loose history of cars in rap. 

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Protoman Drops New Track With New York City DJ Angston

BLS Tour Kickoff (Green Room 8_22_2012)_by Ian Witlen-59.jpg
Ian Witlen
Straight off the Black Locust Society "Sunshine State Tour," local hip-hop MC Protoman released a new track, "Live Fast," with New York DJ Angston. This song has next-level swag. Hip-hop meets EDM? There's oodles of dance potential here.

"Live Fast" has a party energy and touch of the experimental that is a departure from what Protoman typically puts out. "My direction is no direction," Protoman says, "I've been messing around more and more with other styles of production."

But, the maturity and commercial catch of "Live Fast" has us wondering why he's never attempted something like this before. "I'm not trend hopping," Proto asserts, "I'm just curious, I like the change, and I like the challenge."

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Fat Joe is A Fat Bitch, According to Best Diss Track Ever

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Fat Joe, the iconic Bronx-born rapper who looked remarkably similar to King Hippo from Mike Tyson's Punch Out before going on a diet, is set to take the stage Friday night at Revolution Live and deliver what's sure to be a ground-shaking show. 

Terror Squad fans will rejoice in classic tracks and lean back to rock away the night. And while we commend Fat Joe for slimming down and promoting moderate meals and regular exercise, we just can't get past the slew of hilarious Fat Joe insults delivered in Papoose's glorious diss rap, A Fair One.

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Five of Metallica's Best Bass Songs for Cliff Burton 50th Birthday

Jens Eriksson via Wikimedia Commons
A Burton memorial in Ljungby, Sweden
If you clicked on this, you probably already know the story: It was 1986, and Metallica released their third album, Master of Puppets to wild acclaim. They took their Damage, Inc. tour on a massive swing through Europe, only to have the excursion interrupted by a bus crash in Sweden. Everyone escaped the turned-over tour bus except for their bass player, 24-year old Cliff Burton, a classically trained metalhead with long hair, denim jacket, and a Misfits tattoo. He was crushed by the bus and died Sept. 27, 1986.

Though the remaining band members picked up Jason Newsted as a replacement by the end of the year and would go on to sell a zillion records, fans still readily point to the Burton era as the band's musical heyday (though Lulu doesn't make the distinction particularly hard to make). Today would have been Burton's 50th birthday -- in memory of the man behind the mustache, here are five of his best contributions to Metallica's early catalog.

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Miami's 50 Best Rap Songs: A Dirty, Delightful Bag

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L'Trimm likes the lists with the boom!
As an official South Florida welcome to New Times contributor and Brickell transplant Jesse Serwer -- who recently dug up Blowfly/Clarence Reid's best tracks for us -- here's a heavy nudge to check out his "The 50 Best Miami Rap Songs" list at

The usual suspects like Trina, DJ Khaled, Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and 2 Live Crew all figure in. But this this heavily researched collection has plenty of regional gems too. (A few of us dig into L'Trimm from time to time -- but are you up on Smitty and Poison Clan?) Expect some nodding, maybe some shouting at the screen, and definitely the wish that you were reading this list with the computer hooked up to your Ford Mustang's subwoofer.

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