The Talent Farm and Revolution Live Join Forces for New Locals' Night

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Photo by Ian Witlen
South Florida's local music community is still reeling from the change of guard at Churchill's Pub -- the first since the revered punk-rock establishment opened its doors in 1979 -- and the most unexpected closing of the Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines.

While the two may seem unrelated on the surface, both venues provided a home for the area's outcasts and shared plenty of patrons. The Talent Farm served a more specific purpose, however: It was an all-ages venue that offered a place for the youth of the area to express themselves, a place to call home, and what was lost in not serving alcohol was gained in seeing a decade of young bands grow into adults while finding their voices, musically and otherwise.

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MP3: Family Drugs' "Laura Lynn" and Its Creepy Roots

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Ian Witlen
Local artist Marcos Marchesani caught our attention in a cryptic post that simply read, "Here's a new demo." Marchesani provided a link to his Soundcloud page, wherein a song titled "Laura Lynn" could be found. We followed up with him and confirmed that this is, in fact, a new offering from his latest project, Family Drugs.

After a brief conversation, we found that the eerie sentiment of the song goes a little deeper.

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Surfer Blood's "Miranda" Reworked by the Raveonettes' Sune Rose Wagner

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Thumbnail image for Surfer Blood Tarot Classics.jpg
The sleepy, odd and musical South Florida community of Lake Worth seems a perfect fit to house South Florida's favorite crooners, Surfer Blood. Lately the guys reside in a charming, baby blue house among rambling homeless folks, buskers bumming cigarettes, and a young populace clad in ridiculous outfits from World Thrift. With a new EP due out on October 25 and a local show on September 20, this band reaffirms the notion that yes, you really can come home again.

As reported, the new record is entitled Tarot Classics, which as of yesterday is available for pre-order on their official website. Each pre-order comes with an instant download of an alternate version of "Miranda," which was produced by Sune Rose Wagner, half of the eccentric, noisy, pop duo the Raveonettes. Preview the "hard-hitting new version" at Rolling Stone's blog.

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Weekend Playlist: Shoegaze Days

Categories: Auditory
This weekend, we celebrate the scene that celebrates itself with a playlist dedicated to the musical genre known as shoegaze. A subgenre of '90s alternative rock, shoegaze emerged as a response to the flamboyant glam-rock stylings of the previous era. The British music media labeled these bands as "shoegazers" because of lack of animation during live sets, instead taking more detatched, introspective stances while playing. Although the genre is more than 20 years old, it still progresses onward with a renewed interest and an emergence of new bands taking up the reins.

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Weekend Playlist: Sullen Sisters

Categories: Auditory
This week, we have assembled a playlist of women who may have been a little down at one point. Luckily for us, they picked up guitars and microphones and shared their distress with the rest of us, making really great records as a result.

Gothic, sullen, and somber, these women all sing their sorrows away through different channels but are collectively connected through a common theme.
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Tom Waits Unveils New Record, Bad as Me, Releases Title Track

Categories: Auditory
After making a cryptic post on his official Facebook page last week, Tom Waits has announced that he will release a new full-length record of original material on October 25 via Anti- Records. This will be the first from Waits since Real Gone, which was released seven years ago. The new record is titled Bad as Me, but upon listening to the first single of the same title, one will find that it is misleading, seeing as the song itself is better than bad; it's good!

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Weekend Playlist: Electric Somber British

Categories: Auditory
The United Kingdom is famed as a home to some of the greatest music to ever grave the surface of the planet, making enormous waves in the 1960's with trailblazers like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. While best know as a cradle to the best rock 'n' roll on the planet, we feel attention must also be drawn to its rich culture of electronic music.  

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MP3: Family Drugs Releases First Song, "Slowpoke"

Categories: Auditory
Ian Witlen
Multi-instrumentalist and staple of the local music scene Marcos Marchesani has a new musical outfit called Family Drugs. In a recent interview, he told us about his high expectations and tribulations regarding this band. After a wildly successful first show, it became abundantly clear that Family Drugs is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Marcos' vision comes to further fruition as the band releases its first recording for the song "Slowpoke."

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Weekend Playlist: 8-Bit Bombs

Categories: Auditory
Paul Robertson:
It is safe to assume that most young people of the current generation have fond memories of spending long hours indoors in their summer downtime. Although some were sent away to quaint sleepaway camps, others preferred the company of a television, an RF adapter, and our dear old friend Nintendo.

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Weekend Playlist: Satanic Stoner Metal

Categories: Auditory
Our satanic majesty has requested that we make an offering. With no virgins present, we instead pay tribute in the form of a playlist.

This week, we take a look at bands that define the field of slow, sludgy metal. Its origins established almost entirely by Black Sabbath, the genre continues to adapt and change, but always beckoning to the call of its true master.

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